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Reading Reviews for Runaway
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Review #1, by ????? I Need My Girl

21st May 2016:

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Review #2, by p I Need My Girl

20th May 2016:
PLEASE UPDATE! This story is so good!

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Review #3, by Asteria I Need My Girl

14th September 2015:
I panicked when I realised that there wasn't a next chapter, I love this story so much (I even prefer it to delicate). I know it's been a while but please carry on!

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Review #4, by Fellow HP fan I Need My Girl

17th July 2015:
This story is amazing, you need to finish it! This
is a great start and I mean the last time you
updated it was a couple years ago yet people are
still reading it. I've read all of the stories that
you have written on here, and I hate it when I see
one of your stories with great potential unfinished.
This book would definately get a 10/10 no matter
what the outcome if it was finished, based soley on
your writing abilities. Please continue

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Review #5, by Miranda I Need My Girl

11th July 2015:
I certainly wish you would continue this! It would be so lovely to finally see Lily and James reunited... and James and Sirius as well.

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Review #6, by Sunshine Runaway

29th April 2015:
This made me cry for soo long, I'm actually not sure if I can read it or not, because it made me so sad to see lily and James split up, but nevertheless it's amazing so far, and I hope everyone who can read it enjoy it!

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Review #7, by Tonks_Ginny_Luna_Neville I Need My Girl

16th April 2015:

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Review #8, by Ginny Padfoot I Need My Girl

23rd January 2015:
I don't mean to intrude but I was wondering if this book was going to proceed.
I am hoping it is do to the fact that is a really good start on a book.

*Ginny Padfoot*

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Review #9, by Hhh I Need My Girl

9th May 2014:
Update! Please! I really love this story! It's on of my favorite Lily/James so far! Thank you! I also LOVE delicate! I read the entire thing and the sequel! Make a threequel? Lol that's not a word. I know you said that you were done with rose but I really like her. Thank you for being an amazing author!

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Review #10, by Katy I Need My Girl

27th February 2014:
I love this story! But it makes me cry... Any hope of it continuing?

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Review #11, by Maggie Watson I Need My Girl

22nd February 2014:
I love this story I really hope you continue to write it! I tried to use your contact the author page to ask why you haven't written more about it but it wouldn't let me. So I was wondering why you have not written any on this story in a while.

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Review #12, by Kiui I Need My Girl

13th January 2014:
Are you going to update your story's anytime soon. Don't take this the wrong way, I love your story's, but I was wondering about any new chapters coming up. In this story or otherwise. This may not be soposed to post this here but I'm new to the site. Love the chapter by the way.

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Review #13, by Ali Mehyar I Need My Girl

6th January 2014:
I admire you so very much. I think you are a wonderful writer and your stories are amazing. I dont know if you'll ever see this but I dont mind. I am begging you to continue this story, I get so dissapointed when I see WIP on any of your story's. You are the only reason I even read anymore. I am begging you to write more stories and continue the old ones. I seriously love your writing. Haha this is an awkward review but I dont care. Delicate is the best story ever and I think its very touching and heartwarming. I really do hope you never stop writing because it would be such a waste of your talent. Keep writing :)


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Review #14, by Lisa I Need My Girl

11th December 2013:
Love it! I need more!!! :)
Haha, just take your time. I hope you're doing well In Real Life! x

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Review #15, by Anonymous I Need My Girl

12th August 2013:
When is the next chapter out? Are you continuing with the story?

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Review #16, by maggie I Need My Girl

28th July 2013:
Please write more! I need more closure!!!

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Review #17, by Weasleyisourking Anyone's Ghost

26th July 2013:
Beautiful story absolutely stunning I can't stop reading

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Review #18, by Weasleyisourking Anyone's Ghost

26th July 2013:
Beautiful absolutely brilliant

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Review #19, by Weasleyisourking Sorrow

26th July 2013:
Goog good good good amazing

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Review #20, by Weasleyisourking Runaway

26th July 2013:
Good story, Harry potter is so good. Just discovered this website it's amazing

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Review #21, by hp it's my oxygen I Need My Girl

17th July 2013:
I love love LOVE all of your stories I finished delicate and still delicate in two days and it was perfect. I was just wondering if you're still writing this story or not because I know delicate was from 2009, so im not sure if you stopped writing (I hope you haven't) or not please tell me!!

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Review #22, by Lorelei I Need My Girl

15th June 2013:
Please, please, PLEASE keep continuing this fanfic. You're one of my most favorite fanfic authors! And I honestly would fancy seeing how this story ends. I'd really appreciate it! Keep going on with this story mate! And of course with all the other ones!

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Review #23, by Sara I Need My Girl

15th May 2013:
I just reread the chapters posted. Bad idea. Now I'm even more desperate for an update. Love this story and miss it dearly! :)

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Review #24, by JessiJ I Need My Girl

8th May 2013:
This is an amazing story, you're a very talented writer. I noticed its been a good few months since you published this last chapter and I sincerely, hope this isn't where it ends. Looking forward to seeing what the next chapters reveal. I absolutely loved Delicate and Still Delicate, very addictive reading!

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Review #25, by Starry Owl and Inky Moon I Need My Girl

8th May 2013:
This is such a good story! I hope you update it soon. I just finished reading "Still Delicate". I have to say, I do think I prefer "Runaway", but I'm a HUGE Jily fan, so I'm really biased. Anyway, You're an amazing writer and I love your stories. :)

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