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Review #1, by Avanell 2 Chapter 4

31st March 2012:
Very interesting update!

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Chapter one

18th March 2012:
and interesting that the mum said she doesn't remember the father much anymore? Don't know if that means anything, or if there was a clue before (I forget sometimes, with all the stories to read)

Author's Response: it's just cuz he left ages ago (and my bad attempt at foreshadowing) :)

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 Chapter 3

18th March 2012:
Great, cute update. loved the conversations with Chocolate :D

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Review #4, by Serena SeaAngel Chapter 2

23rd February 2012:
I think you are off to a good start but there was something I was unclear on... Before receiving her letter, did Lily-Rose know anything about there being a magical world? Because if she really didn't then it seems ahe has taken to everything very easily without any of the doubts one would normally feel. Even Harry doubted Hagrid for a while until he had too much evidence not to. I think it's a great opportunity for you to expand on the character and include from the first chapter her thoughts on such things. For example, she gets the letter which we know explains very little and just accepts the fact that she is going to have visitors. Reading the other review, I saw that you addressed the carer's lack of care for Lily-Rose having people over and going out to somewhere with strangers, saying we would see why later so I'll hold off til I see what you have in store. But Lily-Rose just accepts going with Ron and Hermione and when they get to Diagon Alley she let's most of her questions go unanswered. Though startled by the goblin she adjusts to him and everything else really fast. Now there are some people out there who are really like that, so if that's who she's meant to be then I'd say show it more in her thoughts. Otherwise, I'm intrigued to see where this goes, so keep at it!

Author's Response: :O hey! i'm reading your story about the ring of mykele ATM! its awesome! I love that you like my story! :)
And Lily-Rose was a bit cautious but she does adjust easily to new things cuz she's used to it at home (i was thinking of using that as a dis-advantage later in the story so stay reading!) :D
It does say in the first she was cautious at first but nothing good happens much to her so she tries to say yes as much as possible she's a strong kid :P

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Chapter one

8th February 2012:
I think your off to a good start with your story. I always like reading about when people find out they've got magical powers for the first time, and also about when their surprised when they receive their Hogwarts letter and realise that there's a whole new world out.
You do need to edit your chapter and correct one or two things. For example, you have put farter when I thing you meant further. I had to giggle at that one. And if I was the carer I would be a bit unsure about letting someone in my care going of with someone I had not been told to expect from the childs mother. Include the carer voicing her concerns to Lily-Rose and maybe talking to the people when they turn up.
It's really to early to comment on the plot, so I give you 7/10 for your start and add to favs since I would like to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks! and I've edited it now and changed farter (hehe) also, about your carer worries, that is all fine and youll see later why she doesnt care too much :) (i shouldve mentioned she had also left on her lunch break shouldnt i? ill put that in now!) thanks for reviewing! :)

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