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Review #1, by Paige Junge Chapter Ten

10th September 2015:
Update please love this story

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Review #2, by steph Chapter Ten

27th July 2012:
Ahhh what happens now !! Talk about cliff hangers ! No fair

Author's Response: Lol, I'm so sorry that i have yet to update this story. Things in real life has been rather crazy lately. I have no plans on letting this story go unfinished, but things have to settle down a bit first before i can continue.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though and you are waiting (hopefully) patiently for the next chapter.


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Review #3, by Sydster999 Chapter Ten

20th June 2012:
if i do not discover a chapter eleven soon, i will use the crucatius curse on you, you mudblood. (LOLOLOL) i REALLY like this story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, however, even under pain of torture, i cannot write faster then i currently am. I have several other more important things to do first.

That aside, I am slowly working on a new chapter, however i won't get time to work seriously on it until next week. It probably wont be up until after the summer one week holiday. Sorry.

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Review #4, by Casey89 Chapter Ten

9th June 2012:
i have been reading this and looking everyday for an update i love this story wish there is more i love the fact that the countess is a witch too and would love to see what happens hope to be reading more soon

Author's Response: Hi Casey,

I've just finished Uni for the semester and now have quite a while off. So i will be updating very soon, hopefully within a week or two. I've mostly been focusing on my other story (Give My Heart, Give my Soul) but i have some written for the next chapter.

I'm glad you are enjoying the story, updates wont be regular as i would like, but as i said things are settling down now, so i can write.

Keep your eyes open.


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Review #5, by megthechef43 Chapter Ten

10th March 2012:

What an interesting twist to end the chapter. The countess is a witch. Hermione will have to watch her back. Haha.

Draco is such a gentleman-ish. Well, He is doing the best that he can. It's too ingrained in his blood to do otherwise but I'm starting to see a change. Jassen gives up the creeps. Hopefully he doesn't cause too much discontent.

Great Chapter. I can't wait to read more. :)


Author's Response: Hi Meg,

I'm glad to see that you have reviewed again. That makes me a happy author! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it, this chapter took so long to research, but i enjoyed every minute of it (even going to etiquette classes! - actually it was more like a finishing school really.)

The countess? I thought that might be a nice twist. In my mind most (if not all) of the british aristocracy at that time would have been someway related to the magical world, since there was so much inbreeding. Honestly I can't see the wizarding world not having some sort of influence on the politics of the muggle world, (they probably just wouldn't acknowledge it I suppose).

Draco a gentleman? You are right, it has been ingrained into him to be one, but i can see that he would rebel, however i doubt it would be on the ship, maybe back at Hogwarts? . we'll see. ;)

Henri? Ah now, I can't really say much about him, but he will become one of the main players on Titanic. Discontented or otherwise. ;)

It may be a while till I update, I'm going away for 5 weeks but hope to try and get some writing in.

Hope to hear from you again!


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Review #6, by lovelymeme Chapter Nine

8th March 2012:
At least Malfoy is being civil! And to say something else: the last detail of the necklace was simply adorable. You gotta love Draco Malfoy. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, lovelymeme.

I can't give too much away but he won't be too civil for too long. ;) But yes, you have got to love Malfoy! :D


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Review #7, by megthechef43 Chapter Nine

7th March 2012:

Oh Gosh! This was a great chapter. I absolutely loved that the letter came to Lady de Selah instead of Mister Malfoy. It was great. His reaction was funny and perfect. I'm sure he was a little offended that the letter came to her instead of him.

I really like the description of the dress. I bet corsets were horrible torture devices back in that time period. I would have hated to wear one that is for sure.

I love that he already gave her the necklace to wear.

I'm sure you already told us but does Lady de Selah look like Hermione?? JW.

Great chapter. I can't wait to read about the dinner.


Author's Response: Hi Meg,

Wow, thank you for the review! I was so happy when I saw it.

I imagine that Malfoy was probably more then annoyed. I also imagine that he would be feeling out of place no longer being a Malfoy and no long being the one of the highest ranked members of society.

I loved the clothing of the period. I have images of the dress and most of the clothing and places in the story. I'd love to wear some of the clothing of that era (even the corset) it's just so elegant!

Yes, Lady de Selah does indeed look like Hermione (however she has less curly hair). However, since most of the hairstyles of the time were all intricate updos, you wont see much of Hermione's/de Selah's hair down.

Hope you continue to read!


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Review #8, by megthechef43 Chapter Eight

5th March 2012:

I'm loving your story. I know this was a little bit of a filler chapter but I can't wait to read more on their time on the titanic. I love it.


Author's Response: Hi Meg,

Feel free to call me Persephone. ;)

I am glad you are enjoying the story. The next chapter is waiting to be vaildated.

I love the dinner scene that will be coming up, it took a lot of time to write since it is as close a possible to what a Victorian dinner party was like and a lot of research went into that scene.

I hope you continue to keep reading.


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Review #9, by Kat Chapter Seven

29th February 2012:
I love this story and I hope that you will continue, and soon!

Author's Response: Hi Kat,

I'm glad you are enjoying the story and yes it will be updated soon, as a chapter is being waiting to be vaildated at the moment.


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Review #10, by Dramione Chapter Seven

28th February 2012:
This is so interesting. When will there be another chapter?

Author's Response: There will be, its waiting to be validated at the moment.

I'm glad you are enjoying it.


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Review #11, by natajess Chapter Seven

27th February 2012:
I was waiting for Draco to appear. Now I wonder what will happen. Looking forward to seeing how this paradox plays out.

Author's Response: Glad you a still with me Natajess. Yes, Draco is here now and will be here for a while. :)

Keep reading and enjoy!


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Review #12, by Livvie Chapter Seven

25th February 2012:
Oh, I really like this so far. Can't wait to see what happens next..

Author's Response: Glad you like it Livvie. I have a few more updates coming thing things will start to slow down as i work on uni assessments and go on placement.

Keep reading!


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Review #13, by natajess Chapter Six

24th February 2012:
Loving it, can't wait to hear the juciy gossip the driver tells her.

Author's Response: Hey Natajess,

haha, The juicy gossip. I would also love to know what that gossip is. They won't be revealed until later in the story (if i can figure out more of what they are).

Glad you are enjoying the story, please keep on reading.


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Review #14, by HarmonyBlue22 Chapter Four

21st February 2012:
I'm excited to see them get on Titanic. The chapter was shorter than i wanted but still reallly good. update soon.

Author's Response: Hey Harmony.

It was more a fillerish chapter then anything, the next chapter is longer, I promise you.


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Review #15, by HarmonyBlue22 Chapter Three

17th February 2012:
This story is great. I like the whole grandfather paradox. I can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Thanks Harmony, I'm glad you like it, the logisitics for trying to write the Grandfather paradox is rather annoying and making sure that everything is correct.

I have to wait for the next update of Give My Heart, Give My Soul to be added first, which should be very shortly, then then I will update up to chapter 10 of this and then work on both stories simultanously.

I hope you continue to read on.


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Review #16, by Annie Chapter One

9th February 2012:
I really like you're idea and want to know what you're going to do/where you're going to go with this. Look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanks Annie.

There are ten chapters written so far for this story, since this is first story that I wrote for Harry Potter. I'll update until the ten chapters are up, then updates will slow down as I focus my attention between this story, my other story, and real life.

Please continue reading,


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