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Review #1, by marauderfan Mirror Mirror on the Wall

23rd May 2013:
This is really well done. I love stories that show Petunia in a different light, because we know she used to be different from the uncaring, uptight Aunt Petunia we saw in the books. She did care, underneath it all - and you wrote this remarkably. I always wondered how different Petunia would have been had she not met Vernon. It doesn't surprise me to see that he would be the one keeping Petunia and Lily apart. I felt so badly for Petunia in this story.

And I really liked the very different POV. Great job on this story, excellent writing!! I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you could connect with Petunia. I think that if Petunia had been able to foster a closer relationship with her sister then something might have been salvaged of the younger Petunia who was BFFs with her sis.

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Review #2, by HandofGlory Mirror Mirror on the Wall

8th May 2013:
Hello, here with your requested review.

Wow, so we are getting the POV of an inanimate object, the mirror of 4 Privet Drive.

I learned a lot about Petunia through the mirror in that room. It was so scary seeing this little girl transform into this willing sociopath. The characterization wasn't too much. If you kept Petunia in that same room throughout her whole life, I felt it would have been too much, but her leaving for her independence and the mirror taking a break from seeing this monster helped a lot.

It was great reading about Petunia's thoughts not actually coming from Petunia herself. It makes her seem more real.

I loved this story, thank you for letting me review this!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Very nice to hear that the characterization actually comes off well. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

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Review #3, by Elleinad Mirror Mirror on the Wall

15th July 2012:
This was a very good story. I throughly enjoyed it and your perspective was very unique.

Author's Response: I'm happy that you enjoyed it! This was certainly a more different piece for me to write.

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Review #4, by CambAngst Mirror Mirror on the Wall

3rd July 2012:
Wow. This was a really powerful piece. It's interesting to contemplate how a person becomes as cold and uncaring as Petunia Dursley. Vernon I always looked at as merely being an ignorant, frightened bully. But I always held Petunia in a particular disdain. She was once very close to her sister. She once wanted to be like her sister. And when that wasn't possible, it twisted into jealousy and hate. JKR never specifies exactly what it was that Dumbledore held over Petunia's head to make her take Harry in, but I always suspected that it was the letter that she sent to him after Lily was accepted to Hogwarts, asking to be allowed to attend.

With that in mind, I always felt kind of repulsed by her character. Abusing your own flesh and blood out of sheer jealousy; it's a horrible thing. Your story casts her in a slightly different light, but still not sympathetic by any means. It was a terrible thing that her cousin did to her, but certainly nothing that justified her treatment of Lily. She was hurt and, in turn, she needed to hurt somebody else. It makes her seem a lot more like Vernon.

Yet you created a small moment of hope for her when she wanted to go visit Lily and James. A moment that Vernon snuffed out rather easily, I thought. Once again, Petunia suffers from being bullied, but we all know that she would quickly turn around and dish out what she had been receiving in abundance after baby Harry's arrival.

Her grief at the news of Lily's death didn't really salvage anything about her for me. Just another manifestation of the emotions she buried deep inside and hid from the world in order to protect the facade of a human being that she became.

I thought your use of the mirror as a narrative voice was really clever and deep with symbolism. By personifying Petunia's own reflection -- the reality of herself that she can't avoid, no matter how hard she tries -- the mirror tells a story about the woman who lives inside the sad shell that we get to know in the books.

Your writing was lovely. Everything flowed nicely and the mix of narrative and dialog was really good.

Thanks for replying to my status. I really hadn't seen anything from you in a while, and I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy reading your work.

Author's Response: Hey! Sorry for taking so long to answer.

I get where you're coming from on Petunia. Turning her back on her family as she did, particularly a sister whom she was close with, made me think of her in not a very nice light. So this is what I wanted to tackle with this one-shot. I don't mean to make one sympathetic with Petunia but maybe understand her a little better.

"I thought your use of the mirror as a narrative voice was really clever and deep with symbolism. By personifying Petunia's own reflection -- the reality of herself that she can't avoid, no matter how hard she tries -- the mirror tells a story about the woman who lives inside the sad shell that we get to know in the books."

Ah h h ! That's what I meant! How did you just articulate what I wasn't able to really put in words in the 30 something review responses I've written to this story? Are you psychic? J/K :P

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! I was ecstatic to see you were throwing out freebies :)

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Review #5, by imsocorkyy Mirror Mirror on the Wall

2nd July 2012:
Okay, first off, I love the perspective this was written from. I started off reading this thinking the speaker was the mother. Then, when it became obvious it wasn't, I figured it might be the father. But that was wrong as well. So I thought, well, maybe it's a close friend then. But then you wrote that Vernon punched the speaker, breaking them, and I was like "what! It can't be a human then! No one was in the room!" And that's when I put it together that the speaker, all along, was a mirror. It took a while for me to get there (I'm just so slow) but I finally got it! When the answer was pretty obvious and all, yes, but still. I got it. :p

I love this though. My gosh, it's fabulous. I wish it could have been longer so that I could enjoy it some more. I love the way you painted Petunia and, truthfully, that's exactly how I think she would really act/think. Petunia's always been a character of intrigue to me. I feel like there's a lot more to her than we got to know and this one-shot, in my opinion, really exposed her personality, traits and nature even more. We got to see Petunia better and that's why I loved this so much.

I don't think anything needs to be fixed. I loved your descriptions; it effectively made me feel what Petunia was feeling. Especially towards the end. I could genuinely feel the raw emotions she was experiencing after her sister's death. Your writing style is lovely. It flowed, there were no awkward pauses or jumps. The story moved along wonderfully and I can tell that you're a great writer from the way you wove the plot, characterizations and picturing. I caught only one or two misspelled words but they were minor and barely noticeable. Your grammar, sentence structuring and spelling are all done well. :)

The only odd part for me was Vernon's nature. I can't picture him as the abusive type, honestly. I feel like he would be extremely persuasive but not threatening and abusive. So it was interesting to see you make his character with those qualities. It was a nice, new twist and was well-written.

All in all, I absolutely loved it and I hope that you write another Petunia piece some time soon. I feel like you would do it well! Great job. :)

Author's Response: Hee! I loved writing it from such a weird perspective because it's hard to place (even with the hints here and there).

I'm happy that my Petunia was exposed to you. That's what I wanted to do despite the one-sided POV. Thank you so much for this.

I understand what you are saying about Vernon. I didn't mean to write him as someone who would actually HURT Petunia, but someone who would use his power and strength to bully someone. I don't think he's physically abusive either.

Thank you for everything you wrote :)

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Review #6, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Mirror Mirror on the Wall

2nd June 2012:

I'm kind of three months late with this review request but better late than never, hey? And wow, what a story to wait for. This is one of the most unique things I've ever read on this site - a voice given to an inanimate object. It's wonderful.

You have nothing to worry about. The narration is perfect, even if it is out of your comfort zone. I loved how we don't find out who the narrator is until the end which raises so many questions: Lily? (no) Their mother? (no) Their father? (no) Vernon? (no) A neighbour? (no). I don't think anybody could have guessed that the story's title, of all things, would give it away. It's a work of genius.

I actually have always felt quite sorry for Petunia, mainly in the last three books. Yes, she was selfish and jealous and her pride was wounded but underneath it, she did have some redeeming features which I think some people forget. She still took Harry in, even if they mistreated him, and I like to think there was a softness in her when Vernon wasn't there. You did a wonderful job with her character, really you did.

I have absolutely nothing constructive to say because I think this is a beautiful, original piece of writing and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You've got a fabulous imagination and an excellent writing style.

It's truly wonderful.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you found it unique and interesting! I don't know where the idea came from exactly but this was very fun to write. Petunia for me also had some fascination because I know that not everyone is all bad and she had some moments in the books where I felt she could've redeemed herself.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

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Review #7, by daliha Mirror Mirror on the Wall

22nd May 2012:
AT first I thought that her mother was the narrator, then I thought her father then I was lost! But when you mentioned the mirror I smiled, I mean how absolutely clever is that! I loved this one shot the insight you gave us into Petunia was amazing.

I loved how this flowed too it was smooth from her childhood to the time of Lily's death, even the part of Vernon verbally abusive wasn't distracting because I always thought her sort of was.

Overall amazing one-shot and I am sooo sorry for skipping you XD it was an awful mistake so I should give you another review (plus you have loads of interesting looking fics :) )

Author's Response: Don't worry at all about the skipping thing! It totally happens with that thread all the time :)

I'm glad you liked the way I told the story! I had so much fun writing it from that perspective. It was also, for me, a more in depth way to explore Petunia without getting in her head as found it hard to connect with her in that way. I'm glad Vernon also didn't put you off like he has for others :)

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Review #8, by academica Mirror Mirror on the Wall

11th May 2012:
Hi Char! I'm here from review tag :)

My God, this was powerful. I don't think there's any way I could have prepared myself for the emotion I felt while reading it. I think you've done Petunia so perfectly, which is truly a wonder. You've taken the one-dimensional personality we saw in canon and pulled at that tiny rip in the wallpaper, like in the one moment when she was confronted with the truth in Deathly Hallows. You unraveled that sliver of weakness so beautifully, and I think you captured her so well with that paragraph at the beginning about her perfectly arranged expression giving way to the opportunity to just 'be'.

It took me a while to figure out who the narrator was here, but it was a fun guessing game, and I had settled on the house when I figured out that it was the mirror at last. I loved how the mirror watched her grow up and change, and I was heartbroken by the dread that it felt as she transformed into a stoic little doll, unable to allow herself to connect to anything. It ripped me up inside to watch her turn on Lily, who for all her goodness was only trying to help her sister. The pain returned when I watched Petunia realize that she would never get the chance to really apologize to Lily. I was also impressed with your ability to really demonize Vernon, to turn his little quirks into something truly dangerous and scary. I think it helped to build a case for Petunia in my eyes.

I see a few typos scattered here and there, like the way the italicized words occasionally run up against the ones next to them and a couple of places where an extra comma might have been nice, but nothing that really detracts from the piece. I really loved this, and I think you should be proud of it.


Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm actually very proud of this piece. It'd been an idea bouncing around in my head for awhile and just wanted to explore it. I'm glad that it came off well to you.

I'm glad you had fun with the mirror perspective! It was unusual and I'm like to think unique.

Some people have had a problem with the way I characterized Vernon, recognizing the bully but not the abuser. I don't think Vernon would actually get violent on her person but I could totally see him doing it on the things around them. I took that line of Petunia and Lily being close as sisters and then just worked my way into it to see what could've happened with them.

I shall fix those typos soon! Thanks so much for this Amanda! And sorry it took me so long to respond!


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Review #9, by EvannaBlackthorn Mirror Mirror on the Wall

2nd May 2012:
It's very well written and I really enjoyed reading it. Writing in the second person is tricky and terrible if done incorrectly, but you have done it beautifully. Honestly, I can't find anything to critic.

Author's Response: Thank you. Tis was actually written in first person POV, it just kind of sounds second person because the mirror is talking to Petunia.

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Review #10, by SunSation Gal 07 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

19th April 2012:
hey! Lee from TGS tagging you! and I have to say, I'm very glad I decided to read this one. It was really good and really moving. And the way its from the POV of the mirror is brilliant. Really, really good job with this.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #11, by ericajen Mirror Mirror on the Wall

17th April 2012:
Goodness. That was awfully heartbreaking. Frankly, though, heartbreaking one-shots are my most favorite kind of one-shots. I really loved your writing style throughout this fic. I love that mixture of first and second person that gives it such a unique feel. I've written one like that before; it can be very interesting and fun to write (even if the material is not necessarily fun).

The way you captured Petunia's character was really lovely. I love how you showed the way she changed; how she became the person we know her as in the books. It was so sad to see how she changed from a sweet little girl who dreamed of being a princess to a bitter one with a cruel husband and an unfulfilled life.

Your writing is very impressive. The style, the flow. It all works together very well. Plus, I didn't really catch any spelling or grammatical slips, which is always a plus.

Great work!


Author's Response: It was interesting and fun to write in 1st and 2nd person POV, it's as if the narrator is speaking to you. That's what I liked about it.

I'm glad that Petunia came across to you how she did. That's what I wanted to portray so to have you see that is very satisfying.

Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #12, by Kwan Mirror Mirror on the Wall

16th April 2012:
This was heartbreaking in it's observation, deftly passing time yet explaining Petunia's childhood all in one fell swoop. It was impossible not to feel the range of emotions sweeping up and down as doll after doll was crushed by Gareth. Her transformation into the cold, sheltered character was sublime. I particularly liked the descriptions of her personality in her Spartan style room. It suits Petunia so perfectly.

I enjoy things written in second person because they transpose a rather unique feeling to the reader. It's impossible to not to feel as if some of the angst and pain was directed towards you. Sure, it's not good for a long story, but for a one-shot like this, I thought you pulled it off beautifully.

There are some inconsistencies with Vernon at the end of the story (he was a bully but never an abuser), but I can overlook it for the sake of the story and what you were trying to portray with Petunia. I feel as if the first part (Petunia's backstory) was fleshed out to perfection but the second part felt a little rushed. Nonetheless, it was still excellent overall.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this. I'm glad that Petunia was able to communicate so well! I wanted to get her to be real to the reader as she wasn't as much in the books.

I know what you mean on Vernon. I felt that this was him being a bully. He didn't actually touch her but was intimidating her.

I can see what you mean on the later part of the story.

Thanks for this!

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Review #13, by Aphoride Mirror Mirror on the Wall

29th March 2012:
I know you put at the bottom of this that this is something outside of your box, but, seriously, it doesn't come across like that at all.

Firstly, I loved your characterisation of Petunia. She seems like one of those people who manages to find fault with everything and is never satisfied by it, you know - which rings very true with the Petunia from canon. Also, I liked how you brought in another couple of incidents apart from the flower one, where Lily first met Snape, to define the sisters' relationshp. Obviously, they both took place after Lily had got her letter and gone off to Hogwarts (I think, since Petunia was thirteen), and it seemed realistic to me that Petunia would take it badly. She seemed so real - as did Lily, in the small glimpses we caught of her - and so similar to her canon self it was amazing.

I have to admit, I liked your Vernon, but I'm not sure he'd go that far - perhaps a bit more explanation of his behaviour is needed to flesh him out a little more? I dunno, I know you're writing from a different point of view, but he just seemed not quite like himself, really. A bit too angry and threatening, when the canon!Vernon blusters, but is really a pretty big coward. That's just my opinion, though - don't feel obliged to change anything for me! ;)

The point of view is amazing! I really didn't expect that (it took me a minute or two to get it) but it put things into a completely new perspective. It was interesting to see the sisters' relationship and Petunia and Vernon's through a different pair of eyes (so to speak).

The changes between the young Petunia and the older one were brilliant - but they were still noticeably the same person, which was really well done. Also, I loved all the detail you put in there - with the pink princess dress and using a hairbrush as a wand and things.

I really, really enjoyed that!
Aph xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this! It's always so helpful to have an insightful review, especially on something I felt was new to me as a writer. It makes me happy to hear that it didn't seem to OOB for me.

I would think there would be more than one incident of Lily's "abilities" that would tear these girls apart and I'm glad that it was able to be communicated.

There's some debate on Vernon but even if he seemed to bluster in the books, I felt that he was a bully, just like Dudley was. With men of that girth who are aware that they are bigger and stronger than others and are insecure enough to feel like they have to establish it, I think they would throw that around with people who are smaller or weaker. He was cowardly towards Hagrid (bigger) and towards Harry and the other wizardfolk (because he was scared of magic) but I think, if truly incensed or prodded too much, he would get a little violent. I've had my share of experience (not personally but in helping others) that I've seen this enough.

Yay on different POV! I'm glad you loved the little bits of young Petunia and older that I tried to put there. I think that Petunia had innocence but that it was stripped off as time went on and regrets accumulated.

Thank you again!

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Review #14, by Beeezie Mirror Mirror on the Wall

28th March 2012:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your very late review! I'm sorry about the delay - I've been on holiday and haven't really had time to fill requests.

I have mixed feelings about this story. I love the idea behind it - I don't think I've ever read a story about Petunia (or any other muggle, for that matter) that was narrated from the point of view of a magical object. I liked that a lot - it gave a unique perspective on Petunia and her life, and it was one that I thought you pulled off quite well. The mirror clearly had some real attachment to her, and I could feel its sadness at how she changed and, in essence, how her innocence was smothered and lost. The ending fit absolutely perfectly, and definitely delivered an emotional hit (which is something I'm assuming you intended :P).

In particular, I really liked the way you filled in a lot of the gaps from her childhood. Petunia pretending she could do magic, the older cousin making fun of her and destroying her dolls, and her screaming at Lily - those scenes really broke my heart. I think that you could have included a little bit more of an explanation for why Lily mending her broken doll made her fly off, but other than that, the description was really excellent.

I did feel like it start to fall apart a bit when Vernon entered the story. I can understand him playing a part in how she changed and lost who she was as a child, but it came across as rather abusive. That didn't really fit with what we saw of Vernon in canon - he was certainly hostile toward magic and treated Harry very poorly, but while I would believe that he was harsh about magic, the idea of Vernon physically menacing his wife or purposely intimidating her just doesn't fit with canon to me. Maybe I just have a different interpretation of Vernon, and of course you can disagree - that just seemed overdone to me.

It would have felt more real to me if you'd shown a little more about how when she was an adult, Petunia really was ambivalent about magic. On one hand, yes, I think a small part of her always was interested in it and liked it, but she also seemed to me to be genuinely afraid and suspicious of it. As is, you show her getting more hostile to magic as a child, but then suddenly as an adult not having the same issues. That felt a little rushed and inconsistent to me.

So what you were really concerned about it whether this makes sense and had an emotional impact on me as a reader. The answer is absolutely. I did wonder about the narrator at first, but it wasn't in a bad way - I was more intrigued than anything. As I mentioned above, the scenes dealing with Petunia's childhood were heart-breaking for me, so you certainly succeeded on that level!

This was a good one-shot. My only real issue was that I think you took Vernon's character to a bit of an extreme. Otherwise, you absolutely succeeded in stepping outside of your comfort zone. :)

Author's Response: I understand your mixed feelings. I'm glad that it created the emotional impact I meant it too. The fill in scenes were something I especially liked in writing this. There could've been more on Petunia's end of her upset at Lily but we were also just telling kind of a one-sided story with the mirror and what it could observe in Petunia's room.

Vernon to me is a bully and a coward only when faced with someone he perceives to be stronger than him or have a power that he doesn't understand (magic). To me, he would pick on someone smaller than him and from what I took away in reading about Vernon and comparing him to people I've observed in life, this anger, rage, fits in with him, hence my interpretation :)

I get on the back and forth from Petunia on magic. Again, it was a one-sided POV where the mirror couldn't move around much and so we only saw what the mirror saw. I could look into expanding on this when I re-visit this piece though.

Thank you for this review, it was insightful and helpful. I had a good time writing this.

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Review #15, by ScorpiusRose17 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

19th March 2012:
This was Superb!

I thought you did a brilliant job bringing Petunia to life in a very unique way. It flowed well and your characterizations of Petunia, Lily and Vernon were amazing. Your point of view was very clever. It tied in all the loose ends in a really brought the story together. It really brought out that "what if?" moment. I didn't feel for one minute gyped.

I wanted to slap Gareth for being such a git and then I wanted to do it again when Vernon stepped in. Ugh. ;)

I did notice a few things and I will point them out to you...

"You'd listened"

I think that listen would be better fitted here.

These were a couple of spacing issues between words...

"thosetype" space needed.

"It's just that...I feel like I needto" space needed.

I really love your writing and your writing style. It's very perseptive and unique all rolled into one. This was an excellent example of your wonderful talent! =)

Keep up the great writing!! I know you will!


P.s. I am adding this one to my favorites!

Author's Response: Thanks you for this! Yes, I have had typos pointed out on this which always makes me cringe a little but I did seem to have formatting issues. I promise to fix on editing!

I'm glad you ended up liking the POV because it was unusual but the mirror was really the ideal narrator for me. I felt that it really did reflect and show her the change that came to her in growing up the way she chose.

Thanks for the compliments on my writing style! I was kind of surprised to realize that I had one!


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Review #16, by SeverusSnape15 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

18th March 2012:
Sorry that it's taken so long. I'm here with your review, from the forums!

I really like this story. You have a few run-on sentences, and some errors(such as the italicizing) but other than that, it's wonderful. I didn't really think about the title until the end of this story, so I was so confused on who was telling the story. At first, it was reasonable to think her mother was the one telling it, but then it said she'd died. But, it made me want to keep reading on! I love it! The concept, I think, is something that no one has really thought about. Writing a fanfiction from a mirror's point of view? That's so original that it hurts.

You're a wonderful writer, and I congratulate you on such a wonderful fic. =) Feel free to request again, I'd be happy to read more.


Author's Response: Yes, I am aware of the typos (darn things). You're "that's so original it hurts" comment made me laugh. I'm glad that you liked it! I felt inspired to write such words and to hear it well received is lovely.


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Review #17, by javct Mirror Mirror on the Wall

18th March 2012:

I loved this! I've never really read any Petunia-orientated stories before- mainly because the writers portray her as a whiny girl who loathes her sister even when she's dead. But you wrote her as a normal human being which I liked :D

You defiantly kept me guessing as to who was narrating the story: at first I thought it was Lily (& then I was wrong), then I thought it was James (common sense told me I was wrong), I guessed Vernon (& then I was wrong), her dad (I was wrong) Was it Snape? The last line sounded like something Snape would say.

Overall, great story and you defiantly created your own style :D Good luck with the challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks for this! :)

Just to answer your question, it's the mirror in her bedroom that's narrating the story.

I know.


But that's the way I felt like writing it!

Glad that you thought it was a great story! :)


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Review #18, by AC_rules Mirror Mirror on the Wall

16th March 2012:
Hey Char! I really loved this one-shot. I wrote a Petunia a while ago and I really enjoyed it. It was really fun ad I can sort of tell that you really enjoyed writing this as I read.

So, I didn't make the association of the chapter title to the perspective for quite awhile. Then I felt pretty stupid, because I was wondering /who/ the narrator was and then I was like 'Oh, nice one AC!' and felt like a right twit. But, then I figured out the perspective and then when I got to the bottom I saw the chapter title and then I got it, ahha.

Ah. I just got really distracted by my left foot and forgot that I was in the middle of reviewing.

I loved what you did with Petunia. Particuarlly her facial expressions and the way you described her apperance felt very Petunia-ish. Just, I don't know, i thought you got that down. Then there was the fact that you weren't excusing anything she did, but still peeling another Petunia-layer. I liked that.

Actually, I liked the whole thing and I thought it was a lovely one-shot :)


Author's Response: Yes, I did enjoy writing this! I keep meaning to make my way over to your Petunia story but "Curiousity." keeps getting in my way! :P

LOL, yeah, the whole mirror thing seems to get people. :)

You are right, it wasn't any sort of excusing or justifying with Petunia. Just showing her like it is.

Thank you so much.


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Review #19, by marinahill Mirror Mirror on the Wall

14th March 2012:
Wow. That was intense. And awesome. Am I getting this right: you write this from the point of view of a mirror?! So many awesome points for that.

So, I loved it, as you probably guessed I would. The emotions are so raw and intense and I felt like everything you wrote just added to Petunia's character more and more and she was so real. The relationship between Petunia and Lily always saddens me, because they used to be so close and they let something that Lily couldn't help force them apart. And you showed that so perfectly here. Petunia's desperation to see Lily towards the end was heartbreaking, and I was almost flinching when she lost it.

That last line was stunning and alarming and heartbreaking and painful and everything it should have been. SUPERB writing!


Author's Response: Yep, the mirror was doin' all them talkin'! I'm glad you liked it so much! :) :) I wasn't sure of the reception of such an unusual perspective but it seems to have pulled off okay.

I definitely wanted to flesh out Petunia because I know that someone isn't always "just the way they are" from someone's perspective. There's always something extra.

When I was writing this, I looked at all the bio's I could find on Petunia and kept finding out how close her and Lily were as kids in addition to what we read in the books and that did sadden me and I wanted to communicate that. I have a sister and I know that it would have to be something drastic to separate us fully and that even if we were a bit estranged, I would totally do all I could to see if her I felt it was necessary as Petunia did here.

Thank you so much for this!


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Review #20, by watchoutfornargles Mirror Mirror on the Wall

10th March 2012:
I almost didn't realize the perspective until I looked back at the chapter title. Really, really, well written. I saw this because I, too, entered the "Find Your Style Challenge" but with one-shots like yours to compete with I don't have a chance. Best of luck :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I want to check out yours too!

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Review #21, by Cavell Mirror Mirror on the Wall

10th March 2012:
Holy crud, this was brilliant to read. You showed Petunia growing up so well, just as I imagined her, and I almost didn't realise it was the mirror who was talking until I was almost finished the story. I seriously loved reading this, Petunia seemed so flawed but so real at the same time, and you portrayed her perfectly, so keep up the good work, and nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad that you thought this was brilliant :) (well, obviously I'm glad since I'm the one who wrote this darn thing!) and you are just lovely to say all that you just did!

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Review #22, by TheGoldenKneazle Mirror Mirror on the Wall

10th March 2012:
I loved this so much. It had so much feeling and pain packed into the snapshots of Petunia, and I love how we could see her evolve into the sour aunt that Harry knew. Through the hints of how Vernon behaved, and her obvious regret mingled with the mirror's thoughts, Petunia's moods were always portrayed wonderfully.

I loved how you wrote this in second person POV too; it added a depth to the scenes, putting the reader in Petunia's place better than if it was written in first person because we could see both her reasoning and an outsider's view at once. It was beautiful, and your ending was so very powerful - the mirror's tone at the end really made me feel such sympathy for Petunia, and how her life had gone so askew from what she had hoped it to be.

Author's Response: Thank you for loving this! It's a bit different from what I usually write so I had trepidations in presenting this here little piece but it seems to have come off nicely.

I did want to garner some sympathy for her and it's good to hear that that was done to whatever extent! JKR does say that Petunia and her sister were close, so I don't think Lily's Petunia was Harry's Petunia we met in the books. I wanted to give some sort of middle ground in it.

Thanks for reading!


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Review #23, by CloakAuror9 Mirror Mirror on the Wall

10th March 2012:
Whoa. That was such an emotional story! I love the way you took a whole new point of view when it came to Petunia. Not really, but I think so far your Pertunia is the best one I've seen. :)

I should really learn to take the story and chapter titles as clues. I often ignore them...and now I am still shocked from how the whole story turned out. Whoa! Such a great story! I love it.

Such a great story,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Lol, you are so cute. I meant to be a little misleading not so much that you'd be entirely lost. Thank you for your compliments and I'm very happy that my Petunia is a good portrayal of Petunia!


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Review #24, by NeverKnew Mirror Mirror on the Wall

9th March 2012:
I love it, I adore it, I will definitely reread it!
You're astounding.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much for this. It totally brightened my day because of the unexpectedness and the loveliness!


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Review #25, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Mirror Mirror on the Wall

7th March 2012:
Wow! I never expected it to be a mirror! At first I thought dad, but then you said 'parents' and was just stumped until the end. But I mirror seems perfect, because mirrors are supposed to capture your soul, see your true reflection, and all that. Mirrors see everything. :D

Maybe 'shattered' should have been a clue... LOL.

Petunia is such an interesting character and I love that you decided to write her. I've always wanted to know more about how she became the way she did and this seems like such a believable portrayal of her.



Author's Response: That's a pretty nifty insight into the nature of mirrors you have there :)

Thank you for your kind words on this! I wanted to explore an unloved minor character and I feel satisfied with how it turned out.

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