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Review #1, by ms simone Home

29th November 2013:
great plot... onward to see what ging, to happen for the couple!! i feel for d/h of losing thier baby..

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Review #2, by edjwha Unexpected Danger

16th November 2013:
no! that baby better make it!

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Review #3, by edjwha Adjusting

16th May 2013:
OMG! what happens next? patiently waiting.

Author's Response: The new chapters in the queue ...I've been really busy recently,sorry

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Review #4, by edjwha Recovery

14th August 2012:
and the anticipation builds lol good so far :)

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Review #5, by steph winchester Bloodshed

9th July 2012:
Like this story a lot :)

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Review #6, by edjwha Bloodshed

9th July 2012:
draco's a good man...but i would have punched Lucius in the face lol

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Review #7, by edjwha Dark Secrets

19th June 2012:
o this is getting real good...i like :)

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Review #8, by edjwha Appeal

24th May 2012:
i like this chapter, but i think it should have been a little longer.anywho i still love it :)

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Review #9, by Dobbylovesock Engagements

27th April 2012:
No cliff hanger!D:
Bam ba ba ra mbam bam I lovin' it ! (8) ;D

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Review #10, by Dobbylovesock Home

27th April 2012:
Love where this is going!
who they where *Who they were ;)

Author's Response: Thanks and i know theres quite a few mistakes :S

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Review #11, by Dobbylovesock Faraway Friends

27th April 2012:
Forgive me but didint Hermionie know Lavender was attacked by Greyback?:l

Author's Response: I dont think it was ever mentioned if she did know or not :/

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Review #12, by Dobbylovesock Numb

27th April 2012:
This nearly made me cry!

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Rebuilding Life by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 1 : Numb
Rating: Mature
Chapter Reviews: 0


"Right okay ,I'll see you at 5,love you sweetie"Hermione spoke down the phone before putting it back in her bag.

London could get so busy at lunch and Hermione cursed herself for not going earlier.She weaved impatiently in and out of absent minded shoppers ,her curls bouncing violently with every step.Hermione sorted through the to do list in her head and realised that she still needed something for dinner.She had decided on steak as it was Draco's favourite but would the butchers still have any at this time.

"Damn it I should have got steak first "She whispered as she placed her hand on her tiny bump.

A screech ripped through the stuffy air shattering the eardrums of those unfortunate enough to be close by.Hermione turned around just in time to see the car hurtling towards her but the driver had not braked in time.Panicked screams erupted from nearby passers bye and others gasped with horror.She felt the car hit her hard stealing the breath from her.Then everything went black.

"Somebody call an ambulance!"A woman cried as she rushed to Hermiones limp body.


"Can you here me?" A mediwitch asked her "Hermione?"

The street was crowded with people .The floor was like ice underneath her back .

"Mmm"She managed to mutter before going unconscious .


"We need to get to theatre fast,she's haemorrhaging "

Blinding lights flashed before her eyes as the hospital bed hurtled towards the doors.Strangers surrounded her speaking fast and complex to each other .It was then that she felt searing pain in her abdomen .

"Someone needs to put her under"

A nearby mediwitch uttered a spell and Hermione felt herself slipping under.

"What's happening ?"Hermione managed to whisper before black out.


"Hermione,please,please wake up"

A soft hand stroked her cheek ,willing for her to wake up.

"Draco?"She croaked.

"I'm here I'm not going anywhere "

Her eyes fluttered open and her gaze fell on her husbands face.His eyes were red raw from crying and his face was stained in tears .His blonde hair looked unkempt .Worry seemed to cover his face.He looked at her before silent tears began to trickle down his face again.

"What's wrong ?"

He stayed silently sobbing next to her .

"What's wrong!"

His gaze dropped away from her .

It was then that she realised.She felt empty inside.Her hand shyly made its way towards her stomach.Empty.The only thing left was a row of stitches towards the left side.her stomach lurched violently.Thats was all that was there to remind her of what had been.


"I'm so sorry "




"We had a daughter"

She faced him slowly .

"We had a baby girl?"

"Yes we had a beautiful daughter"

Author's Response: Thanks,i didnt think it waas good enough to make you cry

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Review #13, by slytherinbadgirl Engagements

26th April 2012:
oooh i think i know where this is going! :D

Author's Response: Your probably right with your guess :D

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Review #14, by edjwha Engagements

25th April 2012:
love it! you might be the only person on here that updates, and when you do, the chapter(s) is awesome!

Author's Response: Oh thankyou i didnt think it was that good

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Review #15, by edjwha Home

13th April 2012:
aww, such a great story...keep writing :)

Author's Response: Aww thankyou i was unsure if it was any good or not,i will continue writing :)

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