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Review #1, by Rosethorne Alone

18th March 2012:
Hello Rose_m with your review at last!

Sorry about the wait!

First off, thanks for requesting me to review this! I really don't read many stories after Hogwarts or with Hugo in them and this story was wrote incredibly well so it was a nice read! I think you have a nice little story!

The only negative thing that I would say and it's not really a negative! Is just that I would have liked a bit more dialogue. But that's probably a personal taste thing! Especially since nobody else has picked up on it!

I liked the tone you have going on, voice is hard to pull off and I think you did it nicely! I agree that from the beginning there is a sense of mystery in this which Is great and also hard to pull off!

And I loved the ending to this! I totally wasn't expecting it, it was a great twist and a good idea.

Overall I think it reads fine. I'm not the best at spelling and grammar, but I didnít find anything to obvious!

Hope this helps!

Author's Response: Aww I'm just glad you did! This was a difficult one for me to write honestly, so I am glad to hear that it read well. I probably could have had more dialogue but I was kinda stumped as to what more to add, lol. I've never done a mystery before this one, and it is quickly becoming my favorite genre besides humor.
Any who thank you so much for your review! Super awesome! :D

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Review #2, by charlottetrips Alone

7th March 2012:
Hello! Here with our review swap. First of all, love your banner. I know, I know, you didnít make it but itís still on your story and that boy is cute! :)

Something I noticed right off was the lack of contractions in the story, e.g ďit isĒ or ďI amĒ. Since itís Hugo narrating it, there would seem to be a more casual feel to the story. When people talk in life, and you could just observe this for yourself, they speak in contractions. Flows better.

There are a few spelling/punctuation mishaps along the way but you could see it if you looked at it one more time, Iím sure.

Iíve now read through to the end and am relieved to know that being confused is not a horrible state to be in. Because I am confused.

Well my thoughts on the matter are that Hugoís the kid and the kid is imagining how his life could be later on and writing about it. The Hugo whoís narrating it, doesnít actually exist and itís just what little Arthur is thinking or creating. When Hugo first started reading over the boyís writing, I was afraid that this was going to lead to Hugo being killed. I liked how you made it all eerie that he was writing what had just occurred and being so spot-on on the emotion. I was creeped out! But the good kind, you know, the kind that has you going back to Haunted Houses and the Tower of Terror :)

I look forward to any light you can shed on my own insights!


Author's Response: Dude, I love the banner too! Lol( I couldn't stop giggling when I first saw it).
I do need to go over it again, and fix the flow a bit, I wrote it in a rush to get it out before a deadline.
Anywho, don't worry abut being confused while reading it; I was while writing it (which seems to happen to me while writing these one-shots lately). You've pretty much got the first part right, grown up Hugo exists almost exclusively in little Hugo's head. Though I'm not really sure whether or not he will be real, like if the things he makes up are because he is a seer or something.
Most people have mentioned that they were afraid that Hugo was going to get killed after reading that, I just wanted to shock grown-up Hugo into finding out what he was.
Hope that clears a little of that up!
Thank you so much for the review, I love it!

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Review #3, by Cassius Alcinder Alone

3rd March 2012:
Review tag!

So the idea of Hugo being a detective drew me in right away since Hugo is in so few stories and when he is, its usually seems to be slash with Scorpius, so this was definetely something different.

There was a very strong tone of mystery from the beginning, and there was seomething very eerie about "Arthur." It was so creepy when he was writing down everything exactly how it happened, and then the final twist was just a shocker. I was pretty confused to be honest, but it was very effectively written. This story really packed a punch.

Author's Response: Ha ha! I've never seen him paired with Scorpius lol! He he, I'm glad that it gave off a mysterious or eerie vibe, as I really wasn't sure what it would convey. Thank you so much for review, it gave me happy giggles!

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Review #4, by In The Shadows I Dwell Alone

1st March 2012:
I'm here with your promised review for the 'One Challenge to Rule Them All!" I love a good mystery and even more I love the title of this piece, purely because the second I read it, I knew exactly that there was going to be something here to be solved, although I was no quite expecting that ending, but I really liked the LoTR references, although it might be just me, but 'Arthur' writing his story down seemed like some sort of connection to Bilbo writing his story down, hit me if I'm wrong. I also really liked the mysterious feel to this, right from the start I wanted to know what mystery Hugo was trying to uncover.

It was a really interesting idea and you've certainly written it well, for a moment there I thought it was heading in the direction of being centered around another character (more Arthur) rather than just Hugo... But then it wasn't... It was kind of sneaky... I like that. I really like the section where Hugo read's the story back, for some reason I thought it was going to become the mystery of Hugo's own murder which now that I think about it, would have been kind of confusing, but still I was thinking, What's going to happen? What's this kid going to do to him? Then it happened, and I just wasn't expecting it at all, it was just great.

There were a few small spelling/grammatical errors I noticed throughout the piece, just the odd missing letter in a couple of cases, so nothing major, and could be fixed up with a quick look over by a beta. Overall, it was really well written, and the narration style really added the suspense of the piece as we watched it all unfold from the point of view of an illusion? and it certainly was a great mystery piece! Well done on this, is really fit the challenge well, and I really enjoyed reading it! Keep up the great work!

~ In The Shadows I Dwell

(P.S: The challenge results shall be posted in a blog shortly, so keep an eye out for it!)

Author's Response: You have no idea how good this review makes me feel! Siriusly, I was confident in my initial idea for it, but when it came to actually writing it that was a real challenge. I didn't know I had what I wrote in me. Thank you for starting the challenge! And thank you so much for the review! I may actually continue the story... but we will see.

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Review #5, by fancy Alone

27th February 2012:
Well this was certainly different. For a while there I was going through all the options of who this boy could be, and why Hugo (a detective) was watching over a boy in hospital? but then it was all revealed!
I really liked it, it certainly captured my attention and interest, and then made me extremely sad and sorry for poor little Hugo, living out an imaginary life through Hugo the detective. Knowing that, makes the "it made his parents proud" so depressing.
But I reckon this would work really well for another one shot - the character of Hugo going on an adventure, but tying it into little Hugo's day to day life? I don't know.maybe that makes no sense. All I know is I liked it enough to want to read more!

Author's Response: It was so weird writing this. Since it was so different, I wasn't sure whether it really made any sense. Im glad it ended up readable! Thank you so much for the review!
ps. and if i ever do get the time or inspiration I may continue this.

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