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Review #1, by ogmistress Chapter Twenty-Two - Severus

27th September 2014:
I would of done the same thing Snape did at the end with the bluff about that man's wife.

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Review #2, by kissmeimdrunk EXEUNT I: The Tower

25th August 2014:
Wow! A big time jump! I feel bad for Sev being away from Avrille and Char so long! He'll be all grown up by the time Sev sees him again (ok, maybe not that grown up. But still!).

Well, that was an intense chapter! I thought you did a wonderful job of weaving together your story into the HP series. I can totally see Sev mind washing all the Death Eaters lol, although he's so good at covering his tracks most of the time he doesn't need to use such tactics.

I still don't see a happy ending with the story tho, I think you would keep the story as canon as possible... But I live in hope. Why do I always love the characters that die?? I just continue to punish myself lol.

Great job 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, big time jump there! In my mind, my events would have been almost identical to those in the "Half-Blood Prince" (except maybe a different childhood nickname for Severus, LOL) and [majority of] "Deathly Hallows" books, so I didn't feel the need to waste time summing up all of that time period. Not to mention the story was getting SO long already. I was actually considering making the last chapters into a standalone novella but decided against it since that meant probably even less people would read them.

I think the five exeunt (which means "they all exit" in Latin, in case you didn't know :D) chapters were my favorite part to write of both stories. They are really intense in their own way, and I always enjoyed trying to make my own version of things still fit into canon like a big puzzle, with sometimes a slight AU twist. I won't say anything else because it's pretty uncool for a writer to divulge their own spoilers :) But yeah, I really enjoyed writing all of Severus's sneaky, mind-wiping stuff. That sort of magic wasn't really explained in the books much, so it was one of the more creative things I got to do with this fic.

Thank you for the review! Hope you like the rest of the story (and sorry some of the last chapters got *really* long!) ~Renny

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Review #3, by kissmeimdrunk Chapter Twenty-Three - Avrille

22nd August 2014:
Oh my goodness!! Why is Avrille dismissing her dreams!? I want to kick her lol.

Loved this chapter. Wonderfully written, as always! These deatheaters are all so sneaky! So much going on behind our backs! I always imagined the deatheater ranks to be very dog-eat-dog rather than brotherly, so I love how you depict them.

Author's Response: Don't kick Avrille just yet! Give her a little time! LOL. I know it's frustrating, but you have to admit there are some big things Avrille would need to accept to even begin to comprehend that series of events really happening, like the seemingly invincible Dumbledore being rendered both injured and disarmed (by what looks like Severus to her, who also looks like he's about to murder him in cold blood). I won't say any more about her dreams. Hoping you'll keep reading and you'll get to see for yourself!

Writing the Death Eater scenes was really so interesting. I mean, big, perilous adventures like riding a dragon out of Gringotts is also very cool, but I guess I'm like Severus where I'm so much more intrigued by subtlety. You're right in that it's very dog-eat-dog. I imagined the Death Eaters must have had a similar relationship with each other like high-ranking Communist officials in China, North Korea, or Cambodia. As in, "Sure, we're all 'brothers' and 'comrades' here, working to create a perfect society, but I'll stab you in the back while smiling at you if it means I get to climb the ranks to being the new Dear Leader."

I liked that chapter in particular because Selwyn ended up being one of my favorite OCs I got to create. He started out as being "generic, rude Death Eater guy" to give Severus some conflict, but then over time he evolved into something a lot more complex. He's definitely not a wholly good person, but he also isn't completely bad. I hope you read until the end so you get to see where his character ends up at the end of it all.

Thank you so much for your review! I super, super appreciate it! ~Renny

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Review #4, by kissmeimdrunk Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

16th August 2014:
Wonderful chapter!
I was so tense with her arriving home!! I knew a fight was coming haha!
I thought Sev had a nerve having such a go at her to be honest, I mean it's exactly what he does! I think he keeps her wrapped up in cotton wool too much. I see how it fits his character, and I'm in no way criticising your writing (which I think is golden!) but she's part of this war too, I felt her outburst was perfect - I've been thinking it the whole story!!
Brilliant story so far, so excited to see where you take it!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for the review, especially for this story, which doesn't often get as much love as its predecessor. ;)

I've had a couple people speak up on this chapter, and usually in Avrille's favor. I mean, you can't help but want to defend her after everything she just went through, but I feel it's my duty to stick up for Severus a teeny bit here too. :) When writing this chapter, I definitely felt like 95% of Severus's anger stemmed from sheer terror. He's spent almost all of his life burying the fear he's felt in many situations, at first to protect himself (from his father, the Marauders, and later Voldemort) then later in my story to protect Avrille. One of my writing friends Severus was very chauvinistic in this chapter, which I don't agree with (I feel if anything, he's much harder on other men than he is on women) but I've always felt like he's sort of old-fashioned. He recognizes that Avrille can take care of herself, sometimes better than he can, but being unable to protect his mother from a lifetime of abuse when he was younger, and then failing Lily as well, he's determined *nothing* is going to happen to Avrille. Problem here is that no one is threatening Avrille, she's the one who puts herself in danger and this scares him so much, he can't think of any other way to deal with it right then than lashing out. The anger part really comes from being angry at himself for the choices he made in the past that resulted in his whole family being put in danger. I've always pictured Severus, both in the books and my own stories, as being like a volcano. He suppresses a LOT of feelings for a very long time, but once in a while something is just the last straw and he totally blows his top and everything he's been holding back comes out all at once.

Avrille's outburst was very important to me, both for the story and personally because almost everything she said is something I've thought myself as a stay-at-home mom. My first Severus and Avrille story was sort of my fairy tale, and I wanted this one to be more realistic, like what *really* happens when two stubborn people get married and have a kid. There's a lot of stress and I felt it was important to show even couples who are madly in love with each other sometimes harbor a lot of resentment and anger as well.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling character analysis. I've been missing those two, so it's nice to be able to talk about them a little. I really appreciate the review, and I hope you like the rest of the story! ~Renny

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Review #5, by ILTB Epilogue: Seven Years Later

27th May 2014:
Dear Renny,
I've read your stories probably for the past four years and I don't think I've ever left you a review which makes me feel like a terrible person of course because you totally deserve them! Anyway, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love this story. I always admired Snape and knew that he couldn't be all bad but I've never read a story that so fully understands what he must've gone through and given him a person that could love him through all of that. I love these characters and I'll miss this story but I look forward to seeing what else your brilliant mind can come up with next. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! XOXO

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for (finally, I guess?) leaving me a review! Please don't feel at all like a terrible person!! I'm kind of the opposite where I basically don't read fan fic anymore because, being a writer of it myself, I feel like I have to write these insanely long, detailed reviews for every chapter and the thought of all the work puts me off the reading. I think it's much better if someone reads and doesn't review than doesn't read *or* review! LOL. Obviously I always admired Snape as well and had a hard time, even before the last book came out, thinking he couldn't really be as cartoonishly evil as the books sometimes made him out to be. I'm glad JKR did such an awesome job creating him and all of his wonderful moral ambiguity. It was very fun to try and get in his head and attempt to do him justice. I'm really having a hard time letting go of these characters, even though most of them aren't 100% mine, but I know once I get back to my own original characters, it will be easier to move on. Thanks again for the lovely review! Take care! ~Renny

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Review #6, by Sarah Epilogue: Seven Years Later

26th May 2014:
Wonderful, just wonderful. I've really enjoyed reading this story and of course the first one as well! Both are among my all time favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your creations, they were truly wonderful and a pleasure to read.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so, so much for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories! I really enjoyed writing them (ok, maybe not always the writing part, but the reading it after I wrote a chapter and going, "Oh! This is much better than I thought it was! *phew*") It's always amazing to read that someone likes my writing, and then to know it's among their favorites is even better. Thank you so much again for taking a moment to let me know you enjoyed everything. Take care! ~Renny

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Review #7, by Lerhoo  Epilogue: Seven Years Later

20th May 2014:
Thank you so much. This has been the best fanfiction I've ever read like I am crying because the ending was so satisfying and wow. I wish you all the best with your future works, I can't wait to read them! All my love, Rebecca x

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for your super nice review! I'm so glad the ending appears to have worked so well for people. I know I definitely liked it! Thanks for the future well-wishes! Diving into original fiction again after like 15 years is going to be quite the experience. Thanks again! ~Renny

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Review #8, by Fiona Epilogue: Seven Years Later

19th May 2014:
Wow! This was just such a lovely and sweet epilogue, and also very funny. Loved the sorting guessing game - and Char ending up in Hufflepuff and the reactions to it was just adorable. A great way to end and everything has been tied up very neatly and satisfyingly. I was curious though to see what you envisioned to be Lockhart's fate because he was briefly mentioned and my interest was piqued. Despite the fitting ending, I'm going to miss reading all the adventures in this story-universe. If you ever feel like doing another sequel, I look forward to it - and indeed, any other stuff that you will write. Thank you for making the last few years of my life all the more thrilling and enjoyable. :)

Author's Response: Hi Fiona! Thanks so, so much for the wrap-up review! I'm glad the last chapter appears to have come across with as much closure as I was hoping. Sorry the bit about Lockhart ending up giving you a little pause. I mentioned him more unconsciously, I think, sort of tying Avrille's first Welcoming Feast in with her "last." I'm pretty much of a mind with JKR that Lockhart never recovered and stayed a long-time resident of St. Mungo's, where he can't do any more damage.

I'm sorry to say, but that really will be the last fan fiction of any significant length that I write. I'd still like to finish up my other couple stories already on the site, to maybe take a break from original fiction writing, but this world ending up as a trilogy is definitely not happening, LOL! I can't say for sure I won't *ever* revisit in as a one-shot here or there, maybe something that happened in between the two novels, but another sequel is a no-go for sure. Personally, I'm really not into Next-Gen stuff at all, so even bringing this story seven years into the "future" was a lot for me ;)

Thank you so much for your reviews and support. To know that my silly old writing really made other people as happy as it made me is something that is really indescribable. Let's settle for totally freaking awesome :) Take care in the future!! ~Renny

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Review #9, by Lerhoo  EXEUNT III: The Shack

5th May 2014:
Wow. I have been reading this fanfic pretty much non stop since Easter and I though now that I'm up to speed with it I would finally tell you just how amazing I think your work is. Your characterisation is perfect, and Avrille is just so lively and you can honestly imagine her and Snape together. I love how you stick to canon events but you put a different slant on it which makes you feel like your reliving the Harry Potter books just with a few tweeks! I think you are such an amazing writer with a truly raw and beautiful gift. Thank you so much of all the laughs, tears and celebratory air punches that your stories have given me. It's so rare to come across a fanfiction of this length and quality which I can enjoy and for this I am so grateful!
Once again you are amazing
All my love

Author's Response: Wow, hi! What an amazing, thoughtful, flattering review! I'm really just so honored that you like my writing so much (had to catch myself there from typing "honoured," I guess I've been writing Severus too much lately) and that you let me know. Really, it makes all the work worth it when I get a review like yours.

I'm a huge canon nerd, and if it had been at all possible, I would haven't deviated from it at all except that ended up being kind of impossible. I could never imagine a canon Snape (as we know him now after DH) having ANY relationship after Lily. I just happened to get to the character before that part of his history was revealed. But besides that and having to change his family background, it's been really fun trying to create this whole other story but sticking as close as possible to events the way that JKR wrote them. Seriously, no one can do it better than her :)

So thanks so much again. Severus's and Avrille's story is almost over, but I think it will have a very satisfying ending for those who have come to love them as much as I have over the past ten years. I hope you'll let me know what you think of the ending, and that you like it, because I swear there are NO more stories after this one! LOL. It's time for me to get back to my original fiction characters who have been waiting very patiently for well over a decade while I mucked about at Hogwarts. Thanks again, Rebecca! You're a doll! ~Renny

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Review #10, by Fiona EXEUNT III: The Shack

5th May 2014:
Hey! It's Fiona again. This chapter, as is the usual way with this story, was thrilling and so packed with action. It was interesting to see the Battle viewed from an entirely different perspective. Particularly, I thought that you got the tone of Severus right, especially towards the end with Draco and Harry. I don't suppose that there is any chance that he (that is Draco) isn't dead?

The one thing that I would say is that this chapter was really long - which is good but also sometimes not so good. That might just be the style that you're writing the Exeunts in, but it can be a bit hard to follow. Whilst I get why you might not want chapter breaks, I personally like to see line breaks within chapters if they get a bit long. But given the almost stream-of-consciousness style you have going I get why doing breaks in the middle of the chapter is totally against what you're going for!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter - I sense we're near the story's end! :)

Author's Response: Hi Fiona! Thanks so much for reviewing again! It was so nice to take a break from writing today to pop into the site and see a couple of super nice, encouraging reviews, including yours :)

No, I'm sorry, but Draco's really dead. For real. He was never one of my favorite characters, to be honest, so killing him wasn't a huge deal for me besides knowing how it would affect Narcissa (and even Lucius, the scumbag) in the story. I kind of felt it was important that if I was going to save Severus, someone else had to die for him, sort of giving the Reaper his due. Not to mention if I wanted to stick to canon as much as possible, that scene in the Shack had to happen one way or the other.

That chapter was crazy long. I hear you. Every single time I keep going, "Oh, this one won't be that long. I only have this and this to cover." And then before I know it, it's the longest chapter I've ever written (and my husband is laughing at me). *gulp* Unfortunately I was so set in this five-part pre-epilogue that breaking it up into more chapters just feels so wrong. So even though I'm sort of cringing sometimes at the length, I've decided to just own it and stick it out that way. I do think I'll go back through and see if I can insert breaks in a few parts. I agree it is just a ton of information to flow out all at once, but the fast pace and relentlessness of the action, at least as how JKR wrote it, makes that tough. Thanks for understanding the length thing! I'll see what I can do about that breaks, definitely a good idea of yours!

Thanks so much again for the review. Yup, we're near the end. I'm getting kind of sad and sentimental now, knowing I'm currently writing Severus's last chapter. I've spent almost exactly ten years writing this pairing, and it's been so great. Thanks so much for sticking with the story to it's almost-end. ~Renny

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Review #11, by Fiona EXEUNT I: The Tower

1st April 2014:
Wow, a nice long chapter here! Even though it was weird to see Arville not really in the plot, it was still really great to read. The way that you twisted what was already in HBP was so well-done and seemingly realistic. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Also, I'm reading this on April Fools Day, so there have been all sorts of funny name insertions. At first I thought that Arville suddenly decided she wanted to call Severus 'Saffron' - but then I caught on. It took me a while to notice, but it inadvertently added a bit of a comedy to an otherwise dramatic chapter. I hope you don't mind that I read this chapter with all sorts of humorous insertions!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you SO much for a review! I don't want to sound pathetically desperate, but I hadn't received any reviews for the past two chapters and it was a little weird for me. I was hoping people were just enjoying it silently and weren't completely unhappy with the direction the story took. So I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Oh my, that's really funny about Severus's name. LOL. In past years I've been more active on the site and forums during April Fools because they really go all out, but this year I didn't have time to pay much attention. Hmmm, maybe Saffron is the code name they decided on should their letters be intercepted? LOL.

I'll be getting back to work on the next chapter and the few remaining in a couple days. Thanks again and I hope to see you back! ~Renny

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Review #12, by Brianna Bates Chapter Twenty-Four - Severus

3rd March 2014:
I need to know what else happens! I absolutely love everything you have written. This is my first review but since this is the last chapter up I wasn't sure if you were done or still writing?

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks for asking but but no, the story is definitely not done yet! There are going to be approximately seven more chapters. The pace of updates can be slow sometimes because I have my own little boy, who is about five times more active than Char. My goal is to finish this story in the next two months. Thanks so much for the review and letting me know you like it! I'll do my absolute best to have another chapter up soon! ~Renny

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Review #13, by ogmistress Chapter Twenty-One - Avrille

5th February 2014:
Interesting. I really don't have a long thought filled review to write, but I am excited to see how things will turn out. Oh and I am excited for Char's birthday. =)

Author's Response: Well, hope I don't disappoint you, but Char's birthday is a little glossed over. The pace is going to start to pick up here because there's a ton of time left to cover in not many chapters :) Rest assured he had a totally awesome birthday with way too much cake (almost enough to make him throw up, but Severus got a potion into him in time) and again, many more presents than he needed.

Oh, and I was wrong in my last reply. There *is* already a new chapter up, and I'm already at work on the next one. I've been doing a ton of writing the past couple days and lost track! I'm trying to finish this story by May, and there's still about 8 chapters to go. Phew! Thanks for the review! ~Renny

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Review #14, by ogmistress Chapter Twenty - Severus

5th February 2014:
I saw what you did there, with the name. I laughed at loud because of that. I was a little surprised when I came around the site that two chapters were up. So I am excited to read the next one.

Author's Response: Oh, good! I'm glad you caught that. I wasn't sure if anyone would. :) As much as it totally made me cry the first time I read that Harry had named his child after Severus, you kind of have to admit he picked horrible names for his kids (cause you just KNOW it wasn't Ginny's idea to name them almost all after dead people).

Yes, two chapters! And soon to be another one. Please check back soon! Thank you for the review! ~Renny

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Review #15, by rez Chapter Twenty - Severus

18th January 2014:
wowowowow a chapter update!! it has been a long time, but we're still here, I promise! great fantastic brilliant chapter, although it wasn't the most eventful -- obviously you need some quieter chapters after all the adventure of the last few! love Severus and love avrille -- your descriptions of both g their mannerisms and everything are honestly so lovely, it's what makes us feel so attached to the characters. Looking forward to the next chapter!! :))

Author's Response: Wow wow wow, I know, right?! Thanks so much for letting me know you're still here :) It really means a ton. This hasn't been a good six months for writing for me, but I'm going to try and make a conscious effort to really try to start wrapping this story up. I'd love to have it finished before the summer, since I missed my deadline of the new year.

I'm glad you understood the need for a quiet chapter after all the action and didn't say, "Um, that chapter was boring. *That's* what we waited for???" LOL. Actually the fact that it was more of an info-heavy and not action-heavy chapter made it a little harder to want to work on. I knew there was a lot of important information that had to come across, but I was really wanting to move on to Avrille's next chapter, which I've already started now that that one is out of the way.

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind review. Obviously I write for myself because it brings me enjoyment, but knowing I have such lovely readers gives me the extra motivation to really try and make something great, even if it's "just" fan fiction. Thank you again! ~Renny

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Review #16, by slightly odd kat Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

2nd January 2014:
really good story so far, when is the next chapter coming out?

Author's Response: Hopefully very soon. I actually *just* finished writing it a minute ago. I stopped in to update the chapter progress and saw your review :) I just need to beta it and make sure it's ok, so hopefully by next week. Thanks for the read and review! ~Renny

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Review #17, by Ardeith Chapter Thirteen - Avrille

12th November 2013:
Sorry for the delay...again!...I'm still working my way through your story.

This was a good chapter, you did a brilliant job of coming up with a mission for Avrille. Of course, Dumbledore couldn't do all the research himself and of course, Voldemort would have particularly enchanted things against strong wizards.

I like the way you contrast Avrille's and Severus' voices. Avrille definitely sounds younger for one thing.

I can't wait to see what happens next. I think Avrille is doing the right thing, but am not sure Severus will see it that way. And I worry about keeping secrets from him, even if it's for his one good and the good of the whole world.

Author's Response: Ugh, I can't believe I never answered this review! I feel terrible! Hoping if you're able to come back to read again, you'll see this :) Really sorry about that. It's been a crazy six months at my house, and I haven't been checking for reviews as often. Then, once I do, I forget I haven't answered them. Bad Renny.

That was a difficult chapter to write. Originally I had Dumbledore explain all about horcruxes, then changed my mind when I decided there's really no way he would have told anyone except the Trio about them. So it was kind of tough to explain a mission about a potential horcrux without saying what it actually was without confusing Avrille *and* the reader. LOL.

I have the weirdest time writing Avrille for some reason. She always wants to come out like Severus. I have to make a conscious effort when I'm done and editing a chapter to "Avrille-isize" it. I always find it really funny since she's closer to me in age (I keep getting older since it takes me so long to write these stories, DOH.), isn't British, and is a woman like me. Go figure.

I hope you're able to come back and keep reading sometime soon :) I think the next handful of chapters get pretty interesting. I particularly like Severus's chapter after this one. Thanks for the review and sorry again for the unpardonably late reply! ~Renny

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Review #18, by Orange Chapter Eleven - Avrille

22nd October 2013:
Really enjoying this story- well written and carefully structured. Umbridge character realistically annoying. Looking toward to reading the rest. Thanks for taking time to write.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so, so sorry this reply to your review is super late. Normally I'm very good about replying in the first day or two after I see a review, but life's been kind of crazy the past few months on top of the regular, day to day crazy of having a two-year-old boy. My problem is that I like to sit down and give a reply my full attention since I appreciate the time readers like you take to leave one, and in my house opportunities like that don't ever seem to line up with when I remember a review is sitting there waiting for a reply.

Umbridge is just... evil. I'm glad my attempt at writing her is coming across well. I always felt while reading the books that the things Umbridge did both at Hogwarts and later in the Ministry were almost worse than anything Voldemort did. I'm glad the timing worked out with this sequel so I could include her. As if things weren't hard enough for Severus with his double-agent role, having his "home" being messed around with by a power-tripping bureaucrat adds an extra dimension of conflict and keeps things interesting (at least for me writing it) Thanks so much for taking the time to review, and sorry again about the lateness on my part! ~Renny

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Review #19, by ogmistress Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

12th October 2013:
Wow the layout of the site changed.
Anyways, I loved it. I especially loved the description of Severus magic while he was angry. It reminded me that I should be afraid right now, but not terrified.
I liked the flow of emotions that went on through the chapter. I'm pretty sure I was holding a breath that I did not know.(that sentence is a result of watching a Shakespearian (sp?) movie yesterday)
I wish there was a way that I can answer back to your responses to my reviews, because I always have one.
I really can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi! I am so, so sorry for this incredibly late reply. Life with a toddler is, ah, interesting. Interesting meaning even tiny tasks that require a little bit of concentration like replying to an incredibly kind review sometimes get pushed off much too long. So, sorry again about that!

Yeah, the layout got crazy, but I think it's much better. I don't know if I've posted since it changed, again with the no time to write lately, so I'm curious if that's totally different now too.

I really liked that chapter. I hated how long it took me to be able to write it, but I'm glad I waited until I was really feeling it and had an uninterrupted time to write it correctly. That wasn't one that I wanted to just rush out because I was feeling guilty about not updating in, oh, FOREVER. Unfortunately the same thing seems to be happening with the next chapter, which I haven't even started yet. I'd like to get at least something written in November since it's NaNoWriMo and all.

If you ever want to reply, I'm totally cool with a private message on the site's forums. Or you can ask a question on my meet the author thread, link is right on my author page. I really appreciate all of your reviews so much (which makes me feel even worse when it takes me so long to reply). They mean a ton to me and keep that voice going in the back of my head saying it's been way too long since I updated! Thanks again! ~Renny

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Review #20, by Ardeith Chapter Twelve - Severus

3rd October 2013:
I've been away from this site and from your wonderful story for so long and I'm sorry for neglecting it and you! I was busy at work, a terrible thing happened, life goes on, things got better and here I am. :-) I'm going to try to catch up and review the chapters I missed.

Loved this chapter as I always love "your" Severus' voice. One thing that I enjoy that you bring to the fan fiction world is the experience of the Harry Potter world as an adult. Obviously, Harry never thought about life insurance! The goblins speculating on relative prices in light of the Dark Lord's return is just brilliant!

Great characterization of Umbridge and Dumbledore in this chapter. Inventive and absolutely in character.

As always,I enjoy Char and his real-ness. Char on sweets as a Human bludger is so perfect!

Author's Response: No worries at all! There are so, so many stories I've had to walk away from before finishing reading them because of real life, not to mention my inability to read a chapter of a fic without leaving a crazy long review, basically doubling the amount of time it takes to read :D I'm really so happy to see you back! I'm so sorry to hear you had to deal with something terrible. I hope everything's ok now. Sounds like you had a lot going on, so not surprising you haven't been around the site lately. I only have the excuse of a two and a half year old and a husband recovering from major surgery (oh wait... I guess that's a pretty good one...)

Er, anyway, I really enjoyed writing that chapter. Anytime Severus gets to terrorize a student, even if unintentionally, is pretty amusing to write. I like to give a little reminder that though we see a softer side of him with his family, he's still kind of a jerk in the classroom. Hey, whatever keeps those kids in line, right? I also did want to get back to Nan because she was sort of left hanging in the previous story. I always enjoy Dumbledore, because for some reason his voice comes really easily to me, and Umbridge is just...ugh. I don't know how JKR wrote her knowing she wouldn't be killed off for the horrible things she did.

Hopefully Char will not resemble my own toddler quite so much as he gets older. Talk about human bludger. Phew! Hence why I haven't had a single moment to write since I posted my last chapter. Oh well! It's all there stewing in my head. First available opportunity and hopefully it will all come out at once. Thanks so so so much for finding time to come back to the story and leaving me a review! I appreciate it so much! ~Renny

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Review #21, by rez Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

12th September 2013:
oh that was so s beautiful. god I love this story so much, I lie the intensity of every chapter and I liked the way this chapter panned out :) I'm now really really curious about what dumbledore has to say about avrilles mission because I feel like its really very significant, there seemed to be do many hits that something really important has happened but I don't know yet.. love your writing always, looking forward to the next x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! I really needed it since I was having kind of a tough day, being all frustrated that my mom-priorities have made writing especially difficult to do lately. Avrille's mission will end up being incredibly significant, but not in a way that Dumbledore was expecting (since we know from canon that there was never a Horcrux there. I try to be as faithful to canon whenever possible). But the significance of that location with Tommy will be explained, though indirectly, and chapter after next you might start to see the unexpected effects of Avrille's good deed :) Thanks so much again. It means a ton to me to know that there are readers who really enjoy this story. It keeps my motivation up. I'll try really hard to get the next chapter written as quickly as I possibly can, though Char has nothing on the difficulty of my own toddler :/ Wish *I* had magic... ~Renny

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Review #22, by Barbara Chapter Nineteen - Avrille

3rd September 2013:
as we've talked about TDoON on FB, I thought I should really check out the sequel, since I remember begging your for one all those years ago after I finished the first instalment. So, here I am. :)

First to this chapter, I'm SO glad you had them make up in the end. I really hated how chauvinistic Severus was being - I mean I think it's pretty much in character and all, but I just tend to be most comfortable when the story heroes act like dream boyfriends/husbands. :)) But he did see sense in the end, so that's all that matters. Though I probably couldn't have resisted asking how come Severus hasn't resigned his job in Avrille's place. You know, since parents shouldn't leave their children and all that. I'm sure they could have survived on his savings for a while. Not the Order job, mind you, his teaching job. Leaving his son at home while he went teaching? Scandalous! :))

More generally to the story, at the very beginning I had an uncomfortable feeling that Char was going to be a Mary-Sueish child, developing all those skills early, but he turned out all right in the end. :) I really like the plot so far, and I kind of hope something more will come off this Severus' relationship with Selwyn. Avrille's and Narcissa's seems doomed for the moment, unfortunatelly - I don't think Avrille and Bellatrix would get on. :))

The story about Voldie's son was heart-wrenching. I wonder what was up with the bones - I mean it doesn't seem the sort of thing he would make into a Horcrux, but what do I know, right?

Anyway, great job, and I'll do my best to come back for later chapters (I don't normally go to HPFF anymore, so...).

Happy writing,


Author's Response: So, hi again, Barabara! I already gushed thank-yous to you on FB, so I won't take up room here doing that again. :)

It's very interesting that you read Severus as being chauvinistic here, because that wasn't how I had him in mind when writing. For me, his freak-out was motivated half by fear that Avrille would get herself killed, the anger of her breaking her promise to him being twisted up in that, and also half because of dredging up his own feelings of abandonment by *his* mother when he was young, like I had Avrille sort of mention. After all, though it was a few chapters before, his flashback to his last, real conversation with his mother was only a couple hours before this fight, so those complicated past feelings were still very much on his mind. The idea that Avrille had left Char behind, though obviously for a much different reason than when his mother used to leave him to get a break from the abuse, was sort of just the last straw for him at that moment.

I think Avrille knew all along that it wasn't practical for Severus to resign instead, so she wouldn't have brought it up. That's kind of the situation I'm in personally. I didn't finish college, so it wouldn't make sense for me to go out and get a lower paying job than my husband, who had more experience and more education now. Whatever job I *could* get, I'd pay that much for childcare in this country, hence why I just stay at home with him. Avrille was in a similar situation, on top of the fact that Severus's position as a spy plus his bad blood with Sirius in the third book, made it safer for her to stay at Hogwarts "at home" with Char while Severus worked. In my mind, Severus makes insanely good money at Hogwarts, cause I like to think the wizarding world puts a high price on good education, unlike the USA :P So... there's that long-winded explanation.

I'll definitely take your CC about Char in mind if I decide to tweak his character a little. The last thing I want is a dreaded Mary Sue/Gary Stue situation. Funny thing is that I actually based a lot of Char's development, like rolling over a two weeks on, directly on MY son! He really did most of that, so to me it wasn't unrealistic. Granted he didn't climb bookcases, thank heavens, but he also isn't a wizard baby :)

Selwyn's an interesting guy for me. He started out just being sort of a " huge jerk Death Eater" guy who I didn't know what I was going to do with. Now he's evolved into something more complicated, and I think he's actually sort of like Severus to a degree, though he's the opposite. More of an example of what might have happened to Severus had he decided to just stick it out with the Death Eaters and try to stay alive instead of doing the "right" thing. I don't think Selwyn is an evil guy, just selfish and putting only his own interests first like most Death Eaters besides the hardcore ones like Bellatrix. And yeah, Bellatrix is sort of a huge nail in the coffin of Avrille's and Narcissa's budding "friendship." Narcissa was mostly there because she's important later, but I don't think anyone really thought that relationship would go anywhere, what with creepy, scumbag Lucius lurking down the hall in his study or whatever.

You're right the bones aren't a Horcrux. I like to keep my stories as close to canon as possible, besides Severus's family stuff that I kept changed because I still have a hard time thinking of him as a half-blood. But I do have an explanation for why the bones were there, just need to get to Avrille's next chapter where we can have Dumbledore hint at it.

Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful review. If you're able to come back for later chapters, I would of course be over the moon, but I more than anyone knows sometimes real life doesn't leave much time for fic-reading. I've had to give up all reading and reviewing myself or else this story would truly never be finished. Thanks again! ~Renny

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Review #23, by ogmistress Chapter Eighteen - Severus

3rd June 2013:
Oh man. I want to see/read his face when he finally see his wife. Wow there are so many ways that reunion can go. I'm excited for the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you! I haven't started on the next one yet because I want it to be really good and the right writing mood hasn't hit me. I think I pushed myself so hard in April that I burned out a tiny bit. But hopefully after a short break, I'll come back to the computer nice and fresh to write out a good scene :) I think you'll like what's coming. Hopefully it will come across as being realistic given the stress both of the characters are under. Thanks a bunch for the review! I'll try my utmost to not take too long to update ~Renny

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Review #24, by ogmistress Chapter Seventeen - Avrille

5th May 2013:
*fist shake* no, it can't end like that. lol

I have to tell you while I was reading and scrolling down I was checking the side of the page hoping that there was more and that I wasn't going to have to wait for another 2 chapters to see what happened to Tommy.

My assumption was wrong on who Tommy was. I realized when Tommy said his grandparents' name.

Also I liked that you explained what happened to Tommy's mom and that you put a little explanation on Tommy's conception. (cause I was wondering why would The Dark Lord lay with a Muggle. Answer, thanks to you, simply cause he was a man.)

The details about the grounds were great. I felt like I was walking through the halls. (your stories are descriptive by nature but I don't think I ever mentioned that)

I figure that you will explain the significance of the bones to The Dark Lord later.(since they were well protected and all) There are many unanswered questions since you had Avrille buried the bones with the boy's mother. Unless the fact that she found the bones broke the spell (and I don't mean the barrier one)? (I'm just brainstorming)

Can't wait for the next chapter. I am excited.

Author's Response: Oh noes! Not a fist shake! Hahaha, well, I was hoping it wasn't *that* ambiguous since Tommy's story is basically done now. I was hoping to imply that once his remains were reunited with his mother's, it sort of freed his spirit and allowed him to move on to the afterlife to be with his mom. Kind of the whole Voldemort has no power over love thing.

I was also trying to wrap my mind around a way to explain how Voldemort could have a kid. I'm sure it's been done a lot in fan fics, but I've never read any myself. I thought the only chance would be that window in between when he was in school and when he came back to ask for the DADA job and he was super changed and scary-looking. After that he was too inhuman to even have *those* urges any more, in my mind. I think Voldemort would have just considered the experience with Edith to be, for lack of a better phrase, slumming it. Doing that with a witch, who might have some idea who he was, was too risky, so he took advantage of what was willingly offered. He's a pretty messed up dude.

I'm not really touching on the bone thing because I was trying to imply (again) that Voldemort's huge secret was simply that he had inadvertently conceived a child, or what he would consider to be an heir and rival. Dumbledore was obviously expecting something huge and magical like a horcrux, but in the end it was merely Voldemort trying to hide what he considered to be a disgusting shame. If that's not clear, maybe I'll go back and add a few lines to make sure that comes across.

So Tommy's done, but his influence definitely isn't. There's still that "gift" of his, after all. Unforunately I'm going to be horribly mean and make you wait for Avrille's chapter after next (so four chapters from now) to get a clue to help you guess what it is. I'm really excited about it, in a dorky way. I had one idea, and the thing about Tommy, then I had this crazy epiphany that one could cause the other. I think it will be interesting. The source of Avrille's extra-powerful magic will be explained in that one as well, finally!

Thanks so much for the review! I know that chapter was a long one. Hopefully I can keep them at a more manageable length now. Hope to see you back soon!

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Review #25, by Fi Chapter Seventeen - Avrille

2nd May 2013:
Hello again! Since I do have a bit of time, I am going to leave a review.

A nice, long chapter - which is exciting! I have to admit though that I'm not exactly reading through this in a leisurely manner, but more like skimming and speed-reading in the time I have to spare. Even so, I don't think that chapter length is necessarily an issue, because the narrative structure and development is still very clear.

Whilst I'm not as big a fan of 'action-y' plot-lines as opposed to more dramatic or even romantic stories, I still find Arville's mission utterly compelling. I'm interested to find out what the implications of these events are.

I might be a bit slow, but it took me quite a while to actually accept that Tommy was a ghost and not real. I thought that it was great how you managed to unfold the deep and dark mystery of his family history. And of course, I am anticipating the next chapter(s) where we will find out what the "impish smile" and "laughing" are sinisterly foreshadowing.

- Fi

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry this is a few days late. Our toddler learned how to crawl out of his crib this week so it's been madness. Yikes! Where's magic when I need it?!

Truthfully, I REALLY don't like having chapters this long. One or two have been necessary to finish one character's action before the next one takes over, but I prefer to keep them around 6,000 words max. This was just one of those chapters that had a lot that needed to happen before we check back in with Severus. So I'm really glad it read ok and wasn't too much.

I'm also not big into "action-y" things either. I like maybe one big action scene per story and the rest more character-driven. There will definitely be some long-lasting influence of Tommy's from this chapter, but probably not in the way I'm guessing people are assuming.

Yes, Tommy was a ghost :) Sort of a super-ghost. I figured if Voldemort could raise dead bodies to do his bidding, then he could do some crazy stuff with their spirits too. I didn't really mean for the end to appear sinister, since I really felt like it was a joyous moment when Tommy is united with the spirit of his mom he never got to meet... but that's not to say there isn't something unearthly happening. Well, you'll see in about four chapters ;)

Thanks a bunch for the review!! ~Renny

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