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Review #1, by The Kelpie A Case of the Nonsensical Emotions

18th January 2016:
Hello Little Human. Itís me again.

I am back to read the next chapter of the story.

I loved the introduction of Albus and Molly. They seem like fun siblings for Lucy to have, even though Albus technically isnít her sibling of course. I cannot imagine living with siblings. We kelpies do not actually have any siblings, but I do feel as if I understand sibling relationships. Theyíre difficult, and one often seem to get on each otherís nerves, but then at the end of the day you love each other of course. You have to; youíre siblings. So I do think Lucy really loves them, even if they have a very teasing tone and seem to annoy each other a lot too.

Lucy is just getting more and more interesting. I did not even think about the fact that she never got hear what the job entailed, but that really is funny. For all she knows, itís something she cannot do or does not like at all. Hopefully itís something great though. She deserves to find something that makes her happy too.

Ah, I must leave again, and itís painful to say that this will be my last visit for now. I do hope I will return sometime in the future, but thank you so much for letting me visit you now.

The Kelpie

Author's Response: Yay so happy to have you here! Have a oat or fish, what do Kelpies eat? lol

Oh yes, they're very loving bunch, just small flat and lots of personalities. I have siblings and friend roommates and the dynamics are always interesting - funny, but they really know you and aren't afraid to hold the punches sometimes. Lucy loves them, she's just having a post-grad moment.

Yes, she does! I thought it was funny too. Especially since that's how interviews get sometimes. People are eager to please, needs jobs, etc, and will say yes. Then you get there and it's like WHAM what??? At least, in my experience haha.

Thank you so much Kind Kelpie for the reviews. Hope I learn your secret/reveal sometime, I'll keep an eye out.


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Review #2, by The Kelpie Ze Beginning: Seek

18th January 2016:
Hello Again Little Human. Did you miss me?

I am back to read the next part of this wonderful story.

I think this chapter really shows Lucyís insecurities. Even though Iím just a small kelpie myself, I can relate to feeling like a failure because you havenít gotten your life together at a time when you feel like you shouldíve. I am still young by kelpie age, but Mr. Kelpie up and left a while ago and I am all on my own, and that is not what I had expected of my life at this point. That is how I think Lucy is feeling too.

Lucy seems determined to make a life for herself. She doesnít want to get everything in life through using her name, but rather make a name for herself. I am rooting for her, and I do hope this new job might be the key to doing just what she is meant to do in life - the key to finding her happiness.

Again I must be off way too soon for my liking. Itís getting dark again, and I must get back to my loch. I hope to return sometime soon to read more.

The Kelpie

Author's Response: Of course I missed you!

Yes a bit of depth to Lucy - you can see a bit more into her life here. Only a few glum moments throughout the series, and this and the next chapter got that covered.

Thanks again for dropping by mystery kelpie!

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Review #3, by The Kelpie In Medias Res: Hide

18th January 2016:
Hello Little Human.

Itís I, the kelpie, another magical creature making its presence at HPFF known. Iíve galloped out of the sea to visit your authorís page, and this story looked so interesting I simply had to read it.

I do love being entertained, and this chapter had me chuckling more than once. I donít know where Lucyís working yet, and that was a bit confusing at first, though Iím guessing from the Greengrass family, but she is certainly an interesting girl. Reminds me a bit of Nessie, my friend, actually. Sheís one to get herself in weird situations too, and they usually have a fun outcomeÖ for everyone else of course.

I think this is good beginning of a longer story. Lucy gets to eat lunch with her office crush, a mystery man that seems sweet, and I am excited to see if this will go well. For some reason I do feel sheíll embarrass herself horribly, but I hope that wonít be case of course.

Ah, look at the time. I am sorry to cut my visit short. I have to be back in my loch before it gets dark outside. Itís not safe for kelpies to be out of sea at night. I hope to return to your story soon though.

The Kelpie

Author's Response: Hello Big Kelpie!

Thank you for coming out from the dregs of the ocean to read and review my story :) You've given me the encouragement I desperately need to write this fic again, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and had a few laughs along the way, hope I can keep up the entertainment levels! Sorry for a bit of confusion, it was a bit necessary for the tone, but yes it's for the Greengrass family.

Bye thanks again luff,

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Review #4, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 In Medias Res: Hide

29th October 2015:
Hey there Tasha here for our review exchange. Sorry I'm so late with getting to this but RL has been hectic this last month.

First off let me start by saying while I love ScoRose it is nice to read a next-gen fic that doesn't seem to involve them (so far) I loved the comedy in this chapter and I had a good laugh reading this so thank you. I really needed a laugh today and this helped to lift my spirits.

I love how you wrote Lucy's character and her attitude. She has just the right amount of snark and sarcasm without going overboard. I really want to see where you take her and where her relationship with her crush.

Again this was really good and as soon as things in RL slow down for me (if ever) I will have to come back and keep reading I would love to see where you decide to take this and I look forward to being able to come back and find out.

Peace, Love, and Tacos


Author's Response: Hey Tasha!

No worries, thanks for reviewing at all. Totally understand real life obligations ;)

I'm glad you liked my take on the NextGen insanity! Though some ScoRose pops in and out, sadly integral to the plot in the beginning, I will focus on Lucy and this Quiddith Pitch company I totally made up haha.

Aw, glad I could give you a laugh! Sorry you needed it, keep smiling and force a laugh every now and then to keep the spirits high (I find kitty videos to be helpful building happy feels).

Thanks, love tacos :P

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Review #5, by Frankie05 Ze Beginning: Seek

20th September 2015:

The beginning of this chapter confused me a bit with the princess talk and the castle stuff but then it got going. It's set in the past the previous chapter and sets up the job that we still don't know what she does for the Greengrass family. I like how you wrote everything that could go wrong did for her interview. She couldn't find the building, got hit in the face with snow, embarrassed by the receptionist (who I don't like). You made the story flow well and I wanted Lucy to succeed for herself not because of her last name - so when she got the job (although the interview lasted .5 seconds) I was as excited as she was!

I hated how she felt like she needed to have all her crap together and know her dream job at what? 18? 19? And that's a year out of Hogwarts. I've been out of college for 3 years and I struggle daily about what I want to do with my life. You showed just how frustrating society can be with having children/teenagers pressured into making decisions that will affect their whole lives.

I'm excited to see where this story goes. Maybe Lucy and Scorpius will get together?


Author's Response: Hey Frankie!

Thanks for always offering to review and dropping by, you're so lovely~

Yeah Lucy's feeling a lot of pressure seeing as everyone else in the Weasley-Potter clan has such a firm understanding of who they are and what they want in life. And she just doesn't, which is OK, but she'll hopefully find herself soon :) I've been out of college for 4 years and definitely have no idea! So I feel you, and Lucy haha.

Maybe? Maybe not? :P

Thanks again &heart Ellie

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Review #6, by Frankie05 In Medias Res: Hide

31st August 2015:
Hey. This is a cute story although I have no idea what is going on or who these people are or where she is working. Hopefully you will get to that in the next chapters :) but it made me laugh. Seriously I was chuckling the whole time during this story. Running away. He hiding. The Murphy's law of her crush being in that room and watching her crouch below the desk. Then the older ladies coming in and flirting with whomever was in the room with her. The rat. It was all so funny.

I'm guessing she is fresh out of Hogwarts and works for the Greengrass company. And I have no idea who this mystery man is. But apparently has a nice bum.

He sounds like a nice guy- lying for her and keeping her secret. Then witnessing whatever fiasco just happened with the rat and the older women and decided to take her to lunch. Sounds like a friend Id like to have :)

I'm going to come back to this story because it has promise.

Does she look more like her mom or dad? I was confused. You said mom but then you described her as a Wealsey with long red hair and I was confused. Also did Percy wear glasses?

Until next time,


Author's Response: Hey Frankie!

Thanks for stopping by, and reviewing and offering up reviews to other members on the forums, it's really sweet of you!

Yay! I'm glad you liked it and thought it was funny. I think humor is actually my weakest genre to write, so I appreciate your comments a lot :) It's a silly, over-the-top kind of story, so I'm glad I'm doing it justice.

Yup, fresh out of Hogwarts...well this happens almost a year post-Hogwarts for her, since this is her first full-time gig, but still. same thing haha. and Yup Greengrass and pitches, I made it up, but it seems so real in my head and works too easily.

Mystery dude is very understanding and sweet.

She looks like both? She's got long strawberry blonde hair (mum is blonde) and some freckles, bad vision, but doesn't wear glasses (percy does wear glasses). I should read that over and make it clearer :P Sorry for the confusion! Hope you do come back :)

xx's Ellie

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Review #7, by queen_loony Ze Beginning: Seek

30th August 2015:
Hi, I'm back for my next review!

This chapter was just as filled with fun and jokes as the last one, and I love it so much! All of the characters are so unique- Belinda, the old hag, must be so fun to write about, and Lucy's bright and naive outlook on life always makes me laugh!

I can't believe she didn't even know which position she was interviewing for! Thank God Daphne Greengrass has a soft spot for her godson, otherwise Lucy definitely wouldn't have a job now... But now she does, and us readers will have the pleasure of accompanying her as she blunders through it!

20 pockets! That's just crazy, even for wizards! And of course her wand is in the furthest one- it's Lucy, what else could one expect?

Hmm, do I notice some cousin rivalry going on there between Lucy and the 'pomp priggy pig' that's Rose? I can't wit to find out!


Author's Response: Hi again queen_loony! I'm happy you came back for more!!

Aw thank you. Belinda is a joy-and-a-half, and I know from personal experience ;) The chapter I'm writing now really is a winner for Belinda-Lucy action!

Those robes were very fashionable, her mum insisted haha.

Yes you do! Yay cousin rivalry, kind of, it's pretty one-sided :P

Thanks again for dropping by, glad you are still enjoying WSS, bye \\waves//

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Review #8, by queen_loony In Medias Res: Hide

26th August 2015:
Hi there!
So, I was just browsing around the sight, looking for something fun to read, and then I found this! Exactly what I needed, so thanks a lot for that! Just this first chapter has made me laugh, and I know that it's only the beginning of Lucy's journey... I especially loved the part where Lucy tried to talk herself out of trouble (I mean, seriously, Lucy, hide and seek? Not as if I'd be any better in that situation...) Her ramblings are awesomely crazy, but without getting mixed up and confusing as these stories tend to:)
Hmmm... Lucy is really such a fun character! Having to hide under desks, finding rats in her lunch, having an incurable crush... definitely a gret start for the story, and I can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Hi queen_loony (awesome username btw haha)!

Thanks for dropping by :) I'm glad you enjoyed the silliness that is 'When Stupidity Strikes', and Lucy's life haha. Yeahh she's a sweetie, but not the most clever. Though I'm not sure I would have come up with anything better given the witch hunt that was Belinda trying to find her ha. I'm glad this was exactly what you needed to make you laugh! I feel awesome that my writing was funny, as that's not my forte, so yay!

Hope you continue to enjoy the story,
xx's Ellie

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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16 Ze Beginning: Seek

21st August 2015:
Hi! Here for the Slytherin Review Tag!

Wow, that sounds like an interesting place to work! I have to agree with Lucy though, a sign would be a great touch, lol. Then she never would have gotten hit in the first place since she wouldn't have been wondering around the building for so long trying to figure out how to get in. At least those boys were kind enough to bring her inside and get her some help. Although with all that blood, it's amazing her nose wasn't broken.

Belinda sounds like a real trip though. And Daphne seems... interesting. Honestly, you'd think if Lucy didn't know what position she was interviewing for, the woman would at least give her a brief summary or something, instead of just hiring her and basically telling her to figure it out for herself. Unless the packets will explain everything. I don't know. I'm very curious to read on and see how she fairs on her first day of work.

Your Lucy is a very interesting character. I like her descriptions about things and how she doesn't like to be associated with her family. She clearly sees herself very differently than she sees her cousins and I wonder why that is. And what is her relationship with Scorpius? Are they just friends? Were they dating at one point since she did say she'd attended Greengrass gatherings for a couple years? She's a very curious character.

Great second chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Nix! Yay review tag!

Haha yes, it's a very interesting place to work. and only gets more and more interesting, I think :) No signage is just the beginning of the insanity. Because her co-workers, Belinda and Daphne as you mention and all the others, are very entertaining to write. Hr first day should be out by the end of the month, so I guess you'll have to see what happens then!

It's not so much her family as it is Rose, but yes she's trying to make her own way in life. Oh, and, yes, Scorpius will be explained soon too *evil cackle*

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #10, by slytherinchica08 In Medias Res: Hide

10th December 2012:
I loved it! This was such a fun and sweet beginning and I enjoyed how you kept the boys name unknown during this first chapter! I can already tell that this is going to be a really fun story to read with a lot of funny moments going on. I loved how Albus puts things into her lunch box from time to time to surprise her and now this time he put in a live rat! Poor girl, I would have screamed too and probably done all the other stuff that she did. I can see why people would want to leave for lunch and then honestly never come back for work, they seem like some crazy people to be working with. I thought Lucy's characterization was really funny and different and i enjoyed it very much. I look forward to the next chapter and seeing what happens for the two of them when they go on their lunch together! This was a great beginning and caught my interest! Great Job!


Author's Response: Haha thanks Slytherinchica! This story is very crazy and all of the place. It's kind of my joke story, something fun and not-so-serious like my other war-centric tics. I'm glad you enjoyed it and sympathize with Lucy. She's kind of a spazz, but it's funny :P I'm glad you enjoyed and really appreciate the time you took to review!

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Review #11, by justonemorefic Ze Beginning: Seek

29th April 2012:
Awwh, poor Lucy doesn't get herself in the best of circumstances, eh? Those two guys are so adorable with their banter. Scampers.
And out the window went any futile attempt at being an individual. Haa, I adore Weasley jokes. The woes of large famous families and a million red heads.

Lool Belinda. I kind of imagine her as one of those squinty-eyed ladies who always has a shotgun behind her back, but I suppose her words can strike fear just as well.

Twenty-pocketed robes! Wizard woes, and wizard logic haa. How could anyone think that would be in fashion? I love that her robes are bright yellow. Something about Lucy just screams yellow.

Ooh but how scary Dee, er Daphne, is. I see a bit of a softie in her though. "I would do anything my godson asked, which I'm sure he mentioned." baw.

Best ending sentence ever! Totally just see Lucy skipping along the countryside like a lamb. To slaughter, perhaps...

♥ this fic's been fun so far! :D Love large casts! Hope more office banter awaits~

Author's Response: No she doesn't. Lucy's a fail, but she'll get better. Maybe :P I enjoyed writing their banter a lot. Scampers is like the best word to describe them!

LOL! You knew about her shotgun? Seriously. She has one. Most people in this fic will have one. They're surrounded by woods after all. ;) Belinda is quite a painful joy.

Lucy's very yellow! Sunny lil 'Puffcake in a silly robe. It's somewhat practical. I mean you could probably fit a cauldrons worth of stuff in her robes, but still look sleek haha.

Dee's a softie for Scorpius. That's it. Be afraid!

To slaughter is about right hahaha. But she'll be ok, it's a silly story nothing too grim.

More office banter for the rest of Lucy's life mwhaha. Thanks so much for your lovely reviews :) I've enjoyed reading them and replying to them! Glad you think it's fun too.


And I forgot to mention this in the last review, but YES SHIP THEM SHIP THEM! *cough*

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Review #12, by justonemorefic In Medias Res: Hide

29th April 2012:
Ahh I love slapstick. There is so much abounding here 8D Lucy is just like WHAM everywhere, her poor body. And then hot grinning guys grinning up the space in front of her, or you know, wiggling their bums. I'm just totally imagining Lucy's face as that perpetual why meee face, with spaghetti arms flailing for effect, except cramped under a desk. She's so expressive!

Snort, and then she interrupts her joy to worry about whether he actually knows her name or not. Priorities. HE SEEMS ADORABLE, I SHALL SHIP THEM. You have to be mad to work here, extraordinarily aloof, or a Greengrass. Lucy has got that woe-is-me spot on. Office full of crazy mum-ladies.

Hee, food metaphors. what these ladies dished out was misery and if you weren't eating it too, then they would force it down your throat in heaping globs that they called "paperwork" or you've-got-to-hear-these "stories"

This is such a fun start ^__^ so much silliness just from underneath a desk. And you know, it's pretty tough to tell a whole scene in one spot and describing everything around her without really seeing anything. But I got such a good scene in my head from what you described through everything else, especially all the sounds and her mental descriptions.

Author's Response: Hello *waves*

Hahaha, thank you! Everything's overboard thus far, Lucy included. Yay slapstick crack fics! And yes priorities! How could Lucy go on if he crush didn't know of her existence?

That sentence (mad, aloof, or a Greengrass) will the backbone of so much more ;) Trust me, office of crazy mum-ladies doesn't begin to describe the insanity that's brewing.

:P Food = what makes the world go round. Can't not have food metaphors!

Aw, thanks. Your reviews rock! I'm glad you get the fun slapstick ridiculousness of it all, even from just underneath a desk haha. You know, I actually didn't realize that the whole first chapter was all from that vantage point until you pointed it out. Interesting on my end...

But yes, thanks for the lovely review :) I'm honored!


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Review #13, by itswonderland In Medias Res: Hide

14th March 2012:
I love this first chapter. The way you portrayed Lucy was really funny and I enjoyed reading it a lot :) But the poor thing, hiding under a desk and being seen by her crush! Belinda seems like an interesting character, although I'm sure I know someone just like her, ha ha.

I can't wait to

Author's Response: Hello itswonderland!

I'm glad you found Lucy to be funny and that you enjoyed the first chapter :) She's a bit much, and will continue to be. The whole cast is barmy and cracky haha.

Next chapter should be up in the next week or so! Look out for it ;) Thanks so much for the review; much appreciated!

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Review #14, by EnigmaticEyes16 In Medias Res: Hide

22nd February 2012:
Haha, I really enjoyed this chapter. It just jumps right into the story and was quite hilarious. I don't read much of Lucy, but I like how you've portrayed her in this. I may have missed it, but I'm not quite sure exactly where it is that she works and I hope to find out more about that and what her job is, who she's replacing, and who her office crush is.

Grammar wise this was pretty well written. I did notice one little mistype: "The old lying codger, I thought. She wasn't a dirty old man, fine, but that didn't spot hair from sprouting above her lips or her from lying!" In the second sentence you have "spot" instead of "stop'. Other than that it looked good though.

I really hope you update soon!


Author's Response: Yay first review for the story, thank you, EnigmaticEyes! & a favourite, you are the best!

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter :) You didn't miss anything, I didn't mention much. It's just beginning, but it will all be linear and exaplained out. I have fixed the typo, thanks for catching that, and will put the edits in once I get a nice CI :P

As far as updates, the next chapter is already complete and the third is about a quarter finished. The story writes itself because it's so ridiculous haha. Thanks again for being an awesome reader, I appreciate the response and review, etc. :)


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