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Reading Reviews for The Azkaban Chronicles
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by weaselBee Seven Years

4th July 2005:
That...was a kida ocnfusing chapter! doesnt want me to stop reading tho! so keep it up!

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Review #2, by fire_dragon Seven Years

12th June 2004:
That was a long chapter! (That's a good thing though!) It was an excellent story, and I really hope that you continue!

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Review #3, by SiRiUsLuVa Seven Years

12th June 2004:
wow, im so quiet and solemn after that story... haha... neways great job on it. im so depressed now lol ronniekins... ::sigh:: read mine and tell me wut u think of it cuz ur a good writier!! mines "do you reall ylove me" by me o course ttyl

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Review #4, by Sean Brown Thank You, Ron

8th May 2004:
Wow...that was really incredible...I cried...its so beautifully written and its so sweet...write more i absolutely love it

Author's Response: There are two more chapters in the works. Expect the next one up by Monday night, Sunday if you're all lucky! Thanks for all the positive reviews!

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Review #5, by fuzzlebub85 Thank You, Ron

27th April 2004:
I want to know who he killed too. Please not Harry, maybe Voldy killed Harry and Ron killed Voldy? Or Malfoy? Or Bellatrix? Just not Harry, Neville, or anyone like that please. fuzzlebub85@aol.com

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Review #6, by Enduila Thank You, Ron

14th April 2004:
Beautiful fic, The Eighth Day was the best way of describing Azkaban that i have seen around. I love your writing style!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Another chapter is coming up soon, so keep looking for one!

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Review #7, by frenchornplaya Thank You, Ron

8th April 2004:
This was absolutely beautiful. I don't have one single criticism. Very amazing.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm guessing you play the French horn... I do, too, actually. :) But I'm not a music major. Well, !'m off to check out your stories!

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Review #8, by MioneWeasley Thank You, Ron

8th April 2004:
That was so sad! Who did he kill? Your writing style is amazing! I've never read M.A. but the eight day thing was really well done! Can't wait 'till the next chapter. MioneWeasley

Author's Response: The next chapter should be up soon. Within the next week. Thanks for the compliment on my style! That especially means alot ot me. Don't worry, you'll find out who he killed, but not just yet. ; )

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