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Review #1, by Hayleekins They're safe and sound

22nd February 2012:
Hello! I liked the story, and I thought it was pretty well done! I'm not really in the mood to write a very long review, sorry, haha.. But I too am in love with Hunger Games, and I also wrote a songfic to this song! We have so much in common! hehe see yah!
Happy Writing,

Author's Response: Heyy! thank you so much :) We do have alot in common, haha. Gale or Peeta? Thanks for reviewing
xx Beaux

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Review #2, by BlameTheNargles They're safe and sound

16th February 2012:
awwe man here come the waterworks :') so touching 10/10

Author's Response: aww don't cry *sniff* Thank you so much

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Review #3, by Gray Raven They're safe and sound

9th February 2012:
The song plus the first scene you wrote equals to AWESOME EMOTION... it's beautiful in a tragic kind of way (if you get what I mean)... and once again I'm regretting the death of Fred (sob :'( )...
I spotted one typo : "The take pity until it no longer suits them.. "
I think you meant "They take pity..." ?

And what else. Mm.. I'm not so sure about the ending though... I get the message that each individual are important, but since I feel the focus of this story is about the importance of the dead, the last part of the closing paragraph which change the focus to George telling his kids they are important just seems a little bit out of place...

but other than that, good job :D

Author's Response: Sorry about responding so late, i seemed to think that i had already done it. THANK YOU! sorry about the typo and i totally agree about the ending. As soon as i posted it i was like oh my gosh what was i thinking! Oh well, i guess we all make mistakes. thank you so much! xox

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