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Review #1, by QkStephen The Next Step

4th January 2018:
You are bar none the most accomplished and consistent author on this whole site and you absolutely deserve every bit of adulation and recognition you have received over the years. I wish I could meet you in real life if only to discuss how much your writing is a gift. Itís no secret that HPFF is no longer in that magical era where the movies were still keeping the fan base completely enthralled and author creativity piqued, but somehow you have managed to continue creating novel length stories in this world we all love as you continue the journey in your original fiction off-site. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with the characters you start and seeing them through to the finish. Itís painful to watch so many budding authors abandon stories that they spent years trying to craft, I know you have seen it too, the hundreds of stories with 75,000+ words directly invested from the heart that will never shed that ďWork in ProgressĒ status. I donít know how much more I or any user on this site can ask from you but I do know that you have already cemented yourself as a legend on this site and I will always cherish every novel and every word that you publish on this site or elsewhere. I realize it probably seemed weird to get such an ardent review on a story thatís been finished for well over a year, but I wanted to delay reading it so I would always have a new work from you that I could read from beginning to end and just as I imagined when I finally clicked on the story I could feel the magic and the wand work in each chapter and thatís why I couldnít put the story down (Iím very tired writing this since I read the entirety of the story in the past 36 or so hours).

Thank you for once again letting me witness your journey!

- Stephen Chang

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Review #2, by cocopops The Next Step

5th May 2017:
I just really want a one-shot of when Georgia goes through sorting and Fred'a and Ryan's reactions to whichever house she ends up at! Haha

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Review #3, by cocopops The Quidditch Final

5th May 2017:
I've pretty much read all your stories in the past two weeks! And I say HECK YES for a Lily/OC, especially if there's quiddich involved. Haha

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Review #4, by adluvshp Letís Start at the Beginning

25th April 2017:
This seems like a very fun story and I am so excited that it is about Fred Weasley! While this kind of story is usually not my cup of tea as I steer clear of Next-gen in Hogwarts kind of fics, except for a rare one every now and then, I have to say the first chapter of this was very likeable. You started off on an interesting note with Ryan Davies screaming at Fred from outside the bathroom - I was intrigued as to why she was so angry. And it was a clever way to give us some information about her too, by using that list through Fred's head. She seems like a fiery character and I love that she is a Claw. I am very curious to see how her relationship with Fred progresses. James and Ollie sound like the most perfect couple ever, usually fics portray him as some sort of a player or ladies man, but here you have him in a serious committed relationship and that is pretty cool. Oh and Annie - she seems the sweetest! I adore how you describe her as the quiet one, the one who listens to Fred, and it's lovely that they are besties. The ending segment with Rose and Albus was nicely done too and I think so far you have done a great job of providing the premise and introducing the essential characters. The narrative has the right touch of humor too, and while this is not the type of thing I would normally read, I enjoyed reading this here!

-CTF Review by Angie

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Review #5, by Yoshi_Kitten Letís Start at the Beginning

25th April 2017:
RoxiMalfoy here for CTF!! I've read so many serious/dark/angst stories these past few nights, so I decided to switch it up a bit this time around, and go for something more fun. And boy, am I ever glad that I chose this one too!! This was exactly the type of read I was looking for, and just what I needed to brighten my evening!! =)

I love the way this started, so much action right off the bat!! Makes you immediately wonder what in the world happened between these two that's got her beating down the door to come in after him. Of course, judging by the story summary, it's not that hard to speculate, but still. It really draws you into the story all the same.

I love Freddie's voice in this, as well as his sense of humor. I also quite enjoy his friendship/bromance with James also. It's very reminiscent of James Potter I & Sirius Black's friendship; which I loved!! And the ďFramesĒ nickname is brilliant, haha!! Although, I confess, silly blonde little me didn't quite get it until Rose referred to them as Frames at the very end. And then I was dying laughing, lol!! (Because Fred+James=Frames!!!) You my friend are a name-meshing genius!!!

On another note, it's really nice to see that WWW joke shop is doing so well, and that Freddie is so interested in getting into the family business once he's out of school. And of course, James will be right there with him. I like Ollie as well, though I sense there may be trouble in paradise with those two? Maybe?? And who is this Annie girl? Could she potentially be a love interest for Fred later on, or are they just friends? I suppose I shall have to wait and seeÖ I just loved that there was such a good mixture of both old and new faces all throughout this chapter. Everyone was introduced quite nicely, I thought.

Ryan is so fierce though, OMG!! Will those two ever get along?!? How were they ever alone together long enough to make a baby without killing each other? One has to wonder, lol! I suspect that alcohol may have been involved, haha!! =P

Overall, I felt like the flow of this chapter as a whole was excellent! Rose as Quidditch captain was probably my favorite part, lol! (I'm sure Ron must be SO proud!!) Also, I thought it was quite interesting to see Al in Ravenclaw. I don't think I've ever read a Next-Gen fic with him in that particular house before, so that was an interesting change. I hope to see more of him in future chapters, and Scorpius as well!! (Love me some Scorpius Malfoy!!) I look forward to seeing the relationship/friendship between him and Roxanne as well. Is he in Slytherin or Ravenclaw in this story? I'm sure I'll find out if I just keep reading, lol!! Hopefully the flag is here so I can read on tonight!! But if not, I will come back as soon as I can. My schedule is kinda crazy, But I shall be adding this story to my favorites list!! I cannot wait to read more!!


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Review #6, by michaelasaurus The Next Step

8th February 2017:
This was super, and I couldn't stop between chapters to write a review on each one like I used to! I powered through and read it all in one day because I'd forgotten how much I love your stories! Thanks for helping me procrastinate doing my readings for uni!! :)

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Review #7, by AbraxanUnicorn The Next Step

17th October 2016:
Aah, I'm so glad it worked out for Fred and Ryan in the end. Loved this fic. :)

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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn Better Off

16th October 2016:
Love this story! In my humble opinion, Fred Weasley (and Roxanne) don't feature nearly as heavily enough in HPFF, so I'm really glad you wrote a fic about them :) And I LOVE Ryan's character!
Just a few niggles in an otherwise hugely enjoyable story:-
In the UK, grandmothers are more commonly referred to as Grandma or Granny or Nanna. Not Grandmum :)
Also, when people are intently studying a book or parchment, they would be 'poring' over it, not 'pouring'

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Review #9, by #teamfryan (but also #teamframes because bromance) The Next Step

31st August 2016:
I know you finished this story a few months back, but I just wanted to review and tell you how much I loved Hormones! I was originally drawn in by Keep Away and Hide & Seek just a few short weeks ago. After finishing those novels, I knew I had to read absolutely everything you had ever posted.

I don't usually gravitate toward pregnancy fics, so it came as such a surprise to me how emotionally invested I was to your characters (quirks, flaws, and all) and this story - which turned out to be even more than the original fics that interested me. It had so many lessons that hit really close to home. I actually considered stopping at Chapter 42 just so I wouldn't reach the end. However, your stories are just way too addicting to simply stop reading.

Thank you so much for writing this (and for writing in general). I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for all of your ongoing and upcoming fics (fan and original). Good luck with everything!

And a side note, I absolutely adore your author's notes and interactions with everyone. It adds a great personal touch to your stories, and it has been amazing to see how your life has evolved with your writing. Thank you again; one review could never express how happy I am to have come across your work.

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Review #10, by TheCiscoKid The Next Step

29th July 2016:
Props on the story it was well written I reread it ocationally and enjoy it ever time

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Review #11, by Awsomonium The Next Step

23rd June 2016:
Well...reread this again for the 4th time. Still the best story on this website.

Thanks for writing it. It's awesome.

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Review #12, by Disha The Next Step

17th April 2016:
This is wonderful, I absolutely fell in love with Fred and Ryan and it's so incredibly written! Congratulations on being such a great writer:')

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Review #13, by sophia xx The Next Step

27th March 2016:
This is my favourite story on this website and i can't believe it's all over...

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Review #14, by Kwotawa The Next Step

20th March 2016:
The best story ever! Ryan is an awesome character. Congratulations on finishing it.xoxo

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Review #15, by Dirigible_Plums The Next Step

3rd March 2016:
OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS DONE AND DUSTED. I remember seeing this and reading it on a spontaneous decision since I never really read pregnancy fics. It was the best decision I made. I'm not even exaggerating. I read about 32ish chapters in one go and loved every bit of it. I absolutely adore Freddie and James and Ryan and just everything about this. It has serious parts without being too heavy and the humour is just top notch. This is genuinely one of my favourite fics on this site and I can't believe that it's over. Wow.


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Review #16, by Scarcrossed_lover7 The Next Step

29th February 2016:
Fantastic story! So sad to see it finished! Never gotten so emotional in a novel but the teen pregnancy mans POV was a brilliant idea, especially with Fred who's a character I don't see many stories about! Congratulations on this creation. It really was special. Thankyou for sharing it with us all!

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Review #17, by RupertsPheonix The Next Step

24th February 2016:
Well this was a fabulous ending to one of my favorite all time fanfics. Throughout the entire story, you have great characterization, realistic dialogue, and consistent and interesting plot. Love love loved this whole story!! :) -kate/rp

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Review #18, by a rollerball The Next Step

24th February 2016:
absolutely amazing! thank so much for sharing this story!

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Review #19, by Celeste The Next Step

19th February 2016:
I can't believe this story is over already. At least I still have the keepers daughter and under the radar. But but I really loved this story. It was spectacular, the best pregnancy fic I have read ever. I loved how it was from Freddie's point of view and showed real struggles and not just where everything magically works out as soon as the girl says she's having a baby and the guy realised that he is in fact in love with her.

That's why I love your writing you really feel the emotions that the characters are feeling in that moment. It's amazing. It always is.

I can't wait to see what happens in your other two fic's. It's a bittersweet moment knowing that this is the last chapter to Freddie and Ryan's story. Well at least for now.

You really are such a fantastic writer.

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Review #20, by babybarakat The Next Step

18th February 2016:
thank you so much for this story, seriously. i've read a lot of fanfiction over the past few years and this story is one that i think will stick with me for a long time. its one of the first story's whose characters i genuinely care a lot for (plus the btqc characters obv) and i will miss them now that they are done. youve done such an amazing job with this story, so well done to you :) x

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Review #21, by Awsomonium The Next Step

18th February 2016:
Why do amazing stories have to end? This is easily my favourite of your stories. Probably my favourite on HPFF.

I think I'm gonna re-read it again now that it's done. That way it won't be over...that's how this works right?

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Review #22, by ronaldandhermione The Next Step

17th February 2016:
Fair warning: I've stuck with this story for well over three years now. This review will be all over the place. I'm feeling a bit sappy, to be honest. I've never stuck with a story for so long. I haven't read another fanfiction, or book even, that compares. I'm honestly so glad that I've stuck with Hormones. Through the past few years, I have always kept up with this story. It's bittersweet that it is over, but the story was so wonderful. It never failed to keep me interested. The ending was perfect. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this gem so long ago. Fred and Ryan and Georgia will always be in my heart. A 10/10 is not even enough to justify how much I have enjoyed reading this story. I could go on and on about Hormones. I hope one day you revisit the characters, but I wish you luck with your own novel. I look forward to anything you write in the future. I will definitely be a reader. Thank you for putting this story out for everyone to enjoy.
Good luck!
Hayley :)

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Review #23, by Dee The Next Step

17th February 2016:
Such a perfect ending! I love the development the characters have gone through but you've still managed to stay true to each one throughout the fic :) and fryan living together!!

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Review #24, by ABookishBeing The Next Step

17th February 2016:
Words cannot explain what a profound impact this fic has had on me. Thank you for your words, your wisdom, and you time. You're truly outdone yourself with Hormones and I am so happy that I've been a part of its readership from the beginning.
P.S. If we don't get an epilogue, these tears won't ever stop. :') Bless Fryan.

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Review #25, by blackzero The Next Step

16th February 2016:
Thank-you once again for the amount of time and hardwork you have put in for this story.

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