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Review #1, by The Hot Cross Bun Monster Spiders, Dragons, and Love

3rd April 2015:
Mwahaha it’s the Hot Cross Bun Monster coming to terrify your story!

Ooh this was very mysterious and almost gave me the shivers for what an ingenious idea it was. Giving the Mirror of Erised a voice was a wonderful thing to do because inanimate objects do have many stories to share, and I must say I do feel quite sorry for its sorry existence all alone in a dark room. I think the fact you highlighted how though it can understand people but no one can understand the mirror itself was an excellent point to include and I enjoyed it very much.

The sections about Dumbledore and Hagrid were very touching even though as a monster I am not meant to feel emotion. Those things they wished for was exactly what you imagined them to be (I feel as if this makes no sense so apologies), and it was great to have an insight into both of their minds. I loved the ending because you could really sense how much it wanted people to come and see it, whereas it probably made people worse by seeing it as it made them realise how they would never have what they really desired.

Great story!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Spiders, Dragons, and Love

7th February 2015:
Oo!! Oooo this is wonderful! Told in the view point of the mirror of erised!

I love how you gave the mirror life! I love how it has it's own thoughts and feelings, how it enjoys having people look what it reflects, how it wishes that it could help more, how it likes hearing people's thoughts and seeing their reactions.

And you've added what Dumbledore really sees in the mirror and its heartbreaking! It's absolutely heartbreaking and I am sad for a second time! :( and he goes every night!

I love how you've written how Dumbledore got the stone into the mirror and how the mirror said that it was holding he stone in it's hand now. That was brilliant!

I just want to hug Hagrid! I want him to find a woman who would love him and I want him to be happy!

This was utterly beautiful Mae! So very very beautiful! You have such an amazing way with words, with your vivid descriptions and your breathtaking story!

You are a genius!

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Review #3, by 1917farmgirl Spiders, Dragons, and Love

20th March 2014:

This was the most insanely unique fic I've read in a long time! It makes me want to shout "how did you think of this?" and "how come I can't be that brilliant?" LOL.

Using the Mirror of Erised as the main character is nothing short of brilliant! And then you go beyond that with the content of the fic!

I'm ashamed to admit that, even after all we learn about Dumbledore in the 7th book, I never once thought back to wonder what he REALLY saw when he looked in the mirror. But of course this is what he did see! It's so cool to have an author acknowledge that.

I loved how you drew parallels between Harry, Dumbledore, and Hagrid - and my favorite was showing that they all had the strength to leave on their own. I really loved that of all of them, Hagrid never looked back.

And I have to add here, something that probably often goes overlooked: Ron also looked into the mirror, and he left of his own accord, and never went back either. Ron is a lot stronger than he or others give him credit for.

Hagrid's desires were SO perfectly in character. I loved it. And I had also honestly never thought about how Dumbledore got the stone inside the mirror, so that was fun to read as well.

I think my favorite part was the character of the mirror itself. You wrote it SO well, with such nuance and depth. I started the fic feeling sorry for the mirror, all alone and just wanting someone to talk to, but by the end of the fic, it didn't seem nearly so innocent. It was well aware of it's power to trap people, but felt it was okay because it wanted company. That was a powerful yet subtle way of writing.

Amazing story! Thanks so much for posting!

- Farmgirl

Blackout Battle fround 3 review 15/20.

Author's Response: I'm blushing here! You truly are a sweetheart! :3

Thank you so so so much for all of the kind words and for even stopping by to read this one at all! I always thought it was an overlooked piece simply for being so odd. It is nice to see someone appreciates it though for the entirely different frame of mind that I was going for.

Hehehe, sneaky mirror! ;) Seriously, though, I still feel a little sorry for it. It's magical, so therefore it serves a purpose and is already different from that of an ordinary mirror, but it needing that company is sort of its purpose. So it's OK to still feel a little sad for the mirror ;).

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and giving me this lovely shower of compliments! You make me smile, dear!


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Review #4, by MissesWeasley123 Spiders, Dragons, and Love

29th December 2013:
Hi! I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing from the forums! First of all, awesome banner!

It blows me away every time I go to read a piece and something so unexpected hits me in the face. I am in awe of the fact that this was told in the perspective of the Mirror of Erised. Honestly, this was great. That last line really did it for me though. (also you'll notice I review randomly, I just can't seem to go in order of the story aghhh)

Now I am left here alone, and by the looks of it, the third floor corridor is a lot lonelier than wherever I was before. Who knows how long it will be before someone comes to see me again. Hopefully, for my sake, it will be soon. -- Are you proud of this line? I really, really hope you are. It was intelligent, so so so intelligent. Honestly great and I loved it. That's what really did me at the end.

But jumping to Hagrid, wow. He's always such a tough character to give dialogue to, and you did a fairly good job with him. There were some parts, where I could tell what you were trying to make him say, but it didn't come out right. For example this:

"Yeh asked me ter mee' yeh 'ere, Professor Dumbledore?" -- like, I could tell he was saying something along the lines of, "You asked to see me here..." but it would be a bit disturbing to have to decode that. If you ever have the time, you might want to look that over. Otherwise I found Hagrid really well characterized.

Dumbledore is always a toughie, and you wrote him nicely as well. Harry too. People shy away from writing both their characters, but you took it as a challenge and I really admire that.

All in all, very nicely written and it was a nice read!

Author's Response: Well I'm so happy you did! :D This was a lovely surprise and I'm so happy that you loved it! :) It was more so a little random story I did that I worried people wouldn't really take as serious as what I had hoped they would.

I did lay Hagrid's accent on a little thick there, and I've always wanted to go back and fix. I don't know why specifically as to why I haven't, but maybe I will soon.

Thank you so much for the review! It surprised me and made my day! Thanks for taking the time!


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Review #5, by writeyourheartout Spiders, Dragons, and Love

29th December 2013:
Hello there! I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing challenge that's taking place on the forums! Today I am meant to review stories starring Hagrid, and I am so glad I stumbled across yours!

I love the decision to have this fic set from the Mirror of Erised's POV! Very cool! And I think it's incredible how distinct of a personality you gave it; so much character! It has such a strong voice throughout the entire story and it seems so animate, so truly alive! This may sound weird, but the mirror almost reminds me of the personality of a dog! LOL Very hyper and energetic and so eager to please and be paid attention to. What's more is that you actually made me feel really bad for it! Poor lonely Mirror of Erised, always being hidden away from onlookers...

You've done a great job with all of the canon characters here as well! Even though we only see Harry and Dumbledore for a bit, they were both perfectly in character in both their dialogue and their descriptions. I loved when the Mirror compared the two of them to one another based on what each sees - their lost families. Drawing that parallel between their two deepest desires really struck a chord with me; so many feels.

Hagrid was great. It's certainly believable that he would see some magnificent magical creatures and a beautiful woman to settle down with in his reflection, and the discovery of those visions being untrue was a really wonderful scene. I loved how slowly and analytically he seemed to approach what was happening in his reflection, being cautious with his approach. The moment that really broke my heart was when he was trying to reach out and touch the woman of his dreams but couldn't and said, "This 's no' real," - True. Sad. Perfect.

"Somehow, I cannot help but feel this is the last time Professor Dumbledore will talk to me." - Why does this make me so sad? :-( There were actually a handful of great, poignant one-liners throughout the story that melted my heart each time. I think the reason they worked so well is because you gave the Mirror such an innocent persona, so its sadness really lands hard.

"Fitting the two of them into my mirror image is a stretch, but I can do it." - hahaha This line made me chuckle. I love the Mirror's personality. Too funny.

I only have a few critiques!:

One thing I notice you do quite often is switch between the past and present tense. Here's a great example of it: ""Yeh asked me ter mee' yeh 'ere, Professor Dumbledore?" Hagrid asked (past tense), his beady little black eyes looking at my direction and then immediately back to Dumbledore. Even though it is (present tense) dreadfully late at night, Hagrid was (past tense) wearing a long, red shirt covered by a moleskin vest and some of the furriest pants and boots I have (present) ever seen." So you switched back and forth between past and present tense four times just in this little section. Personally, I would try to stick to present tense, because I think that's what makes your mirror feel so personable, but whatever you prefer, make sure you're only using one tense!

"Next I told him about the spider he always wanted." - This line I'm not too sure about, only because Hagrid did (and at this point in time still does) have a spider: Aragog. He got to raise him for a bit inside of the castle, but after Tom Riddle tried to blame Aragog for being the beast that killed Moaning Myrtle, he ran off and hid in the Forbidden Forrest, where Hagrid still visits not only Aragog, but all of his thousands of children as well.

"I assume they are dead, because he nearly cries every time he *sees thinks of them." - *sees thinks of them? I assume you either meant one or the other, or you meant to say 'he nearly cries every time he sees or thinks of them.'

"...Hagrid asked, his beady little black eyes looking at (in, not at) my direction and then immediately back to Dumbledore."

"Who knows how long it will be before someone comes to see me again." - This is a question, not a statement; question mark, not period.

Overall, I really very much so enjoyed this! That last line! Gah, break my heart, why don't you? It's so perfect, but so deeply upsetting! I just want to hunt down the Mirror of Erised myself and give it a hug! I can't believe you've made me feel so strongly for an inanimate object; it's crazy! This was just wonderful to read. So cute and sweet and sad and lovely and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. Yay! :)

Author's Response: I hadn't heard of the 12 days of reviewing deal, but I'm so glad it existed! :D Thank you so much for stopping by this story and giving it a chance! It has made my day and I love being surprised like this! I'm so happy that you loved it and thank you for pointing out bits I didn't catch before. My biggest flaw in any of my writing is my tense verbs. I don't really know why .

Thank you again so much! It really did make me smile and I hope the story did the same to you!

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Review #6, by hausofluucy Spiders, Dragons, and Love

17th May 2012:
Hello! Thanks for entering my challenge! :)

This was a good entry! :) I liked how you showed what a few others saw as well as just Hagrid. :) I thought that was a nice addition. I also liked the detail you put in to the parts that were Hagrids also. :3

The part when Hagrid says “This 's no' real,” made me so sad! :( It was a great line though!

I also loved how the Mirror felt alone when there wasn't anyone there and how you told it from the Mirror's perspective! :)

My only CC is that in some places you've missed out words in the sentences and it confused me a little though I understood what you were trying to say. :)

Apart from that, great chapter! Well done! :) Thank you for entering, the results for the challenge will be up fairly soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it! I noticed the missing words and I wanted to put it in the queue for corrections, but I have other challenges that need to be accepted first :(. Thanks for reading and reviewing though! :D

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Review #7, by magicmuggle01 Spiders, Dragons, and Love

7th May 2012:
Hi again.

I loved your take on the Mirror of Ersid. It sounds to me like it is lonely and only wants to talk and show people what they want to see.
I think I loved the bit with Hagrid the best, for he was the one who got what his heart desired and wished for.
An excellent one shot and 10/10.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for coming over to read it. :) I was a little worried about this one since I sort of pulled it up out of no where, but I'm glad it was still a good read. Thanks for the review and the rating! :)

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