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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Missing Piece

28th March 2012:

O_o Whoo! (Fans herself!) That was really good and I'm eager to read how this fits into Paradox and their emotions were so entwined, perfectly meshed. In the beginning I was a bit confused on who was who but after a moment I was too absorbed in their grief to really care. Excellent work from a George/Angelina shipper! Whew, its completely different from my fanfic, which I ADORE. Hahah, mine was so angsty...hahaha. Anyway, that was brilliant! Can't wait for more of this and you'd better supply it! Hahaha.
Oh! Just so you know and this is a shock for me too..."Growth" is up and ready for you! Please check it out and I did figure out to do the banner stuff but I don't think I'll add one, I sort of like my stories without them...hm...well, anyway, please check that out!
And...and... I'll be working on that "This is..." you requested (You did, didn't you?) Ms. Audrey Tang is about to get her own fanfic! Whew! Merlin, save me...its going to be so angsty...hahhhahaha. Gonna hop on over to read "Paradox" right now!
Much love,

Author's Response: Aha, hello!
Awh, thanks I wasn't too sure about it but I figured I might as well post it. Don't worry, you will be getting plenty more of these, I've got more written but I have to wait for my stories to get to the right point so I don't give anything away. I might also post some about older people (I'm writing one about Rabastan Le Strange at the moment which is fun... or not so fun if you are him).
The queue is so short! I am running out of things to post! That's fine, was just a suggestion - your stories don't even need them anyway!
Yes, yes, yes! I totally requested that! Looking forward to it too, Andrey Tang - love the surname by the way! She is totally different to how I pictured her and how she is portrayed somewhere in one of my stories...So yeah, excited! Thanks fot he review,


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