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Review #1, by daliha Chocolate Ice Cream

20th March 2012:
It's a good introduction :) NOOO I like it in first person, first person can be limiting at times but that just me.

Awww the name Poppy is soo cute, but I wonder is it short for something? Oh and I love how Dudley lied about the dementors XD secret language Dudders? lol The only thing I disliked about this chapter was how short it was (but that'll change for the next chapter right?)

Author's Response: It's not short for anything, just a pretty flower name. I figured it would be a nod to the fact that she's the granddaughter of Petunia. I do promise that the next chapter will be longer! Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by CyndieLou Chocolate Ice Cream

15th March 2012:
Oh that was a good start! I really liked it. Can't wait for that next chapter. I also liked the third person. (:

Author's Response: The next chapter will be up very soon. I'll probably stick to third person. I'm experimenting with tenses on the coming chapter now. Thanks for the feedback!

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Review #3, by xxDobbyX Chocolate Ice Cream

14th March 2012:
I love your story... I think you should change it to first person... you're right it would be more engaging and most of the time it's easier to read... Update soon... xD

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! The next chapter will be up very soon. Thanks for the feedback!

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Review #4, by ravenclaw_slytherin Chocolate Ice Cream

3rd March 2012:
OOOH! I love this! I've never really read a next-gen fic with a muggle Dursley kid, though I've read a couple with a magical Dursley kid.

I like the use of third person: it seems to flow well in this story. Of course, you're the author, so if you feel like 1st person will contribute to the story, change it!! :D

Post more soon!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I do think that I'll continue with third person. The next chapter should be up soon. :)

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