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Review #1, by magnolia_magic The Calm Before the Storm

1st March 2012:
Hi! I just wanted to say I'm so glad I stumbled onto this story! I really enjoyed reading this chapter, and I can't wait to see where it goes :)

I really like Cass--she seems like a fun girl, and definitely not your typical Slytherin (at least, I'm assuming she's a Slytherin.) That makes her a really interesting character to read about, and it also adds a fun dynamic between her, Regulus, and Gus. Their raunchy humor and teasing makes me laugh--they're typical teenage boys :P

I also like the hint at darker times to come ("If I had known that things would change so drastically over the next school term...") It's a great way of keeping readers interested in where the story will go.

One suggestion I'd make: the paragraphs are spaced really far apart, and that makes it difficult to read. But that's just a formatting issue that can easily be fixed :)

This chapter definitely sparks my interest! I've never read anything about Regulus before, and I'm glad this has been my first experience with him. Keep it up! :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to not only read the story but also to review! You have literally brightened up my day, honestly more like my week! Cass is a Slytherin and I promise to bring more insight to that in the next few chapters! And i saw that the spacing went a little haywire and i promise to fix that :) Your comment has fueled me to finish editing chapter two. Again thank you so much for commenting and i will try to make this Regulus experience as enjoyable as possible :)

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