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Review #1, by ginnypotter242 Sebastjian

10th July 2014:
Aww, poor James! I can't imagine that happening.

This was such a brilliant one-shot. Your writing style is lovely and flows so well. You brought emotion to the story and made it feel /real/. I actually teared up at a few parts, especially when James was reminiscing about his wife. It was adorably sweet, yet devastating when you find out what happened to her. That's a horrible way to die, though protecting a child probably made it worth it t her. Her last words were "I love you" and it was completely heartbreaking when I read that. Sebastjian seemed like such a wonderful woman, and I feel so incredibly bad for James for losing her.

You characterized James in such a different way than most people do, which is good considering everything he went through. I liked how you made everybody still walk on eggshells around him, yet life going on. For being so young, and losing your wife and unborn daughter in one swoop had to be horrible. I don't blame him for turning to alcohol after that, that would be a difficult thing for anybody to deal with.

Your characterization of all the characters was great. I especially loved the Potters. Albus being deep and sentimental is a great thought, and I can totally see him being like that. Lily would be a bit high strung and organized I think (and 3 days before her wedding, obviously. I think anyone would). Your characterization of Ginny was great- I loved that you made her a romantic, spouting things about love throughout James' childhood.

And James. His characterization was so spot on. You made him sad and thoughtful over her Sebastjian's death yet still able to see that their was happiness and love in the world. He wasn't able to completely move on from her in this story, even after 6 years, but he started. He wasn't wallowing in self-pity or depressed after such a long time, he realizes that life still happens around him. I can see where he gets his hate of weddings from, and I'm glad that his family realizes it too.

I love that it was Lily's wedding that made James realize that their was still love in the world and that he was allowed to feel happy, yet still mourn his wife. The sibling dynamic between the two- between all 3 siblings, honestly- was amazing, and I love how James is still protective of his little sister, even though she's 23 and getting married. It speaks lengths about their relationship. His relationship with Al was great as well, I like how Al is the only one James allows himself to open up to.

This was a beautifully written one-shot, and I'd love to see more of them in the future. I'd especially like to see more of James and Sebastjian's relationship- the beginning of it, the good times. You have a lovely writing style, and you definitely do these characters justice.

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Oh jeeze this just blew me completely away man.
I haven't looked over this story in ages, I mean like years, and to see this review you left me (thank you a million times over for it) I wish I could continue this story.
I have a problem starting stories and never finishing them, this is a result so I stuffed it into a one shot.
I may continue it, edit it some more, and add a one short or seven of James and Sebastjian.
Thank you for this review, it completely made my day and now I have all these plot bunnies attacking my brain, begging me to continue writing!

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