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Review #1, by Paige Junge Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

24th July 2015:
Update please love this story

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Review #2, by olivandershappenings Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

20th September 2012:

Author's Response: Thanks, it's been awhile since my last update (and perhaps a bit longer still) but I promise I am not ditching this story. I felt that just winging the story has been good up until now where I need to start tying things up. I have a basic plan of where things are going and how everything ends- I just need to get there! I may have to go back and edit a few minor details, but other then that i'm working on it.

Thanks for bearing with me!

- FA

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Review #3, by Ari Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

15th July 2012:
Update soon plz. I love this story. :)

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Review #4, by HuffGriffSlyRaven Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

4th July 2012:
Thank you for such an exciting chapter to read! So much to think about, so much to take in! Superb!

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Review #5, by Shortie Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

3rd July 2012:
Oo love this chapter. The driving part was the best :D Hehe you're great. Can't wait for the next :)

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Review #6, by granger_ Something blond haired and wicked this way comes

2nd July 2012:
That was AMAZING... Loved this chapter is was quite amusing seeing Draco drive like crazy and hermione nearly dying over it haha it was good please update soon until next time 10/10

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Review #7, by granger_ Distractions

30th June 2012:
He really is an charming little bugger... Things are quiet confusing but all answers should be answered soon haha thank you for updating pleases update the next chapter real soon 10/10

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Review #8, by Shortie Distractions

29th June 2012:
Woa you're amazing!! I love this chapter. Hehe waiting for the rest :)

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Review #9, by HuffGriffSlyRaven Coming undone

26th June 2012:
Please go on! This is already one of my favorite stories and I am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens. Who is Blaze, how does he relate to Draco and what does Draco have? Such a great story, thank you!

Author's Response: Well I suppose I wouldn't be lying if I said Draco has a severe mental ailment reguarding "sorting out his priorities."

Sorry, couldnt pass that up. ;) Thanks for the review, I love them!

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Review #10, by FeltonLewis Coming undone

25th June 2012:
This is really doing well (: I love the pace of the story and they're not just jumping into anything. I especially love the house elf section and where Draco asks her if her dream was shattered when she realized it was Luna :P Amazing job (: I've only just recently begun writing reviews so I hope this was okay ;) Update quick! xx

Author's Response: It made me feel wonderful so I think you're doing just fine. Thanks!

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Review #11, by granger_ Coming undone

24th June 2012:
I totally loved this chapter its nice to see it in draco's pov... Wow he has a lot going on Inside his head haha poor draco hope the next chapter is up real soon 10/10

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Review #12, by hpfangirl Coming undone

24th June 2012:
poor Draco. the first sign of madness is talking to yourself
i should know. i do it all the time :)

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Review #13, by AppreciativeReader Coming undone

24th June 2012:
Loved this chapter the most from all the rest.

You have a very unique writing style and makes reading very easy.

At the same time the curiosity of "Blaze" 's character and the story line there is the most interesting part and you just keep giving a little hints in the the chapter never more . :(

Waiting for the next updates -- with impatience :)

Author's Response: I love writing in crazy P.O.V.

Keep hanging in there, a moment of clarity is coming! Very soon. Like today. 6/26/2012 With luck. love the review thanks!

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Review #14, by Ivory Ollivander Over a period of two months...

20th June 2012:
I really would love to know more about Blaze. I am so eager to find out about everything Malfoy is hiding :D And look at all the tension between Hermione and Malfoy :) I absoluely anjoy reading your story and look forward to read the next chapter. You are a great author! Your ideas are very creative and your story is very original. There is no plotline quite like yours, your charcters are very precisely thought through. You are really doing a great job :D PLEASE More soon! :D

Author's Response: No story quite like mine huh? *evil snicker* When i'm done with this it will definitly be something very different!

Thanks for the review! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

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Review #15, by Shortie Over a period of two months...

18th June 2012:
Haha I love it. As always. Hey can't see the banner! Oo can't wait to read the next one :D You rule buddy.

Author's Response: Hmm yes I had problems trying to put that darn thing up. I think I may have fixed it?

And thanx! Already submitted the next chapter. I have the next two all lined up and ready to go!

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Review #16, by fireflysnitch Malfoy's Manor

10th June 2012:
I'm loving this story. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #17, by BTM When things go mostly as planned

27th May 2012:
I love this fic! A good take on them. Great mix of POVs. Looking forward to more!

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Review #18, by Tiffile When things go mostly as planned

24th May 2012:
First Occulemency is blocking and Senka is attempting Legilimens/Legilimency ("She had a terrible feeling that she knew Occulemency.") I cannot wait to see what happens next if Draco and Hermione don't watch out I think Lil Blaze is going to have them magically bound or maybe he has already? As for a direction, what is Senka's damage? Is just she really wants the job, or hate privileged persons or just a mini Umbridge? Back story please possibly while interacting with co-workers.

Author's Response: Thanks, I never would have caught onto the Legilimency bit. As for that charming Senka, her role is definitly coming.

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Review #19, by Shortie When things go mostly as planned

23rd May 2012:
love it. As usual. Why don't you get a banner? That's the only thing missing.

Author's Response: Honestly, I dont have the means to make one or the time really. I'm just happy if i manage to get a chapter in a week. if i can get a good banner though i'll try to get it up.

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Review #20, by Shortie Like the facets on a diamond

7th May 2012:
You're one darn creative author... Been following your story from the beginning and I love everything about it... The style, plot, and especially that fight... MAAN... Keep THAT up ;) ;) ;)

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Review #21, by HuffGriffSlyRaven Twist of Fate

16th April 2012:
What is with the creepy kid? Very "Firestarter." I guess I'll appreciate him more if he brings Draco and Hermione together though. :)

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Review #22, by Resa_Aureus Twist of Fate

14th April 2012:
YAY! I was so happy when I saw the new chapter! Ooh, this is going so well! I cannot wait until the next chapter! Still my favorite dramione fic!

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Review #23, by hpfangirl Meltdown

14th April 2012:
loved aggressive hermione i nearly died laughing when she went off on them lol

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Review #24, by Ashika New developements and knowing their place

9th April 2012:
Finish this fast. Best I've read yet =)

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Review #25, by Resa_Aureus New developements and knowing their place

4th April 2012:
This is my FAVORITE Dramione fanfiction! I've laughed sooo hard and am still kind of giggling! PLEASE put up the next chapter soon! I feel like a mad man, sitting here and refreshing the page once an hour! Keep going!

Author's Response: I'm having a terrible case of writer's block trying to get the story moving in the right direction but i'll have it up soon.

I'm sorry for the wait, I'm trying I promise!

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