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Review #1, by beka_wotter When Apples Attack

10th December 2015:
I LOVE THIS!!! This is honestly such a good story, the characters are just fabulous and make me laugh and I love how close knit the group of friends are, which is why I'm sad about Al possibly leaving :( but I'm sure it has a plot point, it'd be cool to see some more of the other Wotters again like James, Dom, Harry and Ginny! But overall this story is addicting and I cannot wait for the next chapter!! x

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Review #2, by beka_wotter Clarrice

12th October 2015:
I saw the A/N on the other chapter but I love this story and it's only 2 chapters, I'm already addicted to the characters and desperate to find out Blue's backstory!! I hope you update soon, this is great! x

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Review #3, by mel When Apples Attack

3rd September 2015:
this is actually incredible i wish it was an actual book i would read it 1000 times over!! please dont ever stop writing!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I wish I had more time to write, but very slowly it's happening!

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Review #4, by WhiteFeather Trouble

13th January 2015:
Thanks for updating :) I'm hoping that Blue tells Henry to evaporate after what he did though.

Author's Response: Yea it wasn't a very nice thing for him to do! Bad Henry :(

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Review #5, by Carlee Trouble

2nd January 2015:
Oh my goodness! Your back! I love this story and have been check often to see if you have updated it and you did! Please keep writing more on this story!

Author's Response: I will! I will! Thank you so much and although school is starting again soon, I will try my best to update

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Review #6, by Line_v Trouble

25th November 2014:
I was so surprised when I saw this new chappie.. ;D But most of all, so so so happy! I really liked this plot, and was kinda sad when there was no more.. SO YAY! ;] And I think the chapter was nice, too.. ;D

Author's Response: I was surprised when I finished it! I had a lot of time on my hands recently and I hope to get another chapter out in the next month or so.

I'm slow I'm sorry

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Review #7, by macpp Trouble

22nd November 2014:


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Review #8, by HedwigAlways Trouble

8th October 2014:
I love the story! Read it in one night.. i would love if you add more details of her past..

Author's Response: Thank you! Blue's past is still a mystery to her! Once she remembers, you'll find out too ;)

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Review #9, by Impatient Return of Rose

26th January 2014:

Author's Response: I AM ALIVE!

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Review #10, by yerawizard27 Return of Rose

2nd August 2013:
Ah what a cute chapter :) I didn't see that coming at all! I'm so glad Rose and Scorpius are together again.

I hate to admit it, but I actually really like Henry. He's so sweet! Although I do want Blue to end up with Al so I'm kind of torn :/

Anyway, update soon! I really want to know what happens next

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought it was cute! I really like Henry too! He's not that bad of a guy

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Review #11, by Magic_Phoenix Return of Rose

13th July 2013:
Ok I was definitely not expecting that!! I'm so happy Rose is back though :) The only bad thing about this chapter was Clarrice, and that's just because she's annoying and I just don't like her. What is Al thinking!?! Also, I'm not sure if I like Henry or not... he seems ok but I just want Blue with Al already so it might just be me being biased :P

Author's Response: Clarrice is a bit annoying, I agree. We'll see if I pick this back up. If I do, you will find out what happens ;)

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Review #12, by willow1 Return of Rose

31st May 2013:
Al> Henry

Blue- Henry= Al

Thus Blue is more like Al than Henry and they should get together.

Any way, 10/10.

Author's Response: Love the math haha

Keep reading and you'll find out if it was accurate

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Review #13, by riddikulus11 Return of Rose

20th May 2013:
Yay you updated Blue! Henry and Blue are really cute and Al is acting like an idiot. I mean what's up with him and Clarrice?! Arg
Anyway, OMG Rose is back! Yay!
I hope you can update another chapter of Blue and Blind! When are you going away?

Author's Response: Yes I did! I'm glad you liked it! More Henry and Blue to come :) Clarrice is annoying and she seems stereotypical bimbo model.

Welcome back Rose! Yay!

I will have Blind updated with a short summer chapter, but at this time, I don't think Blue will update before I leave. I leave next week, but I'm visiting a friend over the weekend, so I won't be able to write at all :(

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Review #14, by miluv Return of Rose

17th May 2013:
wait, now im shipping henrue (how cute is that ship name?!) so update fast!! love you:)

Author's Response: Yay! Ship name! I love it!

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Review #15, by CarleePotter Henry

12th May 2013:
Ok I love this story! But I am mad at Al and Blue when will they get it together and find out they like each other?

Author's Response: Patience darling! Keep reading and everything shall be revealed

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Review #16, by Tinkerbell Brown Henry

8th May 2013:
Please don't stop writing. For some reason, I don't like Henry because in my mind, he stole Blue from Al. And I like Al, however idiotic he may be.

Author's Response: Don't hate on Henry for that reason! He's such a lovely guy!

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Review #17, by iatevoldysnose A Strange Aftermath

23rd April 2013:
Wonderful Chapter!
I really love the idea of Tony only wanting Rose for fame...or whatever
Great work!


P.S. Oh my god! Sorry but in the review for the chapter Henry, I said that you said you would update by the third. I realised that I made a mistake! That wasn't from this story! It was from another that I'm reading right now and I got it mixed up! I'm so sorry! I feel so bad now... :(
Your stories are wonderful btw! I love them a lot! And update as fast as you can please:)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm hoping the "fame" reason is good and not super cliche. I apologize if it is. . . it is not intended to be that way.

P.S. I haven't looked at the other review yet, but you're forgiven ;)

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Review #18, by iatevoldysnose Henry

23rd April 2013:
The whole 'drunk girl who loses her memory" is a very original idea and I think its really good!

I'm sorry that I didn't review your other chapters, but once I started reading, I couldn't stop!

It was just so good! BRILIAM STUFF!

The name Blue is unusual but awesome! The chapters that you've written so far are really good. I especially liked BroomBall. Did you actually play Strip Broomball like Blue and the rest?

I love your writing, and your stories are so wonderful! They are so unique (both Blind and Blue). The whole deal that she had with Al was really nice:) But NO! Al had to go and fricken date Clarrice!

"Scrap" is a hilarious name/nickname. Him and Rose just remind me of the stereotypical Weasley lol. And Gilderoy was just amazeballs. His ego hasn't gone down at all has it? But hey, that's how we love him isn't it? hehehe ;)

Albus is such an arse! I really don't understand why he would go out with Clarrice. Siriusly(unless ofc that he's trying to make Blue jealous). When they break up (which they will), he's going to have such a hard time getting rid of her!

I really like Al's friend's. Like Julia and all. Julia's from Oz, so am I! Anyway, I pretty much love everything about your story! Its so good!

Keep up the wonderfulness of the chapters and enjoy writing!

iatevoldysnose xox

P.S. When do you think you can update the next chapter by ? (for both Blind and Blue). Can't wait till then! I'm probably gonna be checking everyday, even though you said Blind was prob gonna be updated by 3rd or 4th :( Yes, this is my life.

Author's Response: So many things to respond to! Thank you so much this means a lot to me. It makes any day better with a long review like this.

Ok Broomball. I did play broomball, just not to the extent they did aka strip. That was an addition by one of my friends who decided that they game wasn't "adult" enough, if you get my drift.

I totally forgot I put Gilderoy in this story haha! I loved writing him just because I love pretending to be super self-centered ;)

He's a boy. He's stupid. Someone needs to hit him in the face with a quaffle. Or bludger. Mwhaha bludger.

Thank you so much for reviewing :) and thank you for eating voldy's nose

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Review #19, by IHaveAGirlCrushOnBlue Henry

30th March 2013:
I love it!
This is a very mean cliffy.

Author's Response: I know, I know. It seems I have hit a little bit of a writer's block, but I'll try to figure it out today

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Review #20, by Magic_Phoenix Henry

10th March 2013:
It is so obvious that Al is jealous of Henry!! Hmm... now I just wonder if his little stunt will work on Blue :P

Author's Response: Dun dun dun who knows. . . .

I do.


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Review #21, by Magic_Phoenix A Strange Aftermath

7th March 2013:
Finally the whole Tony mystery is revealed!! No wonder the guys don't like him. What a jerk!! >.< How come the guys never told the girls their reason for not liking him though?? Was it to spare Rose's feelings??

Great chapter btw. I'm glad Blue's ok with the guys now. Oh and I think Beth and Fred are adorable!! Also thanks for all the mentions for the chapter images. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :) If you ever need more let me know.

Author's Response: Yes! Mystery solved! Bad Tony, no me gusta :( Yea they didn't tell basically because she has this view of Tony that would be shattered. It's better to have a good break and no reason to hate them than have a break and finding out that they were using you.

Thanks so much :) I love your chapter images so much by the way. They are perfect! I might be needing one soon-ish. . .

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Review #22, by laughingfornow Henry

16th February 2013:
Oh my. Albus really got mad. I hope you update soon.
I just love Blue. I don't even know why. She's just awsome. I have a girl-crush on her. Not an actual one.

Author's Response: You can have a crush on her. I won't tell anyone! PROMISE! hehehee

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Review #23, by JordanQ Henry

13th February 2013:
Wow, your story is good i like it a lot :) keep updating.
Looks like jealous Al did something stupid :o

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)

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Review #24, by CleanSweep A Strange Aftermath

28th January 2013:
Great story and fantastic chapter. One of the best, I'd say. There's so much in it -I love Beth, and her with Fred. I like the girls, and fierce Blue. Good to know about Tony, too. And I'm having my fingers crossed for Rose and Scorpius.

Author's Response: Thank you. That means so much to me to hear you say that!

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Review #25, by CleanSweep A Strange Aftermath

28th January 2013:
Great story and fantastic chapter. One of the best, I'd say. There's so much in it -I love Beth, and her with Fred. I like the girls, and fierce Blue. Good to know about Tony, too. And I'm having my fingers crossed for Rose and Scorpius.

Author's Response: I don't know if you accidentally posted this twice, but thanks again! haha :)

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