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Review #1, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Sunday: Quaffles and Bruises

18th July 2015:

Author's Response: Oh, my God... I think you're the first person to finally notice that. I'm so happy right now... and also sad. *reminder feels*

Thank you so much for leaving a review, I'm so glad you like it.


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Review #2, by DancingMooncalf Never Again

2nd June 2015:
This story cheered me up quite a bit after one of the worst days teacher ever. Children can be an absolute mess, especially when its stormy outside. merci on all people working with children then. Either way this put a smile in my face when i was about to sulk. So thank you!!
X Maya

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Review #3, by alicia and anne Never Again

21st February 2015:
Oh Teddy! Hahah he's had enough bless him! It's a good thing that Harry and Ginny looked after the boys for the night so that Teddy could get some sleep.

Aw the boys are so cute!! Telling Teddy that they loved him and that he was the best babysitter.

AW TEDDY IS GOING TO BE A DADDY!! HE'S GOT MONTHS TO PREPARE. Let's just hope that it's not twins that are crazy. :P

A wonderful story! I'm so glad that I read this, it was so funny and fluffy :D And so so so adorable!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Sunday: Quaffles and Bruises

21st February 2015:
Oh god that breakfast sounds heavenly! I need it!!

Those boys know exactly how to wrap Teddy around their little fingers.

Oh no! Poor Teddy being hurt by the boys on the swing, that is why you don't take your eyes off of them!

Haha can anyone get Hugo or Albus to listen to them? :P

Oh Teddy, he's so protective pushing people out of the way when danger was coming. :P If only he wasn't getting hurt so much.

Aw! "You're a good daddy," TEDDY IS SO CUTE!

Aw Poor Teddy! I can't believe that I've waited this long to read and review! What's wrong with me? :P But I'm working on that now! I WILL GET TO HAVING REVIEWED ALL OF YOUR STORIES AGAIN!! I WILL BE THE NUMBER ONE FAN!


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Saturday: Broken China, Burning and Movies

28th August 2014:
Awww I thought for sure that the two boys were going to be well behaved, especially because they were being so quite and playing nicely and watching movies.

Even when they tried to make Teddy breakfast but ended up just making a mess everywhere, I thought that they had changed. But no, they were just waiting.

I'm not surprised that Teddy was suspicious the entire time, the twins are clearly trying to lull him into a false sense of security until they can take his wand and start fires, or put on movies about monsters hahaha.

Can't wait for more Sam!! :D

Author's Response: Aww, well behaved boys are just not on the cards for Teddy. ;)

These boys are quite sneaky, but they don't actually plan these things. They're just brilliant opportunities. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by ScarletEye158 Friday: Slimeballs and Almost Heart Attacks

6th April 2013:
Yay, a new chapter! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this :p

Gah, you write Lorcan and Lysander so well! They are such cute little boys and I love how realistic you make them :) I also like that you don't have them coming up with all of the pranks on their own. It's very believable that they're copying James and getting help from George. They are both still very clever little boys but it wouldn't have been as realistic if they made up all the pranks by themselves :p

Ah, poor Teddy. He's such a sweetheart! He's so nice to have taken up this job and also for telling George not to call them/his parents crazy. I hope things go better for him, yet then again I kind of don't... These are some really funny pranks and I really enjoy reading them ;)

Please update soon, I need more of this cute-ness!


Author's Response: I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long! The next chapters are planned, so hopefully they won't take as long. It all depends on writing now...

Thank you, I'm so happy that you like the twins. I try to keep them and the situation with Ted as realistic as possible. I have family of all ages, so I kind of know what to expect, but I still worry. You just know they're copying James and George; pranking is a natural part of Weasley life... And Ted was warned. ;)

He's such a good person. Too good. The twins crush all goodness... Maybe. I guess we'll see what happens. :P

More pranks to come! Thank you so much for leaving a review.


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Review #7, by BKL8008 Friday: Slimeballs and Almost Heart Attacks

2nd April 2013:
I love it! It's a great capture of mischievous little boys ever! I think poor Teddy is in for a rough ride, and George helping the kids was a perfect touch.

Author's Response: Teddy is definitely in for a rough ride. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you so much for leaving a review. :)


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Review #8, by alicia and anne Friday: Slimeballs and Almost Heart Attacks

31st March 2013:
Yay!! You've updated this story :D
Poor Teddy being woke up like that and being in pain from it, I have a feeling he might get hurt a lot more during the story.

I agree with Teddy that they are definately up to something, they can't be that sweet for no reason.

Oh Hugo, so troublesome in everyone of your stories :D I have a special place for him in my heart, right next to the Theo part.

I love what George said about the twins being protectors and using his shop as a way to get back at people, it's so funny!

Awww George talking about being a twin and how they work with each other no matter what it is.

Uhoh they've gone missing! That certainly does not bode well for Teddy at all! Phew they've been found, but they're still behaving. I don't trust them at all though, they've got to be up to something. haha and that's why! Brilliant! :D

They are very naughty! Haha, Poor Teddy, especially if they already have tricks learnt from James going on. I don't think he's going to survive this without going crazy.

Such a funny chapter! I love Lorcan and Lysander, they are such a handful and I can't wait to see Teddy being tortured by them more :D I'm so happy that you took this story off of Hiatus! :D

Author's Response: I did!

Get hurt? Teddy is so going to regret offering to babysit by the time this is over. ;)

They're always up to something.

Hugo is bad. We can't change that, no matter which story we're in. ;)

It's weird to imagine Lorcan and Lysander as being naughtier than Fred and George, but sometimes I can't help but think it. :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne The Offer

17th March 2013:
I can already tell that this is going to be hilarious! The idea of Teddy looking after twins for a whole weekend on his own is an hilarious idea in itself but to also have those twins liking to prank and possibly be very crazy and hyperactive. I wonder if he's going to regret saying that this was going to be a piece of cake, and whether or not the weekend will have one of them either hurt or breaking down in tears from the stress :D
I can't wait to find out more :D

Author's Response: I hope it'll be funny. :D

Teddy is definitely going to regret it. His life will never be the same again after this! :P

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #10, by ariellem The Offer

7th May 2012:
Aww, at first I thought this was a one-shot but clearly I was wrong. So far the twins sound so cute! Especially little Ly who had a bad dream.

This weekend is going to be a piece of cake.yeah...sure, it will be.

Author's Response: Yeah, not gonna be a one-shot. :P I hope I finish and post the next chapters soon, because it's gonna be awesome. :D

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Review #11, by BKL8008 The Offer

5th April 2012:
Why do I get this feeling that our hero is in for it?! Yeah, if it's too good to be true, it always is! ;)

Author's Response: Haha... Yeah. :P

Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #12, by ginerva_molly_weasley The Offer

25th March 2012:
What a fun beginning to the story!

I'm adding this to my favourites most definitely! I love the way Teddy thinks this is going to be really easy babysitting the twins but I can say from experience it really isn't. I love how you make Rolf very concerned that Teddy is on his own!

The boys seem to be trying their luck already with asking to go to George's shop and then trying to get Teddy to let them stay up! It is perfectly believable for younger boys to do that!

The fact that Teddy thinks it is going to be simple seems to foreshadow the mischief! I actually love it!

Author's Response: It was so much fun to write this, I can't wait to finish it - there's gonna be so many funny moments (well, at least I hope they'll be funny).

Teddy thinks it's easy because he's babysat pretty much every child in Harry's family (the dreaded oldest child curse... LOL), but he's never had to look after the twins. They're like a scarier Fred and George, don't be fooled by the adorable smiles. :P

I use personal experience when writing children, mainly my little brother, so I hope them trying to stay up is believable. Haha.

Oh, Teddy doesn't know what's hit him. ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing this.


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Review #13, by slytherinchica08 The Offer

19th February 2012:
An interesting beginning.. I can tell the boys are already going to be loads of trouble and fun for teddy but then in the end he wont change it for the world. I love the characterization so far the boys being just so cute and almost innocent in this chapter. I think you have a great beginning to your story with some strong characterization already formed. I'm really interested to see just what drama and fun will come for teddy next! Great Job!


Author's Response: Oh, so much trouble! LOL. I guess we'll see how he takes it in the end.

Thank you so much for the review.


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Review #14, by Moonyxluna The Offer

16th February 2012:
loved this :) the way Rolf and Luna overloaded Teddy with information about their sons was very adorable, and I really liked what you did with their characters. I loved the fear that glinted in Rolf's eyes when he realized Teddy would be watching the kids alone.

Teddy seems like he thinks he's got it all figured out (: The ice cream offer right away... attempting to get them on his side. I thought it was really sweet how Teddy let Lysander sleep with him after the bad dream, although, (not that I know all that much about kids, just what I've heard) I've heard that that leads to kids wanting to do that every night, so it'll be intersting to see if that comes back to bite him (:

I can't wait to see what happens when they go to the joke shop... being this is for the 'little brats' challenge, I can only assume it won't end too well for Teddy :D Great job, I think you did very well with the characters, dialogue, and characterizations of the small children. Looking forward to more, I really love your writing!

Author's Response: I'm most grateful for what you said about liking Rolf and Luna's characters because I've never written them before. Thank you for that. :)

Yeah, kids are definitely like that (I know because of my brother), but you'll have to wait and see about that. :P

Oh, Teddy, what has he gotten himself into. LOL.

Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #15, by la z boy The Offer

8th February 2012:
Hey, Gibbs here!

You're off to a great start, and the way you're setting up the rest of the weekend is very amusing. ;) Oh, how naive Teddy is, lol.

I can't wait to see Lorcan and Lysander start their pranks. I can just tell it's going to be hilarious! :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you! I'm glad you're looking forward to it. :D


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