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Review #1, by FallenBritt midnight ponderings

11th June 2015:
You and your angsty goodness. Let me just tip my hat to you because I am addicted to reading your stories. I am kind of glad you got writer’s block because this is just realistic for some people. I mean honestly I wouldn’t imagine it to be lily but the fact that you made lily the one with this issue is just ugh I can indulge in your writing forever… it is like eating from an ice cream container and you are full but there is still a little ice cream left you can’t stop so you just keep eating more. Yeah I love your writing style this flows so effortlessly it doesn’t read like you wrote it quick it seems as though you put so much time into this piece it is amazing. Though I am left with the curiosity as to where James was…it is three am come on man Lily needs you.

Brittany (House Cup 2015- Gryffindor)

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 midnight ponderings

12th July 2014:
Wow. I've never seen Lily Potter regret living in the Wizarding world. It is a highly interesting analysis, and I think that it's an apt one. Of course, she wouldn't just forget about her parents and her sister when she had to go into hiding and/or not tell them where she was to keep them safer. It's more realistic for her to miss them. She had a life before James--she was a Muggle--and the old way of life is comforting.

But James is who she leans on now, James is who she cares about, and who cares about her in return. I like that you said that they weren't perfect--because what relationship is?! I think you did a fantastic job with this. :)

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #3, by patronus_charm midnight ponderings

12th July 2014:

I really liked this as it was just so poignant and really shed new light on Lily as a normal, regular person, someone on all of our level and that was shown really well with her irrational need of James and how he would make everything better for her. She almost became a little obsessed with how much she needed him before he arrived, and that just showed the power of fear in my opinion and what it can make you do and that was really well done.

Another thing I really liked was the care you took with your language and structure of this story because in a way it is simplistic (and this is meant in an amazingly good way, don’t get me wrong) and that just made this story have even more wham. Wah, I just read it again with the song on and it was even more amazing and the quote was even more amazing and it had this really cool dreamy feel and was just really cool!

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #4, by Petra Arkanian midnight ponderings

25th December 2012:
I liked the line about magic coming from the heart. Not only does it feel accurate, because we know such things are true about conjuring Patronuses, but it also fits the mood of the story. It's gloomy. And it makes me think about all the possibilities of stories out there, about wizards who "lost" their magic.

I have to point out the line about God vs. Merlin. I personally don't care which people use, though it is a bit of a debate on the forums. WeasleyTwinMom wrote a ridiculously detailed and enlightening blog post on it, basically pointing out that wizards most certainly do refer to God in day to day conversation. However, here, I like it. I like the point it makes. It's also amusing, a nice spot of light in an otherwise dark story. ;)

The whole story was chilling (no pun intended!), but it wrapped up well when James came home. You clearly outlined your temperatures, warm vs cold, and it ended on a surprisingly warm note (pun intended). The pacing was good, the descriptions and word choice spot on. On the whole, a good read!

Happy holidays! I'm not going anywhere yet!

Author's Response: It feels to me at least that the most effective spells would have to come with some emotion attached to them - like the Patronus, or on the other spectrum, spells like the Cruciatus where you have to mean it. (And yes, it is a gloomy piece!)

Ah, yes - the fact that I have this still mentioned in here bothers me, but I can't quite decide if I want to edit it to correct it or to leave it as it is for the sake of preserving it. Shortly after I posted this, WTM wrote that blog post and I facepalmed. :P I probably will go edit that part out at some point in the future, as it does bother me.

(Pun appreciated!) I'm very glad you liked it. Thank you!

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle midnight ponderings

10th May 2012:
Aw I loved this! There was so much romance between the two even though nothing much actually happened.. basically I love how you were able to really show how much they loved and needed each other so well with just a few words and actions. This was so beautifully written - I thought you aced Lily's character, and all her thoughts about cold, war and needing James was seriously great.

This is also a kind of moment that you don't often read much about, so it was really fascinating. A very well-written one shot :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. This is how Lily has always been like in my head - so I'm glad that it works for other people, too. Thank you so much for such a lovely review ♥

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Review #6, by apocalypse midnight ponderings

5th May 2012:
Wow. This was a beautiful piece of writing! I really enjoyed reading it, despite it being angst and all. =P You've done a wonderful, wonderful job with the imagery and the description! The short sentences that you've used, they add so much affect to the entire story that it gets to you. The emotions! By the end of it, my heart was beating faster just because of her emotions! There was SO much in that one-shot! Somehow, I saw James and Lily's entire life written in front of me through this piece! Even through the tiny scene, you conveyed their relationship EXTREMELY well! =D Great, great job! Happy Writing! =)

~Recenseo '12

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it and that it seemed to work - it was short but I'm glad so much came across. Thank you so much for such a lovely review! ♥

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Review #7, by emilly midnight ponderings

22nd April 2012:
i love it but a bit too much details

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me and thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by Jenna midnight ponderings

11th April 2012:
Really Great chapter!!! I love reading stories like this, so moving! I really hope you keep the chapters coming! Thank you.:)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! :) There aren't any more chapters, but I do hope to write about them again sometime soon! Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by seeminglyharmless midnight ponderings

2nd April 2012:
this is... amazing.
i love it. lots.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad ♥

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Review #10, by Singularity midnight ponderings

28th March 2012:
This is a really lovely story. I like that you've captured a different side of Lily than we usually see. She isn't the fiery redhead or the devoted mother, instead, she's a regular person, tired, scared, and sick to death of the war she's found herself thrust in to. It feels very real to me. I also thought that you wrote Lily and James as a couple very well. His coming home doesn't make everything all better, but it does help enough that she can make it through one more day.

You have a very nice way with language. Your stories always flow so well, and this one is no exception.

Really, my only criticism is just me being a picky canon freak - the word 'God' is used in the wizarding world the same as in the Muggle world. It sneaks into canon several times actually. As I said, I'm just being a ridiculous canon freak, so feel free to ignore me. :P

This was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! That was one of the things I really wanted to show, because I think that Lily often gets shown as someone perfect, instead of someone real, if that makes sense.

Ahh, yes D: I was actually just looking through a thread on the forums and saw that - oops! I'll fix it when I edit this. Thank you for pointing it out! I'm big on canon too, so I want to do my best! :)

Thank you very much for such a wonderful review!

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Review #11, by Noblevyne midnight ponderings

12th March 2012:
This is a really beautiful and heartwrenching piece, I think Lily is so often looked over - because she is this larger than life presence, the mother who died for her child. The quiet desperation in this fic resonates, it bleeds and you ache for Lily. I love her relationship with James too, it's not overbearing or overwritten - subtle and strong, without having to say much about it. They lean on each other, and pull each other up when they need it. It's truly lovely!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. I wanted to make her seem more human, because you're right, she's often seen as larger-than-life. Thank you very much for such a lovely review, it really is appreciated! ♥

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Review #12, by AC_rules midnight ponderings

11th March 2012:
Ah Hannah stop being so good at writing angst because you're too good and I'm going to have to ask you for lessons because this one shot was really pretty and I really really liked it.

It's strange because this Lily and James feel a little bit like /my/ Lily and James. Like, my head canon TAOS Lily and James and I really liked that. Usually, I read Lily and James and they feel slightly different...

Anyway I loved the focus on the war in this and it was as pretty as your usual stuff and I love, love, loved it :D

This is a really stupidly short review, but I don't know what more to say so this is a crap review. but I have nothing more to say than I really really liked it and I really like you and you're much better at reviewing than me :)


Author's Response: Climbin' in yo stories, snatchin' yo head canon up...

...okay, we can pretend I never said that, right? okay good.

lol this is a stupidly short response (emphasis on the stupid here) but thank you so much for your review. ♥ THANKS YOU'RE GREAT!

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Review #13, by Aderyn midnight ponderings

5th March 2012:

Wow, I loved the simplicity of this piece. It was very raw and without frills, which made it all the more beautiful. Lily's emotions were reasonable for her situation and I felt sorry for her.

The regret she feels works well with her desire for coldness. Its as if she is dead without James, or any other human to hope to see again.

I love this line: They are not perfect. They have never been perfect and never will be. They are Lily and James and this is a war and she is cold and he is warm and while he is here, Lily can sleep again. Those are the facts.

To me, it really summed up the story and the style you wrote it in. While this was a short piece, you still capture all that needs to be said. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I do have a tendency to stick metaphor and symbols left and right it seems, but that wasn't really what this story needed, I think.

I'm glad you like that line! I think it did sum up the story more or less. ^-^ Thank you so much for such a nice review!

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Review #14, by AndrinaBlack midnight ponderings

21st February 2012:
I loved that! That was so... can I say beautiful, even though it was sort of sad and angry? Anyway the words were beautifully chosen and everything flowed so well together. I think you really got into her emotions here. The anger and frustration at the war and everything came through in the beginning and then it was sadder towards the end, with a "we can get through this feeling" at the end, even though it wasn't completely happy. I sort of sighed of relief for her when she got into James' arms. :) One thing I also loved especially was the beginning, where you described how cold it was. I have so many times thought that I need to fit in some description about cold weather in some story, just because it feels so describable, as it can be so... intense, I guess. I loved your description of that!

Author's Response: Thank you! I didn't want it to be all sadness - because if you can't have a little hope, how are you supposed to get by, right? :) The night I was writing this it was absolutely freezing, haha. I did have fun trying to describe it - sometimes I think that's my favorite part of writing, trying to capture a feeling. :) Thank you very much for such a nice review!

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Review #15, by Bk midnight ponderings

11th February 2012:
That was so beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you. ♥

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Review #16, by forsakenphoenix midnight ponderings

9th February 2012:
I didn't even know you had a new fic up and so I was pleasantly surprised when I came to your author's page to see this gem.

First and foremost: I LOVE LILY/JAMES. Before Sirius/Remus, they were my OTP and while this fic isn't solely focused on their relationship, I adored every bit of it that we got to glimpse in this piece. I love how James sort of anchors her to the here and now and that he warms her in ways magic never could. It just says a lot about the depth of their love, how they've managed to grow together in the midst of a war. It's powerful.

You did such a fantastic job describing Lily's feelings here, wishing that she was a Muggle, that people didn't hate her because of what she was, and how she so desperately wishes to mend her relationship with her family. It's all so sorrowful and desperate and pleading. Just so, so gorgeous. I like how you kept repeating how cold it was - I think it was very effective at getting Lily's desolation across. I was chilled just reading it.

I also like your use of the word 'soldiering' because, well, that's all they really are, aren't they? Soldiers in this war.

I really, really adored this. It was perfect and beautifully written and so terribly sad, but I am happy that at this moment, Lily can find some peace with James, that she can sleep and just continue living day by day. :)

Author's Response: Lily/James! ♥ They were one of the first ships I read when I started fanfic and so they'll always be close to my heart, despite my like of Snily. :P But in the end, it's always James and Lily, and I think their relationship is something... special, for lack of a better word. :P

I think it would probably be very easy to wish to be ignorant, to never have had to deal with everything. In the end, though, Lily's sacrifice is what (more or less) saves the world so... -shrugs- But war is not an easy thing to live through.

I like writing sad, it seems! Oh well, what can I can do? I did try to stick some hope in there. ;) Thanks for the very lovely review! ♥

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Review #17, by marinahill midnight ponderings

9th February 2012:
Your writing absolutely blows me away. Every word is so well placed and so perfect in itself and you create this gorgeous constructions and describe everything so delicately and beautifully. I felt everything Lily described like it was happening to me. I love the present tense for creating that immediacy in fiction and it worked so well here. It was just stunning!


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I think this ended up being something that worked better in present tense than past. Thank you so much for such a lovely review! ♥

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