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Review #1, by The Mirror of Erised Jame Bond, license to kill

5th March 2012:
OH MY GOSH! I'm like in love with your story. I have to marry it. I don't care if it's illegal or not humanly possible I will marry your story because that's just how much I love it! I will also marry you in the process of marrying your story because you are AMAZING!!!

I loved the scene when Rose, Roxie and Jessica are playing James Bond because I'm guilty of doing that all the time with my friends and proud of it- although people have started to avoid me ever since I began to attack them by suddenly jumping out of bushes... I'm perfectly normal I'll have you know.

I actually died with laughter when Jess' mind began to speak spanish. No joke. MY friends walked in to my dorm to find me lying on the floor dead and this is actually my ghost reviewing. Scary I know but I wasn't going to let death stop me from telling you how incredible you are. You are so talented at writing and unbelievably funny!

I'm glad to hear that you did not choke on a vieniesse biscuit although I'm sorry to here you broke your leg- how did you by the way? However, as requested I've put the next chapter of Fortes in Fides in the queue (it's a bit late I know but my school is evil and blocks the page I need to post my stories but being the amazing and clever person that I am, I found a loop hole!)

I hope this review cheers you up from your broken leg because your's always do for me as well as your amazing story! seriously this is becoming one of the best and funiest FF I have read and it's only been two chapters. That my friend is how amazing you are!


10/10 with out a doubt!

Author's Response: YER YER YER!

I broke my leg by tripping over a washing basket. I blame Coldplay! OK, I don't blame Coldplay, I was dancing to them (Gargling whilst hopping around on one foot and flinging my arms around in some sort of pattern.) And my mum was ironing, (no irons were harmed in this...dancing thingy.) and I tripped over the basket full of my sisters clothes and landed on my leg. Owie owie owie!

out of hospital though, and have managed to trip over my crutches twice already.

Anyway, I managed to finish chapter 3, and its in the queue, with an ENOURMOUS plot twist.

I spent two hours trying to submit a request for a banner on tda, but it always says I can't start a new topic. SO frustrating.

I actually just managed to finish chappy 4, so that will be up as soon as no. 3s been validated.

thanking yousies very muchies!

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Review #2, by The Mirror of Erised Theodore Angus Steven Gerrard the second

24th February 2012:
GAH! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! like it was amazingly good and funny which of course I expected from all your lovely reviews! I cried at "Don't call me Jessie or I'll stab you with a chicken. Actually, I don't even know if that's physically possible...meh, I'll do it anyway, I'm a superhero, and my special power is...CHICKEN STABBING!" That was just comedy gold! I also loved "I intervened hastily before it turned into all out eye sex from Russell's point of view and eye war from Roxy's." To be honest I loved all of it so it's like impossible to pin point.

This was an amazing first chapter and I'm so jealouse because I've only read one chapter and it's already better than mine. Damn you and your talent!

If all your chapters are as good as this one then this will be the best story known to man. Keep up the good work and congratz on the super duper amzing brilliant first chapter!

I was lucky enough to not be eating a viennese biscuit, but I had just eaten a bar of chocolate, and I did a MASSIVE burp. I'm a charmer I am.

Anyway, my FIRST review EVER! I am an incredoubasly happy bunny, even though I just broke my leg, and am now sitting in a hospital bed, on my laptop. I stole my dads thing which supplies internet when you plug it into the laptop, it's incredibly helpful. I should be able to put the next chap up for validation tomorrow, UPDATE FinF and I swear I will virtually kiss you! I'm just assuming that you will, because you feel sorry for me and my broken leg, so I'll give you a virtual kiss now! Here you go! *virtual kiss on forehead and a hug for good measure*

see you soon, have fun at boarding school ;P

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