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Review #1, by Nicola O'Keeffe Under the Moon

21st March 2012:
That was awesome! I loved it. Hope you write more! :D

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Review #2, by Moonyxluna Under the Moon

19th March 2012:
I got to help with this!? This... beautiful, gave me goosebumps, tear swelling, ohmygod I'm going to cry, fantastic peice of writing; and I got to help you write it!?

I don't even know what to say.

This was so.. moving. I must tell you, I'm a very proud memeber of the "Fred Weasley Death Denial Support Group", so Fred dying makes me sad every time anyway. But this. Fred's general awareness of the fact that he was going to die just broke my heart, every time. I think the build to the kiss, as well as the kiss itself was very well written. I wish they could have just stayed hidden in the classroom forever!

I also really liked how you included the bit with George at the end.. In the theatre, I had to seriously resist shouting "No Fred, YOU'RE NOT OKAY!" and ruining it for the audience. :p

This was brilliant, beautifully written. Thanks for sending me the link to it, I'm so happy I read it, and again, I was really happy to help!

Author's Response: Wow...thanks so much! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and once again, I really appreciate your help with the story!

Hmm. I should join that group. I still haven't forgiven JK Rowling for killing Fred. *cries*

And that scene in DH...ugh. I didn't think I was going to start crying until deaths actually occurred, but seeing the twins together one last time, both on the verge of tears...wahhh! It completely did me in. I honestly think they both knew in their hearts that one of them wasn't going to make it. :'(

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