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Review #1, by Ninja in Training Bats and Bludgers

20th January 2016:
I'm so glad you're still writing this - I read it when you first wrote it - about as far as the end of the camp and then I went on a several year long fanfic-reading hiatus, so it's awesome that you're still updating because I MUST KNOW how this ends and J and J need to get together ASAP because they make each other happy and now James has realised he was a numpty they will be even better together so that should happen and I hope her brother is ok!!

Author's Response: I can't believe I ever gave the illusion that I stopped writing this! I feel terrible. It's a motto of mine to always finish writing what I've started. But thank you so much for sticking with this story and writing this lovely review! And I know right, JJ (love that) need to get on with it and fast.

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Review #2, by greenbirds Bats and Bludgers

17th January 2016:
you're back!!! this chapter was a slight filler on the boy front- won't lie, am slightly saddened by the lack of james- but as usual, your writing is sharp and mean and witty and exciting, a total delight to read, the kind of reading that leaves you staring at your screen for a moment or two thinking. well. WELL. what do i do now?

you have GOT to update soon. i've just been reminded of how much i love jenelle and her family and freddie and their absence makes me remember how much i miss james, luke and surprisingly, dom. update soon! update soon! update soon!

all my luv x x

Author's Response: Ah!! I feel so bad when I haven't updated in so long it's like I've disappeared off the face of the planet haha. But yes, for all intents and purposes I'm back! And I know, this chapter was totally devoid of James but with good reason ;). He'll be back though, and it'll be a wild one.

Also, why are you reviews so LOVELY! Thank you so much! I always love reading your reviews and I just realised that I have two chapters of yours I haven't read so, I'm about to binge right now. So excited!

The next chapter will hopefully be up in a few days! All the love x

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Review #3, by Just LIVE Courage To Fix The Thing That Was Broken

24th October 2015:
I am so in love with this story honestly, I just need to know the ending. YOU MUSN'T STOP HERE! DX

I love how you finally got them to admit that they love each other but they both screwed up (In particular JAMES) and it really changes the typical canon around James Potter II.

To be honest, I just need to see what happens next, if you don't continue this story I'll honestly be devastated. ): I mean, it probably has a bunch of views/reads!

Good luck and I really hope you're not thinking of abandoning this story. I just recently read you fic about James/Lily and it was absolutely amazing !! :D

~Just LIVE

Author's Response: I WON'T STOP I PROMISE!

Yeah, I mean, I love the clichés of the James Potter II canon because that's what makes it so good and fun to read. But I just could never get why people didn't explain James's enigma/broody/playboy trope in more depth or why they didn't explore the emotional depth of the goofy/pranky/charmer trope. I wanted this James to be more complicated than that but also I wanted Jenelle to be the same way.

So don't worry, I'm not going to stop writing here! There's still so much I need to do! I refuse to abandon TWY :).

Ah! Oh my god! Thanks for reading Lottery! Literally my first fic haha. I'm so glad you liked it!

Thanks for this lovely review xx

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Review #4, by Celeste Courage To Fix The Thing That Was Broken

4th September 2015:
I started reading this at 2 in the afternoon New Zealand time (my time) now it has just gone 11 at night. And I was so caught up in it that I could not stop reading.

This story I don't know what to say it's amazing. I really wanted things to work out for Jenny and James maybe it could eventually who really knows but wow and Dom ol Dom what was she really thinking I hope her and jenny eventually talk it out they really need to. Seriously they need too.

I love that Fred is gay it's amazing. Totally think Jasper and Fred would be so cute together. I can't wait for the next chapter. Unfortunately I do have to wait and I really do not like waiting for things. Even now I'm like oh what's going to happen next where do they all go from here.. Will there be a chapter from Freddie's point of view cause that would be super amazing.

I also may or may not have had a few tears at the end of this chapter but I'll never tell.

Author's Response: Oh my god!! I think that's the best thing I've ever read in a review hahaha. That's me all the time when I get obsessed with a story. I literally can't stop.

I know, a Dom and Jen chat needs to happen, but the question is ... will it ever?? Also, I love that you said you think Jasper and Fred would be cute together because when I was writing Jasper I was starting to feel the same thing so who knows. ;)

The next chapter might be a while off, but I'm writing it, trying to get to the next stage of what's going to happen. And oh a Freddie centric chapter sounds tempting. Who knows!

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Review #5, by WhiteFeather Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part II

19th August 2015:
Oh WOW!!! So much angst and drama!
I hope Jenny sorts her head out soon, because she's going to hurt so many people's feelings acting the way she is. However, part of me really sympathises because she just seems so confused, and having feelings for more than one person at once really does make you act like that. It's unending temptation, you know? It's natural to want to get back at someone for breaking your heart, but still have feelings for them because you have for a long time. It's also natural to be attracted to people simply because they fancy you- it's flattering! Especially when you're extremely attracted to them.
Personally, I don't think Jen should ever forgive Dom for doing what she did- she was a toxic friend, and she was cruel. I also think she's the one who sees Jen and Luke snogging and this is going to blow up in a big way.
Thanks for the update! :)

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Review #6, by Anonymous Student Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part II

18th August 2015:
You're a great writer, but in my opinion, you've kind of lost the plot of the story. Like you had Ollie, and then Luke, and Finn. I honestly think if you're making this a James/OC, then cut these extra guys out and make it something along the lines of Jenelle trying to trust James and build a new relationship after the whole Luke/Dom thing. But thats just my two cents. I absolutely love the family, though they were thrown in there without any intro really though

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Review #7, by Anonymous Student Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part II

18th August 2015:
You're a great writer, but in my opinion, you've kind of lost the plot of the story. Like you had Ollie, and then Luke, and Finn. I honestly think if you're making this a James/OC, then cut these extra guys out and make it something along the lines of Jenelle trying to trust James and build a new relationship after the whole Luke/Dom thing. But thats just my two cents. I absolutely love the family, though they were thrown in there without any intro really though

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Review #8, by Lady Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part II

18th August 2015:
Oh god, i love, love,love this story, it's so fantastic! Even though I am incredibly frustrated with Jenny regarding her feelings for James, and I just wanna shake her because James is my fave and I hate when he is hurt haha..

I mean, when he confronted her about Luke she confessed (he didn't know about her being confunded), they broke up, he starten daiting someone else, and of course Jenny was confused because she couldn't remember why they broke up. But then James breakes up with Morgan after Jenny asks him to, but that makes James a bad person? And when he asks her to either end it or admit that she loves him, they snog and James get hopeful but then she does this with Luke?

It's both so realistic with all this teenaged drama, but Jenny should really take a step back and someone should call her out on her behaviour, because it's not fair too any of the boys, and not to herself either! Like, she's really hurt over what Dom did, but she's not coping with it at all, and if she's continuing to behave this way, she might loose all of her friends. If it was James who saw her and Luke, I think she has atleast lost him, but I don't want that, because I want James and Jenny together!

Anyway, hope you'll update soon, this cliffhanger needs to be resolved asap :))

Author's Response: Thank you!! I love your review! Very insightful!

And I know! Jenny's world is still turning on edge, she's not coping at all with what Dom's done. She's spiraling out of control. Her emotions are out of whack, decision making skills have flown the coop ... she's a total mess.

Jenny's somewhat aware that she's confusing Luke and James but she thinks that she's justified because a) she's confused herself and b) they have kind of conspired against what she feels, i.e. James sarcastically/seriously offering her to Luke after they break up. I mean, there are still so many levels to everyone's decision making but Jenny's focused on what it LOOKS like and the the fallout out.

It's a weak argument, but she's hurt and uncertain enough to believe in it and act on it. Plus, there's this burning thing that Jenny's been keeping a secret, even to herself, and that's the nature of her relationship with James even BEFORE the Confunding thing. So that's something that will be revealed . ;)

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Review #9, by RavenHairedGirl Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part I

27th July 2015:
Love love love this story, you have such a beautiful and amazing writing style!! James and Jenelle have to be end game! I hope there is more to Dom''s craziness because the whole confunding debacle is actual insanity. Please update soon, and I hope Katie is accepted by Fred because she seems lovely x

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Review #10, by greenbirds Blue, Gin, Phil and Jem Part I

16th June 2015:
it's so incredible comparing where jenelle and james are now to where they were in the opening chapters. their muggle studies trip seems like a century ago, as does jenelle's intimate friendship with dom and luke. so much has changed but i'm just so excited to see where it's all headed!

i love the realness of twy- i know i've said it before but i'm saying it again, the raw teenage language and interactions and thought process of jenelle's mind is so well written and authentic, which makes twy not only that bit more unique but also that bit more exciting. you're such an incredible writer. and the way you celebrate each characters' flaws, like you don't try to hide them or excuse them- i mean, just the fact that you've included them in the first place as opposed to pretending harry potter next gen characters are either BAD CHEATERS or GOOD VICTIMS ala almost everyone else in the rom/com genre is so so SO great.

yeah i mean i LOVE this! i love james, i love freddie, i love jenelle's family we've only now been introduced to really- katie reminds me of a girl i sit next to in history so i suppose i like her in the sentimental but also pitying way, she's sweet- but above all i love jenelle! this is so jenelle's story. from the way she describes the hate she's getting at hogwarts for being the James Potter Heartbreaker to her interactions with her siblings and her friends- also the way she's presented in the opinions of other characters, such as katie, and ESPECIALLY the way she's so refreshingly unconcerned about this finn/james love triangle... i mean, you know? so done with all this teenage angst over two boys fancying a character and the said character collapsing over the pressure of it all. i just love love love jenelle. (finn seems a bit boring but obv we haven't actually met him yet so ye very excited for him in upcoming chaptahzzz)

i don't really know what else to say apart from you have GOT to update soon. and your russia thing was SO SO COOL i am so happy fluorescent adolescent inspired you does this make us friends?? i hope so??

update sooon ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: YOU'RE REVIEWS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST AND MAKE ME SO HAPPY. This is so sweet and amazing and literally everything you're saying is how I feel about Fluorescent Adolescent so ... cool. Very cool. And yesss ... Finn is quite dull right now, I actually still have no clue what kind of a person he's going to be!

I'll try to update as soon as I can! And of course we're friends! :) Thanks for this lovely, lovely review!

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Review #11, by mrsdeanthomas421 Blaze of Quidditch

6th June 2015:
the quidditch confrontation was the funniest thing I have read in a while and I already love Finn! I am loving the return of the gang to Hogwarts, yet this has alao solidified my anti-James feelings lol (I always seem to like the underdogs). keep up the good work!

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Review #12, by mathildarose Blaze of Quidditch

21st May 2015:
so good! i love blaze. also, go Nell!!

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Review #13, by greenbirds Blaze of Quidditch

9th May 2015:
i am so freaakking ecstatic you're back. blaze is honestly my own 14 year old brother (isn't it weird how cocky young teenage boys are all basically the same? obsessed with middle fingers, fight threats and the lad bible?)
urgh. you write so well. I MISSED THIS SO MUCH. sorryyy that's not okay how people are taking dom's side. why is jenelle getting a bad rep for being the only recent (if slightly over-reactive regarding james and luke but DEF not dom what an absolute idiot!! cannot stand her) person in that mess? apart from fred, ofc, but i suppose he wasn't really in that 'mess' to begin with. your quidditch scene was 11/10, amazing, top notch, fab fab fab and it's going to be difficult writing another quidditch spat after that one! which is annoying because they are so much fun to write. you are the queen of that.
please please update soon again ♥ ♥ i want to know everything !!! woo jenelle !!!

Author's Response: I'm freaking out that you're reviewed my story! I absolutely love Fluorescent Adolescent so this is so cool for you to say all these things! You're a brilliant writer. And thanks! That Quidditch scene was a rave to write, loads of fun. I just might have to do another one.
A new update should be coming in the next week!

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Review #14, by beka_wotter Close But No Cigar

22nd March 2015:
I really like this story, it's interesting and unique and I would really love it if you would update soon, I NEED MORE aha ;) this is so good though, can't wait to read more!

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Review #15, by kitty Close But No Cigar

16th March 2015:
that was INSANE.
in such a good way. dom is actually crazy.
i loved how you were consistently building it up to the moment of the big reveal. i have to say, i did think dom was behind it all
and i did suspect that fred was gay but the moment that got me was that dom confunded her to keep the lie going!
i did think parts of the plot were a little repetitive at times - like the whole muggle studies project. i felt like james and her were always having the same conversation - but i suppose that's good and realistic because it just proves how messed up the situation was! i liked the idea of he project as well - that oscar wilde quote is one of my favourites and i love how they represented it! and fred was so funny. i think he definitely added lightness and humor to the trip! kind of feel sorry for luke though. i agree with jenelle's decision to take time - after all, i would be angry if someone broke up with me for that! i think james is going to have to do alot to win her back!
anyway ten out of ten. this story has it all!

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Review #16, by mathildarose Close But No Cigar

18th January 2015:
YAY JENNY! You go girl. I love that she doesn't just fall for James. He screwed up. Also, Dom really needs to find a way to fix this friendship. I have to say I feel sorry for Luke. Poor guy. (I loved the whole scene with Jen helping James with the elbow pad. I could see the scene beautiful stuff)

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Review #17, by aeternalis Close But No Cigar

17th January 2015:
I feel like this story is so completely underrated. Why don't you have more reviews and favorites?? You write so beautifully. It's 4 AM and I work in 6 hours... I should have been sleeping forever ago. But your summary caught my eye and once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I'm entirely caught up in your (and Janelle's) world.
Okay, thoughts:
What. The. Heck. Dom. I'm conflicted. She sounds like she's so sorry, but it doesn't excuse what she did... Would she have honestly ever confessed to Jen if she hadn't been caught? :(
As for James... This chapter's James is wildly different from previous chapters. It's going to take some getting used to. But yes, he's a total idiot for handing his girlfriend off to his best friend due to spite.
Jen deserves time! Her life is a mess, and after James dragged her through hell, the least he could do is give her a week to sort out her thoughts.
Favorite moment: Luke and Jen are friends again! I love Luke, if James didn't exist I'd ship Lukelle 1000%
Favorite color, green. ;) Lol.
Please update soon! I'm so impatient and can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hahaha oh my god! That's so sweet, but I love just getting reviews like this honestly, it doesn't matter about the number! And lol "Lukelle" I love it. But, yes, Dom is probably super sorry but she's a jealous ex girlfriend that has unbridled access to magic. The options are endless. And yes, James really needs to see that Jen needs time!

Thanks so much for this lovely review! xx

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Review #18, by TheTenthWeasley Starlight - Part II

5th January 2015:
The suspense is literally killing me.

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Review #19, by WhiteFeather Starlight - Part II

25th December 2014:
When is something going to actually happen?! The tension is unbearable!

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Review #20, by mathildarose Starlight - Part II

24th December 2014:
duuude. this is good. but please have them talk. What is happening??

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Review #21, by Lola X Starlight - Part I

17th October 2014:
Really enjoyed reading this story! Please continue!

-Lola X

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Review #22, by mathildarose Starlight - Part I

8th August 2014:
gr. what the hell james! (this is good, i'm way too invested as you can see)

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Review #23, by Ashley Starlight - Part I

7th August 2014:
Alex seems like a genuinely nice person! I feel soo bad for her! But James and Janelle just need to have it out... properly when neither of them are drunk! Great chapter! Cant wait for the next one!

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Review #24, by Goldenginnyx A Liar, A Cheat And An Idiot

1st August 2014:
Love this story!! Can't wait to read about the party! Please be quick to update :)

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Review #25, by ashley A Liar, A Cheat And An Idiot

31st July 2014:
yay :) new chapter! more drama... that kiss! I just want James and Jenny to work it out!

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