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Review #1, by harkat Aboard the Hogwarts express

14th August 2005:
oh come on! please update soon

Author's Response: i am soory you must wait for updates till june 2006. i am in 12 th grade and have the most important exams of my career coming up so i hope you will be patient thanx for your review

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Review #2, by Annelise Aboard the Hogwarts express

8th July 2005:
Very Good.

Author's Response: thanx wait till june2006 for updates

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Review #3, by T.P. Aboard the Hogwarts express

25th June 2005:
Just... wow. I'm writing my own fanfic, and this's given me a few ideas to develop the story already. Nice twist with Emily, I like that a lot.

Author's Response: thanx i have all the story in my head but i just can't update right now sorry but you must wait till this june

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Review #4, by M Aboard the Hogwarts express

9th June 2005:
If emily is a syltherian I refuse to read the's good so far...update soon

Author's Response: i hope you keep reading i will update in june 2006

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Review #5, by hermionekat Aboard the Hogwarts express

27th May 2005:
WHAT!!!! i can believe theres suspense! Update soon!! I want to know wht house shes in!

Author's Response: thanx i won't dissapoint you the suspense will not last long i will update in june 2006 thats when my exams end

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Review #6, by Denise Aboard the Hogwarts express

12th March 2005:
Hey! I hate cliff hangers. But I do love your story.

Author's Response: thanx i will write in june 2006 next thats when i finish my high school and go to college

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Review #7, by ME!!! Aboard the Hogwarts express

28th November 2004:
Please don't keep me in suspense - by the way, its great

Author's Response: thanx every seems to like the suspense of my story. i will update in june 2006

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Review #8, by Yiva Potter the unusual gift

15th May 2004:
AWESOME story , bloody brillient update it soon Have a great day ~Yva

Author's Response: thanx for your review. i will update soon, don't worry. thanx again. keep reading.

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Review #9, by hry pttr The Unusual Gift

17th April 2004:
why are u so mean to ron? he has feelings tto u know....

Author's Response: well you see there are some things wich harry gets and others which ron. you will soon find out why i was mean to ron there is a reason for everything.

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Review #10, by GoldenPotter The Unusual Gift

12th April 2004:
Well an appreciable beginn’. Though I’d’ve liked it a bit slowe’.There are a few points I’d like ter bring ter yer notice. 1. Try ter edt yer chapter before yeh post it. 2. Use HTML commands ter make a proper layou’. 3. Harry broke his prototype o’ the mirror in the end o’ fifth yaer, so there can’t be no two mirrors. P.S.: Sorry! I’m trying to get the hang of Hagrid’s language

Author's Response: i know you don't check your account but still i will write thanx for your review. i will update in june 2006

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