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Review #1, by Lotte Chapter Four - Severus

11th February 2018:
Love the story! I have to refrain myself from reading it all at once..

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Review #2, by Tidbit Epilogue: Seven Years Later

26th April 2017:
I loved both parts of this story! I wish it wasn't over and that I knew more outcome of characters great job

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Review #3, by andrew maude Chapter Seven - Avrille

24th April 2017:
you need to look up what a commode is before using the word

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Review #4, by LeonorScott Epilogue: Seven Years Later

18th February 2017:
A great story! I loved the change between Avrille/Severus point of views. Very good to read.

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Review #5, by darklady2 Epilogue: Seven Years Later

4th February 2017:
I am not ashamed to admit that I binge-read both of your magnificent stories in the span of a week, basically shutting everyone out as I allowed myself to be swept into the fantasy of Harry Potter once more. Your creativity and thorough research made this fan fiction the best I have ever read, and it seemed like less of a fan fiction and more of an accompanying novel to the Harry Potter series. Amazing job!

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Review #6, by CordeliaMoss Epilogue: Seven Years Later

30th January 2016:
Christ, I really don't know how to feel right now. I loved your stories so much and I am so happy that your Snape did not die, but I am so sad I have finished reading the Avrille and Snape journey. It will stay with me forever. Truly, it was beautiful. I will read both novels (many times) again, and soon, I imagine, but for now I am going to reread the original series as written by Rowling (and try not to cry at Snape's death, instead imagining he is safe at home with Avrille and Char). And I am going to work on my own novel, the writing of which I have stretched on for far too long. The reading of these has really put me in the mood to get back to it. Thank you for everything. Thank you more than I can express.

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Review #7, by CordeliaMoss EXEUNT III: The Shack

30th January 2016:
I knew Draco's death was inevitable, but the was you wrote Narcissa through the story and Lucius in this last chapter made it a very hard death to stomach. I am crying as I have done many times through this story, this time for their loss. You really, truly are a beautiful writer.

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Review #8, by CordeliaMoss Chapter Twenty-One - Avrille

29th January 2016:
I was very happy to get an explanation for Avrille's abilities. You have done such a superb job of answering all of the questions you had previously left open. I loved how she was written in TDoON, but I was always slightly irked by the fact that her powers were so extraordinary. This irk was very easy to ignore as, like I said, she was supremely well written, but this explanation has effectively eliminated the irk once and for all.

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Review #9, by CordeliaMoss Chapter Seventeen - Avrille

29th January 2016:
Alright, two things. First, Rowling's Voldemort only began to look snake-like because of the amount of time his soul had to spend living inside snakes after it was fragmented when he tried to kill Harry, but you may have chosen to have your Voldemort stray from the one in the books and have that be how he always looked. Second, oh, my God, that is how chapters are meant to be written. That was sweet, and sad, and beautiful, and expertly written, etcetera. I had to take a break from reading this chapter to write an exam, today and I could not stop thinking about this story the whole time. This chapter was tender and simultaneously very powerful. I even found myself crying for little Tommy a couple of times. I read all the time and I often forget things I have read if they have not had a profound impact on me. This is one of those things I will never forget having read.

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Review #10, by CordeliaMoss Chapter Fourteen - Severus

28th January 2016:
Harry was born before the prophesy was made, I believe. Maybe you have deviated on that point deliberately, or maybe not. Whatever the case, it is still brilliant and I am very sad that I will have to put it down for a few hours soon to study. I have an exam tomorrow which I have neglected studying for exclusively because of this story.

Author's Response: Hi, Cordelia! I'm really sorry it took me a little while to get back to review replying. Life is just ...perpetually insane? Hence why I haven't written anything since finishing this story in May of 2014? Ugh, but I'm here now.

From all the analyses I've read, the prophecy was made before Harry was born. The wording itself indicates that ("the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...) with the use of the future tense. There's also other ways people have figured out the timing, for instance from Trelawney telling Umbridge she'd been in the position nearly 16 years (when Harry was only 15 in that part of the story). I don't remember if I already said this, but I did deviate a little bit from the canon timeline, only because when I started TDoON we hadn't been told exactly what year Severus, Lily, and the Marauders had graduated Hogwarts. So I ended up a year off, making them one year older than they were "supposed" to be. But it was the only way to make my own timeline work, giving Severus enough time to do graduate school, do some Death Eater activity, switch sides to the Order, and then start teaching before Voldemort tries to kill Harry. I do think it's kind of weird that it took Voldemort so long to go after the Potters once he figured out Harry was the "threat." It makes me wonder how long the Potters were really in hiding for.

Anyway, eep, hope you ended up doing alright on your exam! Sorry the story ended up being so distracting at a kind of inconvenient time, but I'm obviously glad you liked it. I liked writing that chapter in particular a lot. It was kind of fun to write younger, "unappreciated," full-of-himself-to-a-slightly-insufferable-degree Severus. And even though it deviates from canon, I liked writing about him and his mom. Family, and moms in particular, were kind of the theme of the story, in case you didn't notice :)

Thank you for the review, Cordelia! ~Renny

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Review #11, by Cordelia Palmer Chapter Eleven - Avrille

28th January 2016:
I am loving this story just as much as TDoON, so far, but I noticed you mentioned that Narcissa revealed that Avrille would not need to send a patronus ahead upon arriving at Malfoy Mannor, which I have trouble believing is the sort of thing that would ever have crossed her mind as Snape is supposed to be the only Death Eater who can conjure a patronus - a fact which he keeps hidden from Voldemort, so I think it is fairly safe to assume that Narcissa would not expect that Avrille could conjure one even if she wanted to, as she is Snape's wife. Forgive me if your decision to mention it was a conscious one, as I understand that your story must necessarily deviate slightly from the world created by Rowling, at times, but I thought I would mention it, all the same. That being said, it is all still brilliant.

Author's Response: You know, that is an EXCELLENT point! I'm going to say in my defense that I'm *fairly* sure JKR hadn't put it out yet that no Death Eater besides Snape could do a Patronus. I feel like that was something that came out on Pottermore after I'd finished this story, or at least this chapter, but I could be wrong and it was in an earlier interview or something. Now that the story's done, I can't go back and change every single thing to keep it updated with new Pottermore canon. For example, I just read today that the American wizarding school is Ilvermorny, and a few months ago that the Salem Witches' Institute was a joke she was making, not a school. And owing to the fact that the stories take a GIANT turn away from canon with Severus's parents both being magical since I made up the plot before his half-blood status was revealed in book 6, I don't feel having every tiny detail match up is super important.

HOWEVER, the point you raise is a completely valid one. It's really making me wonder why on earth I ever wrote that in the first place. I guess it stemmed from me really, really struggling with a couple aspects of JKR's wizarding world. For instance, I simply can't abide by the fact that there's no higher education after Hogwarts. Oops, you failed your OWLs? Enjoy working on the Knight Bus the rest of your life, Stan Shunpike! The lack of immediate long distance communication besides talking through the Floo network and the handful of people who can do Patronuses is another one. So I made up for it by maybe making the use of Patronuses more widespread than they truly are. But I'm definitely in agreement with you that it's not something Narcissa Malfoy would talk about with Avrille. Seeing that I don't think Narcissa was ever an official Death Eater, she might have been able to make one. I think she'd have enough happy memories as a mother to have no problem. But her husband being such a high ranking DE would mean she probably would never use it, and she certainly wouldn't admit to being able to use it if she could to the wife of another high ranking DE. So that's something I do think I'll go back and edit out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Sometimes I got so wrapped up in the bigger picture, knowing what was coming and so on, that details got screwed up along the way. I've already had to go back through a couple times and change details that ended up contradicting themselves.

Thanks for your incredibly careful reading, Cordelia! It's super helpful! And thank you so much for the review! ~Renny

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Review #12, by Cordelia Palmer Chapter Two - Severus

27th January 2016:
I already have a massive love-hate relationship with this story. The love, obviously, stemming from how brilliantly it is written. The hate from the depressing moments I predict. You write so well that it feels far more real than any other fanfiction I have ever set out to read. I have always wondered about what happened when Snape returned to see Vordemort and, though we of course have no way of knowing what would have happened according to Rowling, your version more than satisfied my curiosity. This story is clearly much darker than TDoON (which is, of course, fitting, as the original books grew progressively darker) and, so far, it is absolutely brilliant. I predict many a teary eye as I continue to read this.

Author's Response: I had a love-hate relationship with the story, too. Partly because when writing it I knew it was going to be a much more ambitious project that TDoON since I wanted to carry the story through the end of "Deathly Hallows." I also wrote it almost completely in order, which was a huge deviation from how I wrote TDoON. Because I posted it as I went along, I didn't feel right working too much on later chapters since I knew there were a couple people following along and waiting for updates. So there were a few points in there where I was just so stuck, though obviously I made it through in the end. And I obviously know they're imaginary, but I knew this book would be really hard on Avrille and Severus, mostly Severus. The end of book 4 through the very end is almost one giant block of downer in the series, especially for Snape. But I knew they could handle it. :)

Writing that chapter, from the moment Severus arrives at the Riddle House to when he returns to Hogwarts, was one of my favorite parts to write ever. I did it during a NaNoWriMo attempt, and the scene just flowed out so easily. I think all of us HP fans spend a decent amount of time imagining what went on in those "missing moment" scenes JKR didn't show. I'd say getting to write some of them myself was probably the most fun part of these two stories. And feedback like yours lets me know I apparently did it well, too! Hurray!

Thank you as always for your reviews, Cordelia! I think I have time to reply to one more. I'll try my best to finish the replies tomorrow. Take care! ~Renny

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Review #13, by your friend bellatricks Epilogue: Seven Years Later

27th December 2014:
I have been following nothing else matters since 2009 with the other early ones (you know who you are, guys, you too pemberly22 even though you dont review anymore and now you only read druna fics appARently) and i appreicate you following through on your promise to me and finishing WHAT YOU STARTED. good job!! only one thing, didnt understnand why you went against canon. i was reading a fanfic yesterday where someone turned marmaduke into a FRENCH BULLDOG and that is one of those things that gets put on my list of things I will not read anymore under any circumstances, DONT EVEN ASK ME. in canon, sirius had much longer hair and he turned into a dog? but i agree, he and avril are made for each other and i loved being a part of this world. almost dont want to let it go! i wish you would have turned this novel into a duology or trilogy or something. it was a little confusing at first, like i missed something, but i got into it quickly and now am converted to a avril/sirius shipper for life!!! one more thing, you had a typeo, rosemary is actually just rose. it was in the last chapter of harry potter and the Deathly HAllows, it said there was a rose. she actually grows up to marry draco's son, isn't that something! i heard that and i said to my sister, I said, "Now isn't that something?" so there's that, but now my pototoes are boiling over! got to go, still support sirius/avril even with the whole tattoo incident.

Author's Response: Hi, thank you for coming back to review after such a long time! I think perhaps we're both a little confused, though? This story is about Severus Snape, not Sirius Black. Sirius Black was the one who could turn into a dog. Severus had no animagi powers (I mean, he could do enough already as it was, am I right?) So if that's what you mean by straying from canon, there's your answer. If you're referring instead into why I had Severus live at the end, that was a personal choice and my prerogative as a fan fiction writer. With my first story (which I'm thinking perhaps you also didn't read? Because this *is* a duology already. "Nothing Else Matters" is a direct sequel to "The Dream of One Night," so if you haven't read the first story, that might be where some of your confusion is stemming from, not knowing some of the characters and all), I tried to stay as close to canon as possible with the information I had before the "Half-Blood Prince" book came out, since I started writing before that. I decided that it would just be too cruel to still have Severus die in the end of this story since now he has something truly to live for, not just upholding his promise to protect Lily's son.

And no, Rosemary is not supposed to be Rose. Rosemary in this story is Avrille's and Severus's second child. Rose in canon is the child of Hermione and Ron, and I'm pretty sure wasn't even born yet when this epilogue takes place. I'm almost positive Rose Weasley does not grow up to marry Scorpius Malfoy. It's simply a very, very common fan fiction pairing, though correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not caught up on all of the bonus information that's been released through Pottermore by JKR.

But I'm very glad you enjoyed the story so much, despite a few confusing aspects for you! Thank you for taking the time to read it and to leave me a review. Of course I'm going to toot my own horn when you said you liked it so much, but if you would like to read more Severus/Avrille, you could try "The Dream of One Night." This story might make more sense to you then. Take care! ~Renny

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Review #14, by snarryfan4everandever Epilogue: Seven Years Later

27th December 2014:
2 bad this doesn't even work anymore since snape/harry got made canon but anyway i didn't realy like the writing and the chapters were wayyy 2 long. also u need 2 write a prequel because this book was really confusing. who r these people? like realy i don't know who they r.

sry would give u 0/10 but have 2 give u at least 1. don't like it sry try writing canon next time

Author's Response: I'm going to have to apologize because I'm not even really sure how to respond to this review. Perhaps some of your confusion stems from the fact that this story was a sequel to another novel-length fic on my page, "The Dream of One Night," and you didn't know that? However, the story summary, along with author notes contained within it, make that fairly plain. I'm also confused as to why you're under the impression that Snape/Harry is a canon pairing. As for this story straying from canon, any Snape/OC story is bound to. If you had read the previous story or the author notes in this one, you would know that I created my OC and my version of Snape before the books were completed and we knew he had been in love with Lily, an OC pairing with him would not have been considered unusual. I'm sorry, but if you're going to criticize a story for straying from canon, when you yourself seem to be promoting a ship that in itself isn't canon, then you're not going to find many stories you're happy with. I suggest that in the future you stick to stories that contain a Snape/Harry tag. Thank you for the review anyway, though for myself I would have to give it a 1/10 for incomprehensibility. I assume you must have liked something about the story, or why else would you push through an almost 300,000 word novel?

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Review #15, by ogmistress Chapter Twenty-Two - Severus

27th September 2014:
I would of done the same thing Snape did at the end with the bluff about that man's wife.

Author's Response: Hi, ogmistress! Sorry for the crazy, crazy late reply. I'm not on this site very much any more after finishing this story. I think Severus had a very good reason for bluffing, and apparently you agree with me ;) I hope you were able to keep reading past that. Personally, I think Selwyn ended up being a pretty interesting and sympathetic guy himself in the end. Thanks for the review! ~Renny

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Review #16, by kissmeimdrunk EXEUNT I: The Tower

25th August 2014:
Wow! A big time jump! I feel bad for Sev being away from Avrille and Char so long! He'll be all grown up by the time Sev sees him again (ok, maybe not that grown up. But still!).

Well, that was an intense chapter! I thought you did a wonderful job of weaving together your story into the HP series. I can totally see Sev mind washing all the Death Eaters lol, although he's so good at covering his tracks most of the time he doesn't need to use such tactics.

I still don't see a happy ending with the story tho, I think you would keep the story as canon as possible... But I live in hope. Why do I always love the characters that die?? I just continue to punish myself lol.

Great job 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, big time jump there! In my mind, my events would have been almost identical to those in the "Half-Blood Prince" (except maybe a different childhood nickname for Severus, LOL) and [majority of] "Deathly Hallows" books, so I didn't feel the need to waste time summing up all of that time period. Not to mention the story was getting SO long already. I was actually considering making the last chapters into a standalone novella but decided against it since that meant probably even less people would read them.

I think the five exeunt (which means "they all exit" in Latin, in case you didn't know :D) chapters were my favorite part to write of both stories. They are really intense in their own way, and I always enjoyed trying to make my own version of things still fit into canon like a big puzzle, with sometimes a slight AU twist. I won't say anything else because it's pretty uncool for a writer to divulge their own spoilers :) But yeah, I really enjoyed writing all of Severus's sneaky, mind-wiping stuff. That sort of magic wasn't really explained in the books much, so it was one of the more creative things I got to do with this fic.

Thank you for the review! Hope you like the rest of the story (and sorry some of the last chapters got *really* long!) ~Renny

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Review #17, by kissmeimdrunk Chapter Twenty-Three - Avrille

22nd August 2014:
Oh my goodness!! Why is Avrille dismissing her dreams!? I want to kick her lol.

Loved this chapter. Wonderfully written, as always! These deatheaters are all so sneaky! So much going on behind our backs! I always imagined the deatheater ranks to be very dog-eat-dog rather than brotherly, so I love how you depict them.

Author's Response: Don't kick Avrille just yet! Give her a little time! LOL. I know it's frustrating, but you have to admit there are some big things Avrille would need to accept to even begin to comprehend that series of events really happening, like the seemingly invincible Dumbledore being rendered both injured and disarmed (by what looks like Severus to her, who also looks like he's about to murder him in cold blood). I won't say any more about her dreams. Hoping you'll keep reading and you'll get to see for yourself!

Writing the Death Eater scenes was really so interesting. I mean, big, perilous adventures like riding a dragon out of Gringotts is also very cool, but I guess I'm like Severus where I'm so much more intrigued by subtlety. You're right in that it's very dog-eat-dog. I imagined the Death Eaters must have had a similar relationship with each other like high-ranking Communist officials in China, North Korea, or Cambodia. As in, "Sure, we're all 'brothers' and 'comrades' here, working to create a perfect society, but I'll stab you in the back while smiling at you if it means I get to climb the ranks to being the new Dear Leader."

I liked that chapter in particular because Selwyn ended up being one of my favorite OCs I got to create. He started out as being "generic, rude Death Eater guy" to give Severus some conflict, but then over time he evolved into something a lot more complex. He's definitely not a wholly good person, but he also isn't completely bad. I hope you read until the end so you get to see where his character ends up at the end of it all.

Thank you so much for your review! I super, super appreciate it! ~Renny

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Review #18, by kissmeimdrunk Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

16th August 2014:
Wonderful chapter!
I was so tense with her arriving home!! I knew a fight was coming haha!
I thought Sev had a nerve having such a go at her to be honest, I mean it's exactly what he does! I think he keeps her wrapped up in cotton wool too much. I see how it fits his character, and I'm in no way criticising your writing (which I think is golden!) but she's part of this war too, I felt her outburst was perfect - I've been thinking it the whole story!!
Brilliant story so far, so excited to see where you take it!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review, especially for this story, which doesn't often get as much love as its predecessor. ;)

I've had a couple people speak up on this chapter, and usually in Avrille's favor. I mean, you can't help but want to defend her after everything she just went through, but I feel it's my duty to stick up for Severus a teeny bit here too. :) When writing this chapter, I definitely felt like 95% of Severus's anger stemmed from sheer terror. He's spent almost all of his life burying the fear he's felt in many situations, at first to protect himself (from his father, the Marauders, and later Voldemort) then later in my story to protect Avrille. One of my writing friends Severus was very chauvinistic in this chapter, which I don't agree with (I feel if anything, he's much harder on other men than he is on women) but I've always felt like he's sort of old-fashioned. He recognizes that Avrille can take care of herself, sometimes better than he can, but being unable to protect his mother from a lifetime of abuse when he was younger, and then failing Lily as well, he's determined *nothing* is going to happen to Avrille. Problem here is that no one is threatening Avrille, she's the one who puts herself in danger and this scares him so much, he can't think of any other way to deal with it right then than lashing out. The anger part really comes from being angry at himself for the choices he made in the past that resulted in his whole family being put in danger. I've always pictured Severus, both in the books and my own stories, as being like a volcano. He suppresses a LOT of feelings for a very long time, but once in a while something is just the last straw and he totally blows his top and everything he's been holding back comes out all at once.

Avrille's outburst was very important to me, both for the story and personally because almost everything she said is something I've thought myself as a stay-at-home mom. My first Severus and Avrille story was sort of my fairy tale, and I wanted this one to be more realistic, like what *really* happens when two stubborn people get married and have a kid. There's a lot of stress and I felt it was important to show even couples who are madly in love with each other sometimes harbor a lot of resentment and anger as well.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling character analysis. I've been missing those two, so it's nice to be able to talk about them a little. I really appreciate the review, and I hope you like the rest of the story! ~Renny

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Review #19, by ILTB Epilogue: Seven Years Later

27th May 2014:
Dear Renny,
I've read your stories probably for the past four years and I don't think I've ever left you a review which makes me feel like a terrible person of course because you totally deserve them! Anyway, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love this story. I always admired Snape and knew that he couldn't be all bad but I've never read a story that so fully understands what he must've gone through and given him a person that could love him through all of that. I love these characters and I'll miss this story but I look forward to seeing what else your brilliant mind can come up with next. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! XOXO

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for (finally, I guess?) leaving me a review! Please don't feel at all like a terrible person!! I'm kind of the opposite where I basically don't read fan fic anymore because, being a writer of it myself, I feel like I have to write these insanely long, detailed reviews for every chapter and the thought of all the work puts me off the reading. I think it's much better if someone reads and doesn't review than doesn't read *or* review! LOL. Obviously I always admired Snape as well and had a hard time, even before the last book came out, thinking he couldn't really be as cartoonishly evil as the books sometimes made him out to be. I'm glad JKR did such an awesome job creating him and all of his wonderful moral ambiguity. It was very fun to try and get in his head and attempt to do him justice. I'm really having a hard time letting go of these characters, even though most of them aren't 100% mine, but I know once I get back to my own original characters, it will be easier to move on. Thanks again for the lovely review! Take care! ~Renny

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Review #20, by Sarah Epilogue: Seven Years Later

26th May 2014:
Wonderful, just wonderful. I've really enjoyed reading this story and of course the first one as well! Both are among my all time favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your creations, they were truly wonderful and a pleasure to read.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so, so much for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories! I really enjoyed writing them (ok, maybe not always the writing part, but the reading it after I wrote a chapter and going, "Oh! This is much better than I thought it was! *phew*") It's always amazing to read that someone likes my writing, and then to know it's among their favorites is even better. Thank you so much again for taking a moment to let me know you enjoyed everything. Take care! ~Renny

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Review #21, by Lerhoo  Epilogue: Seven Years Later

20th May 2014:
Thank you so much. This has been the best fanfiction I've ever read like I am crying because the ending was so satisfying and wow. I wish you all the best with your future works, I can't wait to read them! All my love, Rebecca x

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for your super nice review! I'm so glad the ending appears to have worked so well for people. I know I definitely liked it! Thanks for the future well-wishes! Diving into original fiction again after like 15 years is going to be quite the experience. Thanks again! ~Renny

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Review #22, by Fiona Epilogue: Seven Years Later

19th May 2014:
Wow! This was just such a lovely and sweet epilogue, and also very funny. Loved the sorting guessing game - and Char ending up in Hufflepuff and the reactions to it was just adorable. A great way to end and everything has been tied up very neatly and satisfyingly. I was curious though to see what you envisioned to be Lockhart's fate because he was briefly mentioned and my interest was piqued. Despite the fitting ending, I'm going to miss reading all the adventures in this story-universe. If you ever feel like doing another sequel, I look forward to it - and indeed, any other stuff that you will write. Thank you for making the last few years of my life all the more thrilling and enjoyable. :)

Author's Response: Hi Fiona! Thanks so, so much for the wrap-up review! I'm glad the last chapter appears to have come across with as much closure as I was hoping. Sorry the bit about Lockhart ending up giving you a little pause. I mentioned him more unconsciously, I think, sort of tying Avrille's first Welcoming Feast in with her "last." I'm pretty much of a mind with JKR that Lockhart never recovered and stayed a long-time resident of St. Mungo's, where he can't do any more damage.

I'm sorry to say, but that really will be the last fan fiction of any significant length that I write. I'd still like to finish up my other couple stories already on the site, to maybe take a break from original fiction writing, but this world ending up as a trilogy is definitely not happening, LOL! I can't say for sure I won't *ever* revisit in as a one-shot here or there, maybe something that happened in between the two novels, but another sequel is a no-go for sure. Personally, I'm really not into Next-Gen stuff at all, so even bringing this story seven years into the "future" was a lot for me ;)

Thank you so much for your reviews and support. To know that my silly old writing really made other people as happy as it made me is something that is really indescribable. Let's settle for totally freaking awesome :) Take care in the future!! ~Renny

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Review #23, by Lerhoo  EXEUNT III: The Shack

5th May 2014:
Wow. I have been reading this fanfic pretty much non stop since Easter and I though now that I'm up to speed with it I would finally tell you just how amazing I think your work is. Your characterisation is perfect, and Avrille is just so lively and you can honestly imagine her and Snape together. I love how you stick to canon events but you put a different slant on it which makes you feel like your reliving the Harry Potter books just with a few tweeks! I think you are such an amazing writer with a truly raw and beautiful gift. Thank you so much of all the laughs, tears and celebratory air punches that your stories have given me. It's so rare to come across a fanfiction of this length and quality which I can enjoy and for this I am so grateful!
Once again you are amazing
All my love

Author's Response: Wow, hi! What an amazing, thoughtful, flattering review! I'm really just so honored that you like my writing so much (had to catch myself there from typing "honoured," I guess I've been writing Severus too much lately) and that you let me know. Really, it makes all the work worth it when I get a review like yours.

I'm a huge canon nerd, and if it had been at all possible, I would haven't deviated from it at all except that ended up being kind of impossible. I could never imagine a canon Snape (as we know him now after DH) having ANY relationship after Lily. I just happened to get to the character before that part of his history was revealed. But besides that and having to change his family background, it's been really fun trying to create this whole other story but sticking as close as possible to events the way that JKR wrote them. Seriously, no one can do it better than her :)

So thanks so much again. Severus's and Avrille's story is almost over, but I think it will have a very satisfying ending for those who have come to love them as much as I have over the past ten years. I hope you'll let me know what you think of the ending, and that you like it, because I swear there are NO more stories after this one! LOL. It's time for me to get back to my original fiction characters who have been waiting very patiently for well over a decade while I mucked about at Hogwarts. Thanks again, Rebecca! You're a doll! ~Renny

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Review #24, by Fiona EXEUNT III: The Shack

5th May 2014:
Hey! It's Fiona again. This chapter, as is the usual way with this story, was thrilling and so packed with action. It was interesting to see the Battle viewed from an entirely different perspective. Particularly, I thought that you got the tone of Severus right, especially towards the end with Draco and Harry. I don't suppose that there is any chance that he (that is Draco) isn't dead?

The one thing that I would say is that this chapter was really long - which is good but also sometimes not so good. That might just be the style that you're writing the Exeunts in, but it can be a bit hard to follow. Whilst I get why you might not want chapter breaks, I personally like to see line breaks within chapters if they get a bit long. But given the almost stream-of-consciousness style you have going I get why doing breaks in the middle of the chapter is totally against what you're going for!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter - I sense we're near the story's end! :)

Author's Response: Hi Fiona! Thanks so much for reviewing again! It was so nice to take a break from writing today to pop into the site and see a couple of super nice, encouraging reviews, including yours :)

No, I'm sorry, but Draco's really dead. For real. He was never one of my favorite characters, to be honest, so killing him wasn't a huge deal for me besides knowing how it would affect Narcissa (and even Lucius, the scumbag) in the story. I kind of felt it was important that if I was going to save Severus, someone else had to die for him, sort of giving the Reaper his due. Not to mention if I wanted to stick to canon as much as possible, that scene in the Shack had to happen one way or the other.

That chapter was crazy long. I hear you. Every single time I keep going, "Oh, this one won't be that long. I only have this and this to cover." And then before I know it, it's the longest chapter I've ever written (and my husband is laughing at me). *gulp* Unfortunately I was so set in this five-part pre-epilogue that breaking it up into more chapters just feels so wrong. So even though I'm sort of cringing sometimes at the length, I've decided to just own it and stick it out that way. I do think I'll go back through and see if I can insert breaks in a few parts. I agree it is just a ton of information to flow out all at once, but the fast pace and relentlessness of the action, at least as how JKR wrote it, makes that tough. Thanks for understanding the length thing! I'll see what I can do about that breaks, definitely a good idea of yours!

Thanks so much again for the review. Yup, we're near the end. I'm getting kind of sad and sentimental now, knowing I'm currently writing Severus's last chapter. I've spent almost exactly ten years writing this pairing, and it's been so great. Thanks so much for sticking with the story to it's almost-end. ~Renny

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Review #25, by Fiona EXEUNT I: The Tower

1st April 2014:
Wow, a nice long chapter here! Even though it was weird to see Arville not really in the plot, it was still really great to read. The way that you twisted what was already in HBP was so well-done and seemingly realistic. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Also, I'm reading this on April Fools Day, so there have been all sorts of funny name insertions. At first I thought that Arville suddenly decided she wanted to call Severus 'Saffron' - but then I caught on. It took me a while to notice, but it inadvertently added a bit of a comedy to an otherwise dramatic chapter. I hope you don't mind that I read this chapter with all sorts of humorous insertions!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you SO much for a review! I don't want to sound pathetically desperate, but I hadn't received any reviews for the past two chapters and it was a little weird for me. I was hoping people were just enjoying it silently and weren't completely unhappy with the direction the story took. So I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Oh my, that's really funny about Severus's name. LOL. In past years I've been more active on the site and forums during April Fools because they really go all out, but this year I didn't have time to pay much attention. Hmmm, maybe Saffron is the code name they decided on should their letters be intercepted? LOL.

I'll be getting back to work on the next chapter and the few remaining in a couple days. Thanks again and I hope to see you back! ~Renny

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