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Review #1, by Flipp Coming Home

6th May 2013:
I love all your stories.

Author's Response: This review just COMPLETELY made my entire day! ♥ I feel a bit pink in the cheeks -- I'm so, so glad you like my stories. Thank you for taking the time to tell me so! I'd love to hear more from you in the future, too! :)

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Review #2, by ghostfire Coming Home

29th November 2012:
First I aplogize for not reading this sooner, I only just found the post part of my profile. Now with that out of the way onto the review:

You really hit what it's like to be seperated from the person you consider your whole world. Though the switch back and forth threw me off a bit at first as normally when I see italics it seems to be referring to a flash back and not a change in POV. However, once I got that figured out I felt the flow was excellent. It is not often people can change back and forth that much without causing some muddling; you have mastered that admirably in this one-shot. Very good read. Cheers!!!

Author's Response: Oh, no worries! You didn't have to review at all, but I'm immensely pleased that you did. :) It was great to see your name over this way!

I didn't lead into this story, or the other wrote in this style, stating exactly how the switch was going to occur, and mostly because I kind of feel like it's kind of rewarding when it clicks on its own. Maybe I'm just mean! But I'm really happy to hear you think the story flowed well nonetheless, and it's great to hear that you enjoyed this. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave me a review on this! ♥

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Review #3, by Georgia Weasley Coming Home

1st June 2012:
I really enjoyed this one. I, too, adore Ron and Hermione. I agree with you on the realism in the depiction of their relationship and how it develops throughout the series. You did a fabulous job keeping them both in character. Ron's insecurity is adorable here. The emotion and description draws the reader in, and puts them right there inside the character's head. I could feel his emotion, especially. Well done. ~GW

Author's Response: This was such a fantastic review to wake up to. :) I'm happy you liked the story, and the characterization, especially. It's always a bit nerve-wracking writing characters like Ron and Hermione, no matter how much practice you've had, because they're such huge canon figures.

Thank you for taking the time to review this -- it means a lot to me that you did! Hope to see you back soon! :)

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Review #4, by CambAngst Coming Home

9th May 2012:
This was really, really lovely. The way that you switch back and forth and intertwine their two points of view, gradually converging into the moment of their reunion, was a really effective technique. Ron and Hermione are among my favorite ships, as well. Getting to read something as nice as this somehow makes all the Dramiones I have to wade through worthwhile.

Your writing was flawless. You did a great job of managing the transitions between the two points of view and you had a great balance of exposition and narrative.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me your opinions on this story! I think, of all the ones on my page, this might be one of my favorite one-shots I've yet written. :3 Always good to hear from a fellow Ron/Hermione shipper!

I'm glad you liked the style, too! I find it increasingly easier to write in second person, and it's actually one of my favorites, now. ;) Thank you for taking the time to leave me this -- it really made my day! Hope to see you back soon! ♥

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Review #5, by CloakAuror9 Coming Home

4th May 2012:
Hey there! I'm so sorry for the amount of time this review took me!

Oh. My. Gosh. This is the first ever Ron/Hermione ship I read! And its probably going to be the best forever and ever. This is so beautiful.Oh man, I am literally speechless. I don't even know what to say...its just so perfect.

I love the dual POV! Though, ast first I didn't realise that there was two POV. I thought it was just Ron's, so I had to go back up a tad bit and start again. :P

This literally completely blew me away! can be something so perfect? I feel like smiling so much now! I just can't stop saying 'omg' to myself. This is so good. So perfect, I can't even describe it in words.

Its really cool how you made two POVs work together in a chapter. Not many authors can do that and this is actually the first I've seen it set out in such a way. So fascinating. I really enjoyed reading your chapter! And I'm so sorry if my review isn't helpful. Your story is perfect just the way it is!

CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: No worries at all! I definitely understand how hectic life away from the keyboard gets sometimes -- you definitely shouldn't have to apologize. ;)

I'm very glad you enjoyed this! On a purely subjective basis, I'm pretty proud of this one-shot. Although your compliments really did bring the biggest smile to my face! Oh my gosh, how am I supposed to respond to this?!

I didn't mention the dual POV on purpose, mainly because I was hoping it would become apparent on its own, eventually -- and it's seemed to work so far! Confusion is minimal. :3 This review is just so lovely and I really, really cannot thank you for it enough. ♥ You've rendered me speechless! Thanks so much for making my day like this!

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Review #6, by magnolia_magic Coming Home

30th April 2012:
Hi! Maggie here with your review! Thanks so much for requesting :)

Wow, what can I say that all your other reviewers haven't already said? This is just beautiful--your imagery and sensory details are crystal-clear and vivid. I especially love Ron's description of the Burrow: "hurriedly added bedrooms and people coming and going with equal amounts of love and welcome..." It just made me smile :)

And when I realized that the italicized parts were in Hermione's voice! That just adds so much to the story; it was completely unexpected, and a lovely suprise for me :) I was pretty confused the first time you switched from Ron to Hermione (because I didn't actually realize that's what was happening), but the next time it was perfectly clear.

The only concrit I can offer is that every now and then you change from present to past tense, like in the first italicized paragraph. That did cause a little confusion for me. But that's incredibly nit-picky, and it's literally the only bump in the otherwise graceful flow of this piece :)

Again, thank you so much for sharing this with me! I'm so glad I read's just gorgeous! I think it's safe to say you pulled this experiment off really well. And I love the closing lines! :)


Author's Response: Thank YOU for coming by so quickly, and leaving me such lovely compliments! :) I'm really pleased you liked this, too -- it's currently one of my favorite things I've written. What can I say? :P

I don't like telling people at the onset that the italicized voice is Hermione's; it might be a bit confusing, but I think it's always realized eventually. ;) And I'm kind of striving for that bit of confusion, anyway. But I'm glad you liked it!

As for the tense switching, that was done on purpose. ;) Hermione is walking through the lane, reflecting on the subway train she'd just ridden, so that's why it's as it is.

I'm so happy you liked this -- thanks for such a great review! ♥ It really made my day to get it! (And I'm very sorry for the long wait for the response!)

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Review #7, by Ronsgirl29 Coming Home

29th April 2012:
I loved this so much! Ron and hermione will forever be my number one ship, so this had my insides feeling warm and fuzzy :) The style was really cool as well, not to mention writing in 2nd person is super hard. You did it splendidly!

Lovely lovely read

Author's Response: Oh, I'm SO glad! I'm in a bit of a Romione phase right now, and it really started with this one-shot, so positive responses to it just get me floored. :) It seemed to convey exactly what I was aiming for, too, which is just awesome!

I love writing in second person -- I did it a while back in a one-shot, and now it's my go-to one-shot style, for some reason. I don't know why. :) I'm very glad you enjoyed this, though! Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #8, by magicmuggle01 Coming Home

11th April 2012:
I've also entered the same challenge you have. And when I saw the link to this, I just had to read it.
This was beautiful. I loved the deep thoughts that were going through each others minds as they anticipated seeing each other after a month.
You've done a fantastic job highlighting Ron and Hermione's love for each other.
Adding to favs and good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Thanks so much -- this review totally made my day! I have to say, I'm rather fond of this particular one-shot. :3 There's something about the Romione ship, I think...

Your compliments COMPLETELY made my night, and I really cannot even tell you. :) This was a bit of an experiment in style but I'm really, really pleased with how it worked out!

You're too sweet -- seriously made me smile so much. Thanks a million times over for taking the time to leave me this review! ♥

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Review #9, by SaphireSmiles Coming Home

6th March 2012:
Lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the dual pov; it's all so precious! Great job. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I love this one-shot, too; it definitely made me want to write more Ron and Hermione as a couple. And I got really into the stylistic aspect of it, too!

Your review really made me smile. :) Thank you so much for leaving it -- I really appreciate you taking the time to do so!

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Review #10, by x_weasleyismyking_x Coming Home

27th February 2012:
I absolutely loved this!! It was written so beautifully, I really liked the last few lines. I swear every fic (especially this one) I read about Ron makes me love him even more, if that was even possible.

I have to agree with you about Ron and Hermione being the best couple of all time ;) So I hope you write more stories about them as a couple!! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for the sweet and unexpected review! It totally made my day. :3 I am a complete Ron/Hermione shipper, and have been since day 1, so it was only a matter of time before I actually wrote and posted something on them.

I'm definitely going to write more Romiones, though! If all goes according to plan, and there's really no reason why it shouldn't, I'll be starting on a Romione novel sometime this fall, after all my other stories get lined up straight. So it would be so neat to see you back then, even though, yes, it's rather far away. :P

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review -- it really means a lot to me! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #11, by firefly910 Coming Home

23rd February 2012:

The style of this piece is simply amazing. I may have to steal the idea for one of my creative writing assignments based on alternative perspectives!

Now as you are fully aware Ron/Hermione is definitely not my favourite ship of the series.


oh it was just so sweet!!

I don't really like reading Ron all that much in fan fiction but you characterized him perfectly. I could just imagine him sat there with clammy palms, feeling all nervous. And Hermione, you got her perfectly as well.

As a Dramione reader I hardly ever get to read a happy ending so the ending to this made me very happy (even if she is with the wrong person in my eyes :P)

The thing I loved most about this one shot though was the style. Still to this day I am in awe of your writing ability.


Author's Response: Callie! ♥ Steal all you want, my dear -- I don't own stylistic experimentation. Plus, I have a feeling you'd make it your own, anyway. :3

I'm so glad you liked this ship in spite of your love for Dramione! The fact that I converted you, even for a moment, makes me proud like you cannot imagine. :D I love writing Ron, too, so for some reason he emerges in my writing quite naturally. I think that's key -- when you love writing a particular character, they are all the easier to write.

You just make me speechless, and I really don't know how I'm ever going to respond to all these amazing reviews you've left me. ELEVEN TO RESPOND TO. (Counting this one, and the one I've already responded to, for the first Sneth chapter -- but still!)

I will try my best to make your responses worthy of the reviews. ♥ Just thank you, /so/ much -- more than I can express! I appreciate it more than words can ever convey. :)

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Review #12, by Toujours Padfoot Coming Home

21st February 2012:
This was.


The style is so different but you hit the nail right on the head, it was /perfect/, and VERY MUCH AGREED ROMIONE IS MY OTP. It is always going to be my favorite pairing, as it's grounded so thoroughly into canon, inside of everything and all of it, that their relationship is a driving force in so many ways. I loved the pacing and the flow and how you would tack questions onto the end of things. It was mysterious and poetic and ♥

Mid-way through I realized that it was two different voices, so I had to go up and re-read and re-absorb. It was really, really magnificently written and I am just sort of blown away by this point that no matter how much I read your writing and no matter how perfect it is, it never fails to blow me away yet again whenever I visit something new. It's so consistently amazing, proven again here in such a short space of words. The ending was my absolute favorite part, the way it flowed from one thought to the other as they switched POV's. SO BEAUTIFUL. ♥ I am adding this to my favorites and this definitely is a contender for my top favorite things you've written.

Thank you for sharing it with the world!

Author's Response: I am so, so, so glad you enjoyed this one-shot! I say this about everything new I write, I think, but it's one of my favorite one-shots I've written, too. :) The more I experiment with style, I think the more I feel... worthy of writing things. YES MY BRAIN IS ODD HOW DID YOU KNOW~

I am trying to formulate responses to those words. I am just so pleased you liked the characterization and the style and the tone and the ending and everything and just...

Thank you. *hugs and chocolates* If I write things you enjoy, it's only because this writer-y partnership has given me oodles of confidence and material -- from YOU! ♥

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Review #13, by BKL8008 Coming Home

18th February 2012:
Admittedly, this is NOT my cup of tea - Earl Grey or not! ;) But as always, it's well written and captures emotion on a level that sucks one in and won't let them back out. We actually feel as if we're making an awkward journey to Harry's & Ginny's with Ron. We feel like we're coming up the way with Hermione. It's rare to read something so good in something so short as well. Excellent!

Author's Response: Ah, yes -- I do remember you're not much of one for the romance! But that's all right, of course. :) Not everyone is, after all! I'm still incredibly pleased you read it and found it well-written.

Your reviews always make my day, and I really have to thank you for them. :3 I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave them! Thank you very much!

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Review #14, by Ginger Lust Coming Home

17th February 2012:
Hi. I loved your story. I love Ron and Hermione together. As it should be. And you wrote it well.
Hope to see more from you.
Now gonna go look up your name to see if you have wrtten more.

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear it! Ron and Hermione are, in my slightly biased opinion, one of the best fictional couples ever written. JKR is just a master. :D

I hope to see you back by my author's page someday! :3 I've written loads more -- 21 stories not counting this one, including one fully posted novel, as well as a novel that's updated weekly. But seriously, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review -- it really does mean a lot to me that you did!

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Review #15, by slytherinchica08 Coming Home

16th February 2012:
Oh this was a sweet oneshot about Hermione coming back to Ron like she always will even though in my mind Hermione and Draco just belong together. I do agree though that this is one of the more realistic relationships and everybody knew from the first book on that the two of them were just meant to be.

I love how you changed between the two perspectives so we could see what each one was going through during their little speration and how they were feeling as the day for them to finally come back together neared. I thought the ending was sweet with her being in his arms and the last thought was that she is home. Your writing never ceases to amaze me in just how wonderful you can pull off any pairing.. i think even if you did the most obscure pairing out there and wrote about it, it would still become believable to me and make me think Oh yeah how could they not be together. Again this was a great oneshot and I really enjoyed it! Great Job!


Author's Response: I will never understand Dramione, but of course, I can't fault you for liking them. :D For me, Hermione and Ron will always be together!

I don't know if it's too conceited for me to say this, but the ending of this one-shot gives me warm and fuzzy feelings even though I wrote it. I somehow manage to underestimate happy-ever-after endings until I write or read them, and this one just... ♥

Thanks so much for dropping by, Erica, and your opinion really does mean so much to me! I am so pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #16, by Tonks1247 Coming Home

16th February 2012:
I absolutely adore this story! I love how you choose Ron/Hermione because you are rightÖthey are the most realistic pairing in the series. They had that awkward edge as best friends, always fighting and snapping at each other, early on in the books and as time went on, it just seemed right for them to be together. And because of that, I always love reading fics centring around them, which is why Iím glad I stopped by to read this!

The first thing I noticed, which I have really grown to like, is the use of second person. Iím not quite sure what it is I like about second person, but you really pulled it off well in this. It really fit in the story to have it second person, and Iím thinking itís mostly just because itís Ron. And Ron, for whatever reason, works really well in this perspective. It seems to really bring out his character and make him seem more real.

I also love how you flip from telling the story from Ronís perspective to Hermioneís. I will say that I was confused the first time it switched, but I think thatís just this cold making my mind slow, because when I reread through that section it made total sense. And I really found it cool how you did the switching. Especially as the story drew to a close and switched between Ron and Hermioneís perspectives because it really seemed like they were just continuing each otherís thoughts. Which is something that really seems to define them as a pairing, which I think is really adorable!

I think my favourite line of this entire thing is: ďThere was a lot more paperwork involved in that than youíd anticipated, and having someone else from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement talk you through it felt all wrong, like putting on socks inside-out.Ē Just because it really sounds like something that would run through Ronís mind. And I just really like the reference to socks inside-out. Because I agree, it does feel a bit wrong.

This was really fantastic and I love that you tried experimenting with your style. It turned out well.


Author's Response: I have to give eternal praise to JKR for a lot of reasons, obviously, but perhaps chief among them is for writing Ron and Hermione. ♥ And I think my favorite aspect of that pairing IS its realism -- the romance wasn't hurried, wasn't forced. It progressed naturally and took /seven years/, which is tremendously impressive. But enough on my little rant on them, I suppose. :D I'm so glad you stopped by, too!

I love second person, but I've only written one other fic in that point of view. It just seemed right for this one, though, and very nearly wrote itself, as a lot of my one-shots do. As did the flipping perspectives -- I knew to get the full story I'd have to tell it from both sides, so that's what I did!

Inside-out socks are so bothersome. :P Seriously, though, thank you so much for being willing to drop by and give this a read. And I'm sorry it took so long for me to come back here and respond. But I'm really glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #17, by elephant828 Coming Home

16th February 2012:
I really liked this. I think your characterization was great. Ron and Hermione are extremely hard to write, but I think you did a good job with that.
I also loved the format that went from Ron to Hermione's POV. I think your experiment with style was a success. :) Good job.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! I've not written a lot of Hermione, so getting into her head was a minor challenge. But I LOVE writing Ron. :)

And I'm so pleased that you think my experiment was successful! :P The more I write, the more I love playing around with the /way/ I write. I cannot get enough. Thank you so much for being willing to leave a review, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! ♥

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Review #18, by TheSilverKey Coming Home

16th February 2012:
Loved this.
Intriguing and beautifully paced

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! I recognize your name from GUW, and I'm really pleased to see you returned. :)

The pacing was a bit experimental, but the positive feedback I've gotten on this is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! ♥

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Review #19, by Snapdragons Coming Home

16th February 2012:
asdfjk; Jane! This is actually so adorable that it made my heart melt. It's sort of strange because I love obscure pairings and characters, but at the end of the day, Ron/Hermione has always been my OTP. I think it's sort of what you said - they're the most realistic. There's just something about them that means that I can never ship either of them with anyone else - it just isn't right.

So rant on why I love this ship aside, I'm so glad you wrote about them and totally did it justice! Like I said - this is adorable and captures the two of them spectacularly.

I'm presuming that this is what you were talking about when you asked about experimenting - and I'm really glad you did! I think it came out excellent. I liked the usage of second person - it can sometimes be a gamble, I think, whether or not it works out, but it definitely did here. I felt like I was actually in their heads, and it made it easy to connect to the emotions.

The italics made it really clear that the tense was switching as well, and even though you were using 'you' for both parts, it was completely obvious that the narrator had changed from the voice that was being used. Both parts sounded distinct and totally in character - that was so Ron. ♥

My very favorite part was the end - brilliant. I seriously adored it. You definitely shouldn't be afraid to experiment, because you pull it off /so well/! It flowed seamlessly and just... gah. I actually don't have the words to describe it, but it's one of my favorite endings to a one shot ever. :)

This was incredibly sweet and such a delight to read. NEVER EVER STOP WRITING or I will seriously cry. ♥ ♥


I'm like you, I think -- I love the minor characters and the twisty exploration of motivations, but Ron/Hermione is something I'll always return to and love. :) They've always been the pairing that I've stayed true to, if that's the word I'm looking for, since the very beginnings of my foray into writing fan fiction. And it's almost strange that this was my first on this archives account, really.

This is my experiment story, and I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out! It came out a lot more coherent than I was imagining, I think, judging from the reviews, which is always very encouraging. And I love second person -- that actually came before the pairing here. :D

I LOVED THE END TOO, IN MY SELFISH WAY. Ahh, you have just made my day a thousand times over. ♥ I was sitting in a chair reading, actually, half-thinking about this story while I did, and those lines (and the switching of points of view between them) popped into my head without my even consciously noticing it. It was great!

You lovely, dear girl. ♥ THANK YOU FOR READING THIS. Your review is incredible, and I cannot tell you what it means to have it!

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Review #20, by ariellem Coming Home

16th February 2012:
Awww, this was so cute! I love Ron/Hermione and I don't think people write them often enough so when you brought up a swap for this one-shot I was so excited.

You didn't disappoint, I loved the whole thing. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for swapping with me! I'm glad you found the story enjoyable. :3

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