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Review #1, by Cleopatraa Central

9th August 2012:
I think your summary is really fascinating it made me wonder what is that story about and what does she exactly mean with that. And Iím so glad I did. I like stories like this. And I thought you cleverly choose your summary. I loved the fact you choose the perspective of a person who has many one-night stands, usually in fanfic itís from the perspective of a person who has a friends who is like that or an enemy. Your Dom is not perfect and does not get her happy end and Iím so glad for it. As the majority of the fanfics give their character exactly that. I liked two comparisons you made . The first one between Dom and her brother Louis. Why should a girl be labelled while a guy like her brother isnít. The second one between Dom and Rose. In a way I agree with your Dom sheís more the feminist then Rose, atleast the way you described it and I understood it. Iím going to favourite this! A very lovely read!

Author's Response: Feminism is one of those things that I can never quite get my head around because I don't think it's as clear cut as people make it out to be - there's a lot of different issues to play with but, yeah, the tie between Dom and her Rose is an interesting one.

Glad that you enjoyed it! :D


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Review #2, by GrangerDanger76 Central

6th June 2012:
Wow! You really created sort of a unique aspect to this story in the way, that you've gone and did narrative v what was happening. I really enjoyed it, although the guy kinda gave me the creeps! :) You are a super taleneted writer though.

I liked the way you characterised Dom when you went back and told her what her mum used to tell her and such! :)

This is GrangerDanger76 for TEAM BLUE! :)

Author's Response: Hey GrangerDanger76,

I kind of like messing with narrative and having different tenses and bits and pices in things though. It's fun. Ahha, I guys at clubs/ bars and things are like that. See it as a warning in life.

Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the review! :)


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Review #3, by ariellem Central

10th May 2012:

I'm in a crappy mood AC, just ignore the sentence above. However your writing. especially this one-shot was awesome as normal. How do you write this stuff? Your mind is AMAZING!

Author's Response: Ahha, that's okay. Men do suck. We should throw rocks at them and what not. Like the stationary says. That's not going to make much sense if you haven't seen the stationary I'm referring too, which seems likely. Still... down with men? Ish.

I'll forgive your crappy mood. Thanks for a lovely review :)

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Review #4, by maskedmuggle Central

5th May 2012:
Woah I really loved this! Your writing is just fantastic, and you really managed to characterise Dom so well, and convey so much of her personality and thoughts in this one-shot! I loved the plot, it was so interesting, all the talk about one-night stands and I really liked the way you alternated between the action in italics and then back to focusing more on Dom and the bits of information about her life that made it even more fascinating to read.

And of course, the romance is lovely haha. I liked the idea you had going through this - the repetition of the first paragraph as the last. All in all, I really enjoyed this! Brilliant story + writing :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I'm a sucker for alternating between tenses and point of views and italics and non-italics, so I'm glad that was actually semi-effective, ahha.

I've never read anything about one night stands, apart from the usual 'don't do that' sort of suggestion, or when some one ends up pregnant, and well... I sensed an alternative viewpoint.

Thanks for such a lovely review! :D


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Review #5, by JeSuisEscargot Central

5th May 2012:
whoa.. xP
did you feel awkward writing this? xD
dont take offense to tht please! i was just wondering hehe.

>.- i agree, men can do just about whatever they want and it's fine... but when it comes to ladies. Mehh

heh. not saying its really okay.. for men or women to just use
ppl like that... but tht's my opinion :p

LoL i read this sooo far off from valentine's day! =p
dont stop writing! (so ive heard you like it when ppl say that xD) but seriously dont! =]

you really lived up to your challenge! :D


Author's Response: Erm, yeah, a little bit. Hehe. Writing about people snogging has always seemed a little weird to me, but I figured it was time to challenge myself.

Yeah, I don't think it's okay from either parties. I just think it's quite an interesting view point.

Yes! I love it when people say that. Thanks for another lovely review! :)


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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Central

1st May 2012:
It wasn't her fault that society was sexist and she wasn't pregnant or responsible.

OH SOCIETY! Don't get me started on society. I'm trying to keep this as 12+ as possible so I will use certain terminology that might make you laugh at me.


I can't stand it when people use the whole excuse 'well, she's a girl/woman, but he's a guy so it's different.' How is it different? Biologically we are different but at the end of the day we're both people. And people, regardless their gender should be able to do what they want to do without others going 'ah, well, that's inappropriate. yadiyadayada.'


WOW. Even your one-shots are amazing. I have to admit. I have written a fluffy Valentine's Day one-shot, it's a bit morbid though because one of the characters was dead, but it was still fluffy. Which kind of made me realize you don't really write fluff.

Do you need a hug, AC?


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Review #7, by NaidatheRavenclaw Central

26th March 2012:
Okay, just stop. Seriously. No one should be allowed to be this good.


But really, this was excellent. If you'll allow me to be cynical and completely unromantic for a few minutes, I'm so glad you didn't write about love on Valentine's day. That's so overdone. I'm pretty sick of all the fluffy Valentine day one shots, because let's face it, that /rarely/ happens on Valentine's day. It's so nice to see a Valentine's day piece that isn't overly fluffy or overly tragic.

Okay, cynicism over :D I do enjoy the fluffy pieces of course, but this is better. Much, much better.

Not to mention this IS my Dom. She is this kind of girl in my head. (I'm not mentioning labels because I have no idea if they're 12+ or not, but I think you get what I mean). Victoire has always been the one who cares about how she looks, but not as much about men in my head, and Dom is that in reverse for me. That just made her even better to read.

And the style of this was great as well. It was really different from anything I've seen, with the present being in italics, but I really liked it. Whoever this mystery guy was, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him at the end there. Still, good for Dom :P

You also managed to give the personalities of half the Weasleys, which is pretty amazing.

Next time I feel overly cynical and harsh about love, I'm reading this :D


Author's Response: I love i when people tell me to never stop writing, because it makes me feel like I have a genuine obligation and people behind the idea of just spending the rest of my existance tapping out stories :D

LETS BY CYNICAL TOGETHER. Basically, what I love about Valentines day is spending it doing goofy things with my best friends (we have a history for it) and I think love, ah, well...I have a lot of mixed up and complicated thoughts about love which I won't go inot because its totally irrelevant and I need to stop using review responses just to talk about myself.

This is my head canon Dom. She's always been this way. Mywahhh. Here's me going off on my mixture of tenses and itallicay one-shots. I need to stop there. Ah, poor guy.

Heheeh, saankk you veyr much Naida :D



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Review #8, by Snapdragons Central

21st February 2012:
All right, I think we need to have a talk, because somehow you managed to perfectly match my headcanon Dom. For reals. It's kind of frightening.

But this is how I've always seen her, and oh my gosh, you did such a good job with this. Nice job challenging yourself - you certainly rose to the challenge!

But you let us enter Dom's mind and managed to make her someone that I cared about, somehow making me understand her decisions. I loved how she justified it - in a way, it was feminism for her, because she wasn't relying on them, not really. She was using them, she felt in control.

I loved how you brought up what I think is a very valid point - in this society, a guy can sleep with how ever many girls he wants, and he gets clapped on the back and congratulated. But a girl instantly gets those labels attached to her (pretty sure they're not 12+ so leaving that out of the review) and is branded. It wasn't her fault that society was sexist and she wasn't pregnant or responsible.

She seemed vulnerable even through her hard front, which I think we really saw at the end there, when she decides to not. I thought that was really good to see - again, sort of like she's gaining some more control.

Basically this is a rant but I thought you did a beautiful job getting into her head. I do love character studies. :D (an aside: the title was awesome) The writing felt raw almost, very emotional. I guess I thought it was okay. You know.

No but it was actually fantastic, and thank you for writing about the Dom that seems to live in my head. ♥ I thought this was great.

(and also: I love that this was your reaction to Valentine's Day. Ha.)

Author's Response: I'M SO GETTING THE HANG OF THIS RESPONDING THING! Look Hannah! I'm here replying the same day you posted this review and I even had like ten reviews to do, so I've actually sat down for like a length of time and answered all of them. Look at me go! Ahh!

Okay, sorry. But, you know, this is a big deal!

This is my head canon of Dom. I have no idea why but I've always thought that she'd be like this. I wanted to make it about someone else, but it just wouldn't work.

I can never wrap my head around feminism. It's the sort of thing that I sit there and think about for ages, because I always think you get the sort feminist women who strut around with low tops and crush men (mann-eaatterss) then you get the ones who refuse to wear bras and stuff. For me, I think it's about like... I think if you're in an equal happy relationship with a guy then that's sort of feminism? Because, well, I don't know. But that sort of crept in there. I have no idea what I think about it, but I do definately think about it.

Okay, this response got long and I think I have a couple more to go so THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVELY. This was a lovely review and I'm really glad you liked it.

(Valentines Day: ahahahahah. Meh).


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Review #9, by charlottetrips Central

19th February 2012:
I like reading your stories. End of review.



I like it when someone takes a NextGen character and makes them grown-up and out of Hogwarts. Itís practically writing a new story because these characters donít have a definition, have no substance other than what an author imbues in them.

Now this, a look into the mind of someone anyone else regards as a loose woman, disapprovingly so, this is an interesting take. I like how you break down the reasons for this not into some ďI donít know how it happenedĒ but just a matter-of-fact look from Dom of why sheís like that.

Itís actually sad to see because itís heartless, soulless, just like sheís saying here: she liked feeling like she was physical being sometimes, rather than being a complex thing with a soul and a mind.

Itís true. Men usually arenít looked down upon as much as women.

The memory foam thought seemed a bit random to this whole story.

Challenging is good. The scenes were written with a rawness and then her hesitation, her stopping in the end Ė that was great. It showed that maybe Dom isnít all that tough and callous as sheís making herself out to be.


Author's Response: I'd have been completed chuffed with 'I like reading your stories' just so you know ;)

Also, one of the most entertaining starts to a review I've read for awhile :P

I love writing next-gen's Post-Hogwarts it's like, freedom to the extreme. You are essentially making it all up by that point, not that there was much made up background stuff with this one but... hey, never mind :)

AHHHA. Memory foam. I don't even... I don't even know.

Thank you so much for this lovely review! Tis greatly appreciated Char :)


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Review #10, by FWHPObsessed Central

18th February 2012:
Wow. You have to stop writing so well (don't take me seriously, I'd die if you did), I'm getting addicted to your writing ;D

Author's Response: Hehehe, I'm really okay with you being addicted to my writing. Completely and utterly fine with that ;)

(thank you)


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Review #11, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Central

18th February 2012:
Wow I love this one-shot! Ha I totally agree with the screw you love! ;D Who wants mushy love stories around valentines day? You challenged yourself well :D
I love how Dom kept comparing herself to her cousin's and how each of them are so different in relationships.
I guess it would be difficult living in a massive family like that and just wanting attention from someone. So I guess thats how Dom figured she could get attention. It is so true what you said about Louis though. Because he is male he isn't the one who gets called the names and thought of differently.
I loved the ending though of how you didn't make her go through with it :D


Author's Response: BlameItOnTheNargles! Firstly, I really do love your name because it's really awesome and such. But that's irrelevant to this review I guess :)

And so, to the review: thank you very much! I'm really not one for anything involving describing characters kissing because I find it awkward, so this was eh... an interesting choice of things to write about. But, thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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Review #12, by Manga_girl Central

18th February 2012:
Hey Helen, here I am for the review swap!

This was written so well! It had just the right tone of voice to portray this well! Dom and all the characters were done so perfectly - you remembering that Fleur loves her Z's when she talks! :P

The description and dialogue was great; I loved the way you had the italics there to add to the heated atmosphere!

Well done,

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hey there Emma! This was a completely off the wall lets-write-a-one-shot moment, so I'm glad that you think it works well. Ahha, I really thought I'd overdone Fleur and her 'Z' - which is why she didn't talk much.

Thank you very much my love :)


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Review #13, by Keira7794 Central

16th February 2012:

I love that this is your Valentine's Day writing! I'm so glad (for a really random reason...) that you didn't go down the whole 'he is my one true love and we'll go dancing in the moonlight' kinda story. Because... well they get dull eventually.

... I swear I'm not that cynical in real life ;)

I would say my favourite quote right now... but I did something and now only have the review screen up... and no story. Odd.

But I liked the bit where you said something about running, Quidditch and sex being the same as they were evidence that you are alive. A real person. And it's just so honest! Because, really, that's just the pure truth of it.

This is kind of ramble-y isn't it? Sorry about that. Romance stories aren't really my forte :P (Hence why I started my Marauder fic in their first year - it gives me time to adjust :P)

So I'm going to sign off before this review gets even worse then it already is! I promise I'll come back (it is half-term! Woo!) and leave a proper review on another story!

I really liked this, Dom's mind was kind of disjointed -she wasn't planning out her next move and also wasn't having deep thoughts on the result of her actions. In a way, she was completely separated from the situation. And I really liked that! :)

Great Job!
Keira :D

P.S. Sorry about the rubbish review... again! :P

Author's Response: Hello there Keria! No, this was a lovely review that I enjoyed very much. Really, it made me smile a lot.

I've been accused of being cynical after writing this (and a few other things) I'd like to say I don't see it, but well... I do see it. I guess anyone who sets out to right something related to valentines day and ended up writing this.

You're the second person to quote that in a review! Well, paraphrase (the story dissapearing is /strange/). I like rambling, so it's cool.

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it :)


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Review #14, by slytherinchica08 Central

16th February 2012:
wow very wonderful! I love that this is supposed to be love related for valentines day and instead you end up with this rather steamy one night stand oneshot and I LOVED IT! It was beautifully done and the flow was just wonderful. I loved that you used Dom as your main character for this as I haven't read anything about her though I dont usually read next gen all that often but still it was wonderful and I loved how you made each of the cousins different and distinct! I absolutely loved your description in this and was drawn in right away. Basically I could continue on all day saying just how much I loved this but by the end of it, it would probably end up as rambling and repeating myself a bunch of times. Great Job!


Author's Response: Ahhha, I don't think I've ever written anything that's been described as 'steamy' before - I'm not so hot on well... writing hot things (oh dear, bad pun). Mostly, I avoid writing kissing scenes like the plague because they always come out awkward and weird. So that's actually a pretty huge compliment! So thank you very much :D

I really like Dom, she's one of my favourite next gen's actually - although she's written about a lot in fanfiction.

Thank you for this lovely review :) :)


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Review #15, by Star_Kid_Love Central

16th February 2012:
I thought this was a wonderful fic! You really encapsulated the reality of life - well people's love lives and how they're not all perfect and fluffy! I enjoyed the changed between her interaction with the stranger and her family's views. Oh and the comparised with her cousins (and vic). Your writing is - as always - stunning beautiful!

Rach xx

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you very much! Aha, this review has taken me completely by surprise but thank you and I really appreciate it :D


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Review #16, by Jen Central

13th February 2012:
I do love your cynicism

Author's Response: BAH. I love this review.

(I'm less cynical in real life)


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Review #17, by TenthWeasley Central

12th February 2012:
So, the style of this piece was what hooked me in right away -- and I've read things of yours before, and I guess that's what always gets me with your writing. There's a lyrical, poetic voice at work here that makes for lovely reading, and the entirety of this story just flew by because I was wrapped up in the /sense/ of it all. If that in turn makes sense. :P There was just such a heavy atmospheric quality in this, reminiscent of romantic-era poets. So lovely. :)

And then moving onto the content of this one-shot itself, I was just fascinated by the way you wrote Dominique, because it's such a unique character view. A lot of people shy away from making their characters even faintly unlikable or ones of shy away from social conventions. But your Dom just felt so real that I think I identified more with her than if she'd been different -- some "men-are-chauvinists-up-with-women" type. I just... gah. I admire that so much.

Favorite bit --

Going for a run, whacking bludgers with bats and casual sex Ė it was all the same, really, just a reminder that she was an organism with muscles and nerves and a body.

And why? Because it made me /think/ and there aren't a lot of fan fictions that get me to think outside of scrolling and reading and processing. It's such a coarse statement and yet there's truth there. A lot of truth. And not a lot of people can pull off that sort of truth without playing the bitter cynic, so, again, well done.

Wow. This is a bit of a ramble, no? I don't know. It's hard to convey how much you liked something in a text box like this, but honestly, I really, really enjoyed this story. Valentine's Day, what even? Better than any fluff-centric Valentine's one-shot I can think of! :3 Helen, you're such a lovely writer. I am just in perpetual awe. Excellent job on this!

Author's Response: Aha, this review made me smile a lot and squee inside so THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I'm a strong believer that writing should be beautiful. I know we're in a modern era where people prefer to read things that are stripped down with no adverbs and lots of simple sentences but there's so much more joy to be found in crafting sentences and making them beautiful. Although, I'm usually not very good at actually achieving that - the aim is generally there. So that lyrical poetic voice stuff (romanitc era poets? 0.o) made me grin for about ten minutes. Thank you for being so truly lovely.

I love making characters unlikable and well, I'd never read anything before that didn't condem the one-night-stand culture which usually makes me want to write something (probably why my authors page /keeps growing/).

It made you think? GAHHH. It's like you pulled out everything I try to do when I write and shoved it in a lovely review to make my day. I love to make people think. Ah. Thank you thank you.

Thank you very very very much! Honestly, this review is going to be marked as one of my favourites and will be looked back at on metaphorical rainy days. Thank you! :) :)


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Review #18, by accioHPFF Central

12th February 2012:
Hi Helen!

ROMANCE? The genre I know least about, so I may have to stumble through this review quite blindly. I don't read Romance a lot. :P

Firstly, I loved how this was written- the way that you described some of the interactions between the two characters, before moving onto the story about her family's thoughts about her behaviour.

I think you did really well with Dom's character too. You made her a really interesting character. I think Dom is one of my favourite Next-Gen's, and there is so much diversity in how she is written- but this is truly a unique way of characterising her.

I love the voice that you described her family in, and I think you nailed Fleur's speech. I could imagine her saying that, exactly as I read it. :)

Generally, your word choices were fantastic, as is usual when I read any of your work.

The only thing I can point out, is that there were a couple of minor spelling errors. I remember 'untill' being one of them. That took nothing away from the story though.

Brilliantly done. :)

Author's Response: I was thinking 'this really isn't going to be your cup of tea' after I posted it, but well... at that point it was reviewless and I'm not okay with that.

(I'll get to your review when I've finished these responses, shouldn't be too long - I'm on a roll)

Although, it isn't exactly very /romantic/ for a romancey-story. Ahha.

I love Dom. I can't exactly grasp hold of why, but I think she's always seemed like one of the most dynamic and appealing Next-Gens. She just seems so interesting, so she usually creeps into my Next-Gen stories one way or another. And, hey, she got a one-shot all to herself this time!

I wouldn't surprise me at all that there were spelling errors, ahha. I wrote this on a whim so I posted it the same day I started writing it. I'll have to go back and edit at some point :)

Thanks for reviewing even though it isn't really your genre.


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Review #19, by Loony_Scorpy Central

12th February 2012:
Ahaha very nice for Valentine's Day :P But this was written so well. You really got into her mind...I can't say I've ever read anything like this. I mean, I've read about the stories with the friend who goes off with a different guy every night, but I don't think I've ever heard it from their perspective. It was actually quite interesting. Because I'm not one for subtleties, was she realising that the way she was living her life wasn't so great at the end? Or did she want a particular person? Or is it your own interpretation? I seriously cannot pick up subtle things so, sorry about that! I really need to work on that :/ Anyway, awesome, I loved this, and it's so different to most things I've read :)

Author's Response: Hey there :)

Obviously, I couldn't be cliche enough to write something filled with fluff. Nope, I went for a slightly more, I don't know... smuttier version? Blah, I have no idea how this got written.

Oh, don't worry about the whole subtlties thing. My intention was to leave it sort of open anyway, it's just that on that particuarly occasion she decided that wasn't what she wanted. She's so channggaaabllee.

This is most different to the things I usually write, I think it's fair to say. Thank you for this lovely review, you really cheered me up :)


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Review #20, by Cirque Du Freak Central

12th February 2012:

So, I really liked this in the way that you made the whole concept just simple, really. That you've just changed the idea of it altogether and in a persuasive manner suggested that it was okay sometimes - s'long as you're classy and you're careful enough and to just be instead of having so many complications. Its a very powerful notion.

This reminds me of marina's Dom when she's introduced in Saturdays and its a good thing too, because even though the actions she carries through are... unsavory, she's still a very steadfast and strong character even if she is a bit materialistic. I like that about Dom, because there are so many possibilities you could go through with her - it doesn't always have to be about being promiscuous and an airhead - she can have depth, everyone has depth even if we can't see it.

I also like how you've broken it up into little bits everywhere and how Dom really does progress throughout it all. Its her life in snapshots where you can see her grow, but its not in an overwhelming way. Just comfortable enough and long enough and short enough.

Love-related things don't always have to be the thing itself, rather the idea of it. To me that's what Dom sees it as - the idea rather than the actual thing and how it changes you as a person when you think in a certain way, or how you over/under complicate things.

Love love love this as usual xxx

Author's Response: HELLO MY DEAREST DARLING. Ahha, I miss you. Talk to me more. I'm a needy-person who NEEEDDSS YOOOUU.

I think it's a little ironic that it's /me/ who's writing things like this, but we'll bypass that and I'll concentrate on this luvverrlly review.

GAHHH. I don't know what to say actually. I can't remember if I read Saturdays before or after writing this, but I can see the resemblence. Plus, I've read a lot of characters that all go off and have one-night stands all the time (particuarlly Dom) and I guess I just wanted to explore that a little bit.

Anyway, thank you for being lovely (as always) and reading my shiny new one-shot (as usual) and yes. I like you.

Love love love you as usual xxx


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