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Review #1, by Dahlia Bailey (SURPRISE!!!!!!!) little children and Truces

21st July 2013:
Great Job so far Arden, keep up the amazing writing and can't wait for the next chapter!

Dahlia XD

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Review #2, by Kitty Potter (SURPRISE!!!!!!!) little children and Truces

13th February 2013:
Hahaha! It gets better every time I read! Thanks for putting me in ur notes! I'm unsure why you put ally with a child but ok. Is the princess person Dahleigha? Is that up yet? VEGIMITE = EWWW! Ttly
Staying tuned
Kitty Potter

Author's Response: thanks, Catherine, I appreciate it. I gave ally a kid, cause thats how i always pictured her, and the way she fell pregnant is a minor plot point that might come up again. yes the princess persons dahleigha, though i think she changed her name, and no its not ive been computerless for a while. AND VEGIMITE IS AMAZING!

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Review #3, by Violet Bailey (SURPRISE!!!!!!!) little children and Truces

1st December 2012:
Awesome Gorgie Porgie can't wait till your next chapter! ;)

Author's Response: thanks Dahleigha, I'm almost done with your Chapter by the way, but if you want some thing up quick, I have enought done for a small chapter. see you at school

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Review #4, by princessgoose (SURPRISE!!!!!!!) little children and Truces

27th November 2012:
i would absolutely love your story, except for the minor things you have that really are very anoying to read. you have to connect your statements they can't just be thrown out there and then thoughts of as a story, and please get someone to help you look at your story and revise your chapters. your writing would be really good if each chapter wasn't about something different.

Author's Response: thanks for the advice I'll try my best to follow it.
arden black

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Review #5, by Kitty Potter JAMES

6th November 2012:
LOL! I LOVE IT! COULD HAVE MADE IT A little LONGER! Lookin 4ward 2 the next chapt

And I leave with this quote.
Kitty Potter (staying tuned to your story)
Iím James effing Potter, bona fide Sex god!

Author's Response: THANKS! someone told me to make him more cocky, so this is my way of making him like that.
i will try to update soon

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Review #6, by Kitty Potter AFTER THE KISS......

5th August 2012:
Hey Ms Black,

You don't be crying in a corner today! Yay! Anyways, good story as always! Could have a bit longer... but then again I can't talk cuz my story is mini by the way which you haven't reviewed! Found a website that you can make a banner on. It's called The Dark Arts. If you join, I am called KittyPotter99. Yeah... I got a bit confused between Albus and James cuz you kept saying Potter and Potters. Confusing! Or is it just me? Erm... By the way, this character reminds me of someone! Guess who?! No! Guess! You give up? Alright. It's you! And that guy (james) would be who ever you like which is... damn! I forgot! Stay tuned on my story. New chapter should be up in a weeks time. Big changes for you, though you might kill about what I did to you. CLUE: You might be pregnant... Anyhows, no more spoliers! DON'T FORGET YOUR HOMEWORK! oh, and nice hair colour on the character, whatever her name is. :)
Staying tuned if you stay tuned,
Kitty Potter

Author's Response: thanks Ms Potter
i joined The Dark Arts, my name is ardenblack. i'll try to refer to the boys more clearly next chapter. Also, Ally is based on an awesomer version than me so.. yeah. And james isn't based on anyone, and he isn't as jerky as he seems, UNLIKE THE GUY i USED to like. IF I AM PREGNANT I WILL KILL YOU!!!
right, i'm of to see your story.
Arden Black

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Review #7, by Kitty Potter world cups and kisses

11th July 2012:
Hey Georgie Porgie,

Love the story but I already know that you were an AWESOME writter! Love all the dialogue. Look 4ward to nxt chapter.

Sorry about today. needed time to process it...

Author's Response: thanks, and i love the fact i am now the worlds first WRITTER!!

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Review #8, by Dahleigha Bailey world cups and kisses

23rd June 2012:
Awsone Fanfic Georgia. I can't wait till you put up the next chapter. See you next term. :)

Author's Response: thanks a lot Dahleigha

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Review #9, by Doctor Potter Holmes world cups and kisses

10th June 2012:
Cliffhangers are so not funny! :( Nah joking, its very good! Keep on writing...I just wrote my first fanfic too! :) xx

Author's Response: thank you. I actually can't properly finish a story without a cliff-hanger I've found. its strange and irritates my friends but it's just how i work :) by the way i really liked your fanfic, and i love the nutella references :)

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Review #10, by lanniejo world cups and kisses

10th June 2012:
Well its certainly entertaing. Remember that James loves to be cocky And hard to get, but so far I like it.

Author's Response: thank you so much. if I can manage to write another chapter, I'll add some tradmark James in. thanks again for the note.

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