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Review #1, by alicia and anne Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

30th December 2012:
Eeek I'm already worried for Teddy at the start of this story . and I should be!!
How could you do this to me? I'm already teary from your other stories, *sobs* Why must you give me such feels?
Apart from making me really sad and almost crying again *hehe* this was another wonderful story of yours. I have really enjoyed reading and reviewing your stories, and I promise to check out the rest of yours at some point, I need to add more of them to my favourites :D
You are such a talented writer and I hope you continue thinking up such awesome ideas for stories, I love reading them.
Love your secret Santa!

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Review #2, by Noori Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

22nd May 2012:
That was cute. Lovely finish - it was like having a chocolate that melted on your toungue - I can feel it in me.
Noori gives you a 10/10!

Author's Response: This just made my day :') Thanks for reviewing and I'm so glad you loved my story! Ah!


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Review #3, by AC_rules Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

23rd March 2012:
Hey there! I'm here (a little bit late, I'll admit... but what can you do) to red and review the entries to my challenge. It's hard to judge this one by my criteria given there is just the one chapter at the moment, but this was a lovely start and I can see how this would be an interesting scene to use for the challenge.

It was an enjoyable read and I liked the idea of Teddy feeling like his work was /finished/ as sat as that was. Lovely start and the results for my challenge will be up later today! :)


Author's Response: Hey AC! I don't mind :P And yeah, sorry bout that! I didn't finish the next chapter in time! Thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


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Review #4, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

23rd February 2012:
I am reviewing for the 'In the Moment of Death Challenge.' Thanks for entering. This story is rather short, and the only real reflection comes when he says, "I felt a pang of sadness strike at my heart, causing my demeanor to break down. I couldnít leaveÖ Not yet. I canít leave the ones I love." The results of the competition will be posted aafter the due date on March 3, 2012. Thanks!

Author's Response: It's short cause there's one more small chapter :) I hope you liked it and thanks for reading! I'll await the results.


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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

14th February 2012:
This story is very cute :)

I like the fact that Teddy's the one who's dying and the onomatopoeic sound of 'bump' really enhances that.

The emotion in this piece is nice because although you don';t realise what Teddy is actually dying from you see the concern from the people around him such as James, Albus and Lily who want to be with him.

As this is a short piece I felt like you could have included a little more description of the surroundings and maybe even of Teddy's condition to make the reader truly connect with Teddy. I felt like rather than being in the story I was a little bit of a bystander?

Also the last paragraph with the little speech Teddy makes seems a little forced. Maybe go over that or read it aloud as it just seems disjointed and not something someone would naturally say. The sentiment in there is nice to see though.

There isn't any grammar problems that were major, maybe just a few commas missing or commas where there needed to be semi colon's but nothing you would really notice unless you went looking for it :)


Author's Response: Thanks Summer! :D

I'll be sure to work on those little things :) Thanks for the rating!


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Review #6, by Dramionie_Child Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

8th February 2012:
Aww :( Sad now! Bad Mike, you've made me sad. I love Teddy, he's so sweet! But where are all the other Weasleys/Potters? Surely they would be there too?

Anyway, amazingly written, and I love it :) My favourite bit is where Al gives Teddy the snitch :D (3 Amazing.

Emily x x

Author's Response: Well... This was a visit, and I'm pretty sure no one could predict when he would die, so I thought having only the kids there would make sense :) If that DOES make sense...

Thanksss! :D


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Review #7, by BKL8008 Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

7th February 2012:
I am, after 2 reads, still ambivalent on this one. It's interesting, yes. Why is Teddy dying? How old is he? How is everyone else taking it? It raises a raft of questions. Then again, I sit here thinking, "Well, that went fast and I got 'not much' out of it." Then I change my mind and think, "That was kinda cool with its mystique." If this was your intent, you aced it. ;) It has a rather cool Janus-like effect on the reader.

Author's Response: Well thanks! :D I never thought about it like that, but I DID purposely have some factors missing. I'll probably explain more in chapter 2 (Which is the last chapter), but for now this is all vague.


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Review #8, by Loony_Scorpy Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

7th February 2012:
I got goosebumps O.o This was really good! I think you conveyed his dying really well.. have you died recently? I joke :P Obviously.. Anyway I loved Remus at the end.. that was really sweet! Good job :)

Author's Response: Goosebumps? o.o Woah. Thanks! xD Nope, not from me. ;) Thanks :)


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Review #9, by peaches_369 Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

7th February 2012:

i love it!

um yeah.

i like the fact that you brought remus into it.but why was teddy in pain? just curious...

and that's it

Peaches XD

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Um... He was dying? o.o I'll edit that in... Something...

Thanks :D


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Review #10, by Goldemort Chapter 1, From My Eyes.

7th February 2012:
hey! I'm reviewing this because I saw it was short and homework is boring. so yeah. Anyways, I liked this. I saw quite a few grammatical mistakes/weird wording but other than that it was great, even though a little short. Hope it's updated soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! You know how grammar plagues me... And I hope it's updated soon too! ;)

Mike. :D

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