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Reading Reviews for Those Weasley Girls
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Girl cauldron The Workaholic

25th September 2015:
Awesome story but Oh come on please, please, PLEASE UPDATE!

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Review #2, by BellaCamille The Genius

10th February 2013:
This so great! The dialogue is actually brilliant. I've never liked Next Gen as I do right now. Plus, I love that they are out of Hogwarts. It's so refreshing!

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Review #3, by LittleLionGirl The Workaholic

22nd June 2012:
good start!!! keep it up if you can!!!
much love,

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm typing chapter 3 now! :)


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Review #4, by LillyMay77 The Workaholic

20th June 2012:
Great chapter! I enjoyed the different department dynamics, nice touch. I'm excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I loved being able to write that. It was quite fun. I'm writing it right now, so hopefully it will be up in a week or so!


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Review #5, by LillyMay77 The Genius

20th June 2012:
Great story so far. I like the idea of him getting to know all the single cousins!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :) Glad you're enjoying it so far.


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Review #6, by Mazz The Workaholic

17th June 2012:
Hi! I love this story so far; it's so fun! And I can't wait to see what the other girls' personalities are like because Rose and Molly and Roxanne and Lucy all have such distinctive ones and I'm really excited to see what Dominique and Lily are like. I love how articulate Lucy is and the conversations between her and Albus because they're both so clever. Perfect couple if it weren't for the creepy factor or erm...incest :P
No, siriusly, I want you to update NOW.
"Molly scurried past her on all fours, chasing a mischievous marble" - I just looked back on this and I laughed out loud, because already it's such a Molly thing to do. Oh my Rowling I love these characters and I love this story please put the next chapter up soon I'm so excited about it all!! :D

Author's Response: Ah! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! It's very exciting to write the girls--I'm trying to give them their own personalities, but at the same time give them attributions in common with their parents.

Lucy is such a little Percy. I can't stand her hahaha. They would be fun together...but that whole incest factor is kinda a biggie.

Thank youuu for reviewing. I'm stoked you're enjoying it so much! I'll update as soon as I can. :)


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Review #7, by mr cool cat The Workaholic

16th June 2012:
Ahhh your characters are great! Love Lucy and I can't wait to read about Molly and Scorpius' date ahaha.

Author's Response: Lucy is so Percy, it's not even funny. And Molly is such a funny little wreck, haha.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by mr cool cat The Genius

16th June 2012:
Love where this story is going!

I like Rose's character, most people paint her just like Hermione but I like what you've done with her. Can't wait to keep reading (and find out which one he chooses!)

Author's Response: Oh, yay! I'm glad you're enjoying Rose. She's so much fun to write--very Ron-esque.

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Review #9, by Crescent Moon  The Genius

13th June 2012:
Hahaha, I loved this!! So funny XD Al seems completely mental to willingly set Scorpius up with his cousins :D I really can't wait to see how all the dates are going to go. Please update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: I'll get on that! Thank you so much for the reviewww. :)


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