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Review #1, by Celeste I Saw Red

6th July 2012:
This is a really good story
You should write more. Scorpious and Rose is my favorite ship! You're a really good writer. :)

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Review #2, by luvinpadfoot I Saw Red

5th March 2012:
This is a great story! I really enjoyed reading it. Scorpius seems so sweet and it's got the perfect amount of cheese to be completely adorable without being sickening. They make the cutest couple. You did a wonderful job with this story!

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Review #3, by Savannah I Saw Red

26th February 2012:
Awww! I loved this story. It was sweet. Keep writing, I look forward to your other stories :) ~Savvy

Author's Response: Why, thank you very much!! I sure intend to:)
Oh, that is so flattering!:') Thank you, again; very, very much!!

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Review #4, by RavenclawWayToBe I Saw Red

21st February 2012:
Awww, i thought your story was incredible! I liked that you showed the expansion over time and the progression of their friendship. When you went to the time that they got together, i was a it confused as to if time passed or what was going on, but after a bit i understood fully what you meant! I liked your banner alot, and i think that the summary was well written! Also , the whole thing with seeing Red was so cute! I really liked your story!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very, very much!!:') Yes, I tried to explain what I think their relationship would be; I'm glad it was noticed!
Phew, good to know it worked! I was a bit hesitant about NOT explaining the time lapse, but I'm glad you understood:)
Oh, really? Wow, thank you!! I'm actually really surprised you like the banner!(x And thanks again! I'm really bad at summaries, so thank you! I didn't know how it had turned out or if was clear:)
Well, thank you very, very much again!!!

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