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Review #1, by MissMdsty Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

29th November 2012:
Oh my God =))

I still love you but Im full of inbred angst! This totally made my day, I'm laughing so hard right now! *wipes tears*

This was so funny, and witty, and shiny, and ponies, no, make that unicorns. You get my point. =)) The Mary-Sue-isms if I can call them that were so amusing and I laughed out loud at certain parts. You really have a gift for parody!

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Review #2, by itswonderland Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

9th April 2012:
'It's okay, we're technically not related!' cried Cherry-Lou wittily and sarcastically. probably my favourite line...ever. Cherry-Lou is the most perfect of all Mary-Sue's (which are of course all perfect with shiny pantene hair) and her tragic past was heartbreaking, really.

Anyway, I just loved this. You managed the whole parody thing without making it to the point where it was so cracky, it wasn't funny:D Loved the Jeremy Kyle bit, I half expected him to pull out his ~DNA test results~ and was WeightWitches a reference to WeightWatchers? :P

Good job on this and good luck on the challenge!

Author's Response: I love it when people get my references, yes it was a reference to WeightWatchers and Jezza K is a personal fave of mine :D Cherry is so witty and sarcastic, I think she's the best character I've ever written! Thank you so much for the lovely review!!

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Review #3, by Kwan Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

7th April 2012:
This was an amusing fic though I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as your other ones.

The key to writing parodies is that usually there's a character that plays it straight. At the very least, there's a character that grounds the story to keep it from reading like really bad fanfic. Rose did a little bit of that, but it still read more like a joke than anything.

If this was written just for laughs, then it's amusing at parts, but I enjoyed your other stories much more. Comedy/parody is a very fickle line and it's easy to devolve into humorless parody if you don't watch that line correctly.

Author's Response: It was just a stupid fic for a Mary Sue challenge that was kind of tongue in cheek bad fic. Thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by BeaJerry Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

5th April 2012:
OMG OMG. YOU SO DID NOT JUST DO A JEREMY KYLE THERE. I was half expecting him to sit on the step and start screaming at the fat chavs who were all pregnant with each other.
But then again, this is Hogwarts, not Croydon.
This is so funny! Literally laughing at every second sentence, well done. Cherry-Lou is the perfect parody of a Mary-Lou and it was hilarious reading you basically mock the majority of female Next Generation OCs.
Well done!
Bea xo

Author's Response: So glad someone got the reference! (it's a British thing...) aww I'm so glad you found it funny:) Thank you so much! :)

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Review #5, by academica Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

2nd April 2012:
Here from SCR Tag! Oh my gosh. Best challenge ever.

The perfection of Cherry Lou (what a name!) is hilarious. I especially love the line about how even Dumbledore was enthralled with her. Surely she could simply skip along, charm the pants off of Voldemort, and win the war all by herself! LOL.

Haha, poor Albus. And I love the line about how Rose wore fashionable clothes because "robes are for uglies". Hilarious. Their reactions to Sally Slytherin and James were awesome.

The ending was great (Oh, Dramione... sigh) and I really admire how you were able to pack so many cliches into one story and still maintain a good sense of order and flow.

Nicely done! :)


Author's Response: Thank you! I had issues beating up the Slytherin's because *sobs* it was close to home. I'm really happy you liked it because humour totally isn't my thing! Thanks again for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by Elenia Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

2nd April 2012:

Heh, this was hilarious!

I really liked this, you've done a good job planting all the cliches here and your character is such a Mary-Sue, perfect in every way (x

I loved how everybody was dissing Albus and how everything went to slow motion when James walked in. Oh, and the Dramione part! That was a nice touch, didn't see that one coming d:

Great work and good luck with your challenge (:


Author's Response: Aw thank you :) she is soo perfect, I wish I was her *sighs*. I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks again!

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Review #7, by ninjafrosting Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

1st April 2012:
haha! That was so stupid. And I'm just sitting here giggling drunkenly. I think I've lost brain cells...

Author's Response: Oh hey thanks I guess :) That was kind of the point hahaha

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Review #8, by charlottetrips Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

1st April 2012:
Omg, that. Was. Epic.

So funny and I loved how you included anything that could be cliche in their INCLUDING Dramione, and that comes from a Dramioner :)

Albus was great in trying to point out all the things wrong with the picture and how all worked at keeping him quiet. There were so many funny lines and I just wanted to keep on reading, except that it ended. :(

Author's Response: Thank you so muuuch :) I'm so glad you thought it was funny, especially if you're a Dramione! Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Cassius Alcinder Meet Cherry-Lou: The perfect day.

30th March 2012:
Hey I'm here to review your challenge entry!

Considereing that most next gen stories I've seen start out with something like "My name is Mary Sue Hufflepuff, I am witty and sarcastic, and I hate James Potter and his quidditch toned abs, but I actually love him," I could already tell from your title and summary that this was going to be a good one.

Cherry Lou was pretty much the perfect Mary Sue, from her obvious name, to the beauty that everybody notices but her, to the mysterious past and strange connections to canon characters, you've pretty much checked all the boxes.

I love how Albus was the voice of reason but kept getting shut down, and how she was trying way too hard to show how witty and sarcastic she is, but mostly failing.

You also managed to incoporate some pretty common cliches, one of my favorites being the fact that students seem to do just about everything at Hogwarts except go to class. And of course, the witty sarcastic girl got the popular guy in the end, and we got the classic Sco Rose as well.

Great job, and thanks for entering the challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you so muuuch! Ah, what a heart-warming review considering I'm about the darkest writer I know. I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for a sick challenge. :)

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