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Review #1, by Miss Muggle Prologue

15th March 2012:
I like the idea that Astoria is Scorpius's coldhearted stepmother. I've never read one like this before. I also like how you described Draco; I can picture him as a father who spoils his son, but with little personal relationship.

The way you set it up makes me very curious. Who was Heily? What happened to her? (Did she die in childbirth?) And what did happen to the music box?

Some of the spacing between paragraphs is mismatched, which makes it difficult to read. Also, the dialogue (there isn't much, just Draco's few lines) is clumped together with descriptions in one paragraphs, which again makes it difficult to read.

I find it interesting how Scorpius' character grew so cold. At first I thought the music box would comfort him and make him a more loving person and even work on his relationship with his father (that's the cliche route), but I think your way makes a lot more sense. I can hardly imagine how hard that must be for him. His character is very interesting.

I think you set up the prologue very well. It makes me curious.

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