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Review #1, by Indigo Seas III. Of Pretty Girls and So-Called Research

28th August 2012:
And here for 3/3 (finally)!

First of all, I don't think I mentioned this before, but I am absolutely 100% in love with your chapter titles. Not only are they clever, but I also think the bits in parenthesis are marvelous. It's a unique way of doing it, and they really entice the reader.

THIS LINE: "There weren’t any fireworks, no explosions, none of those clichés Natasha was so used to hearing about. Instead there was a warm, tingly feeling starting in her stomach and spreading down until it reached the tips of her toes, and she felt like she was completely free." I love that. It's so understated and subtle, and so many people create kisses where everything is magical and suddenly the whole world stops turning, and I think it's marvelous that you've simply described it as "warmth." Because, you know, that's exactly how it is. In reality.

You've paced this so perfectly! Nothing was rushed and yet nothing was dull, either, and I was caught up in every moment of it. Really, I think it's difficult to plan something so short, because little odds and ends end up sticking out and sometimes it's all rushed and awful and GAH. This just... wasn't. It was absolutely perfect.

I'm going to stop gushing now, really. I thought it was a really lovely little short story, and I'm thrilled that I got to read it for the review exchange!

xx Rin

Author's Response: The chapter titles for this are so fun to make up, especially the ones in parenthesis :p I think this is the only story I ever had that I already knew the title of the chapter before I ever started it, along with the secondary one I used for fun since it related to the how-to article. I even loved it so much I gave the actual /story/ one! :D

I always cringe at seeing the whole fireworks thing, because kisses don't work like that, and since I'm pretty sure TTONF is the only story of mine with a kiss (well, so far, anyway) I wanted to make myself proud, so I'm glad you liked that!

I always think everything is so slow with my stories, but TTONF has truly been my absolutely favourite and easiest to write, so I'm honesly really pleased you liked this! Short stories are hard for some people, but TTONF... it was only my second short story, but it was far, far better than my first :p

Your gushing is freaking amazing and I hope you never stop because I looked forward to all three reviews on this :) I'm so glad I got /you/ as a partner, because you've been so kind and nice and helpful and seriously sweet, and smoothed over any worries I might have had for this, so /thank you/.

xx Linn

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Review #2, by Indigo Seas II. Of Allergies and Arguments

20th August 2012:
And here for 2/3!

Again, your dialogue is just amazing. And it better be, really, because dialogue is such an integral part of the chapter. I love the way that it sounds completely natural, and the characters don't sound stilted at all. Bravo.

I don't know why, but this little line was one of my favorites: ..."third-horror, third-fury and third-scorn." I think it brings up such a good mental image, and the way you've said it just makes it seem natural and easy. And that's another thing, too: there aren't many paragraphs of huge description throughout here (which is perfectly fine), so it's great that you can add little one-liners so that I can still picture the scene in my head.

B'aww, Louis gave her his scarf. Super cute. /flail

And the length here is just perfect. I really struggle with length, honestly. I can never make something over 3,000 words (usually), so it ends up being a little on the short side. I love the pacing and the flow throughout here too, so none of it seems "rushed" (as you said) or even stretched out to make for a higher word count.

I'm really impressed with how this is evolving! Especially with short stories, it's sometimes hard to figure out which events happen when, and you've done a marvelous job with it.

xx Rin

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! :) I try my best to make sure they don't sound unnatural or anything, because you're right - for this story, dialogue means everything.

Is it? Description is one of my weaknesses, so I often insert in little one-liners like those to make up for the lack of it, so I'm glad you liked it! I see a lot of my favourites in this chapter, too, so I always enjoy re-reading this story :p

All too bad she was allergic :p /laugh

I was so worried about this chapter - I was much more confident with the first and thoroughly planned out the third, so this was a little bit harder to write, but honestly, I'm always worried about how long or short my chapters are, so I'm glad you thought this was okay :D

I haven't read many short stories, so I'm seriously pleased you liked this and wow, thank you for all of the lovely compliments! I'm looking forward to seeing you around for the next chapter, Rin!

xx Linn

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Review #3, by Indigo Seas I. Of Being Late and Understatements

18th August 2012:
Here for the review exchange! Hopefully my reviews will be as lovely as yours.

Gah, the first thing that struck me here was your dialogue. I think it's the one thing that most authors get entirely mixed up, and not a lot of people can actually succeed in writing dialogue well. But yours was really, really fluid, and I absolutely loved it. You can switch to banter to conversations to easy narratives, and it all works really well with everything else. It all seems like something a real person would say, which is brilliant.

I also got a huge sense of who your character was. You've provided a lot of little quirks and idiosyncrasies that fill her out, and I loved all the body language you included. That's not usually something that some authors provide, and it's nice to see it!

I love (I seem to be saying that word a lot...), love, love short stories! I'm really excited to read on because I don't get to gobble up short stories very often.


Author's Response: Hi, Rin! :D

You must be kidding or I'm just dreaming (pinching myself as I type this) but thank you! To be honest, I think dialogue is the easiest thing for me - I have some trouble with characters, descriptions, begininning and endings but I do love dialogue so I'm glad you liked mine!

Body language always adds to a character, and I suppose since I do so much myself (mine and Natasha's are vastly different, but the sentiment remains) it slips itself into my stories but rather a few of them more often than not so I'm pretty pleased you actually noticed that! :)

I don't always get to see brilliant short stories either, so I'm glad you liked this! I also kind of hold your opinion in pretty high regard, so thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by Daanana I. Of Being Late and Understatements

18th July 2012:
Sorry for the late review. I was wondering to leave a review for the first or last chapter, but then decided to just review all three and start here. So, Natasha .. She's lovable, in a stereotypical way. Because when I first started reading, I thought, 'oh, another one of those OC's', but then I continued and I started smiling and liking her until at the end of the chap I really, really liked her.

I just don't understand why Laney - who's a complete bitch by the way - would want her to be the first guest writer. Anyway. Liked this chapter. Off to the next.

Author's Response: Pssh, it's okay! Things can sometimes get so busy :p Thanks for reviewing this, by the way! Writing Natasha is so fun but so different because she's not like a regular OC - she's more normal and refreshing to write, so I'm glad you liked her :) Yes, Laney's not very nice, is she? She knows Natasha is good at writing and she knows that people like her enough so I suppose that's why she chose her - she wanted her success to be certain. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by MercyWaters I. Of Being Late and Understatements

8th May 2012:
I'm here from the Review Battle. :)

I really liked this! You write very well. Your description is great, your dialogue doesn't sound awkward and overall everything has a great flow. I really love the way you've characterized everyone, since they all seem so unique. Especially the OCs! It seems like many people find it difficult to create an original, non-cliche OC, but you managed it very well :) Natasha has an original voice and is an interesting character to read about.

The premise seems so clever! I'm very interested to see what happens, and I hope to return for later chapters if I get the time! Lovely job :)

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Oh, how I love the Review Battle! Thank you :) I've always been worried if I put too much dialogue or not enough description or if nothing flows, so I'm glad this is okay. Wow, /do/ they seem unique? Every author likes to think that, of course, but it's much different (and better!) actually being told it. Natasha is a different thing for me. I usually stick with the sassy-spunky-sarcastic OC, but all the same I love Natasha's personality as well.

Thank you so, so much for reviewing this, Bri - it really /does/ mean the world to me.

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Review #6, by LittleWelshGirl99 I. Of Being Late and Understatements

1st May 2012:
Hello! ^_^ After the lovely (I forgot how to spell lovely for a second embarrassing :P) review you left me, I just had to stop by and drop you one too straight after :

AH, the humour of this story is so lovely and refreshing :D It was so cute and fluffy, and I love the direction its taking! Natasha seems like an interesting sort of girl- I like her spirit. The way she asked the teacher if 'this was necessary' was strangely appealing for me!

I like Louis too! There's nothing I /don't/ like in this story so far actually :) Stunning job!

-LWG :)

Author's Response: Pssh, you didn't have to come and review this, but thank you all the same. Oh, the humour! I love humour, and Natasha and the story have a very quirky sense of humour, if I do say so myself. Natasha is so very spirited, and took a much different and better turn then I thought she would. And hey, no one can resist Louis! ;)

Thank you so very, very much, and see you around at the forums!

-Cavell :)

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Review #7, by hetty III. Of Pretty Girls and So-Called Research

1st May 2012:
I've seen this on the archives before but only just got around to reading and I'm glad I did! I'm in love with most of your characters (except the Medusa's although I find Laynia quite funny to read).

The kiss between Louis and Natasha and then James appearing, all the awkwardness! (I love awkward scenes like that, much better than the perfect kiss scenes with butterflies and what-not ha ha). That's definitely my favourite scene and the end bit with Georgie standing up to Laynia, I love that too :)

Something about Natasha makes her really likeable, I think how you characterised her was just so...normal? I don't know but she's a refreshing change to your usual quirky!OC and I love how Louis is an average (very good looking) guy and not really and idiot or anything.

And ooh a sequel? Is the main character going to be one already mentioned or a completely new OC? Hmm, well I'm looking forward to it :3

This was a really good chapter and overall story :)

Author's Response: Ooh, why thank you for checking this out! And ha, it's okay, I don't like the Medusas either, but Laynia is ridiculously fun to write. Hey, that was my favourite, too! Very awkward, all James' fault, ha. I kinda prefer all the awkward scenes, too, it's interesting to find out what the character will do.

I'm glad she was likeable! She is far more normal than most OCs, isn't she? And refreshing! Aww, thanks. And of course, Louis can't be an idiot, he's in Ravenclaw after all! The main character for the sequel thing was once very briefly mentioned in the first chapter, so you probably won't remember her.

Thanks a million for reviewing!

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Review #8, by starryskies55 II. Of Allergies and Arguments

6th April 2012:
Brilliant chapter :D

I love the correcting of grammar, and I love the stupid nicknames and I LOVE LOUIS and I hate Nicole. She is a cow and a half. And an awful best friend!
Poor Natasha.

Anyway, a wonderful chapter :D Your spelling/grammar is great, and I'm really identifying with the characters and it's really good.

Great one liners- I like 'Spider-Webb'! And Craig is a creep. KISS LOUIS, y'know, like research. :P

I think the start is a little confusing- I re-read it to work out who Laynia was, but it was okay, and you quickly fell into a great story.

Well done!

Lots of love, your Challenge-master xx

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Great minds think alike, because I love all the stuff YOU love, too. Cow and a half. Ha. Excellent way to describe Nicole. I find it brilliant that they are easy to identify with, because all of them have a piece of me, however little it is.

Oh, the nicknames! That is my favourite annoying habit ever. And kissing Louis for research - that is a fantastic idea. You've inspired me, hah.

Don't worry about the part about Laynia - it's my fault, partly, but you might want to remember her since she's mentioned in the next chapter - most of which I've already written out, so it's coming soon!

Hugs, your ever faithful friend, Linn xx

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Review #9, by MoonMarauder II. Of Allergies and Arguments

2nd April 2012:
This is really good :) I love the story line and the character of Natasha. She's so funny.
I'm in this challenge too. Would you mind checking out my entry The Story of Susan Wheele?
Really liked this though :D

MoonMarauder xx

Author's Response: Woops, sorry for the atrociously late reply. Anyway, thanks! I really quite like the storyline too, and your Susie is extremely funny, too. Thanks for reviewing!

Cavell xx

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Review #10, by starryskies55 I. Of Being Late and Understatements

25th March 2012:
My name on here is also starryskies55... I'm nothing if not original :D

This is an honestly amazing piece of writing. Your characterization of Natasha was brilliant, and I love how you weaved my points about her into the story- it was very neatly and fluently done.

I'm glad Louis played good cop in their good cop/bad cop routine. I like Louis :D

I think you could have mentioned about the tutoring earlier in the chapter perhaps, and then gone back to it and enlarged it, and I think the whole party recollection was a bit rushed- but then, Natasha was drunk, so I suppose it fits :P

(and yes, Georgina should be Georgie. Famous Five, FTW)

Great story :D

Author's Response: Really? I can't decide on a username - as evidenced by the fact that here it's Cavell and on the forums it's Raine :p

Do you really think so? I really like Natasha, and I'm glad you think she was portrayed well, since, after all, you were the one who came up with her, so I'm glad I did her some justice - she is honestly an amazing OC.

Heh, I like Louis too. I'm reading more stories with him nowadays. And honestly, that wasn't even a routine - I think their good cop/bad cop just comes naturally to them, with no practice at all :) Laney would be proud.

Probably would make more sense earlier on in the chapter, huh? Pssh. Must fix that sometime. And I actually meant for the bit about the party to be rushed, since Natasha was drunk and all, so I'm glad you noticed that.

(You read Enid Blyton when you were a child too? I actually didn't read Famous Five - only The Secret Seven, Five Find-Outers and The Adventure Series, though it amuses me that one of her characters is named Georgina but shortened it. I actually thought Georgie was a bit weird for her, but then Laney, Natasha and even Louis kept calling her that, and I warmed up to it.)

Thanks a bunch for the review, and the next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #11, by blackangelwings I. Of Being Late and Understatements

24th March 2012:
oh, i love this! it's really funny and natasha made me laugh. can't wait for the next chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: Ha, really? It was meant to be vaguely serious, but I think somehow it turned out to be vaguely funny instead. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing!

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