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Review #1, by Mihali1432 If I fall will you catch me?

20th May 2012:
Ahhh wow! I liked that! It was interesting and I liked the repetition of "Will you catch me?" Then at the end "Always." That was great! Thanks for entering my challenge!


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Review #2, by charlottetrips If I fall will you catch me?

27th March 2012:
This is so moving.

How you move to the present and the past was beautifully done. I like how in the now, she's talking to Albus, and in the past, it's like a memory, seen from the outside to a degree.

The words you used to describe her feelings of love and of grief were very apt. There were some misspellings here and there but you'd catch it if you read through it.

How you describe her as getting attached in the end was beautiful. She realizes she isn't her own person anymore because she's with him which is kind of a realization we all get at some point in a relationship.


Author's Response: Wow thanks so much for the lovely review!!! =D
I'm glad you liked the way it moved from the past to the present time. I just thought that I'd have to give some memories of her with Albus to make it more hard hitting with the fact he is gone.
Thanks so much I will have to go over it...I should really do that in the first place but I never do D: Guilty ;D
I love the way everyone has taken there own way of the story and think differently about it, as that's what I wanted in it. For everyone to make there own version of what happened in it. =D That probably makes no sense what so ever haha ;D


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Review #3, by Noori If I fall will you catch me?

26th March 2012:
I like it!!! Its really nice, and touching - perhaps u ought 2 make a sequal!
10/10 10 stars!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review!!! =D
I'm glad you liked it and felt the emotion of it and you liked it enough for me to write a sequel but I'm not going too D:
I'm sorry but it really was just a one-shot written for the fact I had the idea in my head and I wanted to share it with people...also the fact I have too many other stories on the go. :D
Anyway thanks again! :D


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Review #4, by RavenclawWayToBe If I fall will you catch me?

23rd February 2012:
OH MY GOSH, that was AMAZING! You had soo much emotion and i definitely don't think you should have been nervous to upload this, it was SOO good! The emotion was wonderful, and i felt the emotions run through me! I loved that your main line was 'if I fall will you catch me?' and that at the end he answered her! I also liked that you kept him a mystery until the end, and i am soo intrigued by the fact that you don't exactly know what happened to him. I'm guessing he died... but if I'm wrong tell me. I think that as an overall author, you write every emotion so well, and you're soo good! Keep writing, your work is amazing!

Author's Response: Wow, your reviews never fail to make me smile like a goon! :D
Thank you so much! I just felt nervous incase everybody hated it because its so different from what I normally post:}
I'm so glad that it came across and made you feel the emotions she feels :}
I liked the idea of having the piece quite mysterious! :D I thought the ending was kind of cute in a depressing way.
I totally left it up to the readers to interpret it in there own way but yes in my opinion he died.
I love you so much right now! Siriusly! I love the way you have so much faith in my writing! Thank you so much! Don't worry I won't stop writing :D


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Review #5, by AC_rules If I fall will you catch me?

23rd February 2012:
Ah! BlameItOnTheNargles! I really really enjoyed this. I know you've used the italics for flasbacks a couple of times in your other stories but I thought it worked really well and the repetition of the 'if I fall will you catch me' was really effective.

This was such a powerful little piece of writing! I'm really impressed by it and you shouldn't be nervous - it was really good! I've worked out that I can leave you a total of 11 reviews before I run out of chapters. So, expect six more reviews coming your way :D


Author's Response: Thanks :D It makes me happy that you enjoyed the story :D
The famous italics come back again... ;) I should stop doing that so much :P
I just thought the line had such an important part on it that it need to be repeated ;D
You have no idea how much I needed to hear that! I was so nervous as it seems so different to what I normally write so thanks so much! :D
It feels weird as I'm replying to them backwards :P


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