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Review #1, by DracoFerret11 Four Cups of Tea

4th March 2012:
Hey there! This is DarkRose from the forums here with your review. :] Sorry it's been so long. Off we go!

Okay, first I'm going to tell you about all the spelling and grammar mistakes that I caught. They'll be in order from the story and if you'd like to fix them, I'm sure you know where they are. :]

1. "the window pains" -- should be "panes"
2. "ticked under loose" -- should be "tucked"
3. "It felt wring somehow" -- should be "wrong"
4. "world write its' own" -- should be "its"
5. "shown him its' contents" -- should be "its"
6. "which ad always been" -- should be "had"
7. "almost feel it's' weight" -- should be "its"
8. "guests composed of same crowd" -- should be "of the"
9. "beginning toe circle" -- should be "to"
10. "give him change to attack" -- should be "chance"
11. "paper into the pocket and leaning back on he hands" -- should be "paper into his pocket and leaning back on his hands"

Okay, now for the actual review:

I think the emotions in this chapter were incredible. I love how this story has started and I definitely think that you have caught readers' attention. It's very well-done.

Characterization: I love that you're giving Lysander a real identity here. I haven't seen too many stories about him and I like that he's important and original here. Good job. I definitely felt bad for him that he's sort of the black sheep of the family. Poor guy...

Descriptions: I thought this was very well done. I really liked the bit about the teacups and later with the sunflower. You brought the story to life with your descriptions and I really enjoyed that.

Plot: I don't know exactly where the story is going yet, but this chapter was very good. I really like how weighted it was--it connects to the readers on an emotional level and I think that's important.

Overall, I think you did beautifully. Don't worry at all about it being "too angsty." I liked that about it. It made it realistic.

Keep up the good work! Great job!


Author's Response: Oh this is such a marvelous review! Thank you so much! I'm so sorry it took me so long to respond, honestly I feel so daft for letting this go so long, but thank you so much for this!

I'll make sure to edit this chapter ASAP to fix those things up :) argh... window pains... I can't believe I missed that... haha, oh well, at least you caught it

Thank you so much for this again :) It made me so happy and I'm so sorry again for not responding sooner


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Review #2, by Nevermore_EAP Four Cups of Tea

13th February 2012:
This is really good! Update! Update! Update!

Author's Response: thank you! Glad you liked it :) I hope to update soon, though I've got a rather pesky case of writer's block, but still! I shall push forward soon!

Thanks again :)

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Review #3, by CloakAuror9 Four Cups of Tea

12th February 2012:
Hey there! Sorry for taking some time to review the story, I'm just busy is all. Hope you really understand.

I think...I can just go curl up in a ball after this. Seriously! I reckon it was pretty awesome. Angst are the hardest genre to write, at least it seems like so to me, and for someone to succeed in that is just wonderful.

I like totally love the story! I can't even put proper words to express how great this story is. I mean, I know this is just the first chapter but who cares?! This is like so good! Where is chapter two?!!

Moving on from the stupid rambles...In all seriousness, I think the story is great. I think I'm just a super-duper bit disheartened by the fact that this is a Rose/Lysander. I have nothing against the ship but I'm more of a Rose/Scopius shipper so..I kind of tend to avoid stories that ship the both of them with someone else...but heck I'm not going to avoid this story. I love it!

I think the best bit for me was how the emotions in the story really got across without getting me confused or anything. And your description is just a wow-er. you can really feel everything in here. Omg. I love this.

I think by now, you'd never request from me because all I did was praise and ramble on this review but I'd seriously love to review chapter 2! :P

A super great start! 10/10,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: oh goodness! feel free to hit me for how late it took me to respond to this :( I don't even know... I have no excuses, but I'm sorry!

hehe, this review literally made my week, this story is one of those 'gets-under-your-skin' types and it wouldn't let me do anything else until I wrote the first chapter but it seems to be a treacherous one too because now I've got a horrendous case of writers block for it, but I have the entire thing mapped out so it's really a case of finding a way to continue the piece and stay true to the first chapter.

Well now I've rambled a bit, but yes. Thank you so much for the review and I will certainly be back for another as soon as my writers block goes away :)

Thanks again!

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