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Review #1, by Seku238 ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

11th November 2005:
I really do think that you should keep on writing, I would really like to see Ron and Hermione's reactions to Draco and Harry being on good terms, especially Ron. I'm not sure about the way you gave Harry money though, in my opinion he is too moral just to meerly spend it if it doeesn't have any identification, he would probably hand it in to the police station. Perhaps you could change it slightly and have him get some of his own money changed into muggle curreny or something. Please make sure that his earing suits his character and don't let Ron and Hermione turn on him now that he has Draco, which seems to happen in many stories. I hope you carry on with this story. Please write.

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Review #2, by ggg ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

21st October 2005:
i like it sry, i know u told me not to say it but there are no other words...

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Review #3, by Elmo ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

13th April 2005:
I love your stories hope the next one comes out soon!!

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Review #4, by sexyslyth ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

18th January 2005:
UPDATE!! This is so funny, admittedly, Draco may be a little too sappy, but it fades with the rest of the story! luv it!

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Review #5, by Beth ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

19th November 2004:
Keep going

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Review #6, by HPobsession ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

26th July 2004:
very good....keep going. i really like this quiz. Update soon

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Review #7, by jellycatty ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

14th July 2004:
will it work if i just review u loads, wil that make u write mroe?

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Review #8, by jellycatty ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

14th July 2004:
yes u should definately write more

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Review #9, by Ashley ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

12th July 2004:
You are a really good writer, but your grammer needs a little work but other wise the story is really great!!!!!

Author's Response: yae i know right? well no ones perfect.....thats why you get some one lese to do it lol......keep reading and thankz for the reviews :) ~*~R~*~

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Review #10, by Courtney Anne ch.4- can't judge a book by its cover

11th July 2004:
This story is real good, like all the other ones of yours.

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Review #11, by Devimab ch. 3-running

12th June 2004:
Rachel, i really like the way you write. I'm trying to write one of these and i just can't make it all make sense. MAybe i'll put it up once I've figured out how its going to work. its tons more raunchy (sexual) and i'm kinda nervous about people reading it. alright, sorry for talking so much. you can email me at (i'm not a member of this site yet) ~syd

Author's Response: check ur e-mail :) ~R~

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Review #12, by Britany Malfoy ch. 3-running

27th May 2004:
Ok like I've said before u r awesome. Much love to u but mostly to Draco.

Author's Response: Yea i LOVE draco! the guy that plays him in the movie , TOm Felton, is sooooo hott !im glad im not the only one! im gunna have a new story coming out and im gunna be updating all of my stories soon w/ lotz and lotz of chappies so keep reading :) ~*~ Rachel ~*~

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Review #13, by Britany Malfoy ch. 2-Why??

27th May 2004:
All I can say is awesome. My new best friend BlueRain doesn't write SLASH but she is good u should read her work.

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Review #14, by Britany Malfoy  ch 1. The letter

27th May 2004:
I LOVE DRACO!!! Hence my last name. I love u for writing SLASH.

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Review #15, by pix ch. 3-running

14th May 2004:
ooo i like! i love D/H fics they are great lol please update soon!"

Author's Response: i will so don't worry i already have most of the story wrote up but i decided to change this part and i'm doing it as it comes. i'm kinda having a hard time at one particular spot and i'll update soon. so don;t worry. ;) - ~*~ R ~*~

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Review #16, by PEROSN WHO LIKES HARRY WITH DRACO ch. 3-running

13th May 2004:
i really like your three stories. but in my opinion you should make them a bit more interesting, as in, more "SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE" if you know what i mean. will harry fall in love with draco? WOuld you read my storie when it comes up and reveiw that please? it is called the 3rd prophesy and the first chapter will be called,Back again.

Author's Response: There will definatly be scences of sexual nature so don't worry about that :) i love harry/draco ficcies! they are my favorites i simply luv em! oh well thankz for reveiwing and oh course i'll read yours if ya keep reading mine neway it will get good soon cuz these chappie were just needed to fit the whole story to gether. I will be coming out with another story soon and i would like for u to read it. keep a look out for it. ok? Well luv the review thankz again. Bye ~*~ RACHEL ~*~

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Review #17, by narrowed ebony ch. 2-Why??

23rd April 2004:
It's not bad. I'm interested in seeing what happens next...

Author's Response: it'll get better i promise sorry for the long wait ;)

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Review #18, by Shannon Potter  ch 1. The letter

10th April 2004:
Your storys off to a good start... ive never read about Draco sending harry an apolgy letter, so thats original and great on your part! I just love h/d fics..... they are my favorite... some advice for your story, is to get more from Draco's point of view in the next chapter... see whats going on with him and stuff... and more about what harry feels about the letter. A small crush forming? Scared that he might be gay? Stuff like that. And in the next chapter, one idea would be that Draco goes over to Privet Drive in the middle of the night because he 'just had to talk to him about something in person'...... ;)..... see where this can lead? Well, happy writing! I'll check back soon love always Shannon

Author's Response: I luved the advice u gave me and thanlz alot cuz i was thinkin of something like that but i wasn't so sure i think that the next couple chapters are gunna be pretty good and i hope u like em plz read and review back - luv ya lotz * Rachel*

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