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Review #1, by Sainteth The Malfoy Mafia

5th February 2006:
Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa...Malfoy's gunna pay...

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Review #2, by Sainteth Romantica a la Roma

5th February 2006:
Yay!!!! Sounds fun....

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Review #3, by ginnygirl The Malfoy Mafia

29th August 2004:
o jeez....i haven't reviewed this yet? i'm really bad at this....anyways...this is so funny....Malfoy ashley over this yet? okay well, anyways...keep updating...i have to update too!

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Review #4, by Angéle Romantica a la Roma

29th April 2004:
Hallo! I'm Angéle and I'm Italian... your ff it's very good and I understand evrything... but what does mean the title? I don't understand! oH, MY GOD ! I write in English! My English teacher would be very, very, very, very, very, very, very... HAPPY! Ok.... I leave you! a big Kiss Angéle-Angela...

Author's Response: Thanks! the title means Romance in Rome or something to that extent. I don't know what it would mean literally, a la is sort of a phrase Americans stole from another language meaning from or in. But don't quote me on that! And then I'm being American stereotypical by adding an a to the end of the words to make them sound foreign. Congratulations on writing in English! I take German in school but my school doesn't offer Italian. I've honestly always wanted to go there and learn at least a little of the language. Your English grammer is pretty good too!

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Review #5, by Lady Firewitch The Malfoy Mafia

26th February 2004:
SHORT LITTLE MUGGLE I'm better than you. Yes, Mrs. Miller will give you a detention thingy for smirking. People do not smirk or smile!!! :) Love Always, Marina

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Review #6, by Lady Firewitch The Malfoy Mafia

26th February 2004:
Funny! But You the LITTLE SHORT MUGGLE INSULTED DRACO!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise it's ok. Aragorn and Arwen live on in in our HEARTS!!! Yes, I'm very very hyper. Love Always, Marina

Author's Response: I like the part where the short muggle (aka me) insults Draco!!!! *smirks evilly and gets one of those detention thingys* but its so sad that arwen and aragorn die *tear tear* but I'll be ok... as for your being hyper...that's another matter

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Review #7, by Rocheluver The Malfoy Mafia

24th February 2004:
horrific! i'll give you scrawney, how dare u, youre getting a HOWLER from me tomorrow colleen!!!

Author's Response: ha ha! "Hand ova da branch an' I'll give ya da money!" ~Victor M. I personally liked that chapter...

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Review #8, by XOXOXOX Romantica a la Roma

20th February 2004:
Yay! R/H stories forever! I luv this fic, continue please.

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Review #9, by Rocheluver Romantica a la Roma

17th February 2004:
haha funny colleen, and veryyyy interesting, i should give a 2 but im feeling generous! hehehe

Author's Response: why thank you

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Review #10, by MuggleLover Romantica a la Roma

19th August 2003:
yay! more!

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Review #11, by mrsfelton Romantica a la Roma

13th August 2003:
dude! this is supposed to be in Ron/Hermione section.. why is it in Draco/Hermione??

Author's Response: I changed it to the R/H section just to let you know

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