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Review #1, by Guest Love Rule #25

22nd September 2014:
I love this story! Please update!

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Review #2, by Katie aprea Love Rule #25

26th August 2014:
This story is inspiring and can totally relate to some aspects of the plot. I cannot wait till the next chapter is due!

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Review #3, by Marauder_Weasley Love Rule #25

9th July 2014:
great chapter keep it up

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Review #4, by Half-Princess Love Rule #25

8th June 2014:
This story is why I started reading fanfiction. You are kinda my guilty pleasure. I read this story about 2 years ago, and completely forgot about it. Yikes, I know. But I found Love Rules this morning and reread the ENTIRE thing in about 4 hours. I didn't notice the little changes at first, but they really made the story a million times better. I will now be stalking this story every day until you update the final chapter. I'll be cliche now and ask you to update soon and put my poor heart out of its misery. Scorpius in this story is just about as dreamy as Draco, and I love Draco Malfoy so you have done something right. Thank you!


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Review #5, by MuggleMaybe Love Rule #25

9th May 2014:
Oh, this was just perfect! I am head over heels for your Scorpius, I really am! I loved that in this chapter I could feel Rose healing. I could feel that, eventually, she will be okay.

I haven't had a chance to reread from the start yet. Maybe I'll do that before I read the final chapter.

Speaking of which... Usually I have to restrain myself from leaving annoying "Post soon" reviews, but I am really sad to think of Love Rules coming to an end. If you start a new story after this is done, you have at least one devoted reader!


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Review #6, by luciusobsessed Love Rule #25

6th May 2014:
Yay you updated! This is the first story I started reading on HPFF almost two years ago and to this day I check all the time for updates. I'm probably going to end up re-reading it when it's over and sob all over again. Scorp confessed his love for herit was perfect. I WANT SCORP!!! *sobbing* You're an amazing writer, don't ever stop writing please!!

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Review #7, by Guest Love Rule #25

4th May 2014:
YAY! UPDATE! I don't want it to be over. I love this story and the way you write about Rose's eating disorder. I especially love Scorpius and Rose's relationship dynamic. I will miss this story! Great job!

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Review #8, by Lyrix82 Love Rule #25

4th May 2014:
I've just started reading this fic and read the whole thing today. Really, really good story. Your writing has improved over the chapters ( was good to start with, is better now!) I love the depth that you write with, really, really great writing. Also, as usual, I love Scorpius- this Scorp rocks! Thanks for a great story, I look forward to more! xx

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Review #9, by Carmen (pikachewbites@tumblr) Love Rule #24

4th May 2014:
I'm really glad I found this story. As someone who is struggling with eating disorders (anorexia & then bulimia), it frustrates me so much when I read fics that either don't portray it accurately or use it mainly as a plot device to drive up the angst level of their characters.

While reading your story, there were so many scenes regarding Rose's ED that I could really relate to & it made me feel emotional. I wish I had the same support system Rose has when I was going through with anorexia, and seeing Rose receive all this love & understanding from the people around her made me feel really happy.

I must praise you for your realistic & accurate portrayal of anorexia, namely that the reason behind it is not for pure vanity's sake; that recovery does not happen overnight nor is it smooth; and while having people being there for you does help a lot, having an understanding boyfriend does not automatically heals you, it still ultimately comes down to the person themselves to change.

Anyway, thank you for writing this. You have no idea how happy it makes me to find a fic that depicts mental illness accurately, especially one that I can relate to.

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Review #10, by Guest Love Rule #24

27th April 2014:
Please please please please please write more!
Ugh this was like my guilty pleasure. I
LOVED it!! Please please please write more. Scorp and rose are my fav second gen couple. Please!

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Review #11, by LisaK Love Rule #24

21st April 2014:
You took out some of the best parts of the story with your edits! I liked some of them, liking taking out some of the partying and overall clearing up the story, but I was disappointed in the removal of Rose finding the photo album and her part in getting back at Loretta - how that was one of the ways Rose and Scorpius started bonding. Don't get me wrong - it's a great story still and I'll definitely keep reading!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I know that some of the edits were huge and changed the story a lot, but I feel that they were for the best. I'll try to justify them here!

I took out Rose's actions in the Loretta revenge plan for a number of reasons. The first being, Rose is not a vindictive or mean person. Another reason is because technically, Loretta did nothing but tell the truth - Rose had every reason to get into trouble for hosting the party in the Head's common room. Therefore, I felt it a bit strange for me to have written an elaborate revenge plan that shouldn't have happened in the first place. You're right about it being a good development for Rose and Scorpius, but I hope their relationship develops well in spite of me taking that part out.

The photo album was just a bit too random for me. Like, bam here's a photo album, now let's get on with the rest of the story. It just didn't quite fit in with the plot. I could have written it in better or taken it out... I just took it out.

Other edits included removing Hugo's girlfriend completely. I just felt that her presence wasn't really justifiable and that she just added extra, unneccessary drama in a story that is already too dramatic!

Anyway, I hope that clears up some things for you! Sorry about the essay haha. Again, thanks for leaving great feedback. My edits were brutal but needed! :)

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Review #12, by anon Love rule #20

14th April 2014:
First, EeMalfoy. Second,"Sincerely,

Clarke Avery" damn Avery

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review.

However, I'm confused by it. Did you mean to correct a spelling mistake or something? Because I just checked it twice and couldn't see anything. Thanks anyway!

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Review #13, by MuggleMaybe Love rule #13.2

8th April 2014:
Hey there! I know you have been editing lately, so when I saw you had updated I figured that's all it was. Then I decided to read this chapter again, because it's my favorite, to see if you changed anything...
And you have made some changes since I last read. I think you made smart edits. The old end of this chapter was so sweet, but it always bothered me a bit that it was outside the regular POV, and I notice that you revised that very nicely.
I practically have this fic memorized from reading it so much, so it's a bit odd to read the new lines. Still, I know editing is hard and I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job and to keep up the dedication. I love this story, and I hope you keep at it until you love it as much as I do (and until Rose and Scorpius are officially together, haha)!

Author's Response: First off, hi. Second, wow. Thank you so much for such an amazing, kind review. I don't recognise your username so I think this is the first time you've reviewed my story - lovely to meet you! I can't believe you know the story so well that you can tell when I change parts of a chapter! You're all kinds of incredible.

I've made SO many changes to the story overall. My main aim was to reduce all of the nonsensical drama that was going on and to focus more on Rose's illness. Hugh's (ex) girlfriend has been written out all together. Sophie and Fred aren't fighting and are now actually kind of together. And finally, the plot to get Loretta in trouble now has nothing to do with Rose - it was all Scorpius' idea and Rose wasn't meant to find out about it.

*deep breath* so many changes!

But yeah. I hope the changes I've made are all good ones. The overall aim was to improve the flow and readability of the story, and hopefully I've done that.

Again, thank you SO much for your review. I really appreciate it, and I hope I see your name pop up again in future updates!

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Review #14, by sweetcaroline89 Love Rule #24

6th April 2014:
Urrrgh that last paragraph - 'convince me to stay' - all the feels! so sweet lvoed it.

Author's Response: Haha I know right. I was like 'naw' when I was typing!

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Review #15, by sweetcaroline89 Love rule #23

6th April 2014:
LOVED this chapter! Can't believe they kissed! Cutest. I'm so glad that Rose got out of Mungos. THat place was crazy.

Author's Response: Aww thank you! They're so cute, hey!

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Review #16, by albusforpresident Love Rule #24

6th April 2014:
Haven't reviewed you in a while so thought I'd come and say hi.

This story gets better and better. Can really see a marked improvement in your writing.

So glad Rose is back at Hogwarts and she's trying to get better.

Author's Response: Hi! :)

Thanks so much, and thanks for coming back to read after all of this time.

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Review #17, by heygirl101 Love Rule #24

2nd April 2014:
carry on! i love the way that u use the people from HP and make it your own book!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! :)

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Review #18, by Pixileanin Love Rule #24

29th March 2014:
Fantastic story! So much drama, and all the feels! I really enjoyed reading this, all the teen-things and the sensitive way you've handled the difficult topics without overwhelming the story with it.

Great, great writing!

Author's Response: Haha to much drama - just went through and tried to edit some out! Teenagers are exhausting!

Thanks so much for the read and review! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #19, by missclaire17 Love Rule #24

29th March 2014:
REUNIONS! I love that Rose got to hear that Freddie actually studied instead of played Quidditch. It's nice that although it's almost evident that Rose's absence had an effect on their group of friends, nothing changed. That one bit when Rose hated Callie for a brief moment because of her body was very realistic. It's evident that Rose is slowly overcoming her disorder bu it's not going to be an over-night process.

It's so adorable how they look at each other, blush, and then turn away. I love that Rose was like, "convince me to stay". AH! It's just so cute! I love this!

And don't worry. I had been on hiatus from this site for a good half a year because I was so busy, and even though I'm back, I can't start updating constantly like before because of life *sigh*

Author's Response: Hi thanks for still being here for me! :) I hope you're well!

There are going to be plenty of kisses to come. They're a little bit ridiculous aren't they?

Thanks so much for the review! As always, it's greatly appreciated.

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Review #20, by luciusobsessed Love Rule #24

27th February 2014:
Finally! They're kissing! I was grinning like a complete idiot the entire time. Missed your writing, please update soon :))


Author's Response: Me too! I was actually giggling while writing that part, they're so cute :)

I missed you guys too, so I promise I won't do that hiatus rubbish again! Thanks so much for still reading and reviewing after all this time, it's super appreciated :)

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Review #21, by Marauder_Weasley Love Rule #24

26th February 2014:
great chapter loved it

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :)

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Review #22, by Hope's Mom Love Rule #24

22nd February 2014:
Nice work on this chapter! Returning and facing people (including friends) is always hard. Good for Rose for finally talking to Scorpius! Thank you for the new chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the read and review :) I'm sorry you had to wait so long for the new update!

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Review #23, by Midnight spark Love Rule #24

19th February 2014:
FINALLY you r back!! I've been waiting forever, but this chapter made the wait worth it!!

Author's Response: I'm here!!! Sorry for abandoning you!!! I promise not to do it again :)

Thank you SO much for still being here and reading my story, I really appreciate it.

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Review #24, by Calendula Love Rule #24

19th February 2014:
I'm SO happy you updated! I can't wait to see more Scorpius/Rose moments! Please tell me they are finally going to work it out and be together. They both deserve it! Please, please, please, update again SOON! I don't want to live without this story again!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you're still here reading!! Haha thanks for not abandoning me like I abandoned you.

Hey, no spoilers from me! You'll just have to wait another five months to find out.


I think.

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Review #25, by Padfoot___ Love rule #23

18th February 2014:
Ill wait as long as it takes, Rose." This part made me nawww! I love scorp's loyalty to rose. Finally they kissed!

Author's Response: Ain't dey the cootest.

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