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Review #1, by Wickedlovely01 Apples

29th October 2012:
ooh I really like this! I wanna read another chapter can you make more?

Author's Response: Oh dear I haven't been here in MONTHS I loved this story though xD You know what? Just for your review I,ll write the next chapter on the spot ;)

Thanks for being sweet ^.^

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Review #2, by Shortie Apples

26th July 2012:
AWW *sob* This is sad.

First crossover I've ever read and you didn't disappoint me. When did you ever lovely June :D

Your characterization, plotting, twist of plot, everything is impeccable. Grammar, again, if you read through you'll see your mistakes. No biggie.

I'm going to follow this story, because I really REALLY need to know what's happening. It's worse because they're family. And I'm curious to know how all the parents died. I want to know the ending.

Please continue. And let me know when the rest of the story is out.

Author's Response: I am continuing that one actually, I just have ridiculously long update waits xD But half of chapter 2 is done ;)

It's really sad how their parents died :'( In fact the whole story is kinda sad from the start because you know one of the mains or both of them are going to die... :( that's probably why it takes so long to update, I don't write sad stories fast xD

I'm really glad you liked it!^^

And I shall, pinky promise! :P



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Review #3, by EverDiggory Apples

18th June 2012:
Hey June...can I ask you something?

Why are you such a bloody good writer?

Everything is great, as per usual. The only thing that is off is the spacing...what happened? Its not that big of a deal, but good grief theres so much space!

I'm so hooked on this, I cannot wait to read more.*favoriting*

Author's Response: The awesomely pretty banner hooked you first didn't it? ;) When I saw it in the UFG I couldn't help myself xD

And why I'm such a good writer? Dunno natural talent? xD Oh no does this fic have the stupid spacing problem too? -.- The archives do this to me once in a while, they just go crazy and put miles in between my paragraphs... I'll go fix it^^

YAY!! :D Let's make a deal: You make Lucius-Loving and I'll make you all-the-next-gen-characters-loving! xD

Thanks for your nice review!^^


-June (The only slightly evil one ;) )

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Review #4, by academica Apples

26th April 2012:
Hi there! Here from Slytherin Review Tag :)

I love THG and HP, obviously, which is why I picked this one. I thought you did a really good job of showing Lily's emotions. Are you considering having Albus narrate some of the later chapters? Just an idea -- might be neat to have them switch off.

My first thought was how sad it was that the two children chosen were from the same family. It seems like the Potters have already endured a lot of tragedy in this piece, which I imagine will bring them closer together throughout the games. I also thought the little twists you came up with for the games this year were really cruel and fit in well with how the Capitol was portrayed in THG. Nicely done there.

Two tiny critiques. One, the spacing here was a little distracting. I would suggest using the simple editor or editing the excess space out next time you post a chapter. The other thing is that I noticed some fragmented sentences and other mistakes, things that a beta could probably help you clear up. Just an idea to make things flow a bit more smoothly.

I think you've got a great start here! Good work! :)


Author's Response: Yes I'll have a few chapters in Albus' POV, but most'll stay in Lily's :D
I know! :'( Poor Potters... Oh and I can't be credited for the THG twist^^ Katniss mentioned in Catching Fire that in the twenty-fifth Hunger Games, they held a vote for the Tributes, it's in fact what inspired me this fic xD I just added that thing where they couldn't vonlunteer because I thought it made more sense^^

Yes I know, the spacing seems to be a problem in a lot of my fics. I write them on word with a regular spacing but then as soon as I put it on here, a bunch of space just pops out :/

Oh and I'll try to fix it myself, though I think I might actually find a beta... My grammar isn't so great.. :/

Thanks!! :D



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Review #5, by Brittanique Apples

25th April 2012:
Wow. This was pretty awesome. I really want to know what happened to everyone.

There were a few grammatical errors in there, but nothing to distract me greatly.

But it was an amazing first chapter and I cannot wait for the next one. James was brilliant, Hugo was very sweet.

Watch out for Nargles. 10/10

Author's Response: James and Hugo really ARE the best aren't they?? *insert touching lparent-like love in here* :3
Hehe that's the point!! lol :P I'm glad this seems to keep readers on their toes! I wasn't sure if I should've said more ;)

And sorry about the grammar, very time I edit I kill a little more it keeps coming back -.-

thanks for reviewing!! Glad you liked it!!^^



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Review #6, by MercyWaters Apples

25th April 2012:
Wow, this is really interesting! I'll be honest here, I've never been much of a crossover fan. But the Hunger Games just so happens to be my 2nd favorite series (Harry Potter being my first, of course) so I figured I HAD to read this. And I must say I'm glad I did! You mesh the two worlds together nicely, and I really like the flow of this chapter. You set up the story well and the reader finds themself sucked in immediately. You have a wonderful way with words as well, I loved the line: "She smiles in a sweet way that makes me want to run" when Rose is observing District 11's escort.

I also like the family distress when she and Albus are chosen. It's very real and gets the reader invested emotionally, not to mention the little bits of information about Lily's past and relationship with her cousins was interesting. It helped shape her as your own distinct version of Lily, which is always good. The references to the tragedy of her family's death was very interesting as well--I want to know more!

This was excellent and very intriguing. I really enjoyed it and am eagerly awaiting Chapter 2! This is going in my favorites. :)

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!! :D The Hunger Games and HP are my tops as well :P Same for the crossovers! At first I was trying to find a place where I could write THG fanfiction but couldn't find anywhere as good as here... so I tried to merge the two worlds tougether and stay as canon as possible :P

Ahh Rosie. So sweet and innocent^^

Yes it was pretty sad. :( I mean they're siblings and only one will come out. :'( And yeah I tried not too say too much about the tradgedy. Keep the meat :P (I'm evil like that^^) Just enough to keep the reader (hopefully) interested^^

Aww thanks!! I'll try and update soon but no promises! I'm a pretty slow updater in general and I've got a LOT of WIPS :S

and YAY!!^^



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Review #7, by laura :D Apples

21st April 2012:
cant wait for the next chapter its soo good and the story is following both books so far!! i really wantto find out what happened to harry and the others as well as whether albus will team up with her!!! :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks sweetie!! :D I'm so happy you like it!!^^ Yeah I'm trying my best to stay canon on both parts, it's harder than it looks though!!! Ohh you won't find out the entire story about Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Ron/Other Weasleys before a while ;) I'll drop out hints in every chapter though. :P

You'll have to wait and see!!^^



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Review #8, by harrie_t Apples

15th April 2012:
Really good, when is the second chapter coming out?

Author's Response: Thanks!^^ I haven't completely finished writing it, but I'll try to get it out for next week :D
I'm glad you liked it!!^^

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Review #9, by CF Apples

31st March 2012:
Its the best Hunger Games and Harry Potter Crossover I've read yet. I hope you keep writing this fanfic

Author's Response: Aww thanks!!^^ Chapter 2 will be up soon I promise!! :D I'm glad you liked it!!^^


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Review #10, by Starkid girl Apples

29th March 2012:
Amazing!! I love it!! Write more soon!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! I'm glad you like it!! :D I'm already working on chapter 2 ;)

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Review #11, by PandorasBox13 Apples

28th March 2012:
I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work! (:

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it!! :D Thanks for taking the time to review!! :)

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Review #12, by Siriusly3 Apples

28th March 2012:
Oh my god. That is. Barbaric. I'm not sure what the Hunger Games are (I ignored the hype) but but the way you've written it makes me want to be sick. Which is a good thing...I think. If they don't both survive I'm going to kick off, and I think I want to read the Hunger Games (it's a book, right?)

Author's Response: The Hunger Games are three books. And are AMAZING :D
And yeah, it really is barbaric... I'll put a briefing for you in the next chapter, to explain the Games a little better ;)

Thanks for reviewing!! :D


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Review #13, by Goldemort Apples

28th March 2012:
this was great juney! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!^^

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