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Review #1, by dtinch Epilogue: June in King's Cross

8th December 2014:
great ending i have been browsing other sites and other stuff that i finally came back to this one to checkout my favorite stories of which this one of them to find you are progressing greatly with the next sequel. keep up the great work and i will start on the next book when i can.

Author's Response: Thanks.
I hope you'll enjoy the next story as well.

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Review #2, by Doug james Epilogue: June in King's Cross

19th March 2014:
A wonderful sequel that manages to run an adult and student set of story lines without either suffering from the additional overheads for you.
I thought your new story line was great and found the action scenes gripping whilst finding the character development realistic and interesting. As with all good stories I find that, as a reader, I do care for the characters that you have developed so I do hope that you can continue with a further novel to continue their stories. I can appreciate how much effort these books must take so can understand if you need a respite! Brilliant work and much appreciated

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Review #3, by princess_ginny Epilogue: June in King's Cross

14th March 2014:
I really liked both the stories of yours and am eagerly waiting for other parts too..hope it dont take much of the time and we get to read another wonderful story of yours soon..

Author's Response: I'm working on the beginning of the story, and I should be able to submit the first chapters very soon.

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Review #4, by HogwartsAlum Epilogue: June in King's Cross

11th March 2014:
You have become one of my favorite authors on this entire site. I love the original characters and the plot. Can't wait until The Staff of Merlin, and hope it is up soon. Also can't wait to see what happens from here with all the students and their relationship status'.

Author's Response: Well, thanks for that, I really appreciate it. I'm currently working on the first chapters of Staff of Merlin, and I'm done with eth very early bits. I'm trying to get ahead somehow, so I don't get stuck like for this one... it should be up next week.

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Review #5, by dtinch Into the fray

27th February 2014:
nice chapter wonder who is going to rescue Julie. Anyway I know i have to wait but it is a bit curios you have Alexander and Ian who are the strongest wizards along with Harry and Lionheart who are close to Dumbledore league the rest are clever and powerful as well but act mainly as sidekicks.Then again you still have that prophetic dream of Julies.So it guess work for me. So keep up the good work and thanks for another interesting story.

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Review #6, by dtinch The Blood of Kings

16th February 2014:
The title of this reminds me of the song from Queen called "Princes Of The Universe" not sure if that was how you picked it but just thought i would point that out but so far you have as usual written a good story.

Author's Response: Actually, I hadn't realised it, but you're right. 'I have inside me Blood of Kings'... Funny. There is no real relation to this character's plot, but it's always good to have a Queen reference somewhere, isn't it?
Though, to be really honest, I had 'Highlander' on my mind a lot when I wrote about Kenneth. When I first wrote about that character, I kept listening to the soundtrack of the movie (the orchestral one, not the Queen songs).
Glad you like the story so far. The next chapter is pending validation.

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Review #7, by Bardic Magic The most beautiful thing in the world

30th January 2014:
Well, I have to say that the wait was worth it! I am glad your children are healthy and well and life is returning to normal for you...at least enough where you can write again. At the risk of sounding selfish, I am glad to see new chapters; as I have said before, the characters you have created are excellent and your development of the original characters is also excellent. Although I am not usually a fan of AU fan fiction I must admit that your universe is probably my favorite fan fiction! Bravo and keep up the most excellent work!! Can't wait for the next chapter! Honestly, I could read another 100 chapters of this story!

Author's Response: Well, I wouldn't say I have 100 chapters in store for you in this story. But if you count the sequels, we may reach that count, one day, hehehe.

Thanks for your support!

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Review #8, by Bardic Magic Revenge is sweet... and Mine

29th November 2013:
As always...love the characters! Can't wait for more chapters! I hope you can find time to post more chapters soon.

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Review #9, by dtinch Revenge is sweet... and Mine

31st October 2013:
really good story i am glad that found your stories again i started with the one that this one is related and lost track of it but i am glad to finish reading that one and i am now caught up with this one keep up the good work.

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Review #10, by Sweet Ginny The Tenser Potion

30th September 2013:
Do you have any idea when your gonna continue writing more

Author's Response: I am currently working on completing the whole thing before I post more, in order to avoid writer's block. it's progressing nicely. I should be done in a few days, actually. I'll soon post a new chapter.

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Review #11, by Sweet Ginny Striking Back (the Perks of Fame)

28th August 2013:
Any idea when your gonna write th next chapter.

Author's Response: It's posted, waiting for validation :)

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Review #12, by kevin Striking Back (the Perks of Fame)

24th August 2013:
I am really enjoying this series. Your "Seals of Chaos" was very good and I am really enjoying he characters in this series also. Alexander is a very creative character - kudos to you for coming up with such an original idea! Your notes mention you are French - I commend you on your English! I am an American who only studied French for 2 years in school (many years ago) - I could never imagine writing 2 novels in French to the degree you do in English! Bravo! When I first started reading "Seal of Chaos" the only clue I had that you might be writing in a second language was your verb conjugation - every once in a while I would catch you writing "to listen" instead of "listening" or something like that. I am not an English teacher, so I can't tell you what that is called, but it is the only "corrective critique" that I can offer, since everything else you write is fantastic! Keep up the good work! I see you just posted a couple of weeks ago - when do think the next chapter will be out? I can't wait to read it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for your kind words. I'm glad when my original characters are appreciated. But the thing is that I kinda cheated for Alexander. He was a character I had developped for an original story. I had time to flesh him out quite a bit, until I decided to include him in this fanfic. Still, I'll shamelessly admit I'm kind of proud of him, :)

I've posted the next bit and it's pending validation. I'm currently trying to work on a larger scale, and finish up the whole story before to post any new material. It shouldn't be too long, since this is a rewrite and most of the major changes I've made on the story took place in the earlier chapters. this should be a smoother work, from now on, but I'm still facing writer's blocks and overstacked schedules with real life!
Thanks for your support, anyway.

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Review #13, by Delta Wands at the ready

24th February 2013:
Please keep writing!

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Review #14, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe Wands at the ready

8th September 2012:
dun dun dun...really awesome! i'm glad to finally know the secret of clan lionhart :)

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Review #15, by Smiley Loose spells and loose ends

30th May 2012:
This was an amazing chapter. Can't wait to see what Fred and George will pull off when and if they get to Hogwarts! :) And also, congratulations on your baby!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. I'm still over the moon, right now. I'm working on the next bit. It shouldn't be as long, since a huge part of it was written in the previous version.

Thanks for the support.

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Review #16, by An A first time for everything

1st May 2012:
Excellent-cant wait for more!

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Review #17, by Michelle Hogwarts' new staff

18th April 2012:
very good story so far. clan lionheart seems interesting. i can't wait to find out what they have in their blood. i can see kieran and ian getting together as they grow older. are you going to take this series to the next generation (with James, Fred and Lily II etc??)

Author's Response: Well, thank you for that. Clan Lionheart has indeed a few secrets that will somehow change a few things in that school year.

As for your question about the next generation, well, the setting of this story is so AU that none of the kids in JK's excellent timeline would really fit in that (I mean James, Albus, Rose, etc.). We will see the kids of Harry and Co be born and stuff, but the main focus should until further notice, stick to Ian's generation.

Thanks for the review and I hope you'll like the rest of the story. I'll try to update soon.

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Review #18, by Smiley Prologue: Nearly snatched

2nd April 2012:
Sorry I haven't been able to respond to this! This story is going really well so far!

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Review #19, by babypotter Prologue: Nearly snatched

25th March 2012:
Wow..really good...misterious and exciting...last sentence is confusing, by the way..

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Review #20, by thehpyears Prologue: Nearly snatched

24th March 2012:
More development on geography and historic location, but good.

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