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Review #1, by Sakura9879 Fact of Nature #17: The best laid plans can turn to dung if you’re a moronic git.

8th February 2014:
Girlie, when are you going to update again soon?!

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Review #2, by WumpsQuill Fact of Nature #17: The best laid plans can turn to dung if you’re a moronic git.

23rd May 2013:
I love Al... Can't wait to read the next chapter :)

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Review #3, by iatevoldysnose Fact of Nature #17: The best laid plans can turn to dung if you’re a moronic git.

5th May 2013:
AW! This was such an adorable chapter:D
I totally understand how Lu and Al feel right now, even though they just don't realise that they are meant for each other and that both love each other...

Seeing the story in Al's perspective is so good! You did a very good job of writing this story! So well done!!!

I love them! Awesome work!


P.S. sorry for the short review...on a reading frenzy right now:) don't know of that makes senses o.O
P.P.S. idk whether I said this already, but the chapter names are so cool !

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, I have a lot fun writing this story so I'm delighted that you like reading it :)

Al and Lucy are pretty daft, aren't they? But it's sort of cute too. At least we know they'll get their act together in the end :)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by nott theodore Fact of Nature #17: The best laid plans can turn to dung if you’re a moronic git.

5th May 2013:
I thought I'd left a review for this but obviously I hadn't, so here we go...

I don't think I've said this before but your chapter titles really make me laugh. And this story has quite a few funny moments as well, and I still can't get over how well you write in different styles for different stories. Even if you said you find it difficult, you manage to make it look easy, and the tone here is perfect for the sort of story this is.

I think you capture being 15 brilliantly as well. Some things that are actually really small seem like such a big deal to Al and Lucy, and you just know that when they look back at what was important to them then in a few years time, they're going to have to laugh at themselves.

Having read Animal Magnetism, I want to knock Al and Lucy's heads together even more here! I mean, I know they can't get together until they actually get together in the story (I'm not sure that made sense, but hopefully you know what I mean) but the misunderstandings are ridiculous sometimes! Especially the bit in the owlery, when they're both talking about being in love and being hurt by someone you love, thinking that they're talking about someone else and feeling like their heart is breaking, when in fact they're talking about each other. It's frustratingly funny (I probably shouldn't be enjoying their strife this much, should I?)

I've said before that I like Al's flaws because it makes him a real character, and I think what comes through best here is that he is flawed and doesn't have the confidence to ask Lucy out. I think most people are like that, although a lot of stories have both Al and James being very confident and outgoing and good with girls, and I find myself wondering where they got it from, because it certainly wasn't Harry!

Another enjoyable and readable chapter, and I'm hoping this means that Facing Tomorrow will be updated soon (I saw you mention something about writing a chapter of one before you submit a chapter of the other on the forums).

Sian :)

Author's Response: I have so much fun coming up with the chapter titles for this story, although sometimes it's a bit tricky. I'm glad I pull off the two different styles convincingly, although I'll be glad when this story is finished and I can just focus on 'Facing Tomorrow'. writing in two very different styles is doing my head in! :)

I love the angst and tension and drama so I'm practically thriving off the fact that these two are so blind. The owlery scene in particular is so funny because they're both wishing the other is talking about them when they actually are. I enjoy the strife too :)

I definitely agree about Al and James so often being written as super confident and great with the ladies. I can believe it in one of them since their mother was rather confident (once she got past her infatuation with Harry when she was young), but not really both of them. Plus I like writing Al as all nervy and constantly beating himself up mentally.

I'm so close to having this story finished, there'll probably be only two or three chapters left, and I'm finding it hard to keep motivated because I want to write Facing Tomorrow but I'll get there.

Thanks again for the lovely review!

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Review #5, by nott theodore Fact of Nature #16: Lost Causes are not Necessarily Lost Forever

19th April 2013:
Hey! *waves* so officially I'm here for the Gryffie review tag, but I was going to review this anyway. Actually, I'm pretty pleased you updated this because I think I've reviewed everything else you've written (I'm not stalking you, I promise!) and I couldn't post after you until this arrived!

Since I've been reading 'Facing Tomorrow' what has really struck me is how you manage to write in two different styles for two very different stories. You get the tone for this story just right.

I really like seeing this story from Al's POV. It's quite funny sometimes since as readers we know much more than they do as characters, and because of that we know that of course they both like each other. I know I've said this before, but I'm so glad that Al is a flawed and real character, and he has his own insecurities as well, because it makes his character much more real and believable.

I loved Neville in this chapter! He seems to know a lot more than Al realises, and he's obviously one of those teachers who pays attention to his pupils (although I guess being a Potter family friend means that he knows them better than most).

You have a great writing style and I love reading your stories!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Hi! That's pretty funny that you didn't have anything to review. And I don't think you're stalking me, I'm actually really flattered that you think so highly of my writing :)

I'm glad I make the whole 'writing in two styles' thing look easy, because it's crazy difficult! There is a huge part of me that just wants to abandon 'Human Nature' because I'm so focussed on this new style of writing that I'm attempting with 'Facing Tomorrow', but I can't bring myself to do it, Al's still there in my head, screaming to be written. I do make mistakes with the past tense/present tense thing all the time though and have to go back and fix it constantly!

Yep, as readers we certainly know more than the characters do. It surprises me when people say things like "why don't they just kiss already!" in reviews for this story because I'm all like "Did you read 'Animal Magnetism???" lol! A big part of the decision to write this story was to show Al's flaws. I'd always imagined him as being quite insecure, proud, rash and someone with a bit of a dangerous temper when pushed (bit like his mum and dad really!), but I realised in AM that it didn't come out as strongly so this was a good opportunity to show that side of him.

Heh...I love Neville. I also love the idea that he's gossiping about the students behind their backs, maybe passing info back to Harry and Ron :)

Thanks so much for the review, I always love hearing from you :)

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Review #6, by iatevoldysnose Fact of Nature #16: Lost Causes are not Necessarily Lost Forever

19th April 2013:
Ack. Lovely chapter. I think think this was worth the wait. I've been checking everyday to see whether you'd updated this story haha:)
It's so adorable how Al is so worried about Lucy, and it's just so cute when he felt the 'spark'.

At times I just can't help but think, Albus, can't you see that Lucy fancies you and can't Lucy see that Albus fancies her! It's so obvious although it might just be to me, but not for them. They would be such an awesome couple.

Albus is possibly one of my favourite next gen characters and you just portray him so well. I love the chapter names btw, they're quite original:)
Oh and I love the names of the stories too.

Love reading this story:) it's so wonderful.


p.s. when do you think you will be able to next update?

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I felt like this chapter was a bit disjointed because I wrote half of it, went away for a couple weeks and then came back and wrote the other half. But I'm glad it worked out well. I think the Al and Lucy being blind thing is because we see a lot more as readers than they do as characters. Plus, when you think about it, often when you really like someone, you are so afraid of rejection that you keep looking for really definitive proof of the other person's feelings and unless they come out and say that they like you then you don't believe it's worth the risk. At least I know I was like that as a teenager.

I'm glad you like the characters :) I'll try to update soon but I can't really promise anything. I'll do my best :)

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Review #7, by willow1 Fact of Nature #15: Even Potters make Mistakes

13th April 2013:
this is utterly amazing. you must write more 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #8, by ForeverOnMyMind Fact of Nature #12: Sometimes Ugly Orange Jumpers are Inevitable

9th April 2013:
Okay so I wanted to start off by saying I'm completely in love with this story! My sister showed me Animal Magnetism and Human Nature so I'm reading them together. I'll read one chapter from Lucy's POV and then the same one from Albus's. Unfortunately, I'm almost to the point where Albus's story is cut off! I love all your characters, I think you portrayed the next generation perfectly! I'm positively in love with Albus! It's like this is just an extension of J.K.'s books and I absolutely love it! Everything you made up seems to fit perfectly into the wizarding world. I also love all the cute things that happen between Lucy and Albus! I'd have to say this is my favorite fic I've ever read! You're writing is amazing! Update as soon as you can!

Sorry for not reviewing sooner:)

Author's Response: Aw you are just too sweet! This review made me smile like this :D

I'm so pleased that you like my characters and I'm completely flattered at your comment that this is like an extension of JKR's books! Wow...what a compliment! I'm glad you like my writing too, I do try and whilst I'm a total perfectionist who sees a million ways it could be better, this place is helping me to grow so much as a writer.

lol...I love Albus too! Is it a bit weird that I have a teensy crush on a fictional character I made up?

Thanks again for the wonderful review, I'll try to get a new chapter up soon! Keep reading!

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Review #9, by iatevoldysnose Fact of Nature #15: Even Potters make Mistakes

3rd April 2013:
OMG Ive read Animal Magnetism and now I read this and let me say that they are so good! I love Albus! I hope you can update soon...coz Im dying here :)
Love this story :) You are an awesome author! Although i sort of know whats going to happen (coz I read Animal Magnetism) I am still so nervous about whats going to happen next...I guess its coz I wanna know it is Al's POV...

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm really glad you like my fics so much :) I've found that Human Nature is a bit harder to write than I thought it would be, because you have to tell the same story but make it different, and that can get quite tricky. But I'm working on the next chapter and hoping to have it up soon.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by bananasareamazing Fact of Nature #2: Being on the Quidditch team does not automatically make you a smooth ladies’ man.

22nd March 2013:
hey i just wanted to say that in the lats chapter Lucy said Albus was a keeper and here he said he was a seeker!! yeah but good story so far!!

Author's Response: I think you'll find that in the first chapter Albus is eavesdropping on Lucy talking to Jane, and she says that Jane is the keeper, not Albus. Thanks for reviewing though , I'm glad you like the story :)

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Review #11, by cranes113 Fact of Nature #15: Even Potters make Mistakes

19th March 2013:
That was awkward. Nice chapter, but why did it all have to go so wrong in the end? why can't they just get together already? I guess that's what keeps the story going, though :) anyway, nice chapter--I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: lol...well it all had to go wrong because it went wrong in the original story :) I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, thanks so much for the review.

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Review #12, by cranes113 Fact of Nature #14: Everything can change in an instant.

19th March 2013:
Wow, great chapter! It was interesting to hear it from Al's perspective. When i read this part in Animal Magnetism, Al really did sound like what Lucy called him. But it really sounds different hearing it from Al's POV. Pretty Epic.

Author's Response: Yeah, I knew that when I wrote this from Al's POV I would have to be careful to do so in a way that the reader still wanted to forgive him. I like Al's temper, but it's important that he's remorseful too. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #13, by nott theodore Fact of Nature #15: Even Potters make Mistakes

17th March 2013:
Hello again!

This is another fantastic chapter! It was great to see Al working so hard to get Lucy's forgiveness, and that he really does regret his outburst. Also it's nice to see a main character who is flawed, because in a lot of stories the guy seems to be pretty much perfect. This perspective really gives us a better idea of Albus' character.

I love the idea of Rose being willing to help Albus - who seems pretty hopeless from this point of view - even when he was horrible to her. The relationship between them is so sweet, but realistic at the same time. The kiss at the end was great to read about from Al's point of view, too.

I can't wait to read the rest of this story and I hope you update soon again!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Yeah...I was pretty determined to make Al a flawed character. You don't see it a lot in Animal Magnetism but I always imagined Al with a bit of an anger problem (since his father tended to have the same problem when he was pushed) and this is a good way to show that more. I'm glad you liked the chapter, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by nott theodore Fact of Nature #14: Everything can change in an instant.

17th March 2013:

I don't know if I've actually left a review for this story before but if I haven't I thought it was about time I did, because I love this story!

I really loved Animal Magnetism and it's such a good idea to write it from the other perspective. Al is just so cute in this chapter, since we all know that Lucy really does like him, but he's just so unsure of himself. It's adorable!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the story. I really enjoy this story because I'm able to share Al as I imagined him when I wrote Animal Magnetism, so hopefully people undertsand him better. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #15, by AlexFan Fact of Nature #13: Insecurity is a Part of Life…and Love.

3rd March 2013:
Just thought that I'd ask this now, but, while I really enjoyed reading Animal Magnetism and Human Nature, I also really miss Matters of the Hart.

I know that you maybe have Writer's Block on the story but I just really love it and I was wondering if you had any plans on posting a new chapter for that story any time soon.

Author's Response: I've not really got a lot of time to look at my stories or write these days, but I'm doing my best. I've had a bit of a look at Matters of the Hart recently, and I've planned out most of the rest of the story, but I honestly can't say when I'll get the time to write it. I'm really glad you like the story and I'll try to get some chapters written soon.

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Review #16, by cranes113 Fact of Nature #13: Insecurity is a Part of Life…and Love.

8th February 2013:
Even though you don't love this chapter, I want you to know that I did. I am kind of annoyed with Al for not manning up and just asking her, but that's exactly how I felt when I read Animal Magnetism, and it's that part that makes the ending all the more enjoyable. I think you've done a great job conveying what Albus is going through, and chapters like this (while they may not contain much action) give readers something to relate to, add depth to the story, and help develop characters. Really, nice work! I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review. I think I worry sometimes that these chapters might be a bit boring, because a lot of them began as character exercise for myself so i worry that they're too information heavy. Thanks again for reviewing, next chapter is now up!

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Review #17, by zipzin Fact of Nature #12: Sometimes Ugly Orange Jumpers are Inevitable

27th January 2013:
Oh Al. It's even more painful when you know what the end is. It's like get to it but then you know that won't happen and it's slightly more frustrating. Great work on the writing bit so keep it up and update soon! Please?

Author's Response: lol...yes it can be a bit like that. Sometimes I feel like I'm going into things a bit too much but then I just don't know. This is definitely more difficult to write than the first story, but I hope people are still enjoying it.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by AlexFan Fact of Nature #12: Sometimes Ugly Orange Jumpers are Inevitable

27th January 2013:
You know, sometimes Al comes off as a gay fashion designer and I can't stop myself from laughing at him because he's so nervous and from some of the stuff that he says.

That's not an insult because you still manage to make Al boyish but at the same time, it's like the gay fashion designer in him comes out sometimes.

Anyway, nice job on the chapter, I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Um, I realise you didn't mean it as an insult, but I'd rather you not use phrases like 'gay fashion designer' as it's a little offensive. I'm assuming you mean Al is effeminate, which is good, because I wanted that feminine side of him to show, but the whole idea that makes him 'gay' or a 'fashion designer' is an overt stereotype (especially since Al doesn't have any traits that relate to clothing or fashion) and I'm not really comfortable with that. I'm sorry if this response offends you, but I don't find that sort of offhaand comment to be acceptable. Tha nks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #19, by cranes113 Fact of Nature #11: You can always count on the kindness of strangers...or shop girls.

11th December 2012:
This story is amazing! I already read all of Animal Magnetism and I loved it so much. Please update soon; I can't wait any more!! I loved this chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. Update is finally up!

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Review #20, by lunaisepic Fact of Nature #11: You can always count on the kindness of strangers...or shop girls.

2nd November 2012:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE WRITING THIS NOVEL! I LOVED Animal Magnatism! And i really want to finish read this book so I can read it again and again. This is only the second review ive ever done, i only do reviews when I am really desperate, and I am so very desperate here. So PLEASE comtinue writing, even
one chapter would make me so VERY, VERY happy.

Author's Response: well, I've finally updated this story, so I hope you'll keep reading :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by zipzin Fact of Nature #11: You can always count on the kindness of strangers...or shop girls.

6th October 2012:
Excellent chapter! This one made me laugh very hard, and I might have gotten a few strange looks. Whatever, really enjoying your writing and can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: lol...thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by zipzin Fact of Nature #3: Hesitation can be a real killer.

6th October 2012:
Great story and chapter! I just had to say that We The Kings is one of my favorite bands and I think of a couple of their songs when I read you stories! You are a great writer!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #23, by AriPotter Fact of Nature #3: Hesitation can be a real killer.

27th September 2012:
So, I'm trying to read this story and Animal Magnetism simultaneously, and I have both up on my computer now. It's a lot more difficult than you would think, but it's really cool the way they complement and contrast each other. You did a great job on that!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, that's funny how you're trying to read them together...When I'm writing HN, I constantly have the corresponding AM chapter open on the computer to make sure it all works!

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Review #24, by crookshanksfan Fact of Nature #11: You can always count on the kindness of strangers...or shop girls.

10th September 2012:
Hehe Rose is cute :) and Al is such a gentleman. It's all so cute. I enjoy this as much as I enjoyed Animal Magnetism. Please update soon. I'm sorry I couldn't review in a while. But I still didn't stop spying on your stories :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #25, by Willow_Lupin Fact of Nature #11: You can always count on the kindness of strangers...or shop girls.

9th September 2012:
i suck at comments so :)

Author's Response: um...thanks ?

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