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Review #1, by EverDiggory Crime and Punishment

17th July 2012:
Finally here with your review!

And of course this is worth continuing!

Flow: This is just fine! There wasn't any awkward sentences that stood out and the transitions were fine! I wouldn't worry about it.

Imagery: While there was some, I would recommend adding more. Imagery and descriptions really bring a story to life and I think while your story is pretty strong right now, more imagery would just bring it home! Especially describing the beautifuuul state of Alabama in the upcoming chapters is a wonderful idea!(:

Spelling/Grammar: To be perfectly honest, there were a few points that I was itching to fix;3 But they were;t really noticeable...just to me they were XD I really do like this story and I would so tell you I would beta except for the fact I'm already behind on Unforgiven;P

Plot: It's definitely different! Its a good thing! I love how Dom isn't the perfect little angel;P iTs refreshing even! I think its an interesting plot, by far more interesting than some others! I love how this plot gives you a bit of room to breathe!

Ultimately, I think you have a good set up chapter and I cannot wait to see what you do with this story! It has a lot of potential!

I really wish I had more to say...But, I shall for the next chapter!

Thanks for requesting!



Author's Response: Awh, Ever, you're so sweet! :D

I'm glad you liked it!

I'll try and add more imagery to the story in the upcoming chapter, especially when she gets to Alabama!

I really am truly lousy when it comes to grammar. I think it's a miracle I passed english! (x Don't stress about Unforgiven, get to it when you have time (:

I'm glad you're interested in the story, I thought it could make an interesting story! I get tired of reading the same type of story over and over! This is way different than Unforgiven, but I'm liking writing it thus far! :) Plus, Dom is a LOT of fun for me to write! She's definitly no angel (;

I'm glad you enjoyed! When I have the next chapter done, I'll let you know! (:



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