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Review #1, by inkbutterfly The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

18th April 2012:
I liked this. For some reason I love this ship- Percy and Audrey.
They are so cute, and you definetly did them justice. Audrey was well developed and your writing style was really good.
Oh, and I laughed at your disclaimer "I dont own Heathrowe airport"
It was a nice, sweet story and you added a bit of sadness in it well :)

-Kerryn xx

Author's Response: Percy&Audrey is an amazing ship and if you ever want to read more of them go and check out 'Ariellem's stories! She writes brilliant Percy&Audrey stories!
Haha, thank you!

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Review #2, by shadowcat2 The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

22nd March 2012:
Audrey Pond. Such a lovely name. I really like this story. It was simple, short and sweet. :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Audrey Pond was from Ariellem (I credited) Thank you again!! :) x

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Review #3, by Elenia The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

21st March 2012:

Ooh, Perce/Audrey, I like this 'ship a lot.

This was a really cute one-shot, I really enjoyed it, especially all your details and description. Good work!

I liked Audrey's character, she was well developed, and Percy too even though we didn't get that much of him.

All in all, a very good and whole one-shot!

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: I love being tagged!!
I love Percy&Audrey too :) Thank you so much! :D
Jaz, x

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Review #4, by forsakenphoenix The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

20th March 2012:
I don't think I've ever read a Percy/Audrey story so this was a new venture for me. I thought it was rather cute. Audrey is just a bit quirky and Percy is kind of an idiot. I was kind of annoyed that he was such a jerk to her when she was saying goodbye. Though to me it seems like there was some mixed signals about their separation because Audrey didn't seem to think it was as big of a deal as Percy was making it.

I liked how you went back to the moment they first met too, and that line Audrey said about people who meet in airports are 75% more likely to fall in love. Bodes well for them...I was actually waiting for Percy to run back to the airport to stop her, so I was glad that he did. Now they can live happily ever after. :)

I like the detail you put into this story, especially about Heathrow, and for explaining why Audrey was flying in a plane rather than Apparating from place to place - though I would imagine they'd eventually let her retake her test, no?

The only suggestion I have is to maybe have someone look over your grammar and mechanics. There were a few errors that I noticed while I was reading but nothing too major that a quick edit can't fix.

Otherwise, very cute. I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I read my first Percy&Audrey story through the review tag as well! I loved writing Audrey, she was kind of based off me a little :) Yeah, I was considering having their fight in the story but in the finished project I didn't.
Haha, the airport scene was so much fun! I loved it.
Thank you! I love Heathrow Airport and I've been there before so it was kind of easy to write about (hence, the imagery) I suppose they could make her retake the test, never really thought about it.
Yeah, I just got a beta and I'm about to read through the edited version. Thank the Lord for betas right?
Thank you!
Jaz, x

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Review #5, by LivingFairytale The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

20th March 2012:
Hi! Tagged! I've never read a story with Percy/Audrey as a main pairing, so I was quite curious to read this one-shot. I always like reading stories with minor characters; they are under-appreciated if you ask me.

This is really cute, and even a little sad. The way you use descriptions is very good, very realistic. My favourite line was, of course "Did you know people who meet at an airport are 75% more likely to fall in love". It's really funny lol, letting Audrey say something random like that.

The characters seem very in place and well written. Overall, I really liked reading this! Well done!
x Livingfairytale

Author's Response: Yay I love being tagged!! Ariellem got me thinking about this ship and yes, I completely agree that there such an underloved ship!
Thank you! I swear I've read that statistic somewhere before and it just fitted perfectly with my story :) Haha

Thank you!
Jaz, x

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Review #6, by Erised The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

18th March 2012:
Hi! I'm Erised, or Jenny :)

Well first off congratulations for picking a lesser used ship! It's so nice to see the less popular couples getting their time to shine :) it's a cute little story and you picked a nice moment to work with. I liked your attention to detail, like your description of the airport and what happens there. You also had some very impactful sentences (does that make sense?!) like the last line - it was so lovely! There was a good ratio of description, dialogue etc and the story moved along nicely. :)

There were a couple of grammar issues but nothing major at all. One thing I would say is to read dialogue aloud so that any necessary pauses can be indicated when you write it, as some of the dialogue had no commas so came out as one big long sentence. I think this would help to make the beginning of the story more powerful and tense :)

It was a good read! Well done!

Author's Response: hi! I'm Jas.

Thank you! Ariellem was the one who really got me into this ship - she writes amazing Percy&Audrey stories! Thank you so much! It took me forever to write this story so I'm glad that it was worth my time :D

I'm going to try and get a beta for my story so all those grammatical mistakes will be gone :D

Thank you!

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Review #7, by ariellem The Statistical Probability Of Letting Love Go

16th March 2012:
Okay, so I could have sworn I reviewed this earlier, but maybe I hit edit instead of save. Anyway I loved this story, it was just so awesome and you used the last name Pond! It's just so perfect. I would have ended reviewing even if you hadn't swapped with me. :)

Author's Response: Oh, I hate it when that happens! It drives me mad!

Thank you so much! Yeah, I got the last name off you (don't worry, I credited) This is coming from the Queen of Percy&Audrey stories! Thank you!

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