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Review #1, by talltwin18 A year ago

30th November 2012:
Just read your last 3 chapters and what a brilliant ending! Such emotion and so well written whilst being utterly realistic. And thank you so much for mentioning me, glad my comments helped :)

Author's Response: Thanks for doing a final review. I'm so happy with all the response my story has gotten. I cannot thank you enough for being such a loyal reviewer, and your comments were fab. Thanks so much again :D

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Review #2, by cecilia A year ago

26th November 2012:
Oh, what a beautiful ending to such an incredible story! I love the fact that the birth of Victoire brightened up that dark, sad day, a great detail from J.K. Rowling and you've written it perfectly :)

Again, thank you for writing this story. It made me think about what that year was like for Ginny, and it was so interesting to read your idea of it! I hope you know how great you are, and how much I've looked forward to each chapter for this story. :)

Keep on writing! I will take a look at your next story too, of course :D

Author's Response: Thank you so, so, so, so much for your amazing responses. i cannot thank-you enough for reading this story and sticking with it. I've loved all your responses and am so glad that you enjoyed the story.
Thanks again so much, I really cannot thank-you enough
- kjp :D

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Review #3, by worship the nargles A year ago

25th November 2012:
NOOO IT CAN'T BE, BUT IT IS!!! I'll cut the extended crying off of my last review so I can focus on you're greatness. I can't believe its actually ending after this long journey that I am grateful for having with this story. You're epilouge was fantastic and topped off the story AMAZINGLY. This story is one of my favorite storys i've read on the site! Thank YOU again (and I'm gonna say this forever) for being an amazing author and sweet review responder!

-Worship The Nargles

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I have to admit when i got the pm saying my last chapter had been validated I go quite sad. I'm so glad you like it and I cannot give you enough thanks for reading the story and for your amazing reviews :D You've really raised my confidence in writing and i'm so thankful for that
- kjp

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Review #4, by Shannon Almost endings

22nd November 2012:
That was such an amazing story! Thank you so much for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and supporting the story it means so much for having all the nice reviews and responses :D thanks so much, i seriously cannot thank-you enough

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Review #5, by cecilia Almost endings

21st November 2012:
I think this was a wonderful end to it all, such an amazing story! I hope you're happy with how it turned out, because it's SO good :) Of course, I would have liked to see Ginny forgive Percy, but I'll just imagine that she needs a little time before she does ;) I think that the moment between Ron and Ginny was really sweet. I always thought there aren't enough moments just between the two of them in the books, so I'm glad you wrote it!

I also really liked the part where Ginny felt like going back in time and be a little girl - that's probably what loss does to you. I still can't get over the fact that Fred died, it's the saddest part of the entire Harry Potter story. But I still think it made the story better.

I'm sad to see your story coming to an end, it has been really great! Looking forward to the epilogue now, I have a feeling I will like it... you know, since I've liked everything you've written so far! :)

Also, I hope you'll write another story after this one. Will you?

Author's Response: Thanks you for the great response to my story and for sticking with it. I am so glad you like it, and cannot thank you enough for everyone's on going support.
I'm still not over Fred either so your not the only one :'( I cry every time just thinking about George being alone. I also thought that there wasn't enough ron/ginny moments in the books, i imagined that as they are the youngest two then they would be one of the closest.
I am writing another story but its a marauder/ post Hogwarts fic about Sirius black and his life and I have another idea for next generation one. I'm glad you asked though :D But I don't think that there will be a Harry/Ginny one for quite sometime other than one shots i might write. I do have a songfic about them that i'm planning to write :D
Again thank-you so much :D
- kjp

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Review #6, by worship the nargles Almost endings

20th November 2012:
YAAAYYY EVERYONES HAPPYYY!!! But NOOO! ITS OVERRR!!! IT CANT BE! This story overall was AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and JUST-great ;) ha lol. I liked the 3rd person POV and I am truly going to miss this story! :'( I'm glad you wrote in H/G reunion. It was very sweet! :) I am looking forward to your epoligue but until then, I would like to thank you for you're nice responses, shout outs, and one amazing story. :)

Worship The Nargles

Author's Response: Thanks me!! please don't, I'm going to be forever thankful to YOU for sticking with the story until the end! :D . I'm really going to miss writing it as well but I have some other stories in mind that i'm sure i'll enjoy writing just as much as these. The epoligue is going to be up very soon (I'm not sure when but soon) so keep checking back :D

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Review #7, by naseena Please come home to me

17th November 2012:
hey this is a really good book i always wanted to know
the story from ginny's pov keep on writing it's great so

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading :D it means so much and i'm glad you like it. I've only got two more chapters to go until its finished and one of them is the epilogue

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Review #8, by onetreehill1 Fighting back

17th November 2012:
haha, i loved Luna when she was talking to carrow. The ways she said it wasn't a paper.
Once again a amazing chapter. Zacharias is really annoying me.
I also loved all Ginny's excuses when she was talking to carrow about the liabry book. Briliant chapter, there are still grammar problems though whcih through us off a bit but its fine
- onetreehill1

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again :D i'm glad my story has just loyal reviews.
I really don't like Zacharias either and I thought this is how he would react. Don't worry there isn't much of him later on in the story.
Thanks again

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Review #9, by cecilia Please come home to me

16th November 2012:
I have to tell you, I found this story like... last week or something, and I read all the chapters in two or three days. Amazing. I can't wait for you to put up even more chapters! Will there be a few more of them? I know that the story is coming to and end, but it would be nice to have a few moments of them finally being together again! I love Harry/Ginny, they are my favorite pairing!

Not too keen about you using the words of One Tree Hill though. Yes, it's beautifully put, I think I would have preferred if you had written something original... just because Harry and Ginny should have their own words about it, you know? Even though I love Haley/Nathan, I don't think they can even be compared to Harry/Ginny!

Anyway, you're amazing. Please write and post more chapters quickly ;)

Author's Response: haha, well done on noticicing the one tree hill thing :D I was wondering if anyone would :P . I love Haley/Nathan and I love Harry/ Ginny so I thought why not put them together! :D
I'm in the middle of writing the next chapter and it should be up soon. About 2 more chapters left though. I'm so glad you liked it, so please, please keep reading, it would mean a lot :D

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Review #10, by worship the nargles Please come home to me

15th November 2012:
Of course no ones sad Harry's dead because we all know what happens but WHY FRED!!! Like you, amazing author I will NEVER GET OVER HIM!!! This is a great chapter but I'm so sad the story's ending! :'''( sorry to post such a sad review, but you still did an epic job.


Author's Response: Thanks so much. Your reviews always seem to brighten my day. I'm so happy you like it. I was completly crying through this chapter and could hardly see the keyboard. Yes everyone is dying :'( and as i'm completly in love with fred I will never, ever get over it.
Again thanks so much for your on going support it meant everything to me :D

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Review #11, by nikki Fighting back

11th November 2012: seem to be exaggerating Ginny's character. Make her act like a real person, not just an annoying girl who gets mad at everyone for no reason. And again, there are mistakes EVERYWHERE. All the mistakes really ruin the story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing again. I find that when people are stressed out they tend to snap at people a lot for no reason alot, so I think its more real when she gets mad at people. I'm again sorry about the mistakes

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Review #12, by nikki secret meeting in a public place, seems intelligent enough

11th November 2012:
There are A LOT of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You should really get a beta...the plot is awesome but you need to learn how to write. :/

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. i did at one point have a beta but I don't really know what happened and we just sort of stopped sending the story to one another. I'm glad you like the plot and i'm sorry about the grammar errors, thanks for reading and reviewing anyway

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Review #13, by worship the nargles Dodging the unexpected

9th November 2012:
YA PART 2! I think you filled in all the parts J.K didn't include from Ginny's POV all so well!!! My favorite part had to be (and don't call me crazy for it not being a battle scene) when Ginny said "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy (I'm looking at you Cho Chang). I found it humorous and thought it was a nice little touch in the middle of everything. Very, VERY, well done TEN OUTA TEN!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, i'm so thankful you've stuck with the story. I'm afraid there are only a couple more chapters until it ends (about 2 I think) :( I'm glad you like that part :D. Again thanks, I cannot express how thankful I am

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Review #14, by onetreehill1 Pain and glory is all I fight for

6th November 2012:
dumbledores army! yay, i miss that little group... can't wait to find out more about the group and who leads it and what spells they teach and how they surivive this year and i really can't wait for introduction of Hannah.. i genrally can't wait for anything so please do excuse me while i go read... man i've turned into a right fangirl
- onetreehill1

Author's Response: so not much you can't wait for? :P I know I say this alot but thank-you again for a great review. And dnt worry about being a fangirl, it makes me feel special

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Review #15, by onetreehill1 Telling the truth

6th November 2012:
I'm in love with how brave you've made Ginny on the outside but in the inside she's complely crumbling. now i'm going to read the next chappys and squel like a right fan girl again ;P
- onetreehill1

Author's Response: Well lets face it, if you were being interigated by a death eater would you just be a tinsy bit scared :P. Thanks for another review. I enjoy getting your reviews, they're really honest, thanks so much

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Review #16, by onetreehill1 First day back

6th November 2012:
I actually love Luna, she's amazing and I can totally see her saying that in her weird and wonderful voice.
I think you're going a bit drastic with the Carrow teacher and exaggerating her character which doesn't maker her as believable, but other than that its a gr8 chapter. going onto the next chappy now

Author's Response: Yes reading back on the story I agree that the carrows are a big exagerate. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm glad you like Luna's charecter and are enjoying the story, please, please, please keep reading it would mean sooo much :D

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Review #17, by talltwin18 Dodging the unexpected

6th November 2012:
More more more!! Please keep writing, I just love your take on Ginny's perspective! It's so original your writing while still fitting into the original story line. can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it. If things go to plan the next chapter should be in the que by tommorow, my next chapters a bit over the place, i really struggled to write Fred's death because i'm still not over it myself and still can't believe he's dead. I hope you enjoy it though :D and thanks again, the story is so almost over, about two chapters left

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Review #18, by onetreehill1 death eaters are a nasty business to deal with.

5th November 2012:
finally at school! I think you could have fitted this chapter into the previous one but that's not too much of a problem. I like how you've portrayed the Carrows. My favorite part of this chapter was Ginny thinking of what Ron, harry and hermione would say if they were here. Grammar still needs to improve :D

Author's Response: My later chapters are much longer than my earlier ones. I'm really glad you like that part of the chapter. Thanks

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Review #19, by onetreehill1 Dementors

5th November 2012:
Hello i'm back again. This is a great chapter but you're grammar and punctuation skills aren't that good i hope you don't mind me saying :D, its not that its not a good story, the plot and idea is good but the grammar problems can be a little distracting. I also don;t agree with Ginny doubting herself, she would have carried on fighting until the end.
However apart from these things it was a great chapter
- onetreehill1

Author's Response: Thanks again for another great review. it means a lot that people are reviewing. I'm planning on going back over and sorting the grammar out immidiatly as soon as i'm done :D Thanks for the helpful review

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Review #20, by onetreehill1 To noble for his own good

5th November 2012:
Great start :D I love how you portrayed Ginny, you've got her character spot on, however i don't think Neville would be so not sure what to do because over the past year he would have got stronger and got more leader skills with leading the DA. I like Hannah already and can't wait to find out more about her :D overall great start
- onetreehill1

Author's Response: Thanks, I've got quite a lot of comments about Neville not being characterized well and I actually agree with them but I think that aspects of Neville would still be the same. Thanks again for a great review and helping so much

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Review #21, by worship the nargles Underage

28th October 2012:
AND WE FINALLY COME TO PART 1 OF THE BATTLE! Yes! Loving the battle so far and each scene J.K didn't include, each perspective, and each emotion, you made alive in you're writing of Ginny's POV in the battle. Her fiery rage for being under age, her stubbornness of not taking no for an answer, and her extreme jealousy towards Cho (XD), you portrayed it all so well

I can't wait for part 2, keep up the epicness. :)


Author's Response: hey! thanks again for another great review. I'm so thrilled you liked it. Sorry i took so long to update, life's hectic at the moment. I pretty much hate Cho so I've kinda of made Ginny feel the same way. part 2 will be up soon, i'm actually looking forward to one chapter in particular that's coming up but I won't give it away just yet.
Again thanks for the review
- kjp :D

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Review #22, by talltwin18 Underage

28th October 2012:
Please keep writing, I can't wait for the battle! I really like the realtionship between Ginny and the twins but poor ginny- hope Harry gets his act together! haha

Author's Response: Thanks for another review :D sorry for the long update. The battle will truly start in the next chapter and i'm halfway through writing it. I've always like Ginny and the twins relationships... I guess its the kind of perfect brotherly relationship, they're protective over her but know she can handle herself, they know shes capable of causing a lot of trouble and in a funny way the encourage her to do it.
Again thanks for another review; it means a lot
- kjp :)

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Review #23, by GinnyFan91 Comfort

25th October 2012:
Hey - just read the entire story and I really liked it!

Ginny is my absolute favourite character and I think you're spot on about her personality, especially about her still being scared of Tom Riddle.. She's such a strong person that there has to be something underneath, and her insecurity about Harry is just right!

Looking forward to the rest of the story


Author's Response: yay! Thanks, I've got the next chapter in the que. I basically base Ginny's character off myself I've always thought she was like me and the thing about Tom has just always been what I thought was the reason for her being so strong, as you said there is always a reason for everything. Thanks for the review it means so much :D

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Review #24, by worship the nargles Comfort

1st October 2012:
YES GINNY GOT OVER HER FEAR AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IM STARTING THIS REVIEW WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS! This chapter is awesome, its happier and light after all those *very* emotional heavy chapters (not that there any bad :)). I can't wait for the battle! And your right, *sniff sniff*, one of my new favorite characters dies tomorrow! But still, another great one and i can't for the battle!


Author's Response: I promise you this time that the next chapter is the battle of Hogwarts. I really am scared to kill of Fred I'll probably burst out in tears when I'm writing it. Thanks again for another review
- kjp :D :) :P

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Review #25, by talltwin18 Comfort

30th September 2012:
Love this story and really like this chapter. I can't wait for the battle and Harry and Ginny's reunion

Author's Response: hey thanks for another review. I can't wait either i'm so excited to write it. Thanks for staying with the story for so long and so sorry this took so long to update :D

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