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Review #1, by hedwigs_theme Bring Feeling to My Life

4th June 2012:

So I don't really like Cho Chang much, but the way you wrote this story made me feel sorry for her and I actually started to kind of like her! Although when you wrote that she had pretended to date Harry I was angry again :)

You have a great plot and you've set the story out really well.

Congrats for winning my challenge!


Author's Response: Haha, awesome :) Thanks so much! I am honored! And so glad you (mostly) liked it :)

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Review #2, by Mihali1432 Bring Feeling to My Life

26th May 2012:
This was interesting! How she died and all. And it had Cedric's death in her point of view! So it was neat. And sad of course! Thanks for entering my challenge! :)


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and your challenge was fun, thanks for letting me join :)

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Review #3, by silverunicorn Bring Feeling to My Life

21st April 2012:
not many people write about cho and cedric but the way you portrayed their it was so touching. this was amazing (:

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! Yes, I love Cedric/Cho, and have another oneshot of them planned whenever I finish my challenges enough to post it :)

I am so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #4, by usher patel Bring Feeling to My Life

25th March 2012:
it is not worth my time and it is freaking weird

Author's Response: ...Okay...

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Review #5, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Bring Feeling to My Life

29th February 2012:
I am reviewing for the 'In the Moment of Death Challenge.' I enjoyed your story. I thought that the idea of Cedric coming back at random spots to guide Cho along the way was unorthadox, but successful. I thought it was interesting the way you portrayed them as a couple as well. THanks for entering. The results will become available after the due date on March 3, 2012. THanks!
P.S.- Read my fictions.

Author's Response: Hi,

I am so glad you enjoyed it! I actually just put that in to make the emotion stronger because it really seemed to go for some reason. Glad you thought it worked, though. I have always seen Cedric and Cho as a wonderful couple, so that is why I didn't make her seem very interested in Harry and all of the other stuff with Cedric.
Alright, can't wait to see it, as I will probably read the winners myself :) I am glad you liked it!

PS-I probably will ;)

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