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Review #1, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Seven

28th April 2012:
Yes, I think that Fred is the right person for her to settle down with. And Michael will have plenty of other children to play with within a world where he belongs.
Your doing well with this story so another 10/10 and moving on.

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Review #2, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Six

28th April 2012:
Indeed what could possibly go wrong. But where the Potters and Weasleys were concerned you never know.
And this Wotter bonfire sounds good. Could Wotter be a mixture of Weasley and Potter?
10/10 and moving on.

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Review #3, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Five

28th April 2012:
As the old song title says.
Love is in the air.
Fred maybe onto a nice relationship with jenny. Another nice chapter and 10/10 must move on to try and catch up with your story.

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Review #4, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Four

28th April 2012:
The more I read about Michaels father the more I think he's just a right sleaze bag. And many other words you can think off.
Anyway, can't wait to read about the party. So 10/10 and moving on.

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Three

28th April 2012:
Hi again.
So that's who Mikes father is, he sounds like a right creep.
10/10 and moving on.

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Review #6, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Chapter Nine

12th April 2012:
Awww Fred is so cute! I love him so much, why can't he be my boyfriend? He is adorable!
I mean asking Michael for permission to date his mom! I'm like a pool of goo ;}
Anyway great chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next XD
Update again soon :}


Author's Response: Thank you, I love Fred too. He's sweet and sensitive but he's not a push over. He genuinely like's Jenny and Michael, and I can't wait to see what happens next too. :)

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Review #7, by SabineR Chapter Four

27th March 2012:
I have just read the Lady Gwen's guide-story, and now the beginning of this, and i really like it :)
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you like it. This story is taking me longer than I expected, but it's always inspiring to get reviews. Thanks for taking the time. and I'll update as soon as I possibly can in the future chapters that I put up.

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Review #8, by Hedwig_forever Chapter Four

22nd March 2012:
I like this story but i really want some more of gwen and james please :)

Author's Response: I'll try to put more of them in the story but I make no promises, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by Emily Chapter Three

19th March 2012:
I love this story please write more ASAP :)

Author's Response: I'm trying, I just posted chapter four. I'm so glad you love it. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #10, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Two

13th March 2012:
Once again another nice chapter. I love how you've portrayed the main charaters. I loved Michaels reaction to what quidditch team he liked. Just had to smile.
Do I see a bit of a love interest going to start between Fred and Michaels mother?
10/10 and plz update soon.

Author's Response: thanks again. Micheal is a smart kid, and I like to think that he'll be a bit of a smart alec. well see about the Fred and Jenny thing. ;)

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Review #11, by magicmuggle01 Chapter one

13th March 2012:
I like the start of your story. It's fresh and new to some of the stories I've read.
If you want to keep this in keeping with british terms, you should say Mummy or Mum instead of Mommy which of course is American. And watch your grammer, at one point you say Witch instead of Which.
Apart from that your story sounds interesting, so 9/10 and moving on.

Author's Response: I realized after I posted the first chapter that I'd put mommy instead, but I'll go back and fix that. and thank you for pointing out the grammar thing I sometimes miss things. Thanks for reviewing and I hope you continue to read and review.

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Review #12, by milo Chapter Two

13th March 2012:
really brilliant i cant wait until the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you! I can't wait either. ;)

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Review #13, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Chapter one

12th March 2012:
I literally only read your first story all in one go the other day and was quite excited to see a sequel!! =D
I must admit I am confused so far as to what is going to happen but I can't wait to find out what happens! =D
So who is Michaels father? ;) Give me a hint? =D
Anyway I can't wait to find out what happens!
Update again soon!


Author's Response: I really hadn't thought about who Michael's father is but now that I think about it, I know exactly who he is. and you'll just have to wait for it. thanks for reviewing and I'll update as soon as I possibly can.

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