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Review #1, by HollyStone73 you know where you hope this train may take you.

17th July 2013:
What a moving little story! You have captured the struggle that Harry could have dealt with brilliantly. While it is not a situation that anyone could have identified you managed to paint a picture of his mental struggles in such a way that I could easily begin to imagine what it was that he might have been struggling with. I absolutely love the emotion and angst throughout this one-shot. A pleasure to read! Great job!!

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Review #2, by HandofGlory you know where you hope this train may take you.

22nd April 2013:
Excellent job here!

I never would have thought of how Harry really felt about the part of Voldemort inside of him that is now gone. Of course, I'm pretty sure he would be glad, but it never crossed my mind that he would be losing a part of him that was inside of him for 17 years.

It was amazing to read about the confusion inside Harry, wondering if he is/was Voldemort and nothing else, and Ginny's words of encouragement were great. I really liked this one-shot

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Review #3, by Burning_Bridges you know where you hope this train may take you.

12th April 2013:
Hello! Sorry it took me so long to track this down.

I really enjoy Harry's inner conflict here, and I love how you chose to go along this route. The idea of Harry wondering exactly what parts of him were really him and what parts came from Voldemort's soul fragment is something that frankly never occurred to me. And the way you've phrased his own thoughts seems quite natural to me, both in general and in terms of his character.

I also like how you've chosen to end the story with Harry still wondering.

There's one little section that bothers me a little, and it's where Ginny tells Harry to talk to her, and the dialogue tag says "ushered". I dunno, the word just didn't feel right to me? Totally my opinion.

Also, just be careful about verb tense- there were a couple of places where it flipped from past tense to present tense (such as "presses").

Great piece!

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Review #4, by LilyLunaLovegood you know where you hope this train may take you.

29th October 2012:
I loved this. It was so beautifully written and the inspiration was one of my favourite films. Thank you for this.

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Review #5, by SunSation Gal 07 you know where you hope this train may take you.

24th July 2012:
This was beautiful, Drue. Simple as that.

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Review #6, by micking you know where you hope this train may take you.

9th June 2012:
that was very insightful. I am glad that Harry has Ginny to help keep him grounded. I expect life will be easier for him if he will just allow himself to live. This puts a different perspective on what could of happened after all is said and done. Nicely written.

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Review #7, by RosieQueen you know where you hope this train may take you.

1st May 2012:
This was such a wonderful one-shot!!! Your writing style is just so amazing! The words you usd were so powerful and the story itself was so emotional. *added to favorites*

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Review #8, by Godrics_Helm you know where you hope this train may take you.

5th April 2012:
It's great to see you writing again! You know, I never really thought about how Harry would deal with the fact that Voldemort lived inside of him. But reading this story, I'm sure Harry's reaction would be quite similar to what you wrote. Awesome job!

P.S. Are you planning on updating "The Beating Locket" ?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

And very soon. I promise. It's about 80% complete. Hopefully I can finish it today and get it into the queue. :)

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Review #9, by lizmusic45 you know where you hope this train may take you.

29th March 2012:
Oh my gosh I cried! I love this one-shot it kind of reminds me of mine, like a mix of a White Train Station and also a different man, but I love yours more then I could ever love mine.

I love Harry and Ginny I love your Harry and Ginny, they make me think of my Harry and Ginny, they make me think of love, of happiness, the make me feel so many good things. He is Harry, he loves Ginny and he always will, that is something Voldemort can't ruin, that is something that he never even understood.

His train will take him to Ginny it always will. It will take him to the person who is his happiness, who is his love. I wish so, so, so, much that you wrote more Harry and Ginny, I know you get so much of it, with me going though all one-shots with you, but I wish you write them more.

I love how you wrote them, I love how you made them into something so perfect, I love how she fitted in him perfectly, I love all the things you did. Your so amazing and sometimes I don't think you realize it, sometimes I really don't think you know how truly brilliant you are.

I'm so lucky to have you as an editor, as a lover of Harry and Ginny, and more importantly someone I can call my best friend. Never stop being amazing.


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