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Review #1, by Owl Girl Pink

5th July 2013:
Finally! A good girl/girl fan fiction! This is probably the closest I can get to liking Pansy. And that's big, considering how much I hate her! Your a good writer and can definitely write a romance without so much fluff and overly dramatic make out scenes. Thank you!

Author's Response: Hi, nice to meet you--and thanks! I don't see a lot and I did feel like this was an unusual pairing, and yet one that made sense in my mind. It was kind of a one-time foray but I enjoyed it. I also am not a huge fan of Pansy but it was interesting trying to make her pitiable. And yeah, I also really dislike stories with too many grand romantic or sensual gestures. I prefer to go in a more subtle direction, so it's great that you liked that.

Thank you for this fantastic review :)


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Review #2, by Illuminate Pink

10th May 2013:
Hi! Review Tag!

Slash done well is something I really enjoy, and I really enjoyed this :) Daphne is a character we don't know much about, and Pansy we don't know very much either, so this is a great opportunity to deepen their characters.

The trust and love between them is so subtle yet takes complete hold of their friendship; Pansy is so driven by her feelings for Draco that she can't see just how much someone loves her, right under her nose. It's surprising how often that happens in real life xD And a very nice ending! Ambiguous but sweet :)

Great read, great job! :)

Author's Response: Hello :)

I'm happy you liked taking the opportunity to get to know Daphne and Pansy a little bit better and see them in a different light with this story. I had never seen this ship done before, and it's not my head canon, but I couldn't resist taking the plunge with this bunny.

Yep, I think that definitely happens a lot in real life. Poor Daphne was so patient and Pansy finally figured it out there at the end, thankfully.

Thank you for your sweet review!


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Review #3, by Jchrissy Pink

14th August 2012:
Okay, I've never read this pairing before, and you've made me love it. For some reason it just feels so natural and easy, they way you wrote their friendship was so beautiful. Then, when Daphne decided to show Pansy how she felt it just seemed real and fitting and honest.

I love the how you incorporated the memories, telling the story of Draco's slow and painful way that he broke Pansy's heart just really made me feel a sense of compassion for her that I never had.

Your imagery was, as always, gorgeous. The opening paragraph, imaging Pansy running through the freezing air nearly broken was a haunting one.

Pansy constantly hoping to please Draco, with meeting his parents and worrying about how it went, wanting to turn the dress into a recreation, just all those details that showed us how much of her heart went into wanting to be good enough. You left me with the impression that her entire life revolved around that. Never feeling like she was enough but always wanting to.

I seriously want to ship these two after this. Thanks for the amazing read!

Author's Response: Hey Jami! Thanks for stopping by :)

I don't know that I know of any other stories that feature this pairing, either. I'm not sure exactly how I came up with it, except that I got this burning bunny about how Pansy and Daphne could come together in the wake of Draco joining the Death Eaters and largely leaving matters related to Hogwarts behind. I'm happy that it felt like it made sense and that the pairing came across as natural to you.

I think Pansy tends to get a bad rap in fanfiction; she deserves it to an extent, because she does come across as prejudiced and entitled, but I wanted to show another side of her here, because I think some of what she espoused had to do with wanting to impress the boy whom she might have married. That is to say, I think Draco should get some credit for the way Pansy was.

I'm glad you liked the imagery and that the memories didn't break up the flow. I really wanted to convey that Daphne has always been there for Pansy and, now that Draco is out of the picture, can finally be there for Pansy in the one way that she always wanted.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)


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Review #4, by CambAngst Pink

1st August 2012:
I thought this was really, really lovely. One of the things that gets a little tiresome about the slash/femme slash stories I've read -- and maybe my sample is just too small -- is that so many of them are unrequited love stories. And while it took Pansy a while to come to her senses in your story, she actually does seem to come around. I really liked that.

I thought your portrayal of Pansy's relationship with Draco was very nicely done. He just isn't very good to her. The books always made that rather clear. He treats her more like a plaything than a person.

Pansy's endless attempts to please Draco and Daphne's patient support for her friend were also done well. It went a long way toward developing the idea that the two were friends before they became something more. It also set the stage so that when Daphne's affection was revealed, it didn't seem sudden or out of place.

Your writing was very good in this. Everything flowed nicely and you had a good mix of narrative and dialog. I didn't see any typos or grammatical problems.

Very well done!

Author's Response: Hey Dan! I really appreciate you stopping by!

I agree - I see it a lot as well, and the plot line does get a little tiresome. I kind of wanted to play with the idea that Pansy would have lost so much when she lost Draco, given how she put him on a pedestal, and that she would need a rock of a friend like Daphne at that time. Then, I just extended the idea a little bit.

He really isn't. I'm never really sure if they were actually a couple or if he really did just let her be around when it was convenient for the entire series. I'm inclined to assume the latter, given how he married Astoria in the end. I'm happy you liked my portrayal of him.

I worked hard to try to build up the relationship throughout this piece, so it's great that it all worked for you. I wanted it to seem sort of natural and sensible there at the end.

Thanks so much for this very kind review :)


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Review #5, by RipleysCaress Pink

17th May 2012:
Gasp...Daphne/Pansy slash...I'm curious how this will go...I've never come across this kind of slash...I've been strictly a Drarry fan though I'm kind of limited in that area being a Dramione addict as far so good...Keep it up love and can't wait for an update :3


Author's Response: Hey again! I'm really glad you found this one-shot interesting and that you liked getting a glimpse at the relationship between the two girls. Unfortunately, this is only a one-shot, and so there won't really be an "update", but feel free to check out some of my other work :)

Thanks for your kind review!


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Review #6, by SerpentineOffering Pink

14th May 2012:
I love your stories. Every story I have read from you has left an impression. This is a great one-shot! I probably sound like a broken record but I don't even know what else to say except for excellent job! I like the way you fluttered back and forth between the past and the present, it made it all the more real. I also like how you've written Pansy. She had just enough of the feelings toward Draco and her own personality to really give a spark to her character! Wonderful job, Academica! You're writing blows my mind! I've favorited you as an author! :)


Author's Response: Hey again -- you're so sweet, as always, and I'm totally flattered by your comments. I'm glad you liked the time shifts and felt like they helped bring the story to life. Pansy can be hard to write, but I enjoyed having the chance to "humanize" her a little bit and bring out the more interesting parts of her character.

You're so, so kind. Thanks again for all of your amazing reviews; they were so wonderful to find. I hope you come back to read more soon!


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Review #7, by SiriuslyPeeved Pink

1st May 2012:
I loved this story, so sorry I am tardy with our review exchange :) I put on "Princess of China" as I read it!

Thoughtful stories with same-sex romantic pairings make me so happy. The interaction between Pansy and Daphne is so lovely and delicately done. This story has such a believable emotional core and reminds me of a few of my friends in real life. :)

I love how you used the dress as a metaphor for Pansy trying to shoehorn herself into a relationship, into a whole life, that really didn't fit her. She wanted to make herself into this perfect pink sparkly person, but realized it clashed with her true self. Bravo.

I always wanted Pansy to have a happy ending with somebody, after Draco treated her like dirt in canon. (hey, maybe they're going to be in-laws now... depending on whether you think Daphne and Astoria are sisters... That could be interesting to write about!)

Loved this passage:

"We'll go to Honeydukes and buy Acid Pops."

"They turn your teeth green."

"It doesn't matter if you don't smile."

Beautiful, funny, and poignant all at once. Loved this, favoriting :)

Author's Response: Hello Mary! Thank you very much for exchanging with me, and I'm sorry this response took a little while. Here I am now, though :)

I also listened to the song pretty much the whole time I was writing this. I love Coldplay.

It's so great that this was believable, considering that it's my first time (but certainly not the last) writing slash and I don't have a lot of experience with same-sex relationships, even in real life. The ones I am familiar with are very tender and sweet, and just as normal as any heterosexual relationship, and I tried to convey that a little bit here.

It seems like a common theme in those types of relationships is the idea that you have to deal with normative stereotypes in order to find your own identity and the person with whom you mesh best, and the dress was part of that for me. Pansy had to shed who she thought she needed to become in order to really fit happily into her own skin, and the real Pansy is all Daphne ever wanted.

Draco definitely wasn't nice to Pansy in canon, and though she attracts a lot of ire from readers in many stories, I wanted to give her a little bit of reprieve from her pain here. It would definitely be interesting if they wound up in-laws, though. Whole different relationship!

It's so lovely that the childlike moments and the more serious revelations worked well together for you, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. I appreciate your thoughtful and kind review :)


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Review #8, by AnnaKay Pink

26th April 2012:
I liked this chapter. I like how it was split up, showing a few things here and there.

I did get a little confused at times to see where it was, but I think oveall that it was really great. You show the friendship, and how things were going.

I think you also did Pansy really well. She is trying to get Draco, and really sad that it isn't working. I think you did really well on this, and I was really happy to read it

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for stopping by, and I apologize that my response has taken so long!

I'm sorry you got a little confused, but I hope it didn't get in the way too much. It seems like you enjoyed getting to see Pansy and Daphne develop as friends first, so that's great to hear. It's great that you feel like I got Pansy in character as well.

Thanks so much for your kind review :)


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Review #9, by charlottetrips Pink

26th April 2012:
That was surprisingly sweet taking into the fact that it has Pansy in it, who is quite honestly one of my least favorite people. I like how you were able to slip in an arc of their friendship. Also Daphne's love was clear without necessarily spelling it all out in one go. Just simple actions and lines and it effectively told me how she felt.

The ending was sweet and simple and I actually felt like "Yay, they found their happy ending!"

Sorry this is shorter than usual I am just on my iPad and it isn't entirely a comfortable typing :/

But I liked this as I always like your writing, Amanda!


Author's Response: Hi Char! Thanks for coming by, and I'm sorry that this response has taken so long. School totally ate my life in April, and I'm only just now catching up. I hope it's not too off-putting.

Pansy definitely isn't a popular character, and I used to make this joke out of her because I didn't like her either, so it was neat to be able to twist her into a semi-likable, normal girl. I wanted things to feel very simple and innocent, so that by the time you got to the end, it would just make sense for them to fall in love. I'm glad it worked that way for you.

Thanks so much for your kind review! :)


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Review #10, by forsakenphoenix Pink

8th April 2012:
For all my love of m/m slash, I don't read much femslash (if any, at all) so let's consider this my first foray into this ship. Also, Pansy/Daphne, such an interesting pairing you chose, and one I never would have thought of, but I think it works well.

I really like the pattern you have here, the alternating between past and present. I think it adds depth to your story and to the relationship between Daphne and Pansy that might have otherwise been missing. Their friendship is very sweet and I love that we sort of see Daphne's feelings developing as Pansy pursues Draco instead.

Your descriptions, as usual, are wonderful. I love how you contrast Daphne and Pansy with their blue and pink dresses, one all dark while the other is light. I guess what they say about opposites attract is true. ;)

I really loved when Daphne just kissed Pansy. It wasn't out of place or anything, it just fit right with that scene and then Pansy searching for her hand and feeling something deep in her bones, a heat ignited by Daphne's kiss - loved that.

There's a lot of parallels between the jumps in time too, with the acid pops and the chocolate frogs, I noticed. I really liked that as well.

This was such a wonderful story and I'm glad my first femslash fic was yours - I knew you wouldn't let me down. Nicely done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping over to read this :)

I'm not big into slash, obviously, so I'd love to chat with you sometime about the distinction that predominantly slash writers like you make between femmeslash and male/male slash. I think it's an interesting idea, and I'm a bit curious about it.

I think I already mentioned that Pansy/Daphne came largely from A Tale of Two Princes. I sort of imagined them being left behind when Paige and Draco were off having their little love story, and I thought it would be neat to explore that dynamic between them. It's great that the time jumps worked well for you and made sense, and that you liked all my details. I hope it came across as realistic -- I obviously know very little about same-sex relationships, but the impression I get is that it's not uncommon for one person to feel an attraction to another while that second person is out pursuing hetero-normative romance.

Ooh, good! I struggled a little with the kiss. I didn't want to make it this big, complex thing, because I felt like that wouldn't fit, so I kind of settled for 'out of the blue' instead, like it's just background noise along with everything else instead of being this climactic "moment". It's great that the imagery helped there.

You're super sweet. Thank you again, Missy!


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Review #11, by Roots in Water Pink

28th March 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

What a coincidence! I'm currently writing a story about Pansy too, though it's a novella, not a one-shot.

I think that you did a great job with this story. In particular, I enjoyed the way you alternated between the past and the present- you had a clear pattern and it was quite easy to follow, but the memories/flashbacks made Daphne's feelings for Pansy come alive. In fact, without those memories the story wouldn't have been nearly so believable.

As well, I think that you did a good job with your characterization. You brought Pansy to life while still giving her the traits we know from the books. I liked how you had their relationship centered, for the most part, around Pansy's pursuit of Draco, with Daphne's commentary on her admiration of Pansy. Daphne herself was very nice- you made her devotion to Pansy very clear.

Furthermore, I liked the parallels you drew between the years- the trips to Hogsmeade and the Acid Pops/Chocolate Frogs. It helped to give life to their friendship because they had patterns that they followed, month after month, year after year.

Finally I enjoyed your description. Once again you've managed to create vivid scenary and sharp images that can be pictured easily by readers. Even better, you didn't go overboard with the description, giving the story a lighter air that made it a very pleasant read. As well, the ending was very cute and fit perfectly with the theme of the story. It was very fitting that Daphne had been planning to date Pansy for years.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one-shot and I think that you did a great job with the characters. I'd never really given a thought to a romantic relationship between Pansy and Daphne before but you made it work! Thanks for requesting a review and I hope my comments are helpful!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by! :)

I think Pansy is really interesting and underloved by most people. I've really been meaning to come by and check out your Pansy story.

I'm very glad that the flashbacks worked for you. I had gotten a comment that they were too confusing, and I was a bit worried about them, but it's good to know that not everyone was thrown off by the time jumps.

I really wanted to focus on Pansy's loss of Draco, because I felt like it would be a huge deal to her. I never liked her much in canon, but I did kind of feel bad for her when I found out that Draco didn't end up with her, and I wondered what had happened, because they had always seemed to be so close in school. So this piece was kind of my way of exploring that and also having some fun with femmeslash.

It's great that you liked the patterns. I thought they would be kind of fun and whimsical, and I think writing third year Pansy and Daphne was my favorite, with them finding a secret place and stealing from the kitchens.

It's good that the story didn't feel too heavy and that you felt like I included the right amount of description. The ending was fun to write, and I would like to think that Daphne and Pansy had a wonderful first date.

Thanks very much for your kind review! :)


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Review #12, by WeepingWillows Pink

28th March 2012:
Generally I'm not a huge fan of reading female slash but I found this very believable and kind of fun to read. The idea of putting Pansy and Daphne together never occurred to me and I just loved the way that they got together.

I think characterization was perfect! You really nailed Pansy and I really enjoyed reading your version of her. The way she talked even sounded like something Pansy would say and I just loved how she kept rambling about Draco and how Daphne had listened to just about enough talk about Draco towards the end and kissed her. Totally sweet and was a perfect way to end this one-shot!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! :)

I'm happy that this worked for you even though you aren't a big fan of femmeslash. I don't write much slash either, but this plunny kept tugging at me until I just had to get it down.

It's great that you thought the ending was cute and that the characterization of both girls worked well for you. It was nice to make it so that both of them were happy in the end.

Thanks so much for your kind review!


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Review #13, by Deltaris Pink

28th March 2012:
I think this is the first Pansy/Daphne that I've read. I've been meaning to come over and read what you've done since the last time I was active, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Must review EVERYTHING. Cause you're brilliant. Mmk, fangirl moment over ;)

I really enjoyed Pansy here. You wrote her in a way that not many other authors do. She's a real person with feelings, instead of the 'stuck up, pug faced Slytherin.' Yet, she still feels like canon Pansy: fawning over Draco and getting her heart broken when he becomes distant. We all know why he did, he was on a mission, but to Pansy, it was a rejection of her love, and just about the worst thing in the world.

And Daphne! She's not a commonly written figure at all, as it's her sister that we know marries Draco. I love her. Her feelings for Pansy are real, and written beautifully.


Author's Response: Hi! You're super sweet - I'm glad to see you again after so long. I hope you do find time to pop over and check out what I've been doing!

I'm happy that my Pansy seemed real to you, because that's always my intention, to add a little to the foundation we have from canon. It's great that the pairing seemed believable and that you felt a little sympathy for poor Pansy.

Thanks so much for your very kind review :)


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Review #14, by SunshineDaisies Pink

27th March 2012:
What a sweet story!

I think your characterization was really good! There was definitely a firm knowledge of each of their personalities. There's a little room to develop Daphne, and I think that will add a lot to the story.

I definitely found the whole thing believable, especially around sixth year, with Draco not talking to Pansy. Of course, we know that there was so much more going on in his life than they were aware of.

Great work!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for coming by!

I'm very glad the characterization worked for you. Granted, this was only a one-shot, so I probably won't put too much more into it, but if I write Daphne again, I'll definitely keep your advice in mind.

I'm also pleased that it seemed to be a believable pairing and that the time frame made sense to you.

Thanks for your very kind review! :)


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Review #15, by Siriusly3 Pink

27th March 2012:
I LOVED THIS. The progression of it was gorgeous and I love Pansy/Daphne. It makes me feel like Slytherin's have hearts after all and I feel so sorry for them both the whole way through. And the Acid Pops and the dress and how they kind of tie it together. What I don't get is when Lucius is in prison and then does he get out of prison to have tea with Pansy? Or are they different time frames? If they are I would consider putting some kind of date on each little paragraph. Either way a totally engaging and lovely one shot!

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for your review!

I'm glad you found some pity for the two of them, and that you liked the progression from childhood until the rougher adolescent years.

They are in different time frames -- the section about having tea was supposed to be set in fifth year, whereas the main storyline takes place during sixth year after Lucius has already been imprisoned. I'm sorry that confused you, and if I get more comments like this one, I will definitely look at making the time jumps a little clearer for the readers.

Thanks so much for your kind review! :)


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Review #16, by EnigmaticEyes16 Pink

26th March 2012:
Hey! Saw this in the Slytherin news thread and had to check it out. And can I just say how much I loved this. I loved the constant dilemma of Pansy wondering how to get Draco back and the flashbacks to other times, and Daphne's dislike for Draco. I think this was wonderfully written and I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the idea of Daphne being in love with Pansy and too shy to say so, and then finally the end where she gains the boldness to just kiss her and see what happens. And I love the happy ending and how Pansy finally realizes that Draco isn't worth the bother anymore and decides to be done with him and move on. You did a great job on this, I always love reading your stories.


~green with envy 2012~

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by :)

I'm very glad that the flashbacks worked for you, as well as my characterization of Pansy and Daphne. It was a challenge to make Pansy go a little deeper than I usually write her, and Daphne was fairly new territory as well, so it's great to get good feedback there.

I started to feel sort of bad for Pansy toward the end of the series, what with Draco getting caught up in his mission and ending up with Astoria, and I feel like we don't get much of an explanation. Pansy was never particularly likeable, but it was nice to give her and Daphne a happy ending here :)

Thanks so much for your very kind review!


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Review #17, by lizmusic45 Pink

26th March 2012:
I loved this. I tend to click the one-shots section more so, because I don't know why I'm always moved by one-shots, I fall in love with the idea of something powering, funny, sad, or just good, in a unlimited amount of words, with no build up leading to the next chapter. I love reading books, and love chapters, but for some reason I like reading the one-shots in between the stories.

This was an amazing one-shot it had your talent written all over it, and I didn't even realize it was you until my computer went back up to the top again. Then I was like of course it's Amanda, and I just smiled to myself thinking wow this, this is amazing.

I liked this one, and I normally don't read slash. I liked the idea you had putting them together I loved there personalities I loved how you saw them as different and I liked that.

Amanda. Your brilliant. Just saying.


Author's Response: Hi Liz! Thanks for checking this out!

You're very sweet. I totally get the love of one-shots. Once I started writing them, it was hard to come back to writing longer stories for a while, because they do become addictive. I still love reading them above all else.

It's so funny to see that you enjoyed this without even knowing it was one of mine. That's so lovely to hear!

I'm happy that you could appreciate the differences in the girls' personalities and that the pairing made sense to you. Slash is pretty new territory for me, too, but I think there's a lot to be done there, and this was a fun start.

Thanks for all of your compliments! :)


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