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Review #1, by Cassius Alcinder Prolouge: Childhood and Beginnings.

26th April 2012:
Wow, I have to say that you captured young Tom Riddle absolutely perfectly here. He was pretty much a total sociopath who was evil from the beginning, and you portrayed that really well. He was just so dark and creepy, i can toally see how he ended up being Voldemort. It was also good how you managed to incoporate what we know of young Riddle from the books and amplify it in a way that seemed striaght from canon.

The descriptions and writing style were very good as well, and this was definitily a very dark read.

Author's Response: I'm a dark writer *evil laugh* Thanks for reviewing, glad it seems canon-y. Oh and Tom is SUCH a sociopath, *shivers*

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Review #2, by Deltaris Prolouge: Childhood and Beginnings.

29th March 2012:
Well. This was terribly dark.

I like the way you took things that we know happened in his childhood and show them through him as a child. You show his evolution into the man he becomes. It's very well written and we can tell just how powerful the boy will become through your words.

I did notice a few things, though:
"Billy was nothing to him, Tom had more spite, ribbons of it."
I'm not really sure what this sentence means. Perhaps it could be worded a little more clearly?

"he simply looked at the boy with a haughty contempt"
I think it would sound better as 'a look of haughty contempt' or just 'haught contempt.' It's just a little awkward as is.

Good work :)

Author's Response: I know, I can only write dark stuff -.-
I meant Tom's so spiteful and kind of petty that it flows through him naturally kind of like ribbons. I'll try clear that up. Oh I might try his eyes filled with haughty contempt :) Thank you sooo much :)

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