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Review #1, by MH Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

31st January 2016:
Aww. I used to love Dramoine until DH and the existence of all these kids came about and you just summarized exactly why Scorose is my OTP in one sentence.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I am so glad you agree :)

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Review #2, by Puree slytherine Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

10th February 2014:
If Draco would have married Hermione it would have been the best

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I just did not feel it would fit well with this.

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Review #3, by MrsKatieGrint Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

12th January 2014:
Hey there!

Wow, I definitely was not expecting the ending, but now that I've read it, I can't imagine it ending any other way, it was simply elegant.

I thought it was so heartbreaking, the scene in the library. I can't believe that he must left it at that. "Let's forget this ever happened" No!

I adored the way that you characterized Hermione. She was so logical and calculating in even the matter of love. It was just so Hermione-ish.
I also loved Draco. He was just great. I couldn't see him handling things any differently with Hermione.

Although, I'm positive my most favorite part was the ending ending. "They're the version of us that works."


~Always, Katie

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much for your awesome review - it made my day! I am so glad you think the characters are believable, and that you liked the ending.

Just general thank you for the encouragement! It means alot to me!


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Review #4, by Dramione_luvver!!! Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

3rd March 2013:
realyyy godd! loved it!! plz write more!
good work

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! So glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by dracos lover Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

1st March 2013:
Aw i really liked your one-shot please write more books in the near future.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I am thrilled that you liked it so much! I am actually working on a James/Lily story right now, so that should start being posted soon.

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Review #6, by Skye @cielbalfour Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

8th November 2012:
No. Why did it ennnd??

In other words, i loved it ;)

Author's Response: Aw thanks!! This made my day!!

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Review #7, by Kate Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

8th November 2012:
This was an amazing story. I read it and I just loved the last part! Amazing job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you liked it and thank you for the nice review!

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Review #8, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

8th November 2012:
I like this, it may have been short but it was good. It's really sweet that he confessed to liking her, but I felt sad that they couldn't be together in the end. But, I see that Rose and Scorpius may like each other. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by shinichi Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

8th November 2012:
hmmm.nice. :) keep writing on stories.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I am glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Mia Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

31st October 2012:
Bloody amazing! :3 Merlin's pants! You should write more about Draco and Hermione! They are, after all, my OTP

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! I plan on writing a full Dramione story sometime, but don't know when I'll get time, but thanks!!

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Review #11, by Failed_and_Forgotten Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

26th October 2012:
Wow. Just, wow.
This is the first DraMione story that I`ve read and it`s totally cool. I mean, even if it`s just a fan-fic, it all fits. Having Rosie and Scorp`s romance was like a continuation of the star-crossed love that once happened to Hermione and Draco. The story is really touching and makes sense.

Wow, to have a come up with a wonderful idea like this, it`s great, really!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks :) You made my day!!! I am so glad you liked it and thought it worked out well, I was wondering what people would think of that, so thank you!

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Review #12, by Emma Malfoy Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

5th October 2012:
not to be rude, but i don't really like the whole hermone and Draco thing. only because, i think if you're a true Harry Potter fan, you should stick to how J.K. Rowling wrote the characters. i don't normally read this stuff, but i thought i'd give it a chance. you were right about the ending. that's basically the reason i hate the Draco and Hermione thing. because, if they got married, there would be no Rose and Scorpius

Author's Response: I don't think it's rude. People will have their opinions and I am always glad to have people who will be honest about what they think. Personally, I like Draco and Hermione together, but that's the kind of thing fanfiction is for. Everyone has things in fanfiction they like and don't like, so I respect your opinion. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by MidnightDraco Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

23rd September 2012:
So sweet.loved the ending most :) sux that she and Draco couldnt be together but at least their kids will have a better opportunity than their parents would of have story ever read.cant wait for the sequel!!

Author's Response: You're too kind, thank you so much!! The sequel is already posted, called "Not Our Parents," if you would like to read it. Thanks again for your lovely review, it made my day! :)

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Review #14, by unb315 Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

22nd September 2012:
Great story! I hope to read more of your stories :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #15, by HPG Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

22nd September 2012:
Wow, pased. Nice job.

Author's Response: Thanks so very much! Glad you liked it!

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Review #16, by Siriusly Love Sirius Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

18th July 2012:
awww I wanted to cry just a little bit at this, so tragic! yet so cute :') Bless them, I hope Scoprius and Rose end up together now because of this!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I really do appreciate it :) And I am thrilled that you liked it!

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Review #17, by thepottergirl Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

21st June 2012:
Awesome! I loved it. 10/10 :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #18, by Fred Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

7th June 2012:
The only real flaw is that there's no way Ron would marry Hermione after she's been involved with a Death Eater.

Author's Response: I honestly disagree, but I do appreciate your input :) Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #19, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

18th May 2012:
How sad i really wish they could have wound up together (if only because I'm a sucker for Dramione). It's interesting to see Hermione's struggle between the boy she's always wanted that she can never have and the boy that took so long to realize that she was who he wanted. Great reasoning for Hermione and Draco's inability to be together because of Rose and Scorpius.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I was a bit iffy on this one, so your review is greatly appreciated :)

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Review #20, by SerpentineOffering Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

3rd May 2012:
I enjoyed this one-shot, I found it a little far fetched but that's the beauty of fanfiction, right? :) I really enjoy your writing style, the words flowed pretty well together. I have to say though that my favorite thing is the title, it's perfect! Great job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you liked the title because I was a bit hesitant with it ;) thanks also for the lovely review :)

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Review #21, by Bellatrix1 Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

1st May 2012:
The end line is so sweet... Aww...
Going to read the sequel now...

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!! So glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the lovely review :)

Hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #22, by Noel Malfoy Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

25th April 2012:
This is a cute one-shot. I love Draco/Hermione stories, and this is no exception. But there were a few things that left me confused. What drew Hermione to Draco? It's a pairing where you have to explain why they like each other, because in the books, they couldn't even stand being in the same right. I was curious why you added the bit with Ron, as it doesn't really add anything to the story. I liked how you showed Draco's downfalls besides his cruelty. He is very cowardly, and he, despite being the leader of his little gang, does really worry about what his friends and family think.

Overall, despite a few inconsistencies, it's a lovely story. I loved the last line. It was cute, but you made Hermione reasonably canon, which seems to be getting rare. It was nicely written, and I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments. Now that you mention it, I can see what was time I write them, I will try to add those details. I am glad you enjoyed it anyays, though :) And thank you again for your thoughts! They are very helpful.

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Review #23, by Vikkkkkkk_ Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

24th April 2012:
I really liked this, and the last line, was really well though out:)

Author's Response: Thanks! I am so glad you liked it and thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #24, by Hermione_Draco Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

3rd April 2012:
A lovely chapter. Very Intresting. I like Draco and Hermione's stories. I think they are the best. Please write more stories:)

Author's Response: Thank you! I love their pairing too! So glad you enjoyed my story!

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Review #25, by proud HP fan Proud, Pureblood Slytherin

12th March 2012:
please write more!! this is amazing

Author's Response: I have a sequel posted if you are interested :) thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your review!

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